World’s First Protosaber! (REAL BURNING LIGHTSABER)

World’s First Protosaber! (REAL BURNING LIGHTSABER)

Thank you to EA for sponsoring this
video. Holy crap! That is so hot like my face is starting
to burn. Alright someone bring me a head! You can hone your lightsaber skills by
playing Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and other great Star
Wars titles on Origin Access premier. Ah yes the lightsaber. This is Cal Kestis’
lightsaber from Jedi Fallen Order. The lightsabers the holy grail of sci-fi
tech. The iconic symbol from pop-culture recognized around the world. The first time you saw one you wanted one. You used broomsticks, twigs from the backyard, anything you can get your hands on to reenact those lightsaber battles with
your friends. Dreaming of the day scientists will crack the code and you could wield your very own. Don’t tell your seven-year-old selfless but there
is one little problem. Lightsabers are scientifically
impossible to create in real life. The main roadblock is the power source these
things would take an astronomical amount of energy to operate. Some estimate
upwards of one point six nine Giga joules of thermal energy. How am I gonna generate that kind of power? it can’t be done. Just to put that into perspective
we’re talking about slightly more energy than a bolt of lightning, a constant bolt
of lightning. All packed into the handle of the lightsaber. What’d you say? A bolt of lightning. Not to worry though. If lightning is on short supply just substitute a hundred and
twenty thousand three hundred and eighty AA batteries, Six hundred fifty car
batteries, one nuclear reactor or zero point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero
four seven five percent of Earth’s total power! I think that’s currently on sale at Walmart So yeah not happening anytime
soon but before your seven-year-old self cries himself to sleep there is hope.
Let’s take a look at the history of this weapon of choice for the Jedi. The
predecessor the lightsaber in his current form was a lesser known weapon
commonly called a proto saber essentially the only difference from a
lightsaber was that the protosaber was tethered by cable to a power supply pack
worn by the user. And it is this ladies and gentlemen. This portable battery
pack that gives us at Hacksmith Industries A New Hope. See what I did
there? For the past year Hacksmith Industries
have been working tirelessly to make a portable battery pack capable of
powering a lightsaber. Let’s take a look at the build. All right we’re gonna need a
lot of batteries. Then we need to build a box around the batteries that is
wearable just like a protosaber powerpack. We want to go with the steampunk
vibes we’re going to be doing a full metal construction with some analog
meters and aesthetic switches. In case you didn’t know, the majority of our
CAD models are available to our patrons on patreon and our YouTube members,
including our design for the next lightsaber Kylo Ren’s. In case you can’t
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Click on the link below to learn more plus you’ll be sporting our channel
which will allow us to continue experimenting with our lightsabers and
other futuristic technology from fiction. It’s fun right up until anything you’re wearing ignites Now that we’ve plasma-cut, welded together
and ground down the big ol battery box it’s time to actually put the cells in
it.These are the energist lithium-ion cells that we’ve previously used to
power the lightsaber. We’ve also found uses for them in the big leaf blower.
Each one of these battery packs consists of 16 18 650 lithium-ion cells they’re
all in parallel giving us a total of 40 amp hours at a maximum voltage of 4.2
volts each. We’re putting two of them in parallel so
we should be able to pull 1,600 amps for a sustained period. Let’s see how much it
weighs. So it’s gonna be a very heavy backpack. Probably not the heaviest thing
James is worn on his back for a video… This is also probably the most
frightening battery pack we’ve ever assembled in terms of ability to output a crap ton of current. So we have this little piece of ill-fated aluminum here. We have the table tied off to ground through a pair of jumpers and
current clamp. So if you strike this against the welding table we should be able to make it and get it a little smaller. That’s a little shorter than it was before we started! Reading 549 amps of inrush current! I think this is the first time we tested out a battery pack for the lightsaber and it didn’t burst into flames. Don’t worry the time will come! The time has come. Okay so we’re seeing if the new
lightsaber MOSFET switch works. And it won’t catch fire in the process and Dave where’s the fire extinguisher? I’m certain it will turn on! The question is whether it will turn off? Well, let’s see what happens! Mhmm disappointment what a wonderful smell. I know the MOSFET failed and I’m going to need to review the tape to see how much
current we pulled for how long, and then look at the datasheet for about half an
hour while pulling my hair out and with that we should be able to figure out
what exactly just happened. Because right now I have no idea. So with our hopes for controlling the lightsaber with transistors haven’t gone
up in smoke along with the transistors themselves. The electrical design has to
go out the window and we are back to the drawing board. It’s just not that easy! So why is this so hard? We just need a way of turning on and off the lightsaber The problem is it draws about a thousand amps at around 20 volts, which is over 20
kilowatts of power. That’s almost half the tickel power supply to an average
North American home. Which means you can’t just use a regular switch for this. Now Charles tried using a MOSFET which
is kind of like a digital switch with no moving parts but, as you saw that didn’t
work out and wasn’t the first time either. So instead we’re gonna go old
school and use a tried-and-true contactor which is basically like a
giant electromagnetic switch. To better understand what we’re doing we drew up a
circuit diagram for our page on maker IO and sourced our components from Digi-Key
which features next day delivery for the majority their parts. Which is super
useful for prototyping our projects. BIG THANK YOU to Digi-Key for supporting
our projects over the past few years Do you need my tiny hands? Honestly yes. At long last I have all of the power electronics assembled and now comes the moment of truth. We should be able to press the big silver shiny button and we should get some confirmation that we have power, and a nice blue glowing light. What happens if there’s no blue glowing light? Ah then I cry. I don’t see it light. Ah then I cry. I truly have no idea what this is doing. It’s only 95 percent. The current is going back into the battery pack, it is
no longer in a fault state. Charging! Yaay! There we go! How’s it Charles? Great! It looks pretty
heavy. 41 1/2 pounds, but the real question is
is it comfortable to carry? That’s actually not too bad. I mean it’s like almost 50 pounds. Just jam that in the hole. Worlds first protosaber. We still need to paint it! So we’ve got a solution in here of copper acetate. We use electricity we’ve got little copper pot scrubbers here. That are connected to the positive
side of our power supply. And then we connect our negative to the piece that
we want to plate, submerge it, and let the electricity transfer the copper from the
solution to our piece. We’ve been working at it all day I’ve probably done this
piece 20 times. Patience is the key when doing this. This why they invented alcohol Dave! 95%
percent huh. Excuse me for a minute. Alright let’s start building this
thing! So this is the connector that goes from
here to the giant relay that we need to install. We’re gonna leave it out for now
because if that touches that, and that at the same time. Cut to explosion. Okay we got six cells. They all have a
voltage. It’s in a fault state. That’s okay. I don’t remember how to reset it, but we’re good. We’re gonna keep connecting wires until we run
out of wires or something catches fire. If we had the lightsaber working we could
demonstrate that it works, but we don’t. So I’m just gonna use a surrogate
lightsaber switch and you should be able to hear relay fire. So without the
power switch on nothing happens. Power switching on, power switch on. Helps if you actually turn it on. Probably best that no one
ever sees the inside of this thing. Alright so we have our Protosaber
battery pack ready to rock. We’ve got a big power button. We have our ammeter. We have our volt meter, we have our power setting lights. We have a giant power
connector coming off the side. We have our contactor, our current shunt, we have 12 battery packs from Energis. Giving us a total of 24 volts and 80 amp hours. Alright so our Protosaber power pack is complete BUT! Since last lightsaber video
we unfortunately damaged the blade which means we’re going to upgrade the whole
thing including a thicker piece of tungsten and a large of titanium pipe.
Let’s make it! Right now the blades assembled we got
to get it into the handle. wooooh Darryl! One completed lightsaber blade, not very light. And now it’s time to test our new and
improved lightsaber let’s just turn it on. Flip these switches, adjust the power
dial slightly, safety first. Lets see what happens. Wooo. That’s a lot of smoke! It’s on fire but it’s also lighting up! There we go, just give it a bit longer and she’s going to be glowing. Hoooly crap. Tha- this is is so hot, like my face is starting to
burn. Alright someone bring me a head. It’s really warm. This is so dangerous. If it
accidentally hit my faceI would be in trouble. This is way better than last blade. It
actually feels solid. Alright that was awesome! Make sure you
subscribe and turn the notification bell on because we’re gonna be building a
second protosaber so we can have a real life lightsaber duel. But in the meantime
if you guys haven’t seen our previous lightsaber videos. I highly recommend you check them out it’s shown our entire progress on getting to this point here
today and you don’t want to miss it it. It works! Guys, guys! It actually works! So not only will our saber actually work and cut through things
it’ll sound like one too. Ho hooo! Oh you can feel the heat! Oh I can feel the heat! I am dripping molten lead right now. We’ll just let’s power up. And there you have it the world’s most inefficient
vaporizer. Die Stormtrooper! In fact it’s so hot it ignites things just by
touching ah ho! It’s drawing a ton of power right now.
It’s getting super red-hot but look it’s also smoking like crazy. 280, you can feel the heat! Yeah this is warm, red hot!

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