Tips and Tricks Illaoi Mains ABUSE for TOTAL LANE CONTROL – Season 10

Tips and Tricks Illaoi Mains ABUSE for TOTAL LANE CONTROL – Season 10

Hey guys, RTO here and welcome to our Challenger
Illaoi guide. This is everything you need to know to start
playing Illaoi in your own games! Illaoi is a lane dominant powerhouse, who
also excels at teamfights. She can be rather complex to learn, but the
effort is worth it. She has decent sustain, insane 1v1 potential
early game and can easily outplay 1v2 – or more – scenarios. Before we get in to playing Illaoi, I just
want to offer my view of the pros, and cons, of playing her. PROS
Illaoi has a very strong laning phase She offers amazing sustain
She’s extremely good at split pushing Her AoE damage is very potent
Can easy 1v9 when fed CONS
Illaoi has a distinct lack of engage outside of Harsh Lesson (which isn’t even high range)
She also has low mobility, once she’s in the fight, she’s in for good
Unfortunately, even as a melee, she has ability cast times, giving people time to run
Other than a slow, she has no hard CC, allowing enemies to escape easier
Her early levels are abusable by high elo players. Her pro’s massively outweigh his cons, but
it is worth thinking about depending on what match up you’re going to be going into,
especially vs ranged, high mobility champions. Now, what do we do to really play Illaoi? Summoner Spells
First off, we need to talk about her Summoner Spells – a lot of toplaners, choose Teleport,
for the map pressure it provides in split pushing or turning team fights,. If you’re not clued up on how to properly
utilize teleport, take Ignite for lane pressure and grievous wounds, if the enemy has heavy
self healing in their comp such as – Vladimir and Dr. Mundo. Never forget FLASH!! Now we have the core of Illaoi sorted, you
want to be deciding what items you’re going to be building. You need to make conscious choices, depending
on what match up and enemy team you are going against. Core, no question – sterak’s gage, Black
Cleaver, VS AD – Ninja Tabis, Guardian Angel, dead
man’s plate VS AP – Merc Treads, Mercurial Scimitar (also
vs hard CC), Spirit visage (also for extra healing)
Situational? death’s dance, trinity force, thornmail
Make sure to check this and my many other mobafire guides to stay up to date with the
best runes and builds for her and others. Items, Runes and Summoner Spells change often. So we’ve sorted out what to choose as Illaoi,
but.. How do we play as Illaoi?! Illaoi’s main damage comes from her tentacles
that spawn periodically. Early laning phase, you should let your opponent
push as your first two levels are rather weak. Don’t use Harsh Lesson if it’s going to
place you in a bad spot, you can easily get chunked out like this. Level 3 and onwards is easier, and you can
start proccing your runes, and farming up for your first item. Let’s go over how to max our abilities –
Tentacle Smash is your level 1 ability, allowing you to farm safely from range and drop a bit
of poke damage down onto the enemy, if they stay in the hitbox. Tentacle Smash’s passive also increases
all your tentacles damage, helping you with poke. Keep a ward in your river so you don’t get
surprised ganked. You can use Harsh Lesson to hop over thin
terrain, such as the wall separating toplane and Gromp
At level 6, you will be able to win a lot of trades vs your opponents, and more often
than not you can easily 1v2 with your ultimate, especially in lower elo’s where enemies
just stand in your ultimate. Illaoi has two main combos to learn
The first one is using test of spirit, before leap of faith. The spirit that spawns, counts as an additional
champion and it will spawn an extra tentacle – increasing your damage and healing. This combo is very good in a 1v1 situation,
as you’re essentially a 1v2.. Without the incoming damage. If you’re in a 1v2 situation, this combo
can help you come out successful as you have the 2 champions, and the 3rd spirit. The second combo is a bit more complex. Leap of faith (Illaoi’s ultimate) has two
parts to the animation. The first half, is where she leaps into the
air. The second half is where she begins to fall
back to the ground. Between the parts of this animation, there
is a half second where Illaoi is suspended mid air. You can Flash during this half second – only
the end location matters. You want to be able to use this combo as a
teamfight starts, aiming to flash into the enemy backline, and hitting maximum amount
of enemies. Before we go on, If you like this video and
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that bell notification so you don’t miss out on the newest stuff! I will wait… Done? Okay let’s keep going! There’s also knowing how to do as much possible
damage to kill a spirit after landing your E, and hopefully killing it. As soon as you have the spirit, you want to
instantly W the spirit. If your spawned tentacle hasn’t slammed
the spirit yet, it will queue another one, causing two quick back to back tentacle slams. After laning phase is over, you can choose
to Splitpush or teamfight. Illaoi is a fantastic split pusher because
she can unleash a ton of damage onto multiple enemies once she has her tentacles set. If you are fed and use proper warding, then
the enemy team is going to have to send multiple players to try to stop you which will allow
the rest of your team to take objectives across the map. Teamfighting as Illaoi is generally pretty
easy, you just want to pop your ultimate on as many enemies as you can, throwing out tentacle
smashes and trying to get off as much damage while increasing your healing, and if you
can pop off the split second combo we spoke about earlier, you’re going to come out
on top. Hopefully this short intro video has helped
explain anything you were unsure about, as well as being able to read the guide along
with me. We have plenty of other mobafire guides for
top lane, plenty more to come and you are welcome to catch me over on stream on facebook,
and also check out some of my gameplay videos on Youtube. On the screen is a brand new series where
I give you 60 tips that EVERY TOP laner needs to know to climb in elo. This is an incredible series that is extremely
high quality that I believe that everyone should watch. Click there next! I’m RTO, your guide through guides and I
will see you in the next video!

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    0:00 – Intro

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    3:20 – Situational Items

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    5:48 – Carry As Illaoi

    7:27 – Abilities and Levels

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    11:04 – Outro

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    Hello RTO what do you think of toplane bruizers played mid? (kled mid or renekton mid for example)

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    You forget to mention; when you use your E before R the tentacles that spawn will instantly smackdown together with any others nearby. If you use your R without E first, the tentacles do not instaclap but only after your W. So if you E first then R then W you have 2 tentacle slams in a very short period of time doing insane burst damage

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