Vicky Kaushal and Nora Fatehi open up on drug party controversy, love and heartbreak | Pachtaoge

Vicky Kaushal and Nora Fatehi open up on drug party controversy, love and heartbreak | Pachtaoge

First I used to joke about it that you know, people used to ask me that ‘Do you feel arrived?’ ‘Do you feel arrived?’ and I used to joke ki nahi nahi, jab tak link up nahi hoga na tab tak mein arrived feel nahi karunga. Thank you for making me feel arrived but but I can’t feel arrive again and again, every week. Now he’s landed. If I actually think about it and to be honest, I didn’t know how to deal with it when it first happened. So I was a mess. Hahaha they look drugged. Then it goes to oh they do look drugged Then it goes to, they are actors, they must be drugged. Whom to give an explanation to? Today we have two lovely human beings. In the last two years, he’s become the national crush. But to me nothing has changed. He is still the same Vicky Kaushal that I knew, despite the super success that he has witnessed in the last few years. On the other hand, we have Nora Fatehi joining us. who has danced her way to everyone’s heart. Today we have them talking about their latest music single which is called Pachtaoge. Let’s begin. Now you tell me how was the introduction? So sweet. So sweet. I give you ten. Usually, people say that when people face stardom You’ve struggled a lot. A lot of people don’t know but you have struggled a lot before you got your first taste of success. They say that aadmi badal jaate hai. How easy or difficult is it for you to maintain that ground? Because when people come to you, and they meet you, I still see the same Vicky Kaushal that I have seen, you know, during Raman Raghav. I would say a lot depends on the kind of people you are surrounded with. I am blessed to be surrounded with people who really keep me grounded. My family, my close friends. They are my square one, they are my home. And I have been taught not to take success or failure very seriously. You know I treat them as imposters. They are part and parcels. You learn from your failures, you take your successes and you keep moving forward. and yeah. We were talking about struggles, you had shared last time and it was really shocking. The stories that we heard from you. You got a lot of love. Do you also see suddenly people’s perception towards you changing? Today people are not really, this is not even a dance number. Yes. To be honest. This is a very story driven music single which we hardly get to see now. Do you feel the perception towards you is also slowly changing? Yeah. I think so. I mean never really had a bad perception to begin with. I just think people didn’t know me. Two things can happen. Either you have no substance as an artist and as a human being and people don’t really connect with you or you do have substance as a human being and people can see more than just the artistic side that’s yours. And I think it’s really important for the audience to be able to get to know who you are, where you come from. your personality, what you believe in your hopes and aspiration. So that you do become an inspiration to people. Also this song is called Pachtaoge,. What do you think of regrets? Do you have any regret in personal, professional life? Regret is a very strong word. Yeah. I think nobody should ever stay in regret. It’s very human to feel it, But then don’t indulge in it. I think it’s harmful to yourself and people around you, who care for you to be in regret and you shouldn’t really indulge in that . What about you? Nothing professionally. no, because thankfully everything I have done has been a chain reaction of better and greater things. You may feel like a certain emotion which is sad but not regret. Actors get targeted for unnecessary stuff because obviously when you target an actor, you set an example to a lot of people because that’s the most-watched thing. People idolize them in India. The video that Karan had posted, the comments that came were absolutely ridiculous and baseless. Do you think actors have become an easy target in that way? Because it was a friendly party and it was very evident what was happening. So do you feel that actors have become easy target today, especially for politicians? See the thing is I don’t want to get into being targets or anything because then I am victimizing myself which I don’t want to do and none of us wish to do that. The thing is, see, what I understand is that people who don’t know you personally, they see something and make some assumptions and it is completely fair. It’s completely fair. We all do that. But factualizing assumptions, it’s a big leap to take and that’s not fair all the time, you know. So what happened with that video, we all knew that the video was being taken. We all knew that he’s putting up the video. Yeah. And 5 minutes before the video was put up or was taken Karan’s mom was with us, sitting there. The video was put up. Next day, I leave for Arunachal Pradesh. I was with the army for the next 4 days In the hills where there is no network. So I have no clue what’s going on. I have absolutely no clue what’s going on. I come back and I am very happy, with the past 4 days that I have spent with the army and I am talking to my parents, you know this happened, that happened, I was very happy. Then I went to my bedroom and I checked out twitter and I was like Heinji! And I was like what? F.I.R. , open letter, yeh, woh I was like… And then I asked my parents, “Do you know about this?” They were like yeah, yeah. We know about this. and we just didn’t want you to get hassled over there where you don’t have network. But don’t worry. It’s ok. Of course, it had a huge effect on me. It’s not nice to be called those names by people. Yeah absolutely. But then there are certain choices that you have to make at that point of time. Firstly, what happens on Twitter, how social media trials take place is that it starts from, ha, ha, ha They look drugged. Then it goes to, oh they do look drugged. Then it goes to, they are actors they must be drugged. Then it goes to no, no, I’ve seen them taking drugs. And then how dare they take drugs. And then it goes to shame on them they take drugs Whom to give an explanation to? You know, whom to give an explanation to? And also what happens now is that if I give an explanation this time, next time you’ll say you look like you are drunk, you look like xyz. And then I have to give an explanation again because if then I don’t give an explanation, that means I am guilty. You are gonna hold me by that. So that was the case. You thought ki what do you need to do. And also what was happening was there was 10% of these people who were making these assumptions and factualizing them and there were 90% of people who were saying are you out of your heads to make these assumptions a fact. You know. So, whom to go with. You know there were majority of the people who were saying ki yaar there’s a limit to just, say whatever you want because it’s very easy to do that. But yeah it was, it was an unnecessary kind of a thing that was happening. And not in good taste also. Yeah, not in good taste. There were bigger things happening in the country you know. Same time section 370, so much. So many things happening in India, Kashmir and all of that. I felt very lame to bring it out saying ki ‘Arey maine kuch nahi kiya’ and I was actually doing this and I was actually doing that So I didn’t want to give importance to that kind of an attention. I think a point he made which was very valid was the point where Oh they are actors so they must be doing. This happens to us a lot. Like I have faced it too recently. Like we have come out of parties and stuff and you know there’s paps and there’s cameras and a couple of times with me, they’ll take my video and say ‘Oh she was drunk coming out of a party. She was drunk. And the joke is I have never touched alcohol in my life. And then people would write, oh that’s because now she is in the industry, now she is an actor. That’s what they all do. So that stereotypical thing where you know we get attacked because we are actors it’s really actually, it’s unfortunate. I feel it’s very uneducated to do that. And the people who knew me, they kept messaging me after seeing the video that ‘aye you look weak’ ‘have you recovered from Dengue?’. He had Dengue. Imagine. I had just recovered from Dengue and it had been 2-3 days that doctors had said that you are fit to go back to work and I had just started shooting. just started doing my workshops and stuff. And when Karan called us for this get-together, so I was like it’ll be a great change because I was like in my room for 10 days and I was frustrated. Like you know frustrated. It’s not easy to just lie down on a bed for like 10 days. There was point of time after you saw success. I think you were expecting it also. There were a lot things that were written about you. About your breakup, and about Katrina, about everything. You were linked to a lot of people. How did you react to that? Because that was the first time that all those things were written about you in quick succession. Did it affect you ever? Like was there any..It did. It did because see the thing is if it’s true then it doesn’t affect you but if it’s not then it kind of affects you a little bit ki and also it was happening a lot. Like you know, first I used to joke about it that you know people used to ask me that do you feel arrived? Do you feel arrived? and I used to joke ki nahi nahi. Jab tak link up nahi hoga na, tab tak mein arrived feel nahi karunga. And then they made me feel like I have arrived like every week. Like every week with different people. I was like, thank you for making me feel arrived but this is now, I can’t arrive again and again every week. So now he’s landed. You are the national crush. Do you have an idea about how people are crazy about you. I can you tell you a house party, I will not name people but they go crazy about you. I am not even kidding. Go to my Instagram comments. Why did you kill my Viku? Yeah. Viku is the word. yeah. I want to ask you are you in a relationship or you are not in a relationship right now? I am not in a relationship right now. Are you being honest? I am being very honest. Ok. What kind of people are you when you guys are in love? How are you as a person when you are in love? I am too giving. I am very giving. Like you know people say that when you are really busy you can’t make time for people but then sometimes people say but if you really like someone, you kind of find a way to make time even if you are like Bill Gates. Literally, if I am so busy and I am in love with someone or I really like someone, I will find a way to make time for them. I would give them a lot of importance in my life and I have been like this since my first love. Yeah. What about you? When I am in love, I am in love and I don’t know how I am but I am old-school in that sense. It’s a very beautiful feeling when you are in love and you know it makes you feel like you are the best version of yourself when you are in love. But how do you deal with heartbreak? Like do you remember your first heartbreak. How did you deal with it? How do you deal with it now? Work always helps me a lot. Just occupying myself, letting something else consume me completely and films usually does that to me. That it really consumes me. Heart, brain, soul everything. What about you? If I actually think about it and to be honest, I didn’t know how to deal with it when it first happened so I was a mess. But I do remember after it passed I learned a lot of things. One thing is to never suppress that feeling. because if you suppress it and even if you get busy with work or friends or social life, one day it will creep back up and you are done. You know. So it’s best to deal with it when it happens. I think one advice I learned while that happened to me was ‘Don’t lose yourself’ in a heartbreak. And it’s so easy to do that and I was almost gonna do that and thankfully I had a good friend circle who, you know, were supporting me at that time and said listen, you can’t lose yourself for nobody because if someone doesn’t want you or if you don’t want somebody then that’s it. You have to accept it for that. It doesn’t make me less of a person. It doesn’t make you insignificant. It is what it is. So I think it’s a part of growing up. The song is doing well. The song has clocked almost 50 million. I am sure, I hope to see you guys in a film together. Thank you. Hi guys, I am Vicky Kaushal. Hi this is Nora Fatehi. And Nora wants to say something to you. You are watching us at Pinkvilla. If you like this video, please like, share and subscribe. Nahi toh ‘Bada Pachtaoge. Bada Pachtaoge.’ That’s right.

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