US Anti-Drug Laws Aren’t Scientific — They’re Colonialist and Racist

US Anti-Drug Laws Aren’t Scientific — They’re Colonialist and Racist

Our drug policy has really been traditionally
based on racism and moralizing. The reason that the currently illegal drugs are illegal
has nothing to do with a scientific evaluation of the relative risks and benefits, otherwise
you could never come up with a situation where marijuana is illegal and tobacco is legal.
We cannot make a rational argument for that. That comes from racism and colonialism. The
drug laws were made in explicitly racist circumstances for explicitly racist reasons. For example,
the first anti-cocaine laws were made because cocaine supposedly made black men impervious
to bullets and prone to getting involved with white women. This is complete nonsense where
there is no science to it whatsoever and yet it was published in the New York Times in
the early 1900s. So this is where our laws come from and we have to be honest about that
and we have to stop pretending that there is some kind of rational basis for the laws
that we currently have. Then what we need to do is realize that you
can’t make policy based on I think it’s bad for you to have unearned pleasure. You have
to make policy based on does this hurt you? Does this hurt other people? And that’s where
harm reduction comes from. The basic idea of harm reduction is what policy will most
reduce the harm related to drugs? And once you start to focus on harm you have to look
not only at harm associated with drugs but harm associated with drug policy. And this
is why so many harm reduction people rapidly become legalizers because the harm associated
with drug prohibition has not produced the results that people would like. It does not
stop addiction. It does not prevent kids from using drugs. It makes the kids who use drugs
be at higher risk of dying from them. It doesn’t save society’s productivity by like keeping
people from taking substances that will make them not work; it just doesn’t work. And when
you think about it, if addiction is defined as compulsive behavior despite negative consequences
and you’re trying to use negative consequences in order to stop it, something is seriously
wrong there. So our drug policy has to acknowledge the reality that punishment doesn’t fix addiction
and that putting drug users in cages does nothing but worsen the problem and it doesn’t
deter kids. This idea that like oh if we just really stigmatize this and make everybody
hate drug users then kids will never use drugs. Kids are going to do stupid risky things.
You want to reduce the chances that those things will kill them. The idea that we can
prevent adolescents from having sex or prevent adolescents from doing some kind of risky
behavior is just absurd. This comes out before humans even evolved. Again, this is where comes back to racism.
Our image of the typical drug user or the typical drug addict is basically the same
as our racist stereotype of whichever groups we happen to be targeting, so criminal, lying,
manipulative, deceitful, you know, all of these things that we project onto other people
and then stigmatize and attack them for we do the same with drug users. Obviously if
you make a behavior that someone feels is essential to their survival illegal, they
are going to lie to protect that behavior. That doesn’t mean that they’re fundamentally
a dishonest person. The reason that we continue to have these
stereotypes about who drug users are is because of the ongoing racism of our society. And
until we acknowledge that like I am the typical drug user if there is such a thing. I don’t
look like your stereotype but that doesn’t mean that the stereotype is accurate. So I
think that’s a really important thing that people really have to learn because for too
long the media has enabled the racist view of addiction and has enabled people to sort
of say I’m not the typical addict. And I used to say that and then I realized wow that’s
like kind of racist. It comes from images that we shouldn’t of ever had. So, I think
that the way to get beyond that and the way to help people with addiction is to understand
that people with addiction are not seeking extra pleasure, they are not hedonists who
are just out there having so much fun using that you can’t stop them unless you put them
in jail. People who get addicted, which are only ten
to 20 percent of the people who use drugs like cocaine and heroin and prescription opioids,
those people have problems. The drugs seem like a solution to them. Until we recognize
that those people are speaking reasonably rationally to deal with emotional and psychological
problems and sometimes economic problems, we are not going to solve this problem. And
one of the things that I think we’re actually in denial about with regard to the opioid
epidemic is that while big pharma certainly didn’t do anything good here, to say that
this is caused by Perdue pharma selling Oxycotton is to miss the fact that the people who are
overwhelmingly becoming addicted are people who are either falling out of the middle class
or never managed to get into it. If you actually look at the economics of this problem, it’s
not that middle-class people certainly don’t get addicted and it’s not that rich people
don’t get addicted, it’s just that if your life is despair and you feel like it will
never get any better, which is often the case when you lose the American dream or you lose
the hope for your future, opioids are going to become very attractive. And the idea that
we can solve this by taking away the supply is just ridiculous. I mean as soon as we started cracking down
on the pill mills we started seeing a rise on heroin use. This is not an unpredictable
outcome. Since we supposedly believe that addiction is a disease why would we think
that simply cutting off the supply from some patients like turning over like making a thousand
people – if we take this doctor out there’s a thousand people in withdraw now we don’t
provide any help for them, why are we thinking this is going to fix this problem and why
are we thinking that an illicit market is not going to immediately grow up to satisfy
that demand? The people who – the other thing that’s important economically in this
is that drug dealing is a way to make a living. And if you have a desperate unhappy people
without jobs, some of whom want to self medicate and some of whom would just like to actually
get some money, you are going to have a drug selling problem and you are not going to solve
that problem by putting people in jail.

100 thoughts on “US Anti-Drug Laws Aren’t Scientific — They’re Colonialist and Racist”

  1. The title sounds extremely cringy. Who was the genious to came up with the idea for it? Kim Jong family?

  2. Jesus Christ enough with the "BECAUSE RACISM" just because it HAPPENS to affect blacks more than others.

    War on drugs is FLAT OUT UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Start there. enough race bait bullshit. it diminishes the issues.

  3. when I think of a heavy drug user, I don't automatically think about a black guy. wtf is this lady talking about. every point she makes is on point except when she faultily connects it to perceived racism. yes, there was a racist article in the NYT written in 1915…let's move on.

  4. Irish country also have anti-drug laws, and they were oppressed by the British at one point in history. Serbian country also has anti-drug laws, and they were oppressed 3 centuries under Ottoman rule. Various other central European countries that never had any slaves or colonialism were oppressed by Austro-Hungarian empire and they too have anti-drug laws. Now what??
    Even Russia did a few centuries under Mongol empire, and they too have anti-drug laws.

    There you have it, hypothesis disapproved, you dont need to have racism/colonialism to have anti-drug laws.

  5. Throw communists out of helicopters

    Hahaha what a joke. I don't want to live next to a drug addict. Stupid video. Unsub

  6. But dope is legal in the netherlands and it's raining blood and frogs over there. Also im pretty sure that the 2. world war never ended over there and dinosaurs came back and hitler is riding a t-rex.

    So don't forget, dope is bad.

  7. the argument to leagalize is a good one. but adding a racist angle just turns me off. look, stop saying everone is racist, it is annoying.

  8. Cocaine most definitely does make black men impervious to bullets and prone to getting involved with white women! Rofl
    It's no reason to make the drug illegal, but let's not kid ourselves.

  9. In the Netherlands we have drugs around every corner but it's really safe here. We have VERY detailed sexual education and we barely have teen moms. Also there aren't a lot of drug addicts. Clearly we're doing something right but when we legalised gay marriage all of a sudden idiot homophobes started hating us. The Netherlands is one of the most open minded countries you'll find and very safe at the same time. Yet people believe they can be super closed minded and have a great country

  10. more anti white propaganda

    this is cultural Marxism people

    minorities are the most racist in the country they commit more crimes than anyone then blame white people because they're mentally worthless

  11. ourDMTexperience

    big think is best for biased opinions, that could almost indefinitely stem from Public relations council. Haha its racist cause the PRC used "Propaganda" to sway the public opinion on a topic that was more socially acceptable at the time? Children trying to interpret the mind of an adult. Unfortunately i have to unsubscribe cause this "Big Think" channel is not thinking of the big picture.

  12. So called "colonialism" has no place in this debate. This is not an SJW room on a college campus. This video also plays up the whole "racist" angle as well. Not cool

  13. People of every color take drugs. It's not about racism it's about control. It's about the the tobacco companies and the pharmaceutical companies and the prison-for-profit companies who all pay big money to pull the strings of the politicians who make all these illegal laws.

  14. Ferrocity Technologies

    Drugs are not illegal in order to punish poeple for bad behavior, but in order to dissuade them from certain behaviors. They are illegal in order to control which drugs people use so that profit can be made by keeping up the need to use those that only temporarily relieve symptoms and can be patented. Healthcare is a profit based industry, not something corporations and politicians are looking to solve. You are not steadily making them money if you do not remain ill.

  15. It's not racism. no one is asserting themselves as a dominate race. It may be stereotypical but not racist.

  16. Who are the 154 nitwits that down voted this?

    Seriously if we are so concerned with reducing harm, then why isn't tobacco illegal? Or driving a car? Both of which kill more people in the US ever year than "illegal" drug use.

  17. If her racist commentary in the beginning turns you off, skip to 05:12. Her point shifts, stating not that the policy is racist, but that the policy of punishment is what needs to change. It's just that racism is what has segregated us, and the problem is the cycle of repeated generations of people in poor neighborhoods where drugs are used to escape the disparity. That disparity is what needs attention.

  18. As a former junkie/salesman (who did 4 years for capitalistically selling meth…), I have to agree and admit that I've believed in legalization for decades. I've always believed that the money saved from enforcement and incarceration could be better spent on voluntary and free treatment for those who want it. As a middle class older white male, I don't agree with your opinion of drug laws being "racist", as I found the meth epidemic quite prevalent in my circle of white associates. Maybe back in the early 1900's, but not in today's world. Thanks for keeping it real.

  19. Not even cannabis is legal in germany yet… omfg I wish all these old conservative people die asap and the new generation can fcking fix their retarded laws

  20. My view of drug addicts has nothing to do with race, how do you figure that the stereotype is racist? My stereotypical user for almost any drug, except crack, is a white person, and I've known whites who have done crack too. I'm against the war on drugs, and agree with the points in this video about how addicts should be helped, but what does it have to do with racism? Why does racism have to be the common denominator in everything? And what is your proof that drug laws were enacted with racist intent, because I've heard the claim before, with zero evidence.

  21. Racism was the method to prohibition, not the reason for prohibition. There's a difference. Sure, it's stupid to say cocaine leads black men to be bulletproof or whatever (even though that would be really badass if true), but there's been enough (non-ethical) experimentation with drugs to know those prohibitions are necessary. What needs to be reconsidered is not if they should be prohibited, but how to make people want to stay away from them. And then we're entering into the field of societal organisation which has nothing to do with whatever this video is about.

  22. Perspective Perceptions

    Racist and prejudiced are two different terms. Racism deals with race, being prejudice means you are judgmental of the state. Isn't it amazing how words can corrupt a great speech? I understand 'what' you were saying, but making people who disagree with drug users seem 'racist' is falsely reported here. I am a recovering addict, and I take offense to this because I am prejudice now about drug use, but I am not racist. Be Well. I agree with most everything else. Thank you.

  23. the worst video on big think and thats saying alot.
    Drugs are illegal in most nations. even in nations where there were 99.9% whites. so sorry but your point is dead.
    the system in place is the lesser of two evils.

  24. You may be right, but your reasons are from arse. It's not because racism and colonialism, war on drugs started because taxation, has fuck all to do with the things you mention at the start.

  25. Absolutely. The US controlled substances list and policies need to be completely re-evaluated and re-designed from top to bottom by doctors and researchers who actually know something about it, rather than a bunch of imbecilic business world leeches and corrupt politicians who only see potential for suppressing and enslaving society.

  26. So much WRONG in this video, disliked. QUIT SAYING RACIST! Using the terms "drugs" is too generalized. Every drug is SO much different from one another, whether we're talking about coffee, marijuana, or crystal meth. Talking about "drugs" in general is USELESS!

    I do agree marijuana laws are out-dated. Alright, so just talk about marijuana then. Don't name the video "US anti-drug laws"

  27. “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.” – Terence McKenna

  28. This argument of racism may be true 50 years ago due to the zealous politicians using that argument but it is no longer true. Many Potent drugs needs to be banned if that leads to high percentage of people being non-productive member of society or caused society harms often. This is not racism, this is common sense. I told my kids not to do drug because I know potent drugs impair their judgement and impact their productivity greatly and there is a good possibility that some entry drugs might become gateway drugs to more potent drugs. Ban young people from drinking alcohol is precisely the same thing, it is not racism that caused many states to raise their minimum drinking age to 21 (including many liberal states), it is the harms to the society (e.g. drunk driving) that caused many states to do so. In seems to me that Szalavitz doesn't acknowledge that fact in this video and only present one-sided view of the drug/substance abuse policy based on arguments that's no longer apply this current days' of drug policy.

  29. I agree with you, but I want to add another viewpoint. The people we are forgetting during all of this are the people who are truly in physical pain that need these medications just so they can function on a daily basis. I'm talking about the people with pain that makes them lay awake at night screaming and suffering. The government has put limits on these medications and will not allow doctors to prescribe what a specific patient needs. They are telling them everyone gets the same amount no matter how sick they are or how bad their pain. They are also only allowing pharmacies a certain amount to sell each month, so when it's gone, it's gone. So when that cancer patient comes in with their script and a pharmacy has sold their monthly amount, they tell them, sorry, the drug dealer/addict before you got our last script. This is not fair to the people who are honestly sick and need these medications. I know of what I speak because I'm that cancer patient that is suffer in pain. 😩

  30. Something needs to be done about this but I believe the solution needs to come from the people in the middle of the problem that know something about what's really happening. Not some fat cat politician or government agency that is making decision based on statistics, flowcharts, and advisory committees that think they know what's happening. The solution needs to start with the doctors or dentists. Dentists hand out pain meds like its candy. Make doctors justify their dosing of these drugs. Does the patient really need a strong med and if so for how long? Generally, someone that had a broken ankle once in their life should not be taking pain meds for the rest of their lives because of it. Make patients go to more than one doctor before they can get these scripts. There are many other things that can be done and aren't being done. Things need to change.

  31. It is nice when someone talks about drug use in a manner that involves not only intelligence but COMMON FUCKING SENSE! I know better than most that making something illegal will not prevent you from doing it. I don't kill people not because it is illegal, I don't kill people because it is wrong. Using drugs is NOT wrong. What we need is a better society where people do not feel the need to do drugs.

  32. Firstname Lastname

    Our sterotypes of druggies are based on racism?

    That's funny, most of what I think of when I think about druggies are skinny white people.

    Guess society is racist against whites, huh?

  33. Sandmanofamarillo

    If the philosophy surrounding and binding the drug market were sane; "harm reduction" would not be a term that was applicable at all : drugs are older than paint.

  34. You are making the basic mistake of thinking speaking truth to power changes anything.
    Power already knows the truth, and doesn't give a shit.

  35. The fundamental problem is a lack of consensus on desired outcome. Some people, and few of these would admit this, feel that a person with poor coping strategies deserve to suffer. This idea that if they felt the pain they will change is a real problem. We need to focus on desired out comes, and a clear view. The nature of our governing bodies does not allow for this. Instead, we have a patchwork of ideas and drives. This lack of common goal in these laws allows for exploitation of individuals without consideration of the purpose of the law. In essence, if you want laws to work they have to address the problem in a way that facilitates remedy.

  36. Well in fairness I'm white and when I'm on cocaine I'm convinced I'm bulletproof and I want to have sex with white women too.

  37. Not sure about the racist part. It seems to affect white drug addicts as well, so it seems to be about pseudo morality and the money involved on putting people in jail.

  38. danielprsguitar

    The rational basis for outlawing marijuana as opposed to tobacco is the intoxicating effect – marijuana has an intoxicating effect, whereas tobacco really doesn't. Granted, alcohol, a legal drug, also has intoxicating effects, but that's why we have a legal maximum at which one can operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol – we as a society recognize that impairment behind the wheel leads to numerous preventable deaths every year. Such impairment is not easily quantified with marijuana, hence the prohibition. Additionally, you can have a conversation about prohibiting drugs and legalizing marijuana at the same time. At this point, not many people are really lumping marijuana into the same category as heroin, cocaine, meth, etc. This woman is saying that drug laws don't deter drug use in kids, and almost in the same breath says that kids are going to do stupid risky things. Does it not make sense then to attempt to limit a kid's access to addictive substances that have the potential to kill them? Granted you won't prevent all kids from trying drugs, but you will prevent some simply by virtue of the fact that some kids will not have access to the drugs. And even if all those kids do have access to drugs, the stigma attached to drug use will ostensibly lead some of them not to do drugs. And the whole racism argument is a silly red herring. We don't have separate drug laws for different racial groups. Arguments like this detract from the overall conversation by conjuring up this sort of rhetorical trump card, that if argued against, somehow as if by some evil magic, makes one a racist. The war on drugs in not winnable, I agree. As long as there are dirt bags who are willing to profit from peddling poison to their fellow man and as long as there is a demand for said poison we will continue to have a problem. But saying that since kids still do drugs despite the prohibition against drugs that drug laws are useless is completely turning a blind eye to the number of kids who don't try drugs, and never become addicted as a result of drug laws. I understand that this woman is presenting one side to a very large conversation and only had almost eight minutes to do so, but to not acknowledge the other side of this coin in this particular case struck me as disingenuous. This person is not proposing a solution to anything. This is just advocacy, not discourse.

  39. The war on drugs has been won by a bunch of stoners. All the billions of dollars, massive resources and punitive system has proven totally ineffective against people who are habitually smashed out of their brains. It shows just how totally fucking useless this society with it's corrupt and incompetent leaders and their shit policies really are that they cannot even defeat some stoners.

  40. Racism? Doubtful. Colonialism? Absolutely nonsense. Drug laws come from conservative individuals habits of conflation and a mistaken belief in behaviors not evidenced by normal folks. "Crime and Punishment". The racism includes whites, blacks, Asians… not racism, obviously. Classism is what she means. The stereotypes are the poor, the indigent and the uneducated. The actual risky behavior is exhibited by the risk takers, the idiosyncratically indestructible (mostly the young) and the arrogant. The depressed, those who feel dispossessed and the folks conditioned to think less of themselves (this is where minorities get hammered).

  41. Oh come now! It's not exclusively about racism, there's a fair bit of delusion and idiocy in there to, not to mention lazy people who just accept misinformation without looking deeper.

  42. America really needs to grow up and start realizing that science and progress will lead to everybody's happiness not religion, racism, sexism or xenophobia.

  43. Passing any real solution to reducing drug addiction would require open-mindedness to science and increase education quality, … more than half of Congress would not be reelected if people were just open minded let alone received quality education.

  44. There's certainly a difference between a user and an abuser or addict. Some opioids though are certainly very hard to 'use' without becoming an addict. In addition, this video does not address the issue of people going about their daily lives and jobs whilst influenced by drugs. I wouldn't want my surgeon to have a few drinks before surgery on me, but we can test for alcohol. Tests for being under the influence of many drugs are hard to develop. Clearly though, criminalisation is no answer, but other consequences like employability are valid.

  45. One of the more recent new cruelties is the war on chronic pain patients. They have made it very difficult or even impossible to get relief- as well as humiliating. We are treated as addicts or criminals automatically regardless of evidence or history. This is directly helping fuel the rise in suicides and so called "accidental" overdoses- I promise you many so called accidents- especially by parents/grandparents- are not really accidental.
    I have been constantly dismayed at the lack of understanding by so much of the general population– they look at someone and think oh it's not that bad, they fail to realize it is often CONSTANT 24/7 week after week month after month- it changes you as a person into someone else and makes suicide a very different subject… it can turn it into the only "happy" ending available. No one seems to give a damn- I guess if you are important and rich you have ways to get relief and the rest of us are expendable.

  46. Yes, I agree that many anti-drug laws are racist, and the war on drugs was even designed to be racist (source:, but colonialist? What? How is targeting a sub-group within your own country colonialist? Does this woman even know what that word means, or is she just using it as a buzzword, a synonym for "bad"?

    And saying "I'm not the typical addict" is not racist. Maybe they mean "I'm not poor, I'm not selling all my possessions to finance my drug habbit, I'm not violent." If anyone here is racist, it's YOU for assuming that "typical addict" equates to black.

  47. Marijuana wasn't made illegal until nigga's in the caribbean were mass importing that shit into the U.S and helping black people though depression. Opium wasn't made illegal until white people learned Asians were obsessed with it. Crack cocaine was made to have an unrealistically harsh sentence when Americans began to fear Afro Americans "uprising" and gaining power with the civil rights movements, and the black panthers party.

  48. "Feed babies a drug-cocktail or you are a racist" -this lady
    Sure drug-laws are silly, but this lady is just too extreme.

  49. MDMA is illegal because the system wouldn't work with it. Everyone would love each other and not material things..

  50. If this was a black woman speaking…saying the same thing…you see noting but "stop race baiting, you people need to own up to your mistakes….etc"

  51. lmao, everything bad is racist and colonialist! haha haha.
    bc white families aren't destroyed by drug laws.
    bc there aren't any white pot heads or junkies.
    the war on drugs is obviously an evil destructive government program. but there's very little evidence to show that it's racist. if anything it targets low iq populations and leftists refuse to acknowledge differences between race. stupid ppl of all colors do stupid things. stupid ppl abuse their children so they grow up to be low iq self destructive addicts.
    certain races are more abusive to their children than others.
    single mother homes produce far more addicts than those with fathers. certain races have far more single mother homes.
    just bc you can't stop thinking about race doesn't mean anyone else gives a shit about skin color.

  52. Can we end the racist war on drugs yet? The New York Times on February 8, 1914 wrote: Cocaine, in other words, made black men uniquely murderous and better marksmen. But that wasn’t all. It also produced “a resistance to the ‘knock down’ effects of fatal wounds. Bullets fired into vital parts that would drop a sane man in his tracks, fail to check the ‘fiend.’”

  53. On an unrelated note, did anyone notice that she looks a LOT like a female version of Weird Al Yankovic? Including the intense eyes

  54. the laws are racist guys WINK WINK only black people sell drugs
    then the crowd claps as they finally legalize drugs and years later crackheads and meth zombies everywhere
    "a-at least t-the racism is o-over" says the man who just got robbed.

  55. It's one of those things that pisses me off about the world! Why you go to jail for drugs , WHY?
    It's like…a very Nazi way of dealing with the situation! Because some crackhead did this and other crackhead did that , now I can't own crack(never actually have , just in theory).
    Or I can't do a couple of lines of coke , see if it makes sex any better? I couldn't do that , because someone somewhere would rather have me not do it. Piece of shit people want others to do what they want!!
    P.S. I don't do drugs or anything , it's just one of those rights you get used to not having for the purpose of some collective goal…damn stupid human race!

  56. The powers that be ultimately know all of this. They have a propagandized and conservative work force that is trained to do their bidding, yet they have both the funds and the access to be aware of what you are saying. They know what they are doing, they're making money. The real issue and the answer to your question is money. Just like warmongers such as Dick Cheney, who manipulate a society into war and mass murder to secure massive profits derived from public funds, the corporate they eventually gain the financial power over the government and its people. You only have to look back as far alcohol prohibition to see where the learning curve lies. Just like how they learn to manage wars, they learned from a previous prohibition, Al Capone and his like made a lot of people a lot of money. The banks laundered that money for cents on the dollar. The ranks of the police brotherhood grew, and the prison industrial complex has evolved to become the new slavery. If you want to know why this drug war persists, only look as far as the massive infrastructure that profits from black market industrialization of drug addiction.

  57. Have any clever "scientists" managed to create a brand new theory about the source of so-called man-made climate change from whiteness, Islamophobia, misogyny, institutional racism, slavery, anti-refugee hate crime, and nuclear proliferation yet?
    You can blame pretty much everything in the world on those terrible "racist" white people and their dastardly "colonialist" agenda and still manage to be taken seriously. Looks like all that early indoctrination is working beautifullynowadays.

  58. untill it hits you personally it is still statistics and science. I wish it would hit you personally Maia Slavitz, good luck and wind into your rear end !

  59. Theliesmaybite Truthhasalltheteeth

    Made some good points and I agree. There is a reality missing from this dialogue and that is who is profiting from this. The disturbing truth this country is omitting is that there are people in powerful positions that could do something they simply dont care. The people who have all the money have a voice and a politicians ear. Nothing is what it seems

  60. this narrator is a liberal idiot.drug laws in america are there because of religous bullshit.people always want to tell others what to do.the law hurts more people than the drugs.its all about control.

  61. It was much more racist in the past, but it still put white folks in jail too. If it was solely racist then there wouldn't be any white people locked up. Its all a money thing, there is money in these agencies that try and stop drugs from entering the us. There is money in the jail system. It is racist in the way that it targets lower income areas that are majority minority. Its a logical fallacy to come out right and say that it is solely racist.

  62. Frankly I whole hardily disagree with it stemming from racism/colonialism but I'll scream racism from the rooftops if it takes the boot off the neck of the american people. I would honestly make this woman president if she would change the drug laws. Hint Hint democrat party lol

  63. Fucking Nazis were on drugs – look what they did.
    ISIS fighters are on drugs – look what they are doing.
    Kamikaze pilots – mostly on drugs (without turning off your primal need for survival, Kamikaze is almost non-existent)

    Children are stupid and will quickly get addicted to it. Grown man are stupid and addicted.
    MDMA causes more than less death that you know about, especially at parties.
    LSD makes you more controllable, Charles Manson wanted to instigate a race war with his mindless slaves on LSD. And if the government wanted to truly control you, it would give you LSD.

  64. Weed should be legal across the U.S.
    The statistic she gives regarding 10-20% of people who use coke, heroin, pills get addicted to it is pretty surprising to me. I definitely think the illegal use of these drugs should still be illegal, but I do agree that we shouldn’t be incarcerating these addicts or “one-time users” but rather get them the help they need and get them back on their feet and working again. Economy is booming and America needs workers! #Trump2020 #MAGA

  65. Omgosh this is completely stupid. I agree the anti-drug laws are a man made failure. But so is your racist nonsense. You may be a typical crackhead, even if you don't do drugs, woman!

  66. Decriminalization of drugs and destigmatization of drug users is the next social justice cause people should really be fighting for. We've already made great improvement for other causes. This is the real thing we should focus on next. Stop discriminating against drug users.

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