UNH Hockey Behind the Scenes 2018-19 Episode 1

UNH Hockey Behind the Scenes 2018-19 Episode 1

[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] UNH hockey is part of
the fabric of university. This program has a long,
storied, and rich tradition. There’s a lot that goes
into a UNH hockey game. You’re going to kind
of have to time it, probably right as Max picks up– There’s a lot of
behind-the-scenes things that go on. Any questions? Before the game, my
goal is for the guys to feel relaxed, to feel that
all their preparation has been done. A lot of the guys get
here pretty early, probably 2 and 1/2, three
hours early before a game. A lot of guys take their
sticks, listen to music, just kind of get
in their own zone. Early on in the night, I like
to listen to some country music, just kind of keep it
pretty mellow and relaxed. And then as kind of
the time goes through, you listen to some
faster-paced songs. Everyone’s got a job to do. And then we have a
team meeting an hour and a half before the game. We kind of discuss
our plan and the stuff we’ve been working
on from practice and what we’re going to
implement in the game. Hey, you’ve got to get
everything right now. After that team meeting,
we go out for warm-up, and then we get loose. And then a lot of the guys
like to get together and play a game of two-touch,
a soccer-type game. I’d say it’s always good to be
a little loose before games. I tend to be a little looser. Once everyone gets in the
locker room about an hour before the game and
starts getting dressed, it gets pretty serious. It’s just the music,
kind of everyone’s themselves doing their
own little thing, because everyone’s
a little different. Our F1 is always
swinging with speed. You know, I talked
to the assistants– what are some key points
to being successful tonight or in this period? But we try to build
those key points up throughout the course of the
week leading into the game and then reinforce those
before we hit the ice. Angus, Patrick,
Anthony, Benton– you’ll be in tonight. Let’s go. Let’s go, baby. Down in the tunnel
before the game, just getting fired
up, ready to go. A lot of guys have
different handshakes. I think I got a handshake
with pretty much every guy on the team. There’s something that
you do or something that you say before
you go on, and that’s what makes being a
teammate so great. It’s just a special bond. [CHEERING] Let’s go in that smoke! Get up there, Ryan. Having the ability to
coach here is truly a dream come true
for me because I have such a great
sense of the history, and I understand the traditions
and the values of this program. And for me, as a coach,
that’s one of the greatest traditions– is passing on
the history of our program to our current players. So we come in between periods. We’ll look at video. Now that video– it may
differ, depending on what’s happened in the period. Maybe it was a goal you gave up. Maybe you need to
change the way you’re trying to break the
puck out of forecheck. That’s always evolving. It doesn’t matter if it’s
in the first two minutes or the last two minutes. Usually Coach will come
in and talk and try and fix some things that
we need to work on and go over some things that we’ve been
doing well throughout the game. And then guys will
just kind of get refocused and ready to
go for the next period. I love playing at the
Whittemore Center. It’s definitely cool
to see all the kids out there that support us. I remember being that kid
looking up to older players and wishing one day
I’d be in that spot, and thankfully and luckily,
I had that opportunity to do that. The fans in general are
just great out here. [CHEERING] Throwing the fish on the
ice after the first goal is definitely one of the
major things a lot of fans look for when we score. The fish is definitely a
very cool part of the game. I don’t know many schools
that do things like that. Having that come out
is always exciting. And you definitely
want to be the guy who tries to get that fish out. Hockey East is the premier
conference in college hockey, and on any given night,
anyone can be anybody. Goose in front, and a
score for Marcus Vela. And our players
understand that there are no easy nights in our league. At the end of the day, the best
part of playing hockey at UNH is the opportunity
to play in front of our fans and our students. Recycled, across the middle,
and a shot– they scored! And I think that’s
what really separates our program from all the rest. Benton Maass with the
game-winner in overtime! One, One, one. two, three. We’re New Hampshire, born
in New Hampshire and bred. When we die, [INAUDIBLE],,
So let’s bow our heads, bow our heads. What are the greatest
things they say? Woo!

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  1. NCHC is by far and away the most competitive hockey conference in the country, and it's not even close. Hockey East used to be solid but now they only have maybe 2 or 3 good teams, everyone else sucks.

  2. "Hockey East is the premier conference in college hockey." IDK how he can say that with a straight face. NCHC is by far the best conference in college hockey. 4 straight titles.

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