Why Do Bad Habits Feel SO GOOD?

Why Do Bad Habits Feel SO GOOD?

Why do we like things that are bad for us we all know what a bad habit is smoking eating unhealthy foods and being lazy are Just some of the behaviors we ought to avoid in order to increase our overall well-being Yet a recent study by scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Found that avoidable behaviors such as poor diet lack of exercise Smoking and drinking alcohol or some of the underlying causes of nearly half of the deaths in the United States tobacco accounted for eighteen point one percent of total deaths inactivity and bad eating sixteen point six percent and alcohol consumption three point five percent if We know bad habits are so detrimental to our health. Why do we continue to do them? We all indulge in behaviors that we know aren’t good for us And the main reason we resort to these behaviors is because bad habits. Give us the comfort we need when it comes to making decisions Your brain can’t differentiate good from bad. It only knows comfortable and uncomfortable Every action you take has a purpose behind it. Even if you’re not consciously aware of what that purpose is The most common hidden purpose is comfort our Brains are wired to be reward based and our reward is the feeling of comfort that in turn triggers a release of dopamine Called the feel-good hormone When you bite into a chocolate chip cookie, you get a hit of dopamine When you get a like on Instagram you get a hit of dopamine The hit of pleasure causes us to crave more and so we associate this good feeling with the bad habit This explains why we continue to indulge in bad habits and find it so difficult to stop it Feels comfortable and we essentially get to exist in our safe zone in other words you get attracted to the reward Speight knowing it’s bad for you Smoking that cigarette on your work breaks causes your brain to associate that habit with freedom and relaxation drinking alcohol may be associated with relieving some tension after a hard week the thought of exercising and making some kind of effort is Overridden in the brain by the easier thought of sitting on the couch and binge watching your favorite show So you can see how easily the habit is connected with the reward we also tend to rationalize our bad behaviors if Society as a whole finds it acceptable if a vast amount of people are doing the same thing Then it must be ok for us to do it too. It’s not difficult to find socially acceptable bad habits Snacking skipping exercises getting blackout drunk and even chain-smoking are things that lots of people do this causes an inward rationalization when it comes to unhealthy habits such as Just one more won’t hurt or I’ll do better next week But these in the moment justifications only provide a brief escape from stress it’s important to remember that bad habits only give temporary comfort an Alcoholic beverage can only numb you to stress and after a buzz wears off the stressful reality returns Ironically the long-term solution to break bad habits is in fact Discomfort the only way you grow is by stepping into the unknown This is why so many people have break down before Breakthrough moments the more discomfort you experience the greater The long term benefit will be the simplest. Analogy is Exercise the more you push yourself during a workout the more sweat burn fatigue exhaustion You feel the more strength endurance and longevity you gain? However, most people don’t change until not changing is the less comfortable option Powerful transformation happens when you truly get out of your comfort zone Familiar discomfort is a form of comfort. This is why people are addicted to toxic relationships Comfort is nothing more than an illusion. There’s no such thing as real comfort. There’s only the idea of what safe This one is a big one to swallow but there’s really no such thing as comfort which is why comfortable things don’t last And why the most well-adjusted people are most comfortable in discomfort? Comfortable is just an idea you choose what you want to base yours on Discomfort is your friend For more interesting videos like this one, please subscribe You

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  1. Something I forgot to mention in the video: You can get a dopamine boost from doing healthy things too, like playing sports, meditation, eating the right foods, being generous…

  2. I did sports and wanted to be really good. I just crippled my body and achieved nothing. This would not have happened if I was just lazy the whole time.

  3. "Comfort is just an idea" fuck off, tell that to my anxiety and my depression you morons. When life is pain and cigarettes, food and alcohol are reliefs from the literal pain I feel you're goddam right it feels good, you can feel it PHYSICALLY so it's not just an idea. This video isn't helpful at all. You wanna help people? Tell them how to actually deal with stress, instead of giving cumbaya advices like this one

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  5. No alcohol, no ciggies…at least I never went down that path but the worst problem is trying to avoid sugar in foods and in our diets…virtually impossible…but there's nothing wrong with trying to keep it in balance and not go off the deep end. Balance is what people lack I think, the ability to see both good and bad sides and make a decision based on that. Nowadays it's one extreme or the other..the middle ground is lost to most people.

  6. I got a good job , car , apartment. I go to mcdonalds sometimes , and eat healty. I go to the gym and after I pop a joint with my cig, I watch my best series and movies , and play fortnite. I fuck girls every 2-3 months, i go shopping center and grocery store with family and sometimes activities. I read books if its about universe and realities and so on …. its about having good and bad habits in the sametime with same levels

  7. This video is so bad. People don't eat burgers because they associate with comfort or dopamine. People eat burgers because they fcking taste good

  8. I ,like many teens have a bad habit of masturbation, I always justify myself that researchs have shown that masturbation is natural. But one day I confronted myself that would I be masturbating without watching porn , the answer was simple No. So from that I made it clear that masturbation is not for me and fought against the temptations. It was hard and took almost a year with many failure but I won.

  9. I'm sorry, but you didn't answer the question.
    The question is, "why bad habits make us feel good?" In another way, "Why bad habits are more comfortable?" You just ended the video by saying that it's all an illusion/in the mind, which makes no sense. Comfortness is not an idea, it's a feeling which for some reason most of the time is found in bad habits. Your job was to explain the reason, not to give any self-made fact and end the video with some sort of motivation.

  10. Gibran Muhammad Rayhansa


    A lot of people do bad habits e.g.smoking, being lazy, drinking, etc because they are the easiest ways that bring them a sort of pleasure and comfort hence they tend to stay in the safe zone. However, those comforts are temporary and they can ruin your life. A cure for this is in discomfort zone where we may suffer first but then will be rewarded better because we are doing something right in our lives.

    We should get away from our own safe zone and enter a path where we are supposed to be. Success is not free and easy but it is achivable and great!!

  11. Lack of physical activity and the dopamine addiction have nothing to do with one another. Yes video games do cause dopamine, but Many people actually get a dopamine hit from leaving their comfort zone. Many people get a dopamine hit from activity like sports like learning about a conspiracy or engaging in some kind of competitive activity or sex, even just exercised itself can all cause dopamine hits. Sitting on your butt all day from laziness or depression or sadness does not cause a dopamine hit.

  12. Mostly useful info that I do have bad habits myself such as not eating healthy and spend time on the laptop browsing on the internet.

  13. If smoking causes 18% death in the US, it is to say that the 18% would not be dead but for smoking. If there was no cigarette available in the US, the cause of the death of that 18% could have been replaced by a better habit than smoking because these people would have been dead anyway. Is the purpose not being in comfort now than living forever in misery ?

  14. Good and bad is just subjective, do whatever u like because you only got one short life, even lord shiva did weed, so be responsible and enjoy life while it lasts

  15. The day I get a dopamine boost from a healthy salad I’ll …. I’ll….don’t know where I’m going with this cus it ain’t gunna happen

  16. Great message and at the same time some pictures were pretty fatphobic. The end drawing too of the chad dude who's ripped with a lot of money is pretty stereotypical on what success in media looks like: being white, being aesthetically in shape/buff, and being rich and accomplished

  17. Dopamine is also released through good habits. It just so happens that good habits take effort. So bad habits are all about getting the dopamine reward without going through all the effort. And frankly theres nothing wrong with it as long as you practice self control and have good habits to counteract the effects of the bad habits.

  18. We all develop some sort of bad habit(s) at some point in our lives. Each individual encounters, leans, or is dependent on a bad habit for various reasons; which most are not relatable to others.
    Good example, people who experience a traumatic event in their life. Unlike some of the comments claiming bad habits are due to a lack of direction, weak minded, and other obvious baseless claims. Although I do agree with tackling the habit to rid oneself of it, but not everyone responds to uncomfortable situations for a means of kicking a habit. Sometimes it could simply be more simple for some, reading a book, writing, meditating, etc. Point is people have bad habits for different reasons and people kick those habits in different ways, there isn't a one size fits all solution

  19. This was a good video up until the last minute of that quote from that narcissist who packages bromides as profound advice.

    Everything the dude spews is emotional jargon and not based on any scientific fact/research.

    “Our whole life is set up in the path of least resistance..” who’s we? Go tell that to people living in poverty.

    “We don’t want to suffer” what’s his definition of suffering? There are children forced into labor, who would kill to have an opportunity just to run daily < his suffering

    “We don’t want to feel discomfort” again, what an arrogant and pretentious thing to say; always pushing his holier than though narrative.

    You get the idea. Really ruined the video for me – and going forward I’ll monitor the channel closely for this type of careless promotion.

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