The War On Drugs – "Brothers" (Official Video)

The War On Drugs - "Brothers" (Official Video)

38 thoughts on “The War On Drugs – "Brothers" (Official Video)”

  1. This song was my first encounter with The War On Drugs. I've loved them ever since. But dammit… I wanted that girl to escape from "Grandpa NRA"!

  2. In the spirit of interpretation, here’s my take on the video. It’s about spousal abuse. The duct tape on the hands and face are the vices of his control.  She cannot see a way out.  A shotgun fixed on her room symbolizes her fear of leaving. The phone lines are cut – there is no one she can turn to. The gun taped to her hands is the ever-present temptation to do something drastic. She instead finds her courage and steals the key to make a break for it.  After cutting her shackles she is seen frantically escaping while he appears from a doorway in the distance. She does not look back. The final scene shows him ready to shoot but he lowers his gun when it’s determined he's too late, she's out of range.  A symbolic gesture suggesting that in the end fighting for your life is always worth it and that hope remains no matter how dire your situation becomes.….or I’m completely wrong and it's just some psycho that kidnapped a girl. Either way, it's still a phenomenal song.

  3. How awesome is this video?! Fell in love with this song and watching this vid only made things worse. 🙂

  4. For anyone who's wondering, Kurt Vile only worked on "Best Night" and "It's Your Destiny." He is not singing or playing on this track. Peace

  5. TrueColourOfBlood

    I'm pretty sure it's the most perfect song ever recorded.  I totally agree with you below sir, Dylan's voice is highly fucking annoying and Adam's voice is just magical. 

  6. Actually the only war on drugs getting results that i know of Music is not a drug is a thing qUite beyond that.

  7. Degree Zero Art Studio

    I like that The National used this song as their walk-on music during their live concerts last year. That's how I became hooked on TWOD.

  8. Agree with Lou Reed and Tom Petty sentiments. Adam Granduciel's sultry voice resonates over and over. Whereas Dylan's voice plain grating and annoying!

  9. I have been returning over and over to this song for a few years now – since 2011 I think? – and I never, ever get sick of it.  I have no idea what it is, but something about the shimmering sound and the Dylanesque vocals and the nearly nonsensical lyrics … This song just lifts me right up out of my chair.  Best song to take a walk to that I know of.  

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