Vizio 60″ TV LED Strip Replacement – E60-C3 TV Model – No Backlights & Blank Screen

Vizio 60″ TV LED Strip Replacement – E60-C3 TV Model – No Backlights & Blank Screen

In this video we will show how to replace
the LED strips in a Vizio TV, model number E60-C3. It is recommended to take pictures during
the repair process to use as a reference point. Be sure your TV is unplugged. Begin by unplugging the TV and removing the
screws and back cover off the TV. Disconnect the ribbon cables on the t-con
board and address buffer boards. Find the small clips and release them form
the chassis. They will be completely removed from the TV
in a later step. Disconnect the necessary cables on the main
board and power supply board and remove them to gain access to be able to release the small
clips that are under them. Re-attach the boards when done. Remove the IR sensor to access a hidden screw. Remove all of the bezel screws around the TV. Tape the speakers to the chassis
and then flip the TV over. Disconnect and remove the bezel from the chassis. Remove the screws and panel brackets around the TV. Remove the larger panel frame on the bottom
of the TV. Very carefully and gently, release the address
buffer boards from the chassis. Flip up the address buffer boards and tape
them to the panel. Check the IC ribbon cables on the panel. Be sure that they are not stuck or connected
to anything on the chassis that will damage them. Lift the panel with suction cups and remove
the panel from the TV. Remove the screws and the filter frame around
the TV. In order to remove the filter frame, you may
need to remove some panel padding, that rests on the filter frame. Be careful as this padding will need to be reinstalled later. Tape the
layers of diffusion in the corners to hold them together and then remove them from the chassis. Remove the plastic clips that we released
earlier from the other side of the chassis and plastic rivets in the chassis that hold
the reflector sheet down. Slowly remove the reflector sheet. Do this carefully as the reflector sheet is
stuck to
the chassis. Remove the tape that is holding the strips
to the chassis. Disconnect the strips from the power cable
and remove them from
the TV. Align the replacement strips on the chassis
and connect them to the power cable. The replacement strips should come with adhesive
on them, if not you can use our double sided tape to
hold them in place. Reinstall the reflector sheet. Reinstall the plastic rivets
and clips. Reinstall the layers of diffusion. Reinstall the filter frame around the TV. Reinstall any panel padding that was removed. Reinstall the TV panel. Release the address buffers and secure them
back into position. Reinstall the panel frame and screws. Reinstall the bezel and the screws. Reinstall the IR sensor. Reconnect the ribbon cables. Reinstall the back cover
and screws.

42 thoughts on “Vizio 60″ TV LED Strip Replacement – E60-C3 TV Model – No Backlights & Blank Screen”

  1. Can anyone out there tell me if my Samsung 72 inch television has the jumper where it would quit flickering if I clip it if it doesn't let me need where to go from there

  2. sir LCD ki glass dameg hogai he kya glass ko chenj Marne ko 40 ec ko 25000 hajar bol raga he so ple sir aap meri kuch madat kro

  3. Ordered the LED strips from ShopJimmy and just replaced them today following this video. 3.5 hours later and the TV works great! I have also read if you keep the brightness down they shouldn't burn out again so I set mine at 75%. Good luck everyone else!

  4. Ok got one for you .. I have a LH55EDDPLGC/ZA and checked boards all over seems to be ok however when i plug it in the backlight constantly flashes when i unplug the led plug coming from the power supply to the tv backlight turns off obviously and boards have good voltage .. i’m thinking these backlights are suspect . I-am i on the right track here ? Thanks for the help !

  5. MakeNoMistake_MyNameIsJeff

    What a pain in the butt. Very doable thanks to your excellent video but sheesh. I've got one of these TV's, it's two years old now and has 3 bad LED strips already. The first one went out just after the 1 year warranty expired too. Go figure. But, rather that spending $1000 +/- on a new TV I suppose I'll be doing this. Thanks for the help, I'll be purchasing one of your kits when the time comes.

  6. I followed the instructions in the video but fir some reason when I was done the screen is just really bright, Any ideas on where I went wrong?

  7. Just replaced the LED strips I bought from shopjimmy. Followed the instructions step by step, and now the picture is even worse. Super bright, a line down the middle of the screen, and the projection looks like a negative from a camera. not good…

  8. I just got done replacing all the led strips. Now all I have is a white screen, which wasn't there before the strip replacement. Am I looking at a bad video card now??

  9. This is a GARBAGE video. These morons cost me a 70in 4k TV. Do NOT follow this. You will destroy your panel! Thanks for nothing. If I was close to your shop, I'd pay you a visit. Fk'n worthless pos.

  10. Just finished this job. It's nice to have the whole screen lit again. Things that could be clearer in the video: took me a bit to puzzle out how to release the ribbon cables (I've seen about 6 different locking mechanisms in my decades of electronics work). Also separating the rear cover from the bezel is non-trivial. Just prying it apart WILL result in broken plastic. On mine, the stand-offs were BEHIND the reflector, so there was no need to go to all the effort to release them before flipping the set. Even if they aren't, the hole in the reflector is large enough to slip over them, so it's questionable whether this is an important step. I took the front diffuser and retainer off in one piece. It's tricky, but certainly do-able, and negates the need for fiddling with more tape pieces. Releasing the rivets is done by carefully prying up the middle part about 3mm, and then the entire thing can come out without damage. When I tried to lift the display off, I discovered that my display panel was secured to the diffuser retainer with two strips of tape. Thanks, Vizio. Why??? Oh, well!

    The SINGLE most difficult, aggravating part was getting the reflector off. That tape is aggressive! It took me probably half an hour to tease it off, and it still ended up with tears and wrinkles in the reflector. If there were a replacement reflector available, I might have said "screw it," ripped the reflector off in little pieces and replaced it. I'm mystified by the way you used the double-sided tape. There is NO need to hold the LED bars down with tape, as they are secured with several rivets each. I did use the double-sided tape in the same way that Vizio did, going across the LED strips to secure the reflector and keep it from popping up above the level of the LEDs. That being said, the majority of my new LED strips had a significant corkscrew twist from end-to-end. I was able to straighten them enough that they'd lay flat, but I was worried about breaking traces or some such while twisting them. I am wondering if putting heat-sink grease between the copper and the metal panel behind might help the LEDs live longer, but they seem to have those black strips to PREVENT the copper backing from contacting the case, but only in limited areas (weird).

    One place I messed up is in not keeping track of where I took screws out. There are more threaded holes in the bezel and diffuser retainer than there are screws. I had to sacrifice some screws in the diffuser retainer to ensure that all the bezel tabs were screwed down, as they're more important. So it's worth putting a dot with a marker next to the holes that are actually used.

    Here's hoping this set of LEDs lasts more than the 3 years that the last ones did!

  11. Gotta say, you're all better off throwing the tv into the trash rather than attempt the repair. It will take many, many hours, and your chances of success are slim. I find the comments here indicating everything worked fine and it didn't take long to be very suspicious. This video proves to be very hard to follow once you've started the project, and portions are ambiguous leading you to guess, try, and fail.
    The price of the lights coupled by your own personal time makes this a total rip off. Invest your money into a new NON VIZIO television. You're welcome.
    So ticked.

  12. So I have same tv . Visio logo comes up and goes off. Has backlight but no picture. Will not turn off with the remote

  13. Found 1 60 Vizio thrown out by neighbor fix the Backlighting thanks, found another for 50$ online fixed that one thanks again.

  14. I have the 60" M series with the same problem. 3 zones out and the lower left quadrant measuring about 10" X 10" flickers most of the time. I don't believe it is cost effective on a 2 year old set to replace any or all of the zones just to have them go out again. Time to trash this set and move on. A lesson in you get what you pay for. The picture is fantastic when new but it seems like 2 years is the magic mark for zone failures to set in.

  15. Thank you guys for same day shipping! I just finished replacing the strips it was a bit of a pain but thanks for the help in this video.

  16. Just got a new set of 12 and put them on thanks to this video. Still such a pain though lol.Any man saying to just throw the TV out im guessing your nuts were tossed out a long time ago.

  17. William P Branham

    Thank you so much for showing us how to do things right. Your video is great and we repaired our TV in less than 4 hours. That's a really good time considering this was a first for us. As a suggestion, when removing the two ribbons, first lift up the black bars and the ribbons come right out. That was the only thing that was not real clear. Other than that, all we can say is thank you, thank you. For less tan $ 100.00 we have a new TV again because of your video. God Bless!

  18. لؤي دقامسه Dakamseh

    I got a yellow/black spot on my Vizio tv was a year ago to small now its going bigger / what should I change t con or power supply or main board

  19. I watched the video then read the comments, I suggest everybody attempting this also read Artgoat's comment, it was very helpful. I will add to his as well. As mentioned, the standoffs were behind the reflector, no need to remove motherboards to release them before flipping the set. The video doesn't make clear that the screws around the perimeter correspond to the layers of frames; so the screws on black are to the bezel, screws on silver clamps hold the LCD, screws on white are the defuser frame, and the long silver screws on the bottom also go to the LCD clamp. I did them all at once and dealt with the fallout, I also put them in all at once because I forgot I there was a pattern – still turned out fine. There are no screws to the white frame on top on mine, so do that last and you'll have the right amount of screws when you put it back together. I was also able to remove the defuser sheets together after taping them to the white frame with masking tape, so much easier. The back reflector is indeed dumb, find the strips of Vizio's double-sided tape and pull there and it will come out mostly in one piece, use a putty knife to pop off the plastic rivets. I didn't bother with tape going back together, because there was still the original tape plus a million rivets to hold the reflector and the LEDs down.

    Here's the big critical part, install your strips and before putting it back together, TURN IT ON! I did and found I had a bad strip. Unfortunately all of the original strips were burnt so I had to wait for a replacement (Thanks Shop Jimmy for getting a replacement to me FAST!). I was really glad I didn't put the whole thing back together just to have to tear it down again. It was about 2 hours coming apart and an hour putting it back together. Don't forget to set your auto-brightness to LOW.

  20. Hey, ordered these light strips – installed in the TV and the darkness is gone. BUT, I now have about a half inch green strip going all the way from top to bottom right in the center of the screen? Any idea where I went wrong??

  21. After completing this repair, the screen now has a green stripe about 5" wide that goes from the top to the bottom. It wasn't like that before. But hey, all the led strips come on. Anybody got any idea what I've done wrong?

  22. I replaced 4 strips on mine. It now works great thanks to this video. But getting to them is a monsterous pain in the ass. I will never do it again

  23. I just successfully replaced all 12 of the LED strips in my E60-C3 last weekend after progressively watching them go out over a 2 year period. A total of 10 strips stopped working by the time I got around to replacing them. This video was a huge help, along with the detailed comments provided by artgoat and orbitaladmin in this comment thread. I didn't run into any real problems throughout the whole process. I just took my time, took lots of pictures for reference, and kept track of all the screws/brackets that I removed by putting them into small plastic cups as I went (so I wouldn't lose them or forget what order to put them back).

    Thanks to artgoat's comment, I was careful not to break any of the plastic connections between the rear panel and the plastic bezel before trying to remove the panel (not totally true…I broke one). Everything else was pretty straightforward…even removing the reflector. Previous comments indicated that the double-sided tape holding the reflector down made it difficult to remove without damaging it, but mine came off pretty easily just like in the video here. I guess I just got lucky. In my experience, the most annoying part about the whole process is removing and replacing all of the plastic rivets that hold down the LED strips and reflector. I mean…it wasn't hard or anything, but I think it took me more time to do that than anything else.

    I think it's important to mention that I don't work with electronics for a living or even as a hobby. The only thing similar that I've done to this was installing an aftermarket stereo and speakers in my car. I think if anyone takes the time to do some good research and planning prior to attempting this repair, pretty much anyone can do it as long as you're patient throughout the process.

  24. I have the M60 C3 model. Can you tell me if those same led strips would work. Or where to get the right ones. Thanks

  25. I’m guessing this isn’t in correlation to blackscreen if your tv flashes the vizio logo and then shuts off back again, the vizio logo shows bright and clear

  26. Are the vizio e60 c3 strips comoatible with the e60u d3? l'm not an expert, l dont know if they are the same models.haha

  27. Man you guys are awesome!! My friend and I just tackled this with no problems!! Even got the leds from you!! You made it so easy! Only problem we ran into was the white sheet/paper was ripping because it was so stuck to the led strips but other then that brand new tv!!

  28. If there's a dark spot that will randomly light back up properly could it still be the LED? I thought once it dies it's dead for good but my tv has a shadow spot that will fix itself super randomly, any advice? Thanks

  29. If anybody buys LEDs from shop Jimmy before you install them glue the lenses down on the LED strips about 95% of the little clear lenses that covers the LED fell off on mine and they only offer a 6-month warranty every 6 months if you don't glue them you'll be replacing them!!!

  30. I love how easy your reflective sheet pulled away. Mine tore over and over, even being very careful. This was by far the most frustrating part of the repair for me.

  31. how strong is the display i need to clean water out of mine, it was a trash pick that got wet, fully working now leds and all, just need to dry the display out, scard of breaking it.

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