Watch This Video If Your Codependency/Neediness is Chasing Men Away (REUPLOAD)

Watch This Video If Your Codependency/Neediness  is Chasing Men Away (REUPLOAD)

25 thoughts on “Watch This Video If Your Codependency/Neediness is Chasing Men Away (REUPLOAD)”

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  2. Since I've been watching you (4 months ago), I got back on my Spiritual journey, and have gone back to mediation. I feel so much better ever since! Thank you!

  3. you have a talent to communicate… I feel that comes with responsibility…all the good you can do with content like this…. (versus your narcisistic technique ones)…

  4. Cool Alex, I love that advice about analysing your thoughts and feelings in depth and writing down. I'm looking forward to using your technique in my journal…

  5. Just wow… thanks for this, making me aware of my own codependency. I'm seeing this video for the first time, but the awareness about my codependency behaviour came to me last teusday..when you posted this video. What a coinsidince…. 😉

  6. ur a little effing genius. I hope ur business thrives, u deserve it for sharing this stuff with us 🙂 Love from Ireland

    and u are right that we are mostly just space and energy combined. more people need to remember this.

  7. Alexis ( sounds so much sexier) this is one of the best videos of yours I've seen so far, regarding our deconstruction of consciousness and how indeed all we are is awareness….
    Your efforts in helping out us Ladies are very much appreciated and keep up the good work…. I only have one request, if I may? Please be aware of the snorkling noise you make, like when you have a cold and need to clear your nostrils? It truly sounds slightly repulsive. This is meant as constructive criticism and please regard it as such.
    Stay well and looking forward to more insight.

  8. I find the topic of sex quite interesting and how high your sex drive can drive some men away from a woman. It intrigues me. Personally speaking, from the age of 19 onwards I had enough of porn and felt to sexually explore in the real world. In a nutshell, it’s quite an exciting journey and for me was also a journey where I was extremely out of my comfort zone.
    I can understand why other people, men or women may see sex as a sacred journey or experience, which is beautiful. But in some way I tend to disagree with that. Sexually exploring in the real world is fun but do we as individuals have to have sex with someone we see as ‘valuable’ to save the purity of the sexual intimacy between two people? How many people does a woman have to sleep with for then that women to be seen as a ‘hoe’ or as ‘invaluable’ to men? It intrigues me. Sex has many health benefits which is brilliant and sexual intimacy can build an amazing emotional connection between two people but why is it common to hold sex to a high regard? Do we as women catch feelings toward a guy after having sex with them? Do women have to sleep with maybe less than five people to be seen as a high valuable woman to specific men? Personally speaking, I don’t think us as women should put a time frame to when to have sex with a guy in a relationship context. If the sex happens on the first night (with consent) that’s brilliant or if we have sex with a guy after 3 months, that is also brilliant. Do we have sex because we genuinely want to have sex to and are excited and horny or do we have sex at a specific time frame to make sure a man perceives us as valuable? Personally speaking, I think it depends on what we want in that particular moment. Cos although sexual intimacy can build an amazing emotional connection between two people, I think us as women can still have sex with a man without getting too attached. And although a woman may change her mind after a few months and then decide to have a serious relationship and past relationship and sexual history comes into conversation will the man still see her as valuable? A woman sucked a dick about three months ago and now she wants something serious, is she seen as invaluable and a disrespect to society? Sex and a serious relationship both need experience and practice but which one do we hold to a higher regard ?

  9. This is some of your best work. I study science specifically astronomy and physics and was impressed with your knowledge of the basic atomic level. Last night I kept asking myself what am I and I realized that I just am: I am. Dalexis, I recommend the book “What is life” by Schrödinger. It’s about piecing the physical and mindful aspects of what life itself and means.

  10. Crazywolfcacti vlogs

    I stumbled upon your channel last week and I'm totally digging your mind set. Thank you. You have really changed my perception of myself. You helped me see how fucking amazing I am!!!!

  11. lol…sorry bro co dependency coz of my emotions fk ur pretty much right! yea i write shit down all the time its a way of release i guess. And yip i feel a whole lot better…gd advice bro straight up way to go!

  12. Got quick question. So went for dinner with the guy .it was nice .but he said he wants go home cose he's tired.he texted asking if I got home.and when I asked same he said he stop over in friends house .what's going on ?it hurt me a bit .he said he's tired but he stop over in friend house.maybe he's just not in to me?or me being needy?

  13. Your theory is interesting. Can you give an example though. Like how would you explain the physical characteristics of the emotion that we define as sadness?

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