What Happens When A Woman Abuses A Man In Public?

What Happens When A Woman Abuses A Man In Public?

What do you want me to show you?
In your hands, in your hands,
there’s something. Where is it? I haven’t got anything. Just do it.
Stop it. Will… What? Don’t cower like that,
like you’re scared. Where did you put it? Where is it? Do you want a smack again? Is that what you want?
Is that what you want, Will? No, just… Do you want a smack? Lots of us would worry
if we saw a man abusing a woman on the street,
some of us might even intervene. However, what if the tables
were turned and there was a woman abusing a man? So, this is Will. We’re going to test this out
in public and Will is going to start
by being the aggressor, and he’s going to verbally and physically intimidate me. Are you ready for this? I think so. Just show me! Just do that. Hey! Will… Are you all right? Thank you. She’s fine, we just… Well, she’s clearly not fine.
Are you OK? Do you need any help? Yeah, thank you so much. ‘So why did people react
in the way they did?’ I was shocked – I couldn’t believe
this was happening in the middle
of Ealing Broadway, so I walked past her the one time
and she flinched and I thought… ..like, is this really happening?
I carried on walking then I looked back at her and she
must have flinched again I thought, “No, I can’t…
“I can’t walk away from this.” Just pick it up and just hand over. You OK there? Is everything OK? I’m good. Thanks for helping me. She was flinching… And looked scared.
It looked quite abusive. I don’t have anything. Do it, come on. Stop it! Come on, just get in
there and get it. Sorry, but don’t put your hands
on a woman. We’re just having an argument,
that’s all. Are you OK? I know I’m interrupting,
but I’m just saying, are you OK? The way it looked, it looked like
she was expecting to get hit. So, that’s where you’ve sort of…
got to jump in, really. Her body language was so very
obviously uncomfortable that I couldn’t walk past without…
saying something. Tell me! ‘But then…we switched roles.’ Give it to me.
I don’t know where it is. Argh! ‘This woman looks back,
but keeps walking.’ I was surprised, I thought
it was a bit aggressive…. I WANTED to say something,
but then I was just like… No. Look at me. Stop! OK, all right.
Don’t hit, all right? What are you doing? OK… My thought was… he looks a bit soft. I feel bad thinking that,
because it’s a macho view, but I thought he looks a bit soft,
letting her hit him like that. And I had the classic thing
go through my head, “I wouldn’t let a girl hit me,”
and that’s terrible, because… why do I think that? That’s a kind of stereotypical view. I don’t know what he’s done
to upset her, he might have said something really,
really personal, upsetting. ‘A mum and her daughters approach.’ Look at me! Look me in the FACE! ‘And walked straight past.’ The thought did come to my mind to go and say,
“What are you doing to him? “Leave him alone.” So, I thought that the man… I think the man done something
to the woman, like, I don’t know, touched her or something. That’s why she got mad. And that’s why…
Yeah, that’s why she got mad. So you think it could have been his
fault? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Look, I… Do you want a smack?
No! Do you want a smack, Will? What is it? Where is it? If he had been shouting at her, would you have stopped? Yes, I would have.
I would have stopped. Unfortunately, we do have this kind of stereotype that a woman has less power
than a man, but I’ve also unfortunately had
friends who have been in… the reverse, physically abusive
relationships, so it can happen both ways. They didn’t class it as that,
but they have been hit in argument situations, which is
exactly the same thing, but he used to think it was OK because he was a
big, strong guy, it didn’t hurt him. But it’s still physical.
He was very embarrassed about it. In their lifetime, one in six men
will suffer from domestic abuse. The number of women convicted
of domestic abuse went up nearly four times
between 2006 and 2016.

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  1. Well I wouldn’t teach anyone to hit anyone but when it comes down to it and I’ve been on receiving end my ex wife smashed a vodka bottle over my head thrown knives at me punched me. Did the best thing walked out of house stayed away fir a week. Her mother phoned me was angry said “you left my daughter alone in the house “ As soon as I told her what had happened she hung up. No apology nothing. Went to lawyer doctors got it noted that I was being assaulted. Doc said it was the medication she was on. Been divorced now for over twenty years.. still have to lump on my head from the bottle.

  2. I hate this double standard so much. I've had a lifetime of dealing with abusive women and I fear for my son. I always tell him to beware and get away at the first sign of aggression. We respect ALL people, all genders. No one is allowed to abuse anyone. Period.

  3. Man: * hits woman *
    Everyone: you monster
    Woman: * hits man *
    Everyone: jeez that guy must be a monster to get his gf to do abuse him

  4. Straight talk Self determination

    If a woman is man enough to hit a man, then the woman should be man enough to be beaten by a man.A coin has two sides.

  5. I’m sorry but if a man can’t walk out of a relationship where the woman is constantly putting her hands on him, he’s a wuss. Not saying she right but how do you as a man let it happen and continue without putting your foot down? Ik women can be master manipulator but c’mon man smh no pussy is worth it cause eventually that pussy gets dull and you get new pussy anyway

  6. Someone, Yet No One.

    If a man was hitting a woman and the woman fought back, she would be congratulated and the man would be put in custody and if a woman was hitting a man and the man fought back, the police would be called and the woman would go on with her life.
    The only difference between men and women is physical features. Anybody can hurt one another. But if you’re a man being hit by a woman, suck it up, if you’re the man hitting a woman, you’re a monster.
    So upsetting.

  7. I find this not surprising. 99% of the time, if a women hits a man, nothing happens. If a man hits a women, she gets knocked out from 1 blow to the face.
    We tend to react and get involved for people that can't defend themselves.

  8. I agree it's wrong for anyone to hit anyone yes. But a man hitting a women is at least better than a women hitting a man. For a few reasons but the main one is males are far more sensitive than females, because they are stronger. If a female gets hit by a male at least she knows he is stronger so it wouldn't hurt her feelings as much as vice versa. If people act like it's worse for men to hit women because they are physically then that's wrong because there is shame in women hitting men, but if a man hits a women no big deal shouldn't hurt her feelings as much because she knew he could beat her up anyways. Everybody knows this too but females and males don't like to admit it I know I'm right! m

  9. Thank you for this video….more needs to be said about men who are abused….this truly helps by being absolutely truthful and unbiased. Well done!

  10. In a situation like the man should’ve been able to handle himself in a real life situation I think that’s why people didn’t care

    I still agree though women shouldn’t be allowed to be aggressors over men simply bc of sex

  11. If a woman hits a man and poses a threat, she deserves to be knocked out with no white knights tryna get in the sack by bein captain save a ho, you want equality, you should expect equality, you want to wear the pants, get ready to be treated like you are, you beat on a man because you're ego tripping on your unfair rights, get ready to put em up, this pussy beta shit where men standby and let woman beat on them because of their unchecked female privileges need to stop…

  12. I can’t believe people allowed the woman to abuse the man, it doesn’t matter about gender just help, stop being selfish and self-centered

  13. I was a victim of domestic abuse has no where to turn even had my life threatened can't even pick up the phone for help because there is no help out there for me. We can't even turn to the police and our abusers know it. Only way I got out was ending up homeless losing everything. Women have aid shelters if they pick up the phone they will be helped bussed to a hidden shelter help with legal issues helped with financial aid men have nothing not even defense we are on our own can't even talk about it or we will be laughed down have few scars from being stabbed by my ex but the fear of calling the cops fear of spending my life in jail left me stuck

  14. If a female hits a male
    Society: " Didn't interfere because I believe the guy did something to her"
    If a Male hits a female

  15. I mean I’ll admit, a man abusing a woman is fucked up. In fact a woman abusing a man is just as fucked up as a man abusing a woman. But people not reacting to the man getting abused but reacting to the woman getting abused is extremely fucked up. The fact that feminists stand for equality I support that. But the way the make things “equal” is just offensive. Like a woman starts a lemonade stand and makes it 0.50 bucks for woman but $1 for men but when a man does the same thing but other way around it’s automatically sexist and they call that equal? I’m not saying all feminists are like this, but some are like this and they need to be stopped.

  16. If anyone thinks that a woman abusing a man is funny just know that I can probably kick your ass. So you better not reply to this comment and tell me women abusing men is funny.

  17. The good feminists should rename feminism to equalitarianism because you can't have gender equality when the entire movement is named after women.

  18. These White Knights that are all too willing to Fight the Man when He is Abusing the Women, Need to Also Show such Concern When the Women is Abusing the Man!! That said, if they Interfere With My Talking to My Wife/Girlfriend they will be turned into a Corpse on the spot, I will Open them up like a Dr in Surgery and Play with Whatever falls out!

  19. So sexism is not just a man's thing. It's interesting how people thought that when the man was abused, it means he did something to upset her. That line of thinking in the reversed situation (a man abusing a woman) is actually a bad thing….

  20. Gacha_wolf2.0 Mallia

    Ya more girls gets abused then boys but adults tell there kids not to hit girls even though girls are allowed to hit the boys and people don’t care there should be a rule called “No Violence to all genders “

  21. I would play fight with a friend of mine and I would hit him and he would hit me. I wouldn't be mad cause I hit him first and he has the right to defend himself. Lol he hit hard too 😂

  22. about half of all domestic abuse involving men and women is women abusing men. yet the overwhelming majority of arrests for domestic violence are of men, the person commonly asked to leave (regardless of who assaulted whom) is men.
    the laws are so seriously skewed towards women and they flat out refuse to either see it or acknowledge it. which i guess is understandable. but what isnt understandable is the "white knight" male that runs into defend all women, no matter how badly they are acting.

  23. People blame #Mgtow
    Well guys ?
    Can u tall me why men's now going their own ways ?
    Of course there are problems with female nature ,
    Every guy is / was a real lover , not a cheater . But when his gf / wife cheat with him , he can't take the depression ,as result he suicides or become an animal.

    And feminists privileging and giving chance women's for these.

  24. Women gets abused: "I've got to protect this women"
    Man gets abused: "He must of done something to deserve it"
    Does that mean women ever deserve it?

  25. I wonder what u fellow men being so chivalrous for, if a woman hit me I simply hit back, that's how Newton's third law works.

  26. Women can be abusive too, but society doesn't recognize that women can be abusive. The victim blaming in this video is nauseating. The one woman near the end makes a valid point: our society is so oblivious to the idea that women can be abusive that even men who are being abused by women dont realize it.

  27. FuckYourSpecialPronouns

    This shows the privilege women have, if a woman hits a man, people normally automatically assume the man did something, but when a man assaults a woman in public, the woman is NEVER at fault. Feminist want to teach women to be independent, strong women but when something like this happens, a feminist looses her shit, calling the man a sexist bigot.

  28. I feel bad for all men more than women at this point it's sad how no one will stop for him but they stop for a girl that not right

  29. Come on, I the men is head taller then women messing with him than either he don't consider it as threat or she knows kung-fu so better call the police 😀

  30. What a Joke this is awful!!!

    I cannot express how unfair it is a woman can turn anything into sexism

    Example: I once fired a woman who was unable to do her job I came into work every day to have my employees complain that she was having them do all of her work so I spoke with her 3 times about and fired her next thing I know cooperate is investigating me!!

  31. You should have had woman abuse a man on one bench then a little after man on a woman. If they do nothing for the man, they're not right.

  32. My parents taught me "Defend yourself, don't attack others" I learnt when hitting was appropriate and when it wasn't. I've never ever assaulted anybody in any way other than self defense.

  33. When in London, there's always dog shit nearby. Move along with her hitting you until you're near some. Floor her so that she lands on it, especially with it getting on anything that looks expensive. Legally what you've done is self-defense and if someone asks explain you were just trying to push her away so she would stop hitting you.

  34. It’s crazy that people don’t understand that no one stopped for the dude because of toxic masculinity and feminism also fights to end that
    So yeah feminism helps men too

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