Why Are We Creatures Of Habit?

Why Are We Creatures Of Habit?

Oh sorry, didn’t see you there, I was just
doing my pre-DNews routine. Hey guys, Julia here for DNews.
A recent poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that most parents understand that sleep
is important for their kid’s growing brains. Yet 90% of kids aren’t getting enough sleep.
In order to get kids to sleep better, the researchers encourage parents to adopt bedtime
routines. Reading before bed rather than letting them play with a tablet device for example. Alright, yeah so going to bed and getting
up at the same time every day is good for us. But this made me ask why? Why are we so
obsessed with habits? I mean, how many listicles are on the internet
about “habits of highly successful people”? it’s like we see magic in routines. Writers
often stick very strictly to their routines, they feel it opens them to be a conduit for
creativity. Routines aren’t just for writers, how many
of us make the same cup of coffee in the same mug and sit in the same chair. How many of
you go through your morning routine in a fog? how many us drive to and from work without
too much thought? Well thank your infralimbic cortex and the basal ganglia for that. These
two parts of the brain work together to form our most cherished routines. The infralimbic cortex, which is located in
the prefrontal cortex, is the decider. the basal ganglia and the brainstem work together
to execute your actions. the basal ganglia are responsible for positive reinforcement.
While learning a new habit, this part of the brain is influxed with dopamine, which reinforces
the behavior. These actions are then stored in the striatum and its circuits. Over time, as your perform these habits, your
brain goes on autopilot mode. This nifty autopilot feature isn’t because you need more caffeine
but it keeps the brain from feeling overwhelmed. During the routine, the prefrontal cortex
isn’t as active, leaving you able to think about other things. Imagine if you have had
to consciously decide where to put your feet or which side of the sink you should stand
on. These small decisions would take up so much brain space. Life would be very difficult.
Writer Alva Noe suggests that habits are what make daily life possible. That habits allow
us the freedom to pursue other thoughts or actions while getting stuff done. He even
suggests we design robots or AI with habits. Habits, routines and rituals all play through
this positive feedback track. Rituals are just routines granted meaningful significance.
There’s comfort in routine. Indeed they apply some modicum of control over our lives.
When faced with anxiety we turn to the things we can control. Faced with a big game? Wear
your lucky jersey. Faced with the illness of a loved one? Go to the store, buy some
soup and crackers, turn on a favorite movie. To ward off nightmares as a kid I would kiss
my dream catcher every night before I went to bed. A recent study shows that rituals
boost confidence and temper the effects of feelings of grief or even less intense emotions
like disappointment. Whether a large religious ritual or a small
bedtime routine, humans are creatures of habit. And it’s not all magic and superstition.
Some of it’s science. And switching gears for a second, our sister
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and we’ll see you next time on Dnews Alright dudes, throwing it back you, what
are some your habits or routines?

72 thoughts on “Why Are We Creatures Of Habit?”

  1. I give Thanks for anything and everything when i wake up and when I go to bed.
    A habit of "attitude of gratitude" keeps me content and happy!

  2. I have serval times woken up to a near death tablet because i fell asleep in the middle of doing something and it didnt turn off so yeah.

  3. I'm glad work for me has become nothing but a routine. I can go through it while pondering on completely different subjects from what I'm doing at the time, heck, even getting some of my best ideas while doing so.

  4. When I get up at 6am everyday, I exercise and browse the internet until 8am when I eat breakfast. 730pm I exercise as well everyday and read a book until 10pm when i go to bed.

  5. I don't really have any habits other than what I open up when I start my browser. aside from that there really isn't anything I do at the same time on a day to day basis

  6. I really don't have that many routines in my life. The main stuff like sleep is out of control, some nights I go to sleep at 11pm and some I go to sleep at like 5:30am meh It doesn't bother me.

  7. My daily routine…. Set my 10 alarms to wake me up by 7. Go back to sleep. Wake up to the other 5 alarms. Actually get up. Breakfast. Video games and me time until 12. Shower, dress, brush teeth. Leave at 1 for work. Try not to kill customers. Go home, Eat, set 10 alarms, sleep. Unless it's my day off I wake up at 12 like today.

  8. Nickolas Brielmaier

    Anybody else notice in like the past week that shows with one person are now starting to stand on the left side of the TV?

  9. Ok, I watch Dnews for 2 reasons. Their interesting content and their interesting comments about the host.

    My habits on leisure days. Wakeup, go to my computer until bedtime, go to bed while still on the internet on my phone, falling asleep. I know, it takes a beast to be in these shoes! ^_^

  10. Julia wilde… you're so darn adorable and cute and I am deeply in love with the way you express yourself and portrait yourself for us, I LOVE YOU. 

  11. When I'm sick I must have a hot beverage and someone to sing "Soft Kitty" as I drift off into a nice, warm medicinal slumber…

  12. This is pertinent, fastidiously enunciated throughout, and couples felicitous nomenclature with prosaic reference as a possible mnemonic. Appears even the very new presenters have the right stuff. Superb. !

  13. I detest routines so I don't keep any.
    I wonder if this is truly "unhealthy" or just another attempt to conform society into mindless zombies :l
    He says staring into a computer screen..

  14. Half the comments are misogynistic and the other half are straight gibberish. This is what happens when you rid the channel of the original hosts. Ugh

  15. i hate the new people hosting dnews. They have to be friends of people who work for Dnews, how else would they have gotten the job. OMG you sound like a computer trying to sound excited.

  16. The only habit i have is masterbating. Every 26 minutes my alarm tells me its time. If it takes me a minute too long then it is 25 minutes

  17. julia and julian are the same person?
    does it/he/she just change their attire and present themselves with a different name…?

  18. I read before bed also I often do homework when I go upstairs to my room but before reading and sleep. I always listen to music on the radio at night. I eat the same food for breakfast on school days most days. And I have the same class's so that by the second or third week I can walk from one class to another well thinking or working on homework or playing a game on the phone.

  19. When I was 4 I accidentally swallowed a marble while playing house with my step-sister.
    Before bed my mother confronted me to tell me about how if anything were to get stuck in my appendix it would hurt like hell.

    Naturally, my first reaction was to worry and consume myself with fear of that happening.
    However, as a reasonable human being, I realized that such a thing had never happened to me before, so why would this be different?  I got a sound rest that night and pooped out the marble later.

    The logic of a 4-year-old rational human being compared to those who believe in dream-catchers and superstition is amazing.

    I can assure anyone that living in the real world and keeping rational logic as your closest company is far more reassuring than any superstition or religion can possibly be.

  20. Dont give futuristic robots habits it gives the time to think about how they are better than us then they revolt

  21. You cited, 'a recent study' at (2:37) If you still monitor this thread, please add a link.
    From the transcript:
    "A recent study shows that rituals boost confidence and temper the effects of
    2:42feelings of grief or even less intense emotions like disappointment."

    Thank you

  22. Lol every person in the world lives some type of routine. Even if it’s not a common routine, it’s a routine nonetheless. If you change your routine, you eventually just start a new routine. It would be pure chaos without.

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