Youtube Addiction Leads to Rehab, The Truth About Tiger Woods’ DUI, and more

Youtube Addiction Leads to Rehab, The Truth About Tiger Woods’ DUI, and more

Sup ya beautiful bastards? Hope you’re having a fantastic Tuesday Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show And let’s just jump into it And the first thing I want to talk about today is a story revolving around YouTube and the reason for that is there is a story that has come out recently about a 13-year-old girl who was reportedly compulsively watching YouTube videos to the point that her parents put her in rehab for digital addiction. So the 13-year-old girl, we’ll call her Olivia because her name is being protected because she’s a minor The report says that she was always a nerd, she was a straight A student she was in competitive choir But quote And so Olivia said and then at home, her parents said she would just continue to watch YouTube for hours the report then said she started watching girls fight on video. Olivia saying Oliva said there was a lot going on at the time her parents were always arguing her grandmother had just died she was starting to have problems with school At one point in all of this Olivia told her mom she wanted to hang herself. and so her mom took her to a hospital she was at a psychiatric hospital on suicide watch for a week. Then 3 weeks later she ended up back in the hospital, after downing a whole bottle of Tylenol. Olivia saying she got the idea online with YouTube videos. and so after that last instance, they checked their daughter into Paradigm it’s this high end addiction recovery center for teens the 6 week stint she’ll do there will cost her $60,000 And Jeff Nalin, the head psychologist and co-founder of Paradigm said now that said I agree with more of the mind set of Patrick Markey, Patrick is a Professor of Psychology at Villanova University and he says that we should slow down before labeling this an addiction, saying If anything I think you could say it’s an indulgence problem that’s where people over indulge in sex, food, exercise, religion, work, and once you start saying addiction you start fear mongering To say that this is close to meth, or heroin It’s just not comparable and based off of everything else we saw with young Olivia’s story, it seemed like she was just looking for somewhere to escape. She wanted to belong, there was trouble at home She didn’t feel like she had anybody so she escaped to the internet like so many people do. She escaped her reality and then became reliant on what allowed her to escape. and unfortunately, there’s not a lot of substance there especially if it’s just consumption and not interaction and I find it extremely troublesome that people who charge $10,000 a week for someone trying to get help are perpetuating this idea that this is a huge massive problem. And I think it’s pretty easy to see someone running a facility, like Jeff Nalin, why they would be incentivized to do that. I do think that people need to learn the skills to handle what they want to over indulge in. whether it be food or exercise, or consuming internet content but to focus just on that and not acknowledge that it seems that there’s a lot more that that pushed her to this point, that seems like a big disservice to this at risk child Like I say in most all my shows, this is the Philip DeFranco show. It is the facts, it’s the opinion, And then the conversation. I wanna know what you think Do you think Internet or YouTube addiction is a real thing? Do you think a side effect?
Yes, no, I just wanna know what you think and why you thinkin’ it so let me know down below but from there, I wanna share some stuff I loved today in ‘Today in Awesome’ brought to you by the Boys Will Be Boys But Girls Can Also be Boys if They Want, I Mean, I Don’t Want to Offend Anyone, I Mean, Also Gender Identity Can be a Little Bit Fluid, I Mean, AAHH, I’m Just – I’m Not Gonna Sell This Shirt – shirt we released that shirt as a joke a week and a half ago and over 1700 of you bought them my mailbox has been flooded with people asking for it back, so, for the next few days it’s available again the link to that down below and the first bit of awesome is self-promo awesome if you don’t know, we post behind the scenes vlogs Monday, Wednesday, Friday over at even though there wasn’t a regular PDS yesterday we did post one of those so you can check that out also, if you’re in the mood for something that’s a little bit more long form, yesterday since I gave my team Memorial Day off, I didn’t have any editing help, I just did a live stream an hour and a half of taking questions from the Nation, the video’s unlisted, so if you wanna see it, you just have to go to the link then if you’re a fan of bloopers, we got bloopers for Deadpool then, if you didn’t see, uh, this happened I love his grin, it’s just like ‘yeah that just, I just did that, you’re welcome’ then we got the trailer for Logan Lucky starring Adam Driver, Channing Tatum, and the, the best description I’ve seen of this movie so far is it looks like the redneck version of Oceans 11 then for red nose day, the BAMF that is Stephen Amell hit the Ninja Warrior course and just destroyed his first run and then just consider this your friendly reminder for awesome season 5 of House of Cards is now out right before filming, I watched the first episode I am so glad this show is back also, if you’ve never watched the series, I could, I could not recommend it more just keep in mind season 3 is a transition season but then it comes back with a punch and if you wanna see the full versions of everything I just shared, the secret link of the day, anything at all, links, as always, are in the description down below and then let’s talk about Terry Frei and the Indianapolis 500 in the news Terry Frei is a sports writer for the Denver Post and the Indianapolis 500 is a race and the winner of this year’s Indianapolis 500 was a driver by the name of Takuma Sato and this was a big deal for the sport, not only did he win, but he was actually the first Asian driver to ever win the Indianapolis 500 and there were a lot of people celebrating this milestone but Terry Frei was not one of them Terry tweeted and that comment hit a lot of people in a bad way many people shouting back ‘really?!’ you feel uncomfortable because a man who is Japanese won a sporting event during Memorial Day weekend a day and connected weekend where we are remembering and we are honoring those who fell while in service it made you feel uncomfortable because the Japanese and Americans, they killed each other during a war that ended in 1945 and in response to the outrage, Terry doubled down on his statement saying and people kept calling him out until Terry ended up deleting those tweets and just posted ‘I apologize’ and then Terry released a much longer statement, saying he then talks about his father’s service in World War II he then talks about the death of what he calls his father’s teammates but even with that satement, the Denver Post reportedly let him go and I have to say, stories like this are always interesting to me because when someone has a moment like this, it makes me wonder what is the real situation is this an emotional time that causes someone to be irrational and say things they don’t mean or is this an emotional moment that let loose the feelings that someone had that he actively holds a grudge although he tries to hide it, all these years after World War II against people that weren’t a part of it against people of the same background but whose life experience knows no war in my head, I think it could be either, but actually, I wanna pass this question onto you what do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts on this one then let’s ju- (laughing) let’s just get this out of the way yesterday morning, Tiger Woods was arrested for a DUI and this resulted in two primary reactions from people the first being that there were a ton of people tweeting that they were confused how the police could’ve even told he was under the influence in the first place this because they said anyone who’s been paying attention knows Tiger hasn’t been able to drive straight for 10 years I saw 15 people make that same joke, still funny every time to me then the second were people memeing Tiger Woods mugshot but there’s been a big update to this story reportedly the probable cause affidavit for this incident has been published online it says Tiger Woods was approached by police at 2:03 in the morning, they found him asleep at the wheel of his Mercedes with his flashers and break lights on after police woke him up, Tiger Woods said he had no idea where he was the report saying Woods asked how far from his house he was he reportedly then failed 4 field sobriety tests the report also saying when Woods was asked to do the alphabet test, he responded “yes, recite entire National Anthem backwards” but to all the people asking why would you drink and drive, it turned out he didn’t his breathalyzer that he submitted to was 000 nothin,’ nada but, turns out he was on several prescription drugs under medical conditions it lists although it noted that viox had not been taken this year so we don’t know if it was all three, but it does seem like it was prescription drugs especially since Tiger Woods has now released a statement where he says and looking at all of this new information coming out, I don’t know if it necessarily even makes it better he wasn’t drinking but he was on prescription medication not only is someone just taking medication, but as an athlete, you need to know exactly what could happen when you put something into your body and whether it be drinking or drugs, he made the choice not to call a car service he made a choice to not only put himself at risk, but everyone else on the road that night at risk and I say this as someone that’s not really excited to tear down Tiger Woods I remember being a kid watching him destroy the competition, change the game get that green jacket I’m also not gonna give this guy a pass, we, what we’ve seen is Tiger Woods biggest enemy in his entire life has been himself and then let’s talk about what happened on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives so set the scene for you, emotions are high around a thing called Senate bill 4, SB4 it was signed into Texas law by the governor this month, and reportedly so then fast forward to Monday, it’s the last day of the state legislature’s regular sessions there’s a large protest happening against SB4 in the building and then thanks to video in the room, we see that there is a scuffle on the House floor as far as why this happened, several Democrats said that Republican Matt Rinaldi came over, started yelling and cursing in their face Democrat Philip Cortez saying ICE for those that don’t know are Immigration and Customs Enforcement and then it very much becomes a game of he said, she said Matt Rinaldi going on Facebook to say so Matt’s version of events is I saw some people that said that they were illegal and here to stay, so I called Immigration and Customs to deal with someone that was here illegally then when I informed the Democrats of this, they turned things physical and threatened my life so I responded, I would defend myself but the Democrats had a different version of events Representative Raymond Romero Jr releasing a statement saying so it’s a different version of events, but I don’t find myself leaning to believe that last statement because it seems to go against what we saw in video to say that Rinaldi was held back and that there was no assault I mean, you, you see it 13 seconds in the video, Poncho comes over and pushes Rinaldi then in a press conference after this incident, Poncho says this “for that guy to say what he did and think that there is no reckoning or no repercussions or nothin’ coming, he’s wrong “and today he just picked the wrong people to say that to, and he’s lucky that there were more people around “because while pushing and shoving and anything beyond that isn’t acceptable, and it shouldn’t happen “out there, and I’m sorry it happened, the fact is, he’s asking for it” he picked the wrong people to talk to, he was asking for it, he’s lucky more people were around it looks and sounds like he was the one that made it physical and not only that, but it also kinda seemed like there was a threat there and so because parts of those statements don’t seem to match up at all, it makes me question the entire thing I don’t know a lot about his backstory, his history, and, and maybe Rinaldi is a disgusting person and he said the worst version of what everyone said was said but the moment it switches from words to the physical, you lose the high ground because a big focus of this whole conversation could’ve been were there actually people there holding signs that said ‘I’m illegal and here to stay’? so was he just calling ICE on those people or he was just like ‘oh look at all these brown people here, sic ’em ICE’? right? and that sounds more like, uh, ‘hey they’re different, round ’em up’ and when I looked into this, I personally couldn’t find people holding signs that said ‘illegal and here to stay’ at this incident so the big focus of this story could have been on that but instead, no because of your desire to hurt someone physically, you hurt your argument and that’s actually where I’m gonna end today’s story, now I’d love to know what you think about this story, one side’s wrong, one side’s a liar, no, everyone’s in the wrong here love to know what you think here or the first story, anything in between that’s actually where I’m gonna end today’s show and remember, if you liked this video, you like what I do on this channel, hit that like button if you’re new here, hit that subscribe button and if you missed and wanna catch up on the last Philip DeFranco show, you can click or tap right there to watch that if you wanna see the brand new behind the scenes vlog, click or tap right there but that said, of course, as always, my name’s Philip DeFranco you’ve just been Phil’d in I love yo faces and I’ll see you tomorrow

100 thoughts on “Youtube Addiction Leads to Rehab, The Truth About Tiger Woods’ DUI, and more”

  1. In regards to the Indy 500 story. I believe that people should be free to be assholes.
    Yeah it was douchy. But we live in a country where people can be honest and HAVE such opinions. I do not believe he should be let go and if anyone thought he was representing the thoughts and beliefs of the company he works for on his PERSONAL Twitter. Well then, those people are just idiots

  2. Phil i am concerned about you.

    i see your left hands thumb and index are yellow. please Phil if you are stressed to the point of smoking take a few days to relax. i know all of us that watch you care and respect you and as a community we want you to be happy and moderately stress free.

    take time if your lovely face needs it.

  3. soooo – I'm super happy that you did give your guys memorial day off – however – Did you have Cheeto dust on your left hand?? your thumb and first finger are both orange and it was making me laugh all the way through the video

  4. Barbara Martinez

    It said that she was having trouble with anxiety and depression, that's what they should be trying to help heal not what's helping her.

  5. Plissken Armitage

    Tiger Woods put himself and everyone else at risk… by sleeping off the side of the road. You know, kinda like tired drivers and drivers with narcolepsy do. How terrible.

  6. It seemed like Tiger Woods was trying to be responsible by parking on the side of the road under the influence.

  7. my parents say I'm addicted to the internet because I didn't want to spend a week without it. No, I just didn't want to spend a week away from the news (aka generally important stuff) and away from information I get like advice and tips for what I want to do when I'm older.

  8. I honestly don't understand why it's not already legally required for local law enforcement to comply with federal laws. How is it in any way wrong, or rather how is it at all acceptable not to, report a person who illegally entered this country? That's like if a local government had the authority to protect people who leak classified documents that would be considered treason.

  9. that's how he felt secretly. it's good ppl should be allowed to express their feeling rather than repress them so that they can be helped rather than ostracized.

  10. Honestly, I think youtube is one of those things that can be used a lot without a problem, BUT if there are underlying problems and reasons that people are overusing YouTube and other social networks for, then it will become an issue. Just like food or exercise, it can be good for you to watch the creators you like. I watch YouTube instead of TV nowadays and I feel like I'm more socially connected with what's going on in the real world. But especially for kids it can be dangerous, since they're so eager to fit in, they'll do whatever it takes to do just that. Just like the definition of mental illness, and especially depression and anxiety: if it hinders your life in any negative way, then it starts to become a problem and needs to be addressed. I feel like the same goes with how much the youth today is buried in technology – I'm glad to be part of the last generation that grew up without smart phones in our hands at age six. But that's a whole nother conversation…

  11. The poor girl "Olivia" just needed a guidance counselor because she is dealing with a lot and it didn't sound like anyone was really paying attention to her warning signs for what they were.
    Tiger needed to really read his med bottles. At least one item on that list is well known for really taking you down to super calm down time (imagine that sentence read in Deadpool fashion and it sounds awesome).
    Though it is a horrible thing that is happening with government officials going nuts they could make up for tax gaps by having a fight broadcast on pay per view with them together. I think it could bring in some money. And now I realize that is basically Idiocracy stuff

  12. If someone is standing with a sign starting that they are in America illegally, and is here to say, then they should be deported. I don't care if they are Canadian, Mexican, German, English, etc. If you are here illegally, then you are here illegally. However, if there is no evidence of protesters holding signs, then the whole situation is ridiculous on both accounts.

  13. Hahahaha. Hours scoff

  14. I don't think it's an indulgence problem – but more of a need to be social. She said that kids were talking about youtube in school. That's their playground, but that's also their conversation, so that's how they socialize to a point. If she has nothing to contribute, she can easily become ostracized by her peers. So if she turns to youtube, it can easily become a compulsion if she's hoping to in a sense, research so she can feel accepted. But I do agree that it's no where near comparable to addiction of hard drugs, I think there is something to be noted about the need to feel accepted in school, and how kids in newer generations choose to get there. It can easily get out of hand. Kids are mean, and when the kids who are unliked come home, I feel there is never a fully truthful translation of what happens to the kid in school. I think the problem lies in her school life. The parents weren't there to witness her school life, and then from that, they have to be able to understand what the kid is going through that ultimately makes someone feel like they need to compulsively retain knowledge of so many youtube videos in order to talk about the same things other kids are talking about.

  15. There was a Christian rehab advertisement before this video. I guess Youtube really is trying to make advertisements correlate with the videos.

  16. That kid has bigger issues than her phone, checking her into an internet rehab isn't the fix. It was mentioned she's dealing with depression and anxiety, her parents should be trying to get her help for that, not a symptom of the larger problem.

  17. i know this video is old.. but i want to make a comment about the guy Terry Frei… now i don't agree with what he said. i think it was out of line and inappropriate but i am so tired of hearing that these people are getting fired.. ok, he messed up.. he apologized for it. but why does he deserve to be fired? no one is perfect, and how does this have to do with his job… (granted idk what he does) but still. come on.. i hate that everyone is so worried about how they will be portrayed that they automatically let people go… its a shame that we live in a world where everyone is extremely sensitive and everything you do is being dug through with a fine tooth comb. and even if you own up to your MISTAKES you can still lose your job.

  18. I've been watching YouTube videos for a little over 10 years. I've also always considered it a form of escapism. Dealing with childhood traumas watching The Shaytards or CTFXC was my way of experiencing the world through a different/not So scary perspective. Calling it an addiction just seems unnecessarily harsh. In "Olivia's" situation I feel as though the parents were looking for an easy excuse for ignoring the fact that their child was troubled by something.

  19. I agree that YouTube is a form of escapism that is addicting when you let yourself indulge in it too much. When I go to college, I will delete my YouTube app so I concentrate on school. It's all about self control.

  20. JustaHumanLivinLife

    I know how often people joke about believing that they have an addiction to YouTube, the internet etc. But if we were to be entirely honest, most of us probably can be described as watching "compulsively" but it's not an addiction. (In truth the only reason I know this term is because my mom described my current condition as such, but if I were to be put in a pressure cooker like environment it would most likely escalate to such extents.)

  21. I've used meth. I watch YouTube all day every day. YouTube is harder to drop than meth ever was. Just saying.

  22. Sounds like internet addiction is going to be the new blanket blame for kids misbehaving like video games and Manson was the blame for Columbine. And yes I know that mass murder is more than misbehaving but same premise.

  23. So who should i believe? The people that treat youtube addictions and get money for it or the guy that causes youtube addiction and gets money for it?

  24. The secret link was actually very insightful. he did a good job of explaining the philosophy behind the show, and made me realize WHY exactly I trust you as my news source.

  25. Preston Copenace

    Here is one of the best example's I can come up with and I overheard this being talked about on CBC radio. The young man was talking about his healthy addiction of rock climbing and there was a psychologist or somebody along those lines of profession that immediately commented. He stated that there is no such thing as a healthy addiction because being addicted always implies a negative consequence. Rock climbing is actually a passion that the young man strongly engaged in and he experiences positive results. I think we can view youtube and the internet in both ways because people can be passionate a view awesome things like your show on youtube but also view things that could lead to negative consequences.I think the parents simply needed to reduce the screen time and maybe not have it at the dinner table and that could be a time for them to interact with their child. I know a study was done somewhere and I wish I could site the source but apparently successful people have shared one thing in common growing up. They all have sat together with their family for one meal each day whether it was breakfast, lunch or dinner. Keep up the great work Defranco and I love the objectivity that you attempt to bring to your videos without casting judgment……well, maybe you do once in awhile but we are all bias in one way or another whether we admit it or not. Payce

  26. If you're repeatedly refreshing youtube all day hoping to see a new video on your sub list, you may have a problem.

  27. I think the YouTube obsession is a side effect of other ongoing issues in that kids life. Lord knows the internet has been a crutch for me to temporarily get through whats going on with me internally. It's more a distraction from the things you can't figure out how to deal with than the source of any issues

  28. I went to Paradigm when it was fairly new and i knew Jeff quite personally. I believe the quote you used of him isnt in the best context because I believe he means that there's an underlying reason she's obsessively watching YouTube (she's depressed/anxious) he never labeled my self harm as an addiction and rather helped me find the deeper reasons why I was doing what I was doing. I think its kind of on the parents for labeling it as an addiction becsuse I dont think thats appropriate. But the girl basically said "I'm doing this to fit in" and that's also why some kids do drugs.

  29. i think its the recommended videos that keep you floating in the river that can then sometimes become so hard to get out of.

  30. Goddamn it
    I don't agree with his statements on the Japanese guy winning, he shouldn't fucking apologize for having an opinion

  31. I think that a very large point on addiction was ignored almost completely by this video in regards to internet addiction. My father was addicted to gambling and not in a small way. It destroyed his marriage to my mother and his life. He almost went to prison trying to get the funds to 1) Pay back his debts. 2) Continue gambling. Phil seems to think that only addiction to things like meth and heroin counts as real addiction, but nothing could be further from the truth.

    Addiction to the internet is very much like a gambling addiction. With the drugs, no heroin is OK. None. With gambling, most people can gamble and be fine, some people can't. Internet addiction is the exact same thing. Most people go online and it's fine, for some that is not the case. Phil is mistaken in his assertion that this is an all or nothing thing.

  32. offensive, but I could imagine people having a short jump from Germans to bringing up nazism (if in jest). If authentic, it might be more informed by 1980s xenophobia that occasionally brought up japanese economic success (and the death of the american car industry) in terms of WW2. It's just difficult to believe 70 years later, that he'd think that beyond an errant thought.

  33. in my opinion YouTube addiction is causes by actual promblems you have and can cause problems then cause addiction

  34. I say I'm addicted to YouTube because I've basically stopped watching TV and only watch YouTube. but in reality I'm not addicted to it and neither was that girl. she was watching it AFTER school when I know people who watch before, during and after.

  35. About the Tiger Woods story: my mother has had to take sleeping medications for years and when it was new, we were figuring out all of the side effects day by day. One of these side effects included sleep walking. She would have full conversations with us, grab a snack, and even cook entire meals. Her ex-husband (who also took the same sleeping pills) used to eat anything he could get his hands on – uncooked oatmeal, cat food, or anything else that could be "grab-n-go". Frequently, he would grab his keys, go for a drive, and be woken up later by the police for parking in the wrong area or incorrectly. One of these places was in the middle of a jetty as the tide was coming in!

    They did these things without any recognition that they were doing it and we could not tell that they were under the influence of these drugs until the next morning when they would ask why the kitchen was a mess or why the car had been moved. Now that my mom knows that these things can happen, she take precautions to help prevent them from happening. However, from time to time, she still finds that she got up in the middle of the night and eats a whole tub of ice cream or ordered something online. I know that what Tiger Woods did was wrong, but he may really have not known that he was doing it. He may just need to find a better routine in the evening (if that is when he takes his meds) to help prevent his late-night drives. They can happen to even the best intentioned person.

  36. with the last story while im not entirely sure what to think theres also the fact that racists are coming out of the wood work all over the place, if it were to happen at any point it would be now with a national republican
    tldr fk trump

  37. 60k for a rehab facility for your teenage daughter? That's not an addicted child, that's a spoiled child who comes from a filthy rich family. I award you no sympathy.

  38. Love Contemplation

    Honestly, almost all medication has some severe side-effects that only effects an extremely small population of users. So this could rather be a one of those times….

  39. I know next to nothing about Matt Rinaldi, but I'm siding with him on this one. The democrats' account of what happened isn't even an account, it's mostly vague about what happened and is a lot of rhetoric/emotionally charged statements. Also, the Constitution is for U.S. citizens, not people who are here illegally. Illegal immigrants don't have the right to peacefully protest because they are not Americans. If they want to take the steps to become a legal citizen, then I happily welcome that as well as being a part of our society and contributing to our country. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. A lot of people who come to the U.S. illegally, and it's not limited to but seems to occur the most with Hispanics, end up laying low because they are breaking immigration law and never try to become a legal citizen. If you are familiar with the recent story from Atlanta where a woman murdered her husband and four of their children (And I'd like to hear your take on this story), they were in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood, and every single person said they had no idea what was going on. There's no way they couldn't have heard five people screaming for help or in pain, people don't just give up when someone tries to kill them. I'd hazard a guess that at least some of the families in that neighborhood are here illegally and were afraid of being deported. More afraid of being deported than of the reality that a murder is happening on their street and children are dying.

  40. I’m Free2OffendNE1

    Doesn't that reporter have freedom of speech in his personal life? Why can employers fire you for what you do on your down time or on social media??

  41. JAPANESE AMERICAN SOLDIERS FOUGHT IN WWII!!! Where the fuck do you get off implying that a Japanese American isn't American enough to win a race during Memorial Day weekend?!!

  42. geez some(!) of you (americans) are feel hate towards japan because of the american soldiers who died during ww2, even though it was you who used more than a million japanese civilians for your disgusting experiment which was the drooping of a nuke on hiroshima and nagasaki… Btw that is a warcrime which the US have never viewed as one and have never even apologized for…

  43. Note: I'm not going to say I have depression and/or anxiety because I have not been diagnosed but have suicidal thoughts and have attempted.

    I feel for "Olivia." Poor girl. I often feel depressed and use this to escape and I completely agree with you Phil. I hope she gets help and love. ❤

  44. Pretty much every one was wrong in the last story but i would be proud of my rep for standing up for me like that. I would not be proud he lied though. He will get up there and brag and threten but then lies about something that was filmed.

  45. Stupid kid with horrible parents. The fact that the parents are spending $60k to hospitalize their kid rather than put in effort themselves to stop her from watching videos just speaks volumes.

  46. Philip DeFranco I am addicted to YouTube to the point that I would let it autoplay in my pocket with my headphones while I do chores… Hours and hours of recommend video. I have seen every ted talk, every vox, every late night/tonight, every defranco, every young turks…etc. When I sleep I turn autoplay off then play a long 50min+ video

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