Why alcohol doesn't come with nutrition facts

Why alcohol doesn't come with nutrition facts

if you go into a grocery store and you buy pretty much anything a bottle of water a bag of chips that thing will have a nutritional label on if you go buy beer or wine or liquor it usually doesn't that's crazy the reason why is kind of complicated so it all dates back to 1935 shortly after prohibition was repealed Congress formed a new agency that would regulate alcoholic beverages booze got its own agency it wasn't regulated by the Food and Drug Administration which Metsa in 1990 when the FDA told food companies they needed to start labeling all of their packaged foods that rule didn't apply to alcohol in the year since there's been a weird hodgepodge of complicated rules put into place for nutrition tax on alcohol super weird for example most beers are made out of something called malted barley but if you're an alcohol company and you happen to make a beer that doesn't have lots of barley in it sorry you need to put a label on that same goes if you're a winemaker and say you have a particular vintage that happens to contain less than 7% alcohol by volume sorry put a label on that one too but for most of the alcohol that we drink labels are optional so they can list calorie counts if they want and if they do they also have to list carbs protein and fat but they can also just leave all that out which means that those of us who are super conscious of ingredients or trying to count calories are pretty much out of luck consumer groups have tried six different times to get the regulations changed to get labels put on alcoholic beverages and they've even gotten close a few times but the beverage industry as you might've guessed has some powerful lobbyists a few different industry groups said that if they were required to put nutrition facts on alcohol it would mislead consumers into thinking that alcohol was nutritious wine producers also said it would be way too hard to test every single vintage for things like calorie content or grams of sugar especially when these things vary so much from a year in the end the consumer groups lost their fight basically regulators just sided with manufacturers and made labels optional the fact that alcoholic beverages don't have nutrition labels on them this has consequences for people's health when people don't have information about how many calories they're consuming or how much sugar they're not as good at making smart decisions about how much to drink it's certainly not a guarantee that people would drink more responsibly if they knew this information but putting it on the label definitely can't hurt just from a consumer standpoint it seems like our right to know that if we know it for bottled water if we know for our packaged chips it's really desire that we're not allowed to do it for beer

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  1. If you want to be healthy and have to read the nutrition facts WHY ARE YOU DRINKING ALCOHOL IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  2. If you really want to calorie count or regualte your nutrition. … maybe dont drink?
    Anyone health conscious. Why are you consuming this. It does nothing. Everything about alcohol is negative.

  3. Brian Braegelmann

    All those labels come with a cost. A cost the big guys can afford, but the little guys might not be able to.

  4. I wish this video had talked about the allergy impact of a lack of labeling. My son has severe food allergies, so I'm used to looking at ingredients, but now that he is drinking age, we have to look it up online.. and maybe those sources are accurate or maybe they're not.

  5. To be fair, too many people are saying "to be fair" in this comment section, and let me give one example of a drink that takes full advantage of this law. Jagermeister. The stuff is basically syrup. it has 16.5 grams of sugar per shot. Over 3 times the sugar content in the same amount of Coke.

  6. People should just know alcohol is bad for nutrition anyway 🤦 like not only is it all liquid carbs, but it bloats your stomach

  7. Alcohol is liquid sugar molecule at the chemical level.
    This is why there are no nutritional labels on the bottle 🙂

  8. If you're "health conscious" then stay away from liqour all together. Leave up it to these nannyistic, whistle-blowers to make sure alcoholic beverages are "nutritionally labeled". What a crock-o-shit haha

  9. For people with food allergies, not having labels is a huuuggeee pain in the butt. I always thought vodka was only made from potatoes until I developed a rice allergy and had some vodka which was made from rice. My lips and throat swelled up really badly, but it took me months to figure out what was causing it. Was it gelatin? no…My new dog? no… Peanut contamination??? Because some vodkas would cause it, and not others, it took a long time before I figured it out–if it had just been on a label, I would have been good. It's insane to me that they don't have to at least put ingredient lists on alcohol.

  10. Peasant of Pontus

    What's with the preachy teetotaller convention in the comments? 1920s were a century ago guys, alcohol is not the devil's drink.

  11. ready to get blown away? The worse thing about alcohol if you want to stay healthy…isnt calories or sugars,..ITS THE ALCOHOL! xD Just dont drink at all! Sugars and calories are harmless in comparison to what alcohol does to you.

  12. what beer are you drinking because I have never drank a beer without it? Granted it is not in big letters like my frosted flakes but it is still on the can

  13. Nutrition labels would be nice but consumers don't need them to make good health decisions. The calories in alcohol is not secret information. Google is your friend. Let me get you started: a 5 oz. glass of red wine has about 125 calories and a 12 oz. bottle of beer has about 150 calories. Yes, different brands and vintages will vary in their calorie counts, but not by that much. Calorie labeling for packaged food has a large margin of error as well. The precise figures are not very important when counting calories. Studies have shown that calorie counts on labels and menus do little to change consumer behavior.

  14. FannniePac BlasteR

    And if you do work out, NEVER do what that goofball at 4:31 did! unless you don’t like your rotator cuffs

  15. The most subtle poison is sugar. Fructose. They should at least list this. Everyone knows alcohol isn’t nutritional but I promise they are pumping in high fructose and other harmful agents. I believe anything that can be consumed should have ingredients listed. Period.

  16. Think about how much money this would cost companies to get caloric numbers on everyone one of their beverages. How expensive would our beer and wine cost us, because you know the companies would defray their costs to the consumers before taking it out of their profits.

  17. Brilliant production as always by Vox! Convey my kudos to your creative teams who visualize all the information for the videos! ☺️

  18. everyone's arguing over calories on labels and im just over here with an allergy
    hmm looks good, hope i dont have a reaction ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  19. Wine I understand perfectly why having nutritional facts wouldn’t work, beer and most hard alcohols on the other hand it would make sense to label

  20. I love Vox. But the opinion at the end of this one is dumb. I’m sorry, but, alcohol is bad for you. I don’t need to read how much sugar or carbs it has.

  21. Just leave the booze alone. Of course it’s bad for you! But ya drink it anyway to have a good time. It’s gets ya drunk.

  22. Like soda, I’m sure that alcohol nowadays has more new addictive properties that are causing the hike in alcoholics. Ofcourse if beer companies can get away with this, then they will. Money speaks volumes

  23. It’s funny how a majority of box videos explain why a certain way is so but always comes down to lobbying in governments…

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