Update with Alcoholic Daughter in Denial about Her Addiction

Update with Alcoholic Daughter in Denial about Her Addiction

Earlier this season, Linda confronted her daughter, Ronnie, about her dangerous and potentially deadly alcohol addiction. Your mother says that you’re an alcoholic. What do you have to say to that? I deny that. Mom, how much does she drink, that you know, that you know, because I’m sure she’s hiding it. A bottle.
A bottle of what? Half a bottle.
A bottle of– strong alcohol? A bottle of vodka.
Vodka. Like a hard, yeah–
Yeah. Like a hard alcohol, one full bottle. She hides it in water bottles, so she doesn’t think that you know. I go to work, I don’t even know what kind of monster I’m gonna come home to when I come home from work. She screams, she yells, oh (beep), bitch. Is that typical when she gets very drunk? When she gets very drunk and the next day, she doesn’t remember. I don’t want her to think I’m throwing her under the bus. I’m trying to help her. Do you think you have a problem with alcohol or not? Exactly.
Ah, a little bit, maybe, yeah, probably. Are you willing to say loudly– Here’s what you do. My name is Mary and I’m an alcoholic. Can you do that? My name is Ronnie and I’m an alcoholic. Let’s try that one more time. Hi, my name is Ronnie and I’m an alcoholic. All right.
Okay, that’s a good step. That’s a good step. (applauding) I’d like to introduce you, today, to Poppy Carmelo. She’s the Executive Director at Simple Recovery. She has something she wants to say to you. Today, Simple Recovery would like to offer you a 30-day treatment stay. Are you willing to go? (dramatic music) Yup.
Yes! (applauding) Ronnie finally admitted her struggle with alcohol and went to rehab that very day. Ronnie’s mom, Linda, is here with us today. How is Ronnie doing today? She’s doing wonderful. Yay!
It’s like, I have my daughter back! (laughing) That’s awesome news. Okay, who’s ready to see Ronnie. (applauding) I’m ready to see her. Ronnie, come on out! (cheering) Oh yay!
Yay! (lively music) You look fantastic, Ronnie!
Thank you! Beautiful, beautiful!
How ya doing? Oh, I’m doing wonderful, thank you! Wow.
I feel wonderful, thanks to you guys.
Oh good. Can I ask how many days has it been? 136 days!
Woo hoo! (applauding) I knew that it was tough for you when you were here. It was really tough to get you to go to treatment that day. Simple Recovery was a very good stepping stone to get my life back together and, just struggle still every day, but altogether comes, it gets better. Now you’re in a new phase, you’re in sober living. Tell us about that.
I am. I am at Susan’s Place in Las Vegas and I’m surrounded by a group of girls that–
What’s a day like for you, ’cause I don’t know what happens there? Fill us in, what’s a day like? You get up, you get a job or you look for work. They’re just stepping stones to get your life back in order, surrounded by sober women, just to help you out, encourage you, to motivate you instead of just isolating yourself, like I was doing and didn’t even realize I was doing it. Okay, and we know last time when you were here, Ronnie, one of the issues was getting a job and keeping a job. Yeah.
But we’ve been told by our producers, you have a job now, right? I do. I’m working on the strip right now as hostess at a very fine restaurant.
Yay! (applauding) Ronnie, I’m a little curious. You say the strip, first thing I think of is whoa, alcohol all over the place. Is that an issue for you? It’s always gonna be an issue for the rest of my life. You’re gonna have to deal with it, but it’s not gonna be, it’s not a hard thing to, no, it’s not. You think that now that you have the proper tools to help you deal with alcohol.
Correct. Right.
Good. Yeah, that’s correct.
Can I tell you, Ronnie, the last time you were here, your head was down, you barely could make eye contact. To look at you now, your eyes are clear, your smile is radiant, your posture. It’s like you’ve got a second chance at life. Ronnie, can I tell you, please never lose that. Thank you very much, thanks. (applauding)
Please never lose that. Thank you.

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