Top 10 Scary Drug Trials That Went Horribly Wrong

Top 10 Scary Drug Trials That Went Horribly Wrong

How’s it going all of you most amazing people? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome
back to another most amazing video. A clinical or drug trial is used to explore
whether or not a treatment or device is safe and effective for humans. For people who are strapped for cash, this
might seem like an attractive option to earn quick money. However, there are a lot of negative side
effects and complications with clinical trials so let’s take a look at the top 10 drug
trials that went horribly wrong. Starting us off in at number 10 with The macular
degeneration clinical trial. This one is actually pretty recent. So in January 2017, three women who were suffering
from an eye disease known as macular degeneration decided to participate in a stem cell clinical
trial. They each paid $5000 to have both of their
eyes treated. They entered the study with their vision and
left blind. This was a very unsafe and illegitimate clinical
trial and now these poor three woman are left without their eyesight and they will never
recover from this. Gene therapy drug trial slips into number
9. Jesse Gelsinger was 18 years at the time when
he participated in a drug trial that ended his life. He was injected with a drug that was developed
as a treatment for infants who were born with a severe form of liver disease. They wanted to test safety of the procedure
but sadly four days later, he had multiple organ failure and brain death. The university was sued for a wrongful death
and they settled with the family for an undisclosed amount of money. Number 8 takes us over to the Elephant man
drug trial. Eight healthy young men signed up to participate
in a routine drug trial at a London hospital in exchange for 2,000 pounds. They thought that this was an easy way to
earn some money and they were told that the most common and worse side-effects that they
would experience are migraines or nausea that would pass within a couple of hours after
taking the drug. Well they were sadly mistaken because six
of them were left screaming in agony fighting for their lives as their organs began to fall. Some of them had to have their limbs amputated
and one of them spent four months in the hospital after suffering from heart, liver and kidney
failure. The Johns Hopkins asthma trial comes into
number 7. One healthy volunteer died after she inhaled
a drug in a federally financed asthma drug trial. When she first inhaled the medicine, she only
had a slight cough but then as time went on, she had to be put on a ventilator because
her lung tissue was breaking down and her kidneys were starting to fail. She died one month later and it was found
that the drug used in this trial was not FDA approved and this information wasn’t included
in the consent form so Johns Hopkins had to take full responsibility for this tragic death. Number 6 brings us to an Anti-anxiety drug
trial. In January of 2016, a pharmaceutical company
recruited 128 healthy volunteers to participate in a clinical trial for a new drug that was
developed to combat reduce anxiety that was related to cancer and Parkinson’s disease. When the dosages of this drug were increased,
six of the participants became ill and they were rushed to the emergency room. One of the patients was a young man who was
pronounced brain dead just two weeks after he started the clinical trial. The other five people were in a stable state
but doctors predict that they have suffered from irreversible brain damage that will cause
some mental impairments. Leukemia drug trial takes number 5. In July of 2016, three adult leukemia patients
tragically died after they participated in a clinical trial where they were given an
experimental drug called CAR-T. The three patients died from cerebral edema which is
swelling in the brain and now this pharmaceutical company is being reviewed by the FDA and it
is unclear whether or not they will be able to carry on with future clinical trials. Moving into number 4 with an Antipsychotic
drug trial. A 26 year old man who was mentally ill participated
in a clinical trial for an anti-psychotic drug called Seroquel. But just six months after he started the trial,
he stabbed himself to death and left a suicide note behind. The University was cleared of any wrong doing
and malpractice claims but a lot of people still believe that the university ignored
the signs that he was suicidal and the patient was not competent to consent to participating
in the study. The clinical trial that drastically affected
pregnant women comes into number 3. A drug called Thalidomide was manufactured
in Germany for the purpose of treating respiratory infections. However, this drug is infamously known around
the world because of its horrible effects on pregnancy. There were over 10,000 children born during
the 60s that suffered from serious birth defects such as missing limbs and cleft palates because
of this drug. Number 2 takes us to a Pfizer clinical trial. Children in Nigeria were given a drug called
Trovan during the 1990s meningitis outbreak. However, 11 children were killed by this drug
and it was later revealed that Pfizer did not disclose to the parents that the drug
was experimental and they even assured them that it was tried and tested on humans before. A tragic experiment makes it into our number
1 spot. Back in 1996, a young college student agreed
to participate in clinical trial because she needed extra spending money. The researchers inserted a tube down her throat
and into her lungs in order to see how pollution has affected her respiratory system. But these researchers took more cell samples
than they were supposed to and they increased her dosage of anesthetic to a dangerous level
so two days later she was found dead because the anesthetic caused her heart to stop beating
and the rest of her body began to fail as well. Well there you guys have it…

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  1. ive been on Seroquel for almost 20 years due to schizophrenia. when I started taking it I was a complete zombie. all I was capable of doing was laying around completely unaware of everything. but the doctor I was seeing had me taking 1200mg of it, which is an extremely dangerous amount. im on 500 now, which is still really high, but the stuff is extremely powerful. ive had offers from people wanting to buy from me but always turn it down. its a very dangerous drug, but if administered correctly its also a very helpful one.

  2. I took Seroquel for a very short period of time. I stopped it when I was out shopping one day, I had shortness of breath, palpitations and I ended up collapsing in the street. It certainly didn't agree with me!

  3. I've never heard of a brain enema? Good one Landon plus I think it's called a brain aneurism maybe?, but a brain enema? Things that make you go hmm? Good idea on the Landon drinking game when he says, " Is this real life of what?" 👍

  4. In regards to the macular degeneration, I had a cousin who was diagnosed with that. He took no drug trials but still was left completely blind from the disease. Basically, even if they didn't take the trial there was still a decent chance they may have gone blind in the future.

  5. First, this was a GREAT video. Your pronunciation needs some work, and some of your words were off, probably from rushing (macular, not mascular). Your material flows well, and your presentation was very natural. I enjoyed this subject immensely. As a poor college student I did drug trials for extra money, and as an adult I had a life-saving stem cell transplant. So, this is very relevant.

  6. Constructive criticism here, sweetie….Check the pronunciation of words and names BEFORE you record. Many mistakes in this one!!!! 😕

  7. Landon, I take 75mg of Seroquel 1/2 hour before bedtime. I have some issues with my vocabulary and speaking. I'm not sure if you're saying Seroquel or something else, but I'd really like to know.

  8. I’m actually on one of those drugs right now, the one where the dude stabbed himself to death, Seroquel. Thinking I better hide my knives.

  9. I've been prescribed seroquil in the past and stopped it immediately when I would wake up in the morning i would literally be in a rage EVERY LITTLE THING MADE ME SO MAD it was unbelievable i couldn't believe the way i felt and was acting again i stopped after about the 3rd day when i realized I'm not an angry person lol i was prescribed it for sleep! 🤦🤷

  10. Serequel been around for a long time,anti psychotic sued mostly for ppl incarcerated, and side affect is it makes you sleepy as fugg, and Cray Cray

  11. Patricia Bleecker

    I've taken seroquel since I was a teen. I used to be a cutter. And open wounds have always interested me. Makes so much since now. Even my pain receptors are different when I'm on seroquel.

  12. I try Seroquel before I end up in the hospital cuz they said it was an overdose and it wasn't I hit my chest so higher than my heart stopped and then left me a bruise for a week

  13. Mascula Degeneration? Its Macaular Degeneration.. Contempt to make consent instead of competent to make consent. I think this guy need to really spend some time studying vocabulary.

  14. Number 4 kind of scares me because I'm taking seroquel aka quetiapine every night. It helps me personally but the fact that it has a reputation of being the "new wonder drug" in the mental illness circles freaks me out.

  15. Why can't I be paid to participate in a drug trial that causes too much euphoria. Oh darn this drug isn't working right the patient is feeling euphoric and pain free effects around the clock.

  16. One time I took a seriously large dose of seraquil to try to get high and ended up having small hallucinations and major auditory hallucinations. I was hearing my ant and my grandmother outside my window having a full conversation. It was 3 am . I ended up making myself vomit so I wouldn't die lol . Ahhh memories

  17. I take Serequel and let me tell you when you first start taking it your suicidal thoughts and ideations skyrocket. as you get used to it, they die down.

  18. The one about the antipsychotic drug scared me because I'm on that drug! I'm going to ask my Dr some serious questions next time I see her.

  19. One of the main side effects of most anti-depressants is increased thoughts of suicide. Makes u think….

  20. Ad’ryan Williams

    That’s fucked up…why would you give someone a drug that isn’t approved by the health department and is previously tested…imagine how the families and the victims feel having permanent health problems and being dead…they shouldn’t just be sued…they should be out of business

  21. They still make an prescribe seroquel!! When i was a teenager, my shrink gave it to me, i had to stop taking it, because it kept me sedated for 2 days. I also had hallucinations, and terrible paranoia.

  22. love it Landon!!!! on our way to 4 mil can we do it???? hmmm….I'm watching as u now have 5.4 million!!!! of course you can

  23. Wait, someone's sitting during a list? And a beautifully colored table at that? He needs a drink next to him during this episode.

  24. Note there are also forced drug trials that take place on a select few in military’s such as America itself. I’ve met ex servicemen who have confirmed this and also met a survivor of said testing.

  25. My psychiatrist wanted to put me on serequil for my disassociative identity disorder, but she didn't because it makes you gain weight. So she put me on risperidone. Found out through my dad who is a doctor that they give risperidone to dementia patients to knock them out at night. Let's just say I don't have issues with getting to sleep at night anymore.

  26. Amadeus von Beaverhausen

    As far as pharma ads are concerned, the moment I hear "…And in extreme cases, death" I'm out. That's it. Done deal.

  27. I've taken Seroquel for the past 15 years as prescribed to by my doctor, and I've never had an episode like that! I think it was a combination of underline mental health issues and side effects of the drug in some patients. It wasn't the drug's fault all on its own, there's deffinatly 100% blame to put on the doctors.

  28. No#2 did anyone ask for consent to take that horrible picture of that little black girl in the chair? Bet they didn't. Taking advantage of the helpless who can't fight back is not cool at all.

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