Where Does The World Get Its Drugs?

Where Does The World Get Its Drugs?

In October 2015, the leader of Mexico’s
Sinaloa drug cartel, narrowly escaped capture after breaking out of prison in July. El Chapo
Guzman’s reign as Mexico’s most dangerous drug kingpin saw millions of dollars of cocaine,
marijuana, heroin and methamphetamines smuggled into the United States? So, where exactly
do most of those drugs come from to begin with? Well, one of the most trafficked drugs, Cocaine,
primarily originates in South America. 90% of cocaine entering the United States crosses
through Mexico, with most of it coming from Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. Despite the breakup
of Colombia’s infamous cartels, led by kingpins like Pablo Escobar, the cocaine trade is still
a booming business. In 2010, just under 400 metric tons are estimated to have travelled
towards US borders. In Colombia, coca leaf production occupies a total area roughly the
size of New York City. Methamphetamine is also prevalent in the United
States, and for a long time was made locally, in what are referred to as “meth labs”.
However, strict laws on the sale of methamphetamine production materials have shifted the overwhelming
majority of meth labs into Mexico. There, superlabs can create up to 1,000 pounds at
a time, compared to a pound or less in US labs. And while Mexico is also responsible for smuggling
nearly all the heroin in the US, it actually originates on the other side of the globe.
The largest source of opium farms is in Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, and Latin America. In
particular, Burma, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam make up the Golden Triangle of opium production,
while Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan make up the Golden Crescent. Some 90% of the world’s
opium is thought to come from Afghanistan alone. Despite the US occupation of the country
in 2001, production has actually tripled in the past decade. A huge portion of US heroin
is also made from Colombian and Mexican opium operations as well. But what about marijuana, the most consumed
illicit drug in America? Well, in the United States, imported weed often comes from Mexico.
However, as several states have legalized or decriminalized the drug, more potent and
cheaper varieties of marijuana are grown in the US. Over the past few years, this drug
trade has seen a shift away from Mexican marijuana. But for the rest of the world, a majority
of weed comes from Afghanistan. In 2010, they were producing up to 100 square miles of weed
crops annually, with no sign of slowing down. Although the US’s War on Drugs has been
ongoing since 1971, overall drug use has been relatively unaffected. In fact, the UN estimates
that the global drug trade is worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year. In a marketplace
with plenty of demand, there seems little chance of stopping the massive worldwide exchange
of narcotics. The global drug trade may be huge, but drugs
aren’t the only illicit items with large markets. Learn more about the world’s top
smuggled items in this video. Thanks for watching TestTube! Don’t forget to like and subscribe
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100 thoughts on “Where Does The World Get Its Drugs?”

  1. You want to know where they really come from? First world legal policies. If there is no established and regulated market then a black market will spring up to supply demand.
    Do a video on the failure that is the War on Drugs TestTube, redeem yourself for mistaking 'the USA' for 'the world'.

  2. The everything Channel

    90% of drugs were produced in Afghanistan but when alQaeda (talibans) take over the Afghanistan the ratio was reduced to 0.3 % but after American invasion of Afghanistan and war against alQaeda this ratio is again upto 97%…
    Now you yourself can see that who is better.

  3. Hi I from Azerbaijan (Caucasus). I follow this channel for 6 six months. Some videos of this channel are really good but some videos are very bad and didn't show the real thing. Designing channel like news channel is not a big deal.Please before the making videos research carefully the information. Because wrong information make people's mind to think wrong ideas

  4. It doesn't matter where drugs come from, as long as there is demand, someone will always supply.

    Don't blame Mexico for the drug problem, blame the users and the culture that leads people to use

  5. In 10-20 years you will hear about biosynthetic heroin and cocaine having full control of the market. You can change sugar into drugs through micro-organisms and the DEA knows about it fully.

  6. 84% of the world's opium comes from Afghanistan, and the US enables it. farmers are too poor not to grow it. They won't even grow a substitute when we give it to them. They're forced to grow it by Taliban or face death. Thanks Islam.

  7. He said Americas war on drugs lol

    Everyone knows the US government is growing heroin in Afghanistan

    Before the US invasion Afghanistan produced 9% of the worlds opium and today in 2015 93% of the worlds opium is produced in Afghanistan

  8. funny how after the Afghanistan invasion the supply of heroin and weed has increased greatly. robbed iraqis for oil and afghans for contraband. United Snakes of America. scum bag nation

  9. Man my home boys job in the army was to guard the poppi fields in Afghanistan form terrorist that would set them on fire! Why you think? Cuz billion dollar pharmaceutical companies get there dope for legal pill heroine from that poor broken country giving them pennies for every few tones of that shit.

  10. Fighting war on drugs since 1971??? And still no accomplishments. Nobody will ever win the war on drugs. Drugs will always win.

  11. its bill gates to you son.

    i hate how everyone say el chapo broke out of prison. that man pretty much just walked out of the back door with half the guards knowing and being on his payroll.

  12. USA can kill millions of life but they can't stop opium farming in Afghanistan? Isn't it obvious CIA really behind the world drug trade?

  13. When people write: That the title should be "Where does US get it's drugs". you are so twisted about the notion that the only thing that america is thinking about is itself. Did you forget everything in the video? 1:34 the golden triangle. 1:41 the golden crescent.
    Yes they were mentioning the importation to USA. But what you forget was that the video was about the production source not only where the product lands..

  14. maisantaerikakirea

    'despite the US military occupation of afghanistan the opium production is three times bigger' LOL what an idiot you are, opium is a US business.

  15. How does this video not mention the netherlands? Nearly all mdma transported to the western world is manufactured in the southern provinces, and the country serves as a massive distribution depot for the rest of europe.

  16. Damn… I wish someone made a YouTube account of Donald Trump, and said a really dumb thing, Mexico. I'd be punching the wall really hard and laugh really hard… XD

  17. Imagine they legalize drugs in the US as they did in Portugal, the US could expect at least 50 million consumers, the country would go crazy, and it will destabilize regional governments.

  18. These are all lies Amigo? It's the Russians. Mexico should have a special investigation payed for by the Americans to prove its the Russians causing all these problems. Americans love and believe all the people from Mexico. That's why they search all there cars and trucks coming into the US. If you get caught smuggling drugs. Just say it's the Russians trying to interfere with customers trying to do there job. HA.

  19. The United States controls all the cartel in Mexico so who is the real drug dealer this country has been dealing with coke fbi & cia

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