Tragic Details About Ozzy Osbourne

Tragic Details About Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has seen it all, and a lot of
it has been… surprisingly awful, actually. Although Ozzy has been a both a world-famous
vocalist and a reality show dad, that doesn’t mean his life was ever easy. Here’s the tragic real-life story of Ozzy
Osbourne. In 2002, Osbourne revealed in an interview
with London’s Daily Mirror that he was abused when he was a child. According to the singer, when he was an 11-year-old
schoolboy in Birmingham, two bullies would frequently intercept him on the way home from
school and subject him to all sorts of harm. They routinely forced him to drop his pants
and do other things Osbourne has refrained from describing in detail, only summing the
treatment up as being, quote, “terrible.” The effect the abuse had on Osbourne’s family
life as a child was even worse. As he recalled, the first time the bullies
hit him took place in front of his sister, and he was too afraid to tell his parents
what had happened. The stressful situation didn’t do any favors
for his mental health, and Ozzy has been open about how damaging the experience was. Because of these past traumas, he says he’s
made a point of telling his own children to never be afraid to speak up about pain or
abuse they may be going through. The rest of Ozzy’s childhood wasn’t easy either. At one point, he felt so desperate that he
even considered ending his own life. According to the Osbourne biography Ozzy Unauthorized,
the future Black Sabbath vocalist attempted to hang himself at the age of 14. Luckily, this wasn’t the end of his story,
as Osbourne’s father caught him in the act and intervened. Less fortunately, the elder Osbourne then
reportedly proceeded to beat his son up for the trouble. Not exactly the kind of support system most
kids need. As far as marriages go, Ozzy is mostly known
for his relationship with Sharon and that’s rarely looked like an exactly functional relationship. But while Ozzy’s behavior towards Sharon has
occasionally caused some serious concern, his treatment of first wife Thelma Riley might
actually have been worse. According to the Birmingham Mail, Osbourne
is still ashamed, saying, “I put that woman through hell. I should have never married her. She didn’t deserve it. She wasn’t a bad person, and she wasn’t a
bad wife. But I was a f—ing nightmare.” Osbourne married Riley in 1971, and spent
the vast majority of their time together living like what he called a “married bachelor.” He was often absent and routinely neglected
and cheated on Riley. Osbourne has recalled one particular incident
in California when he got off the phone with her and then proceeded to go to bed with three
groupies. “You know, when I first started playing rock
music, I encountered this big country, America, and it was like, the availability was there. We all went and did the groupies thing.” He’s also noted that discovering cocaine during
their marriage didn’t help matters. Overall, he feels that the way he treated
Riley is one of his few true regrets. No one likes getting fired from their dream
job, and Ozzy Osbourne was no exception. The summer of 1978 was a chaotic time for
Black Sabbath. They were fueled by alcohol and cocaine, and
the bad reviews of 1976’s Technical Ecstasy and 1978’s Never Say Die! were apparently
getting to them. It didn’t help that the young, energetic band
they were touring with, Van Halen, was frequently outperforming them. Something needed to change. With his collection of childhood traumas and
abuse, Osbourne’s self-worth was intertwined with the success of the band. A couple years of poor reviews were enough
to destroy his confidence. He dove into a pit of drags and booze and
kept making excuses to his bandmates. The others kept trying to get their lead singer
back on track, but ultimately they had no choice but to fire him in 1979. They have since reunited, but Osbourne still
considers it an act of betrayal. Though he admits that he was wasted, he feels
it was hypocritical to fire him, since according to him, the others were all almost as out
of it as he was. Few people expected Osbourne to bounce back
as quickly as he did. As Rolling Stone reports, by 1982 he was an
established performer with two successful solo albums under his belt. A huge part of his solo success was his new
musical partner, guitar virtuoso Randy Rhoads. The guitarist’s flashy style helped Osbourne
express his own ideas, and the two became fast friends. Their partnership was cut tragically short
on March 19, 1982, when the 25-year-old Rhoads died in a plane crash in Leesburg, Florida. Reportedly, Rhoads went on a joyride in a
small Beechcraft Bonanza with the band’s bus driver, Andrew Aycock, who commandeered the
plane without permission. The plane buzzed the band’s tour bus, and
on the third pass, the plane clipped the vehicle and spun out of control. All three passengers died in a fiery crash. The explosion rattled Osbourne awake, and
he clambered out to see the flaming wreck. The singer has said that he sometimes feels
as though he’s still standing on that field, staring at the burning crash site. In one frightening incident in 1989, Ozzy
allegedly walked up to his wife Sharon in a drunken stupor and tried to strangle her. Fortunately, they weren’t alone. The attempt was stopped, the cops were called,
and Ozzy did not succeed in his bizarre and violent mission. “He just said, ‘We’ve made a decision,’ and
I’m like, ‘We’ve?’ ‘Yes, and you’ve got to die.'” In a 2007 interview with the Evening Standard,
Ozzy recounted the horror of waking up in a small cell, walls smeared with human feces,
having no recollection of the previous night. He faced his worst nightmare when an officer
informed him he had been locked up for attempting his wife. A court-mandated separation and rehab stint
helped the couple end up staying together, but neither has forgotten just how terrifyingly
wrong things could have gone. Speaking about domestic violence in 2004,
Sharon said the situation was so serious that if she’d had a gun with her at the time of
Ozzy’s attack, she would have shot her husband in self-defense. According to People, Sharon Osbourne says
she knows of six women her husband has cheated with, from teenage fans to masseuses and even
their own household staff. Channel 24 describes one of the more recent
incidents, where Osbourne accidentally sent his wife a message that he meant for another
woman. Things got so bad that Sharon at one point
dosed her husband with extra sleeping pills to make him tell her the truth about his cheating. Six months after Ozzy swore that things were
over with that particular lover, Sharon discovered both that this was a lie and that there were
other women as well. This reveal forced the musician to finally
admit he had a problem, and he has since sought treatment. Although the two seem to have reconciled,
their love life is still an issue. “This is a bone of contention in our house.” “Really?” “Oh, because he’s got a problem. He just, is like a rabbit.” Ozzy Osbourne has been alleged to, at various
points in his life, abuse cocaine, heroin, marijuana, Quaaludes, glue, cough syrup, Rohypnol,
Klonopin, Vicodin, LSD, sleeping pills, and more, often at the same time, and with massive
amounts of alcohol. How has he survived all that? One possible reason may be his peculiar genetic
makeup, which features a few minor mutations in the way he processes, and also some Neanderthal
DNA to mix things up. Ironically, his genetic makeup also shows
that the one substance that affects him particularly strongly is caffeine, of all things. But not even genetic freaks with a dash of
caveman can keep up Ozzy Osbourne levels of intake forever. The singer has been a recovering addict since
2006, and has said that he deeply regrets his worst blackout years. “What would you give, the 21-year-old Ozzy. What advice would you give you?” “Don’t do drags.” On December 8, 2003, Ozzy Osbourne suffered
a terrifying injury at his home when he unintentionally flipped his quad bike and it landed on him. At the time of the accident, Ozzy was reported
to have been under the influence of a heavy dosage of prescriptions, which may have played
a part in what happened. Osbourne broke his collarbone, damaged a vertebrae
in his neck, and fractured eight ribs, some of which were left pinching major blood vessels. Osbourne told People that the accident was
so serious that he, quote, “died” twice, and the only reason he survived was because his
bodyguard managed to repeatedly revive him. Osbourne spent eight days in a coma and was
left with a piece of metal keeping his left shoulder together. He says he’s extremely lucky not to be paralyzed
and even luckier to be alive. Ozzy isn’t the only Osbourne with personal
issues. Sharon Osbourne has struggled with low self-esteem
and body image concerns that have reportedly led to bouts of bulimia. She was also diagnosed with colon cancer in
2002, and although she was ultimately victorious in beating the disease, her husband has expressed
that at the time, he felt absolutely certain that his wife was going to die. The younger family members from the reality
TV hit The Osbournes have also had their share of difficulties. According to People, Kelly Osbourne first
encountered drags at the age of 13, and her intake was so excessive that her mother once
committed her to a mental institution for three days in an attempt to scare her sober. Her brother Jack Osbourne was also treated
for painkiller addiction when he was only 17. Thanks to the runaway success of The Osbournes,
it’s easy to forget that Ozzy has children who weren’t regulars on the show. Some of them have had their own share of difficulties. Osbourne’s eldest son, Louis, who made the
occasional appearance on the reality show, is actually from the singer’s first marriage
with Thelma Riley. According to the Birmingham Mail, he’s a musician
himself, but the son is less successful than his global superstar father. The struggling Louis was forced to declare
bankruptcy in 2013 when a property crash hit him hard. Aimee Osbourne, the eldest daughter of Sharon
and Ozzy, says she refused to take part in the reality show. 19 years old when the show first aired, she
moved out of the family’s house to avoid being filmed, which broke her mother’s heart. “I felt if I would have stayed with The Osbournes
and done the whole Osbourne thing, I felt as though maybe I’d have been typecasted right
away before I had a chance to experience other things.” Aimee spent the following years as the rarely-seen,
so-called reclusive Osbourne, battling depression and later dabbling in acting and music. These days, she gets along with her parents
quite well, but her relationship with her siblings is reportedly still strained. In 1984, 19-year-old Ozzy Osbourne fan John
Daniel McCollum took his own life. His parents promptly sued Osbourne, claiming
one of his songs led to their son’s death. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the parents
described McCollum as a well-adjusted kid who showed no signs of depression, but his
life changed in just six hours. He spent some of those hours listening to
Osbourne’s 1980 solo debut, Blizzard of Ozz, which includes the song “Suicide Solution.” He was allegedly discovered still wearing
his headphones. While Osbourne has said that he understood
the parents’ grief, he disagreed with their decision to blame him for their son’s death,
especially because “Suicide Solution” doesn’t actually tell listeners to take their own
lives. The word “solution” instead refers to a liquid,
and the lyrics are about the dangers of alcoholism. The case was dismissed in 1988 on the grounds
that McCollum’s death was not a foreseeable result of the song. Later that year, another family unsuccessfully
sued Osbourne, claiming that subliminal messages in the song had caused their son’s death too. If you or anyone you know is having suicidal
thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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