Tri Rehab Services

For one you need to function at your
best try rehab services has your back our complete lineup of specialties
ensures you have everything you need including physical therapy, occupational
therapy, speech therapy, aquatic therapy, and sports medicine don’t ask for an
injury. I like to be the guy that can help them get over that injury and get
back to what they want to do. Our expert rehab staff can design personalized
treatment plans to get you on your feet and back to the life you love. We’ve seen
nice growth we’ve no headed to old reach clinics and we have a phenomenal staff
doing really good work. Direct access facilities in Henning and Wadena allow
you to find hope in feeling close to home. At a direct access facility you
don’t need a referral from a provider to seek care just be sure to check with
your insurance for coverage details for more information or to schedule an
appointment visit

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