UGLY HABITS MEN/WOMEN DO THAT JAPANESE HATE: Ask Japanese about bad habits of beautiful people.

UGLY HABITS MEN/WOMEN DO THAT JAPANESE HATE: Ask Japanese about bad habits of beautiful people.

No matter how handsome you are, that’s not on. Women who use strong language, are not good. People who eat making noise. That’s just such a shame! Hey guys and girls this is CATHY CAT and today I am gonna go and ask Japanese people here what they think makes someone ugly. So if an attractive man or woman does that, they will still look ugly in their opinion. Let’s go and Ask Japanese. DV DV! Domestic violence. Violence. No no no no. Men who are violent towards women. I hate that type. Men who take money from women. Men with no eating manners. If they don’t have manners it is disgusting. For example? Dropping food out of their mouth or eating loudly with their mouth open. I can’t deal with that. No matter how handsome you are, that’s no good. People who eat messily. For example? People who eat noisily. The way some male shop assistants act towards me. Arrogant behavior is no good. What would you define as arrogant behavior? When they will speak like I am their friend. If I meet them for the first time, they should use polite language towards me. Men who are cold towards women… Men who you use derogative language like “omae”. I think that’s no good. Men who are cold towards little kids about small things. Even if you don’t like kids, you should at least try to make it work a little. That’s nice. But if you don’t like them and shoo them off, I won’t like you no matter how handsome you are. Men who cheat on women. Cheating is not on. I want them to treasure their girlfriends. I can’t stand looking at men who have long untrimmed nose hair. I think cleanliness is important, no matter how handsome you are. Untidy men, and men who smell that’s just no… The narcissistic type who looks at the mirror all the time to check himself. Those who can’t stop touching their fringe. NEETS (not in employment or education) My Ex was a NEET and he gave me a really hard time. So he should be working. Working and then sometimes go on a date with me. NEETS are the same for me. If you don’t work… money will be an issue. I had a hard time too… Same for you? A NEET gave you trouble? Mine is a bit different. – What if he is just jobbing from time to time?
– That’s fine. So this one was about what you don’t like, no matter how handsome. What would you like a handsome man to do for you? Just being together will be ok. – Spending time together?
– If we could to that, that would be nice. Just watching is fine for me. I just want to look at him. – Staring at him a little?
– Yeah like that. The way they talk. I don’t like women who use bad language. The beautiful image and the dirty language create a gap? I want her to use pretty language. Women who use rough language. Women should not speak dirty language. Women with no manners. Like sitting down on the streets. Or talking loudly on the train. Women who think they can say anything just because they look cute. Women who don’t think of the people around them. Women who have no eating manners. Eating noisily and such. The way they eat- I don’t like it when they eat noisily. Making loud munching noise with a cute face. Yeah smacking and stuff like that is no good. Women who sit down with their legs open, like on the train. It makes me disappointed. I hope they would take more care… It’s not right. The way they walk. If they walk wide legged, it’s a real shame. – Proper posture and walking is important to you.
– Yes it is. Women who don’t close their legs are just terrible. But what if you sit down with open legs if you wear trousers? That’s not good. It will look disappointing. Like “You were almost looking perfect”. Women who don’t really smile. Women who can’t show others a smile won’t look beautiful. I know what you mean. The cool and cold “Cool beauty” type. I think we should all lift our faces and smile with our whole face. Those were my questions. Thanks so much. Ugly habits, ugly manners, ugly characteristics of people no matter how pretty you are… domestic violence is definitely a NO-GO a thing we all agree on. Cheating is the same thing. And then we go onto ugly eating interestingly enough. Everyone said ugly eating manners are gross. Then we have bad manners and having no job for guys. Having no manners for girls. Or sitting wide legged apparently for girls here. Still very much frowned about in Japan. How dare you sit with your legs slightly open even if you are wearing trousers. Those were a couple of things, especially the messy eating I think we can all agree on that one. Table manners are an important thing. How about you? What ugly manners do people have. Let us know what for girls and girls is a definite NO-GO for you. Looking forward to reading that and catch you soon on Ask Japanese. Bye! Bye bye. Camera is gonna get switched off… Switch switch switch?

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  1. Well I would be frowned upon or even talked about if I acted naturally in Japan as I do in Germany. Cultural diffences are really interesting. Except for messy and noisy eating and of course violence. It would be really annoying to HAVE to close your legs even if you are wearing trousers.

  2. I guess I would be considered the ugliest women ever. I sit with my legs open, I swear excessively, my posture is shit and smiling is something that i just don't do. Oh well

  3. The guy's behavior is understandable. The girls though, are you serious? You are not ugly if you dont sit perfectly, eat perfectly, or cuss in the heat of a tense moment. Unless you're throwing food everywhere, you're not having dinner with the Queen of England.

  4. Arrogant people are no-no for me ): No matter how pretty you are, if you have a crappy personality then you will not be attractive. :/

  5. legs wide open ? I mean come on its the 21century: I bet they ve never seen Western american MVs which are today highly sexual , where women do a lot more things than only spread the legs

  6. Eva Lise Højen Jensen

    i wouldnt say domestic violence is a "trade" or a habbit.. its.. just.. well.. guys dont exactly show it in public (talking from experience)

    I find it very unattractive from both sexes, when they are drunk, – not tipsy, but DRUNK, and im from Denmark and we have a very heavy drinking culture here.. :/ its just so not charming!
    nose picking in public is a no go for me, burping farting people really make me wish i was somewhere else…
    Women who think thay can say or do anything because they are women – like a woman who hits her bf because "im a woman so its okay" and he probably wont hit back..
    people who talk shit about others for the way they look or dress or well anything pretty much..

    I dont mind people who swear a lot, i do to.. i dont think its a bad thing (scientifically they say that people who swear a lot is more honest – they speak their mind)

    oh and People who eat noisy food on the train! they should all be spanked!! xD

  7. Levihan Nightcore

    When I'm sitting with my legs wide open, it's not because I do it on purpose, it just goes automatically. I always wear trousers and I think that having a leg over your other leg, is just not comfortable XD

  8. me too I dont like eating with noisy people and with open legs .That's why i liked japan they had this good manners and all animes. I wish I can go to japan. and wooahhh i envy you can speak japan so fluent that's just amazing.

  9. I thought anime and manga just made those extremely narrow (basically closed) eyes up, but damn does that middle guy at 1:15 get close.

  10. Radioinactive Scarlet _

    In Denmark, the guys when they walk on the street, they'll sometimes just spit on the ground and I find that totally gross :/

  11. As for the 'ladies swearing is repulsive' thing – I guess different strokes for different folks? I have several japanese friends hailing from all over Japan. One girl, from Osaka, taught me やかましい (meaning 'shut up,' but has a lot more of a bad flavour to it). She liked to say it seldomly, always for humour, never actually with malicious intent. I shared this word that I learned from her with another friend of mine, this time from Gunma, but this friend asked me to please not say that and that she 'doesn't like girls who swear~'.


  12. I don't really like hearing guys swear a lot, either.
    And of course violence and bad manners are not good things either.
    I'd say that it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl – things that make me uncomfortable or seem "unappealing" are the same for either gender.

  13. What really triggers me are girls (sometimes dudes too) who don't say what they think or want and they expect you to just magicly know what they are really thinking about. People who think that they can treat other people like trash because they are either rich or good looking (sometimes both) can die in a fiery pit for all I care.

  14. Turn-off/Distainable Attribute : Vulgarity or more specifically when a girl speaks vulgarly about women. Like he refers to women with derogatory terms and acts like he's superior to them. Because of gender…

    Attractable Quality's : Mannerism (that's gauged by the individual… so just be mindful as not to be spitefully hurt others and just stay true to you), Thoughtfulness (being well throughout), Crass yet Coy behavior (the whole reason why 'sex appeal' "sells" — at least in America — in my opinion.)

  15. i feel like japanese people would have a hard time with american rap music if they don't like bad language. i'm okay with cussing but i try not to cuss excessively like every sentence i say has a cuss word in it that's just too much. maybe to emphasize a point or when i'm frustrated like i'll use a cuss word.
    same for the messy eating, it's plain unattractive. people who aren't clean or don't take care of themselves or aren't responsible. i don't really think i'm too picky, basically be a decent person

  16. It makes me sad since with certain foods I can try to eat quietly with my mouth closed and I still chew loudly… 🙁

  17. 3 years in a Navy sailor environment…it's rather difficult to NOT swear like a sailor…
    Also, I love your Alpacaso Cathy!!! Aaaaaand that sweater!
    People who are controlling, or make you feel like less than you are in any way shape or form are a no go. As well as people who take advantage of you, and generally put themselves and their personal needs ahead of anyone else's in all or most circumstances. Those who choose not to try to be polite. People who ignore you.
    Something I agree with with the Japanese people is noisy eaters. Lip smacking, open mouthed eating just makes me think of cows on a farm and the actual noise itself is difficult for me to not freak out about, it also totally kills my appetite.
    Sitting with poor posture and legs wide for both genders is a bit off putting, but legs comfortably apart in pants shouldn't be a problem.
    Underwear showing above the pants, bras showing through shirts, I really don't want to be seeing your underwear, that is why it is called UNDERwear.
    Narrow mindedness, an unwillingness to learn, no sense of adventure, no tolerance or interest in foreign ideas, language, art, or culture in general. eg. "How is _______ even a language? It doesn't even sound like words!"
    People who are narcissistic, who think they are the absolute best, that they know everything, or that they need to have the last word on a subject.
    Of course the standard: violence, poor hygiene, and other things that are generally frowned on by polite society as character flaws are definitely going to be off putting as well.
    This got quite a bit longer than I thought it would…oh, one last thing: people who dislike, or are cruel to animals.

  18. From watching these videos i've found out i'm unattractive, fat, and scary… lol.
    (BC I swear, am the average size for an american girl, and have a lotus tattoo).

  19. i can't smile..? like i can do a closed-mouth smile but not one where you show your teeth, when i try smiling while showing my teeth, it looks strained and it hurts to smile with my teeth open.

  20. I use rough language and I sit with my legs kinda open sometimes, I also sit on the street and I dont give a shit. If I ever go to Japan I would feel very judged by them tho… with all cathycat's vids I've found I am totally the opposite of what japanese find beautiful or cute, hahaha.
    all those useless "manners" are annoying tbh.

  21. Nope! I'm good! Don't care! Not living my life for everyone out there! Crappy cat girl either! I think she is racist and rude!

  22. Lol I use obscene language but only around people I'm close with XD. I'm trying 2 break out cursing now but I will curse a little bit sometimes when I'm pissed off

  23. I'm much more tolerant; I can look past such small things. It's the deeper attributes that matter to me more than using rough language, or sitting a certain way, or being a bit clumsy with food. If I'm considering a relationship with another, I care more about intimacy physically and emotionally, closeness of the heart, being able to do activities together, being able to talk about deep and/or passionate topics with interest. I feel like many people these days treat relationships too trivially, and as a result, relationship hop too much, and are prone to ending up alone in their adult years. I don't have any sympathy for such people though, because in the vast majority of cases, it's because they didn't take relationships seriously when younger, and took for granted being with another.

  24. These seem like universal thing from any country. that being said I swear A LOT. this is an actual conversation I had with my teacher; Me: Why the fuck wont this stupid ass computer work!
    Teacher: HEY!
    Me:SHIT SORRY, I fucked up.
    Teacher: C'MON!
    Me: SHIT, your right gotta catch myself.
    Teacher: WHY!

  25. pretty weird standards for some. The obvious don't be a bad person who isn't dirty is normal. I assume talking about swearing which if talking to some one who can't go 2 sentences without swearing is annoying. But sitting slightly different is strange, maybe if person made a show out of it would be a little strange. Sitting on ground not even sure what talking about. Like if a person is tired can never sit on ground? Interesting how old fashion and manners seem to be in japan.

  26. huh interesting. But what about slurping noodles, isn't that an acceptable thing about the culture contrast to the westerners it's rude to slurp.

  27. I specially like that they mention the legs issues, that you were making fun of. In western countries you often see women wearing a mini skirt and walking like farmer while they should put the feet in front of each other like walking on a line. Because that is what looks elegant. I think wearing a pink kitten costume doesn't leave a good impression to japanese people about foreigners, specially if you pick an interview topic like this!

  28. I'm startled by the things Japanese girls mentioned about guys. Is domestic violence common for that to be so emphasized? Not trying to stereotype. I really don't know.

  29. Spoiler: Extremely strict criteria on women behavior. Japanese women are still not very liberated and believe in the traditional ideals of a woman, like smiling always, closing your legs and not speaking crassly. Here's what I think: Just be who you are with the bottom line being morality.

  30. Does eating loudly applies also to food like potato chips? I think it's quite impossible to eat them without any sound.

  31. I think that they are exaggerating with the sitting with spread legs. Depending on the bone structure it is really difficult for some people to sit with closed legs . I think it is ok if you are wearing trousers and sitting with slightly spread legs.

  32. Their are alot of ugly habits japanese people do and we don't make a list about it…well I do but 2 wrongs don't make a right grow up Japan

  33. From what I have read from some of the comments, it may sound strange to others about the legs closing and smiling and stuff but to them, it's not. It's part of their culture and the social etiquette there. Some of the comments are saying that most of these 'turnoffs' are sexist but it's really not. Not to them. The Japanese people don't perceive it that way because that was drilled into them when they were younger. An example would be in western culture where kids were taught to not put their elbows on the table while eating. Americans might find it to be good etiquette and 'well-mannered' but people from other countries might not see it as a big problem. People shouldn't immediately come to the conclusion that they are prude and backwards, it's more of what they view as virtues in a way in their society.

    That's what I have to say for this matter. I know some of you will not agree with me and I understand that but please respect my opinion ^^ Have a great day!

  34. MsMondbluemchen月の花

    The same as they said in the video. I think when you are travel in a other country, you should inform you abouth the manners/etiquette and take care of that. Its great to show respect to the other people, when you practise there behaviours.

  35. Japan seems to be a country where Ethnic People shouldn't live. Like I don't think you need proper etiquette when you eat in the jungle lol

  36. When my son was four he told a grown Japanese woman on the train that she shouldn't sit with her legs crossed even though she was wearing Western style clothes. (this is the standard from the past; think about it- your kimono will open if you don't sit with your legs together and parallel). She just politely said "oh, yes, thank you."

  37. You guys who think Japan are like this seem to be forgetting that these are all things they SAW! If you think Japanese people don't do any of these things then they wouldn't complain it. Cheating is rampant in Japan now and it is usually viewed as OK, shouganaina. what these obaasans are saying is not what the younger generations do, a lot of young people don't give a shit what these old bags think.

  38. "If I meet them for the first time, they should use polite language towards me."

    Seriously… who's the one acting arrogant!? Thinking that somehow you automatically deserve respect from others.

  39. "If I meet them for the first time, they should use polite language towards me."

    Seriously… who's the one acting arrogant!? Thinking that somehow you automatically deserve respect from others.

  40. "omae" in Brazil it's like "ô mãe" what means "hey mom" 😂😂 I think if she sees me talking to my mom she will be terrifying 😂😂 (sorry for my bad english, I'm from Brazil)

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