Why You Should Put Bullets in Your Whiskey

Why You Should Put Bullets in Your Whiskey

>>Modern Rogue, fancy box. [gasps] There’s bullets. [laughing] Yes, what the hell’s going on here? Is this an ice thing for ice bullets?>>BRIAN: It is.>>[gasps] Ice bullets!>>BRIAN: Dude, they’re whiskey bullets.>>REX: Yeah!
[Brian laughing] [piano music] Quick note before we start guys, two months ago we told you
we were 90 percent done on Modern Rogue World Headquarters and we needed just that little boost to get us over the edge, so we announced the
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our friends at DogHouse, and most importantly, thank you guys, you elite fighting force of nearly one thousand beautiful founders. Alright this is a very special feel good holiday
Thanksgiving type of episode, we got a new something something
on the Scam Stuff store and I wanted to give it to our
resident whiskey sommelier, Daniel Whittington and get his take on it. Also, secretly this is unabashedly a secret unboxing video for you guys, but mainly, it’s a gift giving video because we care about our friends
over at the whiskey tribe. I don’t know if you guys have seen the new whiskey vault
yet, but it is insane. I thought the old whiskey vault was crazy, the new one is insane. [knocking]>>DANIEL: Come on in.>>Permission to enter
the new whiskey vault? My god this place is
ridiculous. [laughing] Okay, so I will give you the hint–
>>That’s for you.>>that this is something whiskey related.>>Oh, okay.>>And I don’t know, I’m
very pleased with it, we’ve been working on it for a while.>>Okay, that’s for you.>>Okay, thank you very much.
>>Cheers.>>Cilantro. Do you have any guesses?>>With the shape?>>Yeah, yeah, give me a sincere guess. It’s okay if you
accidentally get it right.>>I mean, it can’t be a glass, it’s too, so flask, I’m going to guess–>>But you do know it’s,
oh man, this is really good by the way.
>>I know, that’s a blend from Lost Distillery’s. So flask, maybe? It’s whiskey related?>>Whiskey related.>>Okay, chocolates?>>They’re whiskey related chocolates, that would be a thing.
>>Yeah, you’ve ever done, this is not chocolates. Oh, it says Modern Rogue, nice packaging.>>Yeah.>>How did you do that? I need to find your packaging guy.>>[laughs] Yeah.>>Alright, oh! [laughing] I know exactly what that is now.>>One look, this is things
to chill your whiskey, right?>>Yes, indeed.
>>Yes, it’s bullets. Oh, that’s amazing,
with a cartridge holder.>>So I know that–
>>Hang on.>>On our whiskey episode, oh and I guess there’s more in there, too.>>Wait, wait, wait, yeah come on. Wait, wait for it.>>There ya go.
>>One.>>Okay, wait, so do you
fill these with something or do they just inherently
get cold as metal gets cold?
>>That’s right, you put them all in the cartridge, you put them in the freezer.
>>The freezer.>>Right, and then that way they
don’t water down the whiskey and I know on our whiskey episode, we talked about y’know, that good whiskey is whiskey you like to drink.>>Right.
>>And for some people, they like it on the rocks even
though it gets watered down.>>Well and in Texas you
sometimes want something that’s not blazing high proof and warm when it’s a hundred degrees in the summer.>>This is, this is what I wanted to get.>>Yes, but you don’t want
to water down your whiskey at the same time, so chilling
your whiskey is a thing.>>Well because I was always feeling guilty
>>For sure.>>For kind of digging chilled
whiskey, because I was afraid, like I’m not getting the full flavor out of this.
>>No, no, no, no, no, there are times when I drink
whiskey with a lot of ice.>>Yeah.>>Especially in the summer in Texas, you just got to pour the whiskey accommodating what you’re
about to do with it.>>Yeah.>>Right, so if you know
you’re going to chill it and bury some of the flavor,
you have to pour a whiskey that can stand up to that.>>Oh, so if you have a more
robust maybe smokier, peavier–>>Or a richer woody bourbon, then the chilled temperature
won’t bury everything. Now chilled temperature
doesn’t bury sugar, so it still tastes sweet.>>Is there, is there too much of these? Or I guess, again, I
know whatever you like is the answer
>>Well you need to drink with a friend.>>Oh, that’s right!>>So I’m guessing I wouldn’t
put more than two or three of those in there just for the–>>Two or three a piece.
>>Here’s the one question, though, I’ve got two questions.>>Yes.
>>One,>>Well, is this going
to shatter a Glencairn.>>Only one way to find out.
>>And two, when you take a sip, does it take a chunk out of your teeth?>>Only one way to find out,
we have to science this. Oh!
[clink] Oh, God, I was convinced it
was going to shatter then.>>I’ve been hanging
out with Rex too long. [laughs] What do you think, one or two?>>Let’s see two. [clink]>>Okay.
>>And Glencairn. I don’t know, I think
that might already be, oh, they’re wedged in
there now, let’s do it.>>You’ll never get them out.
>>Try three.>>Alright, Alright.>>It’s not chilled yet,
but here’s the experience.>>Okay whether or not you chip a tooth.
>>It’s significantly heavier.>>I found myself so nervous just then.>>About it falling down onto you?
>>Like the ice, you know when ice backs up, yeah.
>>Yes, and it clomps all over you.
>>Yeah. No, its not moving. Wait, let’s get it
where it’s, there we go.>>Not bad?>>I think it works.>>Dude, that’s awesome.>>It’s pretty rock ‘n’ roll>>It’s awesome.
>>To have bullets in your whiskey glass.>>Well, it makes you just lean back and feel like you’re a Colombian
arms dealer or something.>>Yeah. [laughing] Because who hasn’t wanted to do that?>>Dude, I just wanted to say thank you for all you do for the
Modern Rogue, thank you so much, man.
>>Yes, cheers, and thank you guys.>>Sriracha. [laughs] [clink]>>DANIEL: Yeah.>>BRIAN: There we go.>>DANIEL: Ooh, that was sexy.>>Dude, I’m so stoked that he dug it, and I know it’s a soft target, I mean Daniel will be appreciative
of whatever we give him because he’s awesome, but still, to have like the sommelier
of the whiskey tribe be appreciative made me very, very happy. Oh, shoot, speaking of which,
we should do the ad thing. Hey, it’s Black Friday
time this whole week, of course, everyone’s doing Black Friday, we’ve got an online store scamstuff.com or shop.themodernrogue.com, they both go to the same place, but everything from puzzle boxes to high end magic tricks,
gear for the Modern Rogue, talking about rings with
devices that let you escape from police issued hand cuffs, you can build your own padlock, lock picking sets, we got a pen with a lock pick set in there. We even have parts of my
actual touring stage show for sale that you guys can
perform for your friends. We’re super excited, every year is awesome with Black Friday, this
is our biggest week of the entire year at Scam Stuff. [gentle music]>>Yo, nut wrinkle, it’s like the holidays and
stuff, so I got you a thing. [raspberry noise] Such a sweetie, he’ll love it.

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  1. Good to see, you guys are still welcome in the Wizard's Tower. Congrats on passing 1 Million subs.
    And thanks to Doghouse, for hooking these yaehoos up with some top of the line hardware!

  2. I literally just returned a set of these things. They're terrible in practice. The oblong shape means they flip end over end every time you take a sip, splashing whiskey all over the place. If you want s metal whiskey stone option, go for the large metal spheres instead.

  3. Gonna have to go on record and say that Doghousesystems is massively overpriced. You can copy-paste build their $1,750 offering for under $1,100 easily (I even used slightly better offerings on the RAM, SSD, and GPU). $650 seems incredibly steep for labor.

    Edit: maybe they’re not so bad 😛

  4. Yo soy el Jefe de mi organización de unos de los mejores 💀de Oregon de los Estados Unidos ! Yo ha tomado de los mejores whiskey qué hay en el mundo, y tú eres un gran puto que me caíste en los huevos ! si te medio en la calle te voy a dar te una chinga que se no se te va Olvidar en toda la vida ! pinche vato mamás mi vedga con gusto 😂…no te creas esto es un chiste 🤡 porqué no tengo nada mejor que hacer 😂

  5. was a pleasure to meet part of the Modern Rogue in person a couple weeks ago when I did my Texas whiskey adventure. I often ice my whiskey to make my daily pour look like a bit more… substantial, plus I have a weird thing about room temp liquid drinks for whatever reason. 😉

  6. Him – “Hey do you have some bullet bourbon I could taste?”

    Bartender – “yeah well I have some bullets I could put in your bourbon if you want?”

    Him – “what?”

    Bartender- “what?”

  7. Brian – “ have you ever tried bullet bourbon?”

    Daniel – “yeah I have a bottle right here”

    Brian ( takes out the bullets and puts it in a glencaren) “try this”

    (Daniel looks confused…)

  8. The phrase "on the rocks" came from the "olden days" in Scotland, where scott's who didn't have ice would go to the river and take stones chilled by the mountain snow and add it to there drinks. And that's where the phrase, scotch "on the rocks" comes from.

  9. 2:57 I see a bottle of Liquormens Ol' Dirty Canadian Whiskey. I wanna get a bottle of that just because I'm a fan of Trailer Park Boys. I heard it's shitty but I want one bottle to try and see for myself. Another bottle just to display.

  10. Brain! I’m mad at you!
    I just ordered so many things from the store seperatly and now I gotta get these too
    Shipping to Canada is killing me but I gotta support you wonderful people at the modern rogue

  11. Dude this is crazy! I watch both of these channels all the time. Both aren't even closely related but yet somehow they're in the SAME video. Wtf, mind fuck.

    Edit: wtf they've been in a video together before!

  12. Dont waste your money, I got these for my birthday last year, they are not good at all, they dont even make the whiskey that cold.

  13. William Jefferson Clinton

    It is called a cylinder guys. Sorry to be that guy but the cartridge holder is a Cylinder in a revolver which you showed here. Also why did you use something that looks like an AK47s 7.62×39 for a revolver cylinder? Really cool though and I want one.

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