This 1 Habit Can Completely Rebuild Your Life

This 1 Habit Can Completely Rebuild Your Life

As a culture, we get very wrapped up in “what”
we’re going to become, instead of how we become it.
We worry about where we will end up instead of focusing on the journey.
We strive for the end of the rainbow without playing in the rain along the way.
This “end-all” thinking is what leads many astray.
They spin their wheels, they work really hard, they tire themselves and burn the candle at
both ends and still don’t end up reaching their goal.
To be honest, most of them forget what their original intention was in the first place.
They lose themselves in the weeds instead of stepping back and seeing the forest.
Here’s the thing: It all stems from who you are and what you
do today. If you want to drastically improve your life
in a single day, you need to approach your day, every day, as if it’s your last.
Here’s how you can do that: Success begins in the morning.
The easiest way to practice doing what you say you’re going to do is to wake up when
you say you’re going to wake up. If you set your alarm the night before for
6 A.M., and you hit the snooze instead, you’ve just broken your first promise of the day.
Wake up on the first alarm. Keep that promise to yourself. I am relentless about practicing discipline.
We live in a culture where notifications plague our coveted personal space.
E-mails. Texts. Phone calls. Slack pop-ups. Everywhere we go, people can reach us, and
it prevents us from ever really diving into what Cal Newport refers to as “deep work.”
Find opportunities in your day to practice deep focus.
For example: If you are going to sit down to work on something particular, remove all
distractions. Turn off Slack, turn your phone on silent,
turn off your e-mail, etc. A focused hour and a half is worth so much
more than an unfocused three or four hours. You’ll be amazed how much you can accomplish
in a short amount of time when you aren’t constantly disrupting your train of thought. It’s no secret that health, wellness, and
fitness are an important element of business and entrepreneurship.
If you spend all day in front of a laptop, up in your head, thinking and solving problems
and over-clocking your logic and reasoning muscles, then it is extremely important that
you take an hour (minimum) at the beginning or end of the day to get back in your body.
Some prefer going to the gym. Some enjoy yoga or playing recreational basketball.
No matter what it is, make time to get back into your body.
You will be so much more productive and excited about your work. This is one of the most underrated values,
but I believe it is one of the most important. Discipline is a muscle, and it requires practice.
In order to become a disciplined person, you have to create opportunities for yourself
to practice discipline. Take things that are easy to overindulge in
and see how long you can go without them. Give up sugar and candy.
Give up alcohol. Give up watching TV before you go to bed.
Train yourself to let go of things that do not serve your bigger purpose, and get that
muscle acclimated to making decisions from a wider perspective.
People that have mastered self discipline are tremendously powerful in manifesting their
intentions. They understand the value of each and every
life choice, which means they don’t take anything for granted.
Discipline is difficult to acquire, but extremely valuable to those willing to put in the time
and effort. At the end of the day, instead of doing something
mindless, prepare yourself for the next day. Use this quiet time to begin preparing yourself
for what is to come. My suggestion would be to keep a journal.
Reflect on the day and make note of what you accomplished and what you left on the table,
what things you did well and where you fell short.
Audit yourself and see where you can improve — and then write down what you’re going to do
differently the next day. This is a habit most people shrug off without
ever giving it a fair chance. It is so simple, and that’s the point.
It shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes, but it can have a drastic impact on the flow
of your life. Bonus points for those who can wake up the
next morning and re-read what they wrote, reminding themselves of how they are going
to improve today.

72 thoughts on “This 1 Habit Can Completely Rebuild Your Life”

  1. A friend of mine always says to focus on the WHAT rather than the HOW because when you know WHAT you want, you will find the HOW

    Thank you so much for this video!

    Winny out… for now 😉

    Ps: discipline is SOOOOO damn important!!

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  3. O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me

    My suggestion is that you use a principal called
    Repetitive Relentless Simplicity

    You do same thing every single day, which includes good sleeping and eating habits, as well as physical activities, and become master of your craft, by doing something within your passion. Make it your priority and the result will be stunning.

  4. "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments." — Jim Rohn
    "A winner is a loser who tried one more time." — George Augustus Moore

  5. Focus on every day. Ask yourself, what I do now is getting closer or further my goals? If not, change your course of action.


    Our habits have the power to create an awesome life for us or destroy it. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Journaling and habit tracking are incredibly important for all this! And it's been really helpful for me to put my life together and see everything statistically. Check out the "Daylio" and "Habits" apps. 🙂 Oh and also plan setting in any note app too

  8. Thomas Richardson

    approaching each day as if its your last is terrible advice, because everyone in that situation would just do things with only short term payoffs.

  9. If today was my last day on earth the last things I would want to do are exercise, work, and practice discipline with every decision. I’d be making very bad choices for the long term while making excellent gratifying choices for the short… while I think it’s good and beneficial to keep your own mortality in the back of your mind (after contemplating it you realize all the petty bullshit is nonsense and focus on the things that truly matter) acting as tho your going to die tomorrow makes all these habits you mentioned then seem pointless and arbitrary… however if you understand that you are going to die someday you’ll be more incentivized to make it last as long as you can and as comfortable as possible while enjoying every moment… I don’t exercise because I’m going to die I exercise so my quality of life is better for longer… you should work hard and save and invest not because your going to die but because your not going to be able to do it forever and you want your quality of life to be as good as possible for as long as possible… don’t live like your going to die tomorrow, live like your going to die in your 60’s-70’s-80’s, your future self will thank you for it

  10. Work now so you can enjoy life later. Enjoy now at the cost of permanent regret and sorrow. The reward outweighs the effort put in. It's worth it.

  11. I like the idea of discipline as making sure every single decision you make adheres to your values. That really is the key to developing discipline. If you are unsure what your values are then you will never be disciplined. Then once you've established your values it just comes down to practice to rewire old habits of thinking with new habits of thinking.

  12. Amazing video.Thankyou so much
    I am procrastinating alot since a long time but by thinking today is the last day of my life I can stop delaying my goals 😍💟

  13. Or think of yourself as a video game character, you must have full bars to pass to the next level.. these are the bars
    1- strength ( workout)
    2- focused( meditate, and quit social media
    3-knowledge, to pass the level( same in life read books on what you are trying to achieve)
    4- take actions
    5- believe( just like playing game, you don’t quit till you pass the level)
    6- meditate, and reflect( so the next day you are aware of what not to do)
    7- don’t compare your self to anyone ( when you playing a game , you do this by just focusing on your mission, you don’t focus on where is the other players)
    Finally enjoy life it’s a game.

  14. Spirit Of Bboying

    Thank you for this video ! I would like to know the difference betweeen
    1) What you accomplished
    2)What you left on the table
    1) What things you did well
    2) Where you fell short
    Thank you !

  15. I'm gonna start slow and set an alarm and promise myself that I'll follow it. I need to acquire that self control and assertiveness about my actions that says "if you want to do X, and the laws of physics allow it, you'll get it done". It's a long road but I'm willing to start building the traits that support that type of person. Thank you, this was a simple yet informative narration. Best wishes to you! And yes, I liked and subscribed 😊

  16. Basically, there are 5 different habits, but the message is still the same. We need to practice them daily in order to master our lives.

  17. Nice video. Please make a video on the book "crushing it" by Gary vaynerchuck, recently I made a video on Hustle, would like to see more about Gary vee.

  18. If possible, could you make a video on (developing a) sense of urgency? Many thanks. Your videos are very helpful!

  19. This video completely contradicts itself. In the introduction it says behave as if today is your last day on earth, go out and play in the rain. Then it goes on to say get up early, be disciplined, and plan for tomorrow – why would you do that if today was your last day?

  20. Focus on the journey
    instead of where we want to end up.
    Approach everyday as if it were your last.
    1) Don't snooze.
    2) Avoid distractions.
    3) Exercise.
    4) Practice discipline.
    (let go of things that don't serve your purpose)
    5) Reflect before bed.

  21. If I approached everyday as it were my last why in the hell would I work on building anything? All success, personal and financial, is delaying gratification in order to achieve some future goal. Of course you have to enjoy or at least tolerate what you're doing. But as they say, no pain no gain.

  22. Great video/info. Thank you! What is the name of the song in your outro? I love it and must have it. Thank you in advance!

  23. I gave up bullshit talk from people who tell me how to live my life. I am happy healthy and full of joy without knowitalls. I am my best doctor. 😀

  24. Alarms
    Focus without distractions
    Meditate, yoga, exercise
    Discipline requires practice – Train yourself. Master your choices.
    Reflect in the day, prepare and journal – audit and improve (Simple 10 minutes)

  25. 1. Do what you say you’re going to do 0:56
    2. In our busy culture, find ways to practice focus 1:22
    3. Make time to get back in your body 2:19
    4. Practice the art discipline 3:03

  26. I just break everything into fixed daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and bi yearly goals. That'll cover your hygene, food, health, current job, bills, maintenance, etc… Then any extra stuff like being a body builder or billionaire are luquid goals. You break them into progressing baby goals to hit the top.

  27. 0:55 Do What You Say You're Going To Do
    1:21 In Our Busy Culture, Find Ways To Practice Focus
    2:18 Make Time To Get Back In Your Body
    3:00 Practice The Art Of Discipline
    4:02 Reflect Before Bed

  28. I hate the saying "Live every day as if it was your last". If it was my last day I sure as hell would not spend it working and trying to improve myself would I? Instead of using the tired old cliche why not say take every day at a time or something…

  29. EXACTLY only from a Christian standpoint. We spend more time wasted trying to "write" our life story into what we want it to be. As opposed to accurately obeying God with faith. Once saved by Christ one has to realize. The story has already been written, we simply need to follow the Script and let God do all the "directing" work.

  30. Hi. I subscribed to your channel because I think it's just great: valuable topics, well structured, excellently explained, very well rendered through graphics, and very convincing voice with remarkable prosody.
    Would you be so kind to share what software you use? I have checked many but no one seems to have the features matching those seen in your videos. I have tried: Powtoon, VideoScribe, EasySketch Pro, VideoMakerPro, Adobe Animate, Filmora Pro. I live in China and would like to start an online business teaching kids using the same software as the one you use.
    I won't be competing with you. The topics you treat are too high level (I just want to teach English) and YouTube is censored.
    Thank you.

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