The Strange Habits That Will Make You a Billionaire

The Strange Habits That Will Make You a Billionaire

Hey Thoughty2 here. As far as eccentric billionaires go Alabama-based
George W. Barber is high on the list. He owns the world’s largest motorcycle collection
and his own private race track but when you’ve ticked those off your list what else do you
do with your endless money? Well, in the 90s Barber used his wealth to
have a handful of life-sized dinosaurs built and placed randomly around the 10,000 acre
woodlands surrounding his home. The dinosaurs are also accompanied by a collection
of medieval knight statues. But he didn’t stop there. Barber also commissioned a life-sized fibreglass
replica of stone henge that he hilariously named Bamahenge. And to top it all off a 50 foot naked woman
submerged in his private Marina. So despite the fact that if you become a billionaire
you’ll have vastly more money than you know what to do with, and you’ll have to resort
to building giant dinosaurs and women, the desire to be one is great. Let’s not lie to ourselves, most people would
love to be a billionaire, even if we don’t know why or how we would spend our fortune. But the unlucky reality is that your chances
of amassing one billion dollars or pounds worth of assets within your lifetime are pitifully
slim. The current population is 7.5 billion and
there are 2,043 billionaires in the world today, meaning the chance of you becoming
a billionaire is 0.000027%. So should you just give up now? No, because you can of course increase your
chances. You see billionaires aren’t like you and I. Their behaviours and actions are very different
and unusual. And statistics show that copying these behaviours
won’t guarantee that you’ll become a billionaire but it vastly increases your chances. Firstly they are patient, far more patient
than the average person. Billionaire investor Warren Buffet once said
“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” Most people want success overnight and it’s
easy to feel like you’ve failed if you don’t achieve it and one’s natural instinct is to
beat yourself up over failure or just slow growth. But patience is the key to success. The world’s wealthiest individuals are no
strangers to failure and having to wait, sometimes decades, for success to come along due to
their hard efforts. Bill Gates, the richest person on the planet
knows this all too well. You’ve heard of Microsoft, but have you heard
of Traff-O-Data? No, that’s because it was a huge flop. Traff-O-Data was Mr Gate’s first company. Its goal was “to read the raw data from roadway
traffic counters and create reports for traffic engineers”. Gates thought his genius idea would optimise
traffic and end road congestion forever. But the technology didn’t work and it fell
flat on its face. But Gates had patience and perseverance, and
from the ashes of Traff-O-Data, Microsoft was born. Since then Microsoft has created 3 billionaires
and over 12,000 millionaires. James Dyson created an incredible 5,127 vacuum
prototypes over 15 years before he finally took his first bagless vacuum to market. Thomas Edison famously said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t
work.” From Steve Jobs to Richard Branson, they all
had to fail miserably before they found success. If they had been impatient they may have thrown
in the towel and achieved nothing. Billionaires are the world’s best problem
solvers. Solving problems is how most made their fortunes. But the road to riches is often fraught with
seemingly impossible obstacles. When Joseph Piscopo was starting up his software
company Pansophic it was going fantastically well for a few years, with $230 million of
annual revenue. Until one New Year’s Eve in 1985, a disgruntled
employee walked through the company’s data centre with an industrial strength electro-magnet,
erasing every single hard drive in the building. This was a complete disaster, they had no
external backups and everyone thought the company would close its doors for good. But a defiant Piscopo set to work on rebuilding
all the lost data, within two weeks the data was restored and the company was flourishing
again. Rock Mackie, founder of a billion-dollar cancer-treatment
company called TomoTherapy, encountered an entrepreneurs worst nightmare. Right at the launch of his company, the main
investor pulled out on launch day and Mackie had to fire all of his employees on the spot. Yet despite the incredible odds against him,
Mackie still managed to go public with TomoTherapy for a billion dollar valuation. There are also small, everyday behaviours
that most billionaires share. They are all very early risers, for example. Apple CEO Tim Cook, General Motors CEO Dan
Akerson and Disney CEO Robert Iger have all reported that they wake up at 4:30 every morning. And according to research the vast majority
of billionaires are awake by at least 5:30am. Our brains are at their best in the morning,
and without the distractions of other people and family obligations, it’s amazing what
one can accomplish in just one day. New York based Billionaire Irwin Simon wakes
up at 5 am and he says that he accomplishes more before 9 am than most people do all day. He spends the early hours of the morning answering
emails, calling and managing his operations in Europe and Asia. He prays, walks the dog and exercises, all
before his kids wake up. Oh and he even has time to sit down for breakfast
in Manhattan before arriving at his office to start his actual work day. But surely if all these billionaires are waking
up so early they must be going to bed ridiculously early too? No, quite the opposite, these individuals
have the rare ability to function at maximum capacity on very little sleep. A study identified a small group of people,
roughly 2% of the population, who can function and live very happily on very little sleep,
just a few hours each night. This isn’t just willpower though, researchers
actually found that these people carry a mutation of a gene called hDEC2. When they tweaked the same gene and put it
into mice, they found that the mice began to sleep less, just like the human test subjects. It’s therefore a biological gift for a lucky
2%, that have been named the “Sleepless Elite”. And what’s even more amazing is that these
same people tend to be highly successful, many millionaires, billionaires, prime ministers
and presidents have been found to possess this gift of not needing much sleep. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Leonardo
da Vinci are just a few people who were known to have this unusual gift. Although there are some successful people
who didn’t have this gift, yet they actually forced themselves to sleep less so they could
get more done, Margaret Thatcher trained herself to only sleep for four hours every single
night. I can easier sympathise with Winston Churchill
though. He begrudged getting out of bed so much that
he would spend the entire morning working from his bed and even received important visitors
in his bedroom. But if we put these smaller attributes of
billionaires aside, there’s one major, glaring trait you absolutely must have to become very,
very wealthy. To control such a large portion of the world’s
wealth, you have to be a total psychopath or at the very least a sociopath. And I’m not being sycophantic, most billionaires
are clinical psychopaths. Sam Wilkin is an economist and head of business
research at Oxford Economics. He has long studied and also wrote a book
about the world’s wealthiest 1% and the common factors that they share. And in all his time studying hundreds of wealthy
tycoons he discovered one common factor, they are willing to do absolutely anything to gain
market monopoly and ruthlessly force their competitors into the ground. I’m not saying that all billionaires are serial
killers but like serial killers, most are unable to feel empathy. This helps them to make difficult decisions
that may harm others but will advance their own goals. Criminal psychologist Robert Hare famously
discovered, through his research that 1% of the general population are categorised as
psychopaths, however, over 10% of financial traders, stock brokers and bankers are psychopaths. Being a psychopath doesn’t mean you’re going
to massacre your own family with a chainsaw. Psychopathy is simply a condition that is
easily diagnosed by having the following traits, superficially charming, highly manipulative
and able to con others, a complete lack of empathy or remorse and a willingness to take
large risks. So I basically just described Donald Trump
and probably any other billionaire you can think of. But perhaps there’s a reason billionaires
are psychopaths, because it’s what’s required to make it to the top. In a crazily competitive capitalist society,
only those who are willing to take large risks, and skirt around the edges of the law, perhaps
even break them from time to time are going to gain that competitive edge needed to obliterate
the competition and monopolise a market. Think Facebook, YouTube, Google, Amazon, they
are so wildly successful and are able to grow with astonishing velocity, because they have
no effective competitors and that’s the way they like it. It has long been rumoured that Bill Gates
stole the idea of Windows from his Apple colleagues. Warren Buffett pays income tax on only 0.018%
of his 74.2 billion dollars worth of assets, whilst the rest of us are paying between 25
and 60 percent tax. And then there are the billionaires that made
their wealth from poisoning the waters with nuclear waste, all the South American drug
barons, those who got wealthy on blood diamonds and of course the billionaires who made their
wealth building and selling arms, used to slaughter millions of innocent people. To do these things without remorse one has
to have a degree of psychopathy about them. This doesn’t mean that all billionaires are
bad people, quite the opposite. But there is undeniably a certain meglomanic
quality and a specific set of attributes required to amass vast sums of wealth. But of course the best way to increase your
chances of becoming a billionaire is not by studying and copying other billionaire’s behaviours
but by getting out there and putting your every fibre into whatever you’re passionate
about. Because success comes to those who are too
busy to be looking for it. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Why would you want to be though? Easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. It comes with too many things thay corrupt the soul like greed and selfishness. What's more important? Ink and paper or people? If it was just you and money on a desert island would you feel rich?

  2. New york population
    8 million
    Borrow a dollar from all
    Atleast 500.000 dollars
    Make company
    Give back dollars like good boy

  3. Habits that increase your chances…

    Human Trafficking?
    Adrenochrome harvesting?
    Drug Running?
    Weapon Manufacturing/distribution?
    Lobbying Government?

    It does appear to be so.

  4. To become a billionaire, take risks, invest in things most people think are stupid. BUY BITCOIN. And oh yea when your there follow up with what other billionaires are doing, scare the public out of it to keep the profit for yourself.

  5. I sleep for around 3 to 4 hours a night, sometimes not at all. Worked 3rd shift for 6 years. And needed to get things done during the day. So I stayed up and would go back to work for 10pm. Became a habit I guess.

  6. The wealthy put their money to work for them by buying assets. Productive assets are the key to compounding money. Compound interest has been called the eighth wonder of the world, and for good reason. Those that have a good idea of the financial system earn interest, those with a poor understanding of the financial system pay compounding interest.

    I don't need to be a billionaire……. I just need enough assets compounding wealth for the growth to outpace my expenses. As a boglehead I really don't have to do a lot, just cut my expenses down and invest most of my income into a three fund portfolio. Rome was not built in a day, and neither will my retirement and investment funds.

    Mustachians also have this philosophy of cutting down expenses and investing 50% or more of their money.

  7. Does the new pronunciation of "didn't" sound like "diddent"? Because I've heard so many people on YouTube saying it that way, and it is becoming somewhat annoying.

  8. God, it is the highest epitome of selfishness to do these things with your money!
    I know what I'd do with my money: things like animal refuges, feeding the starving campaigns and bringing power and electricity to places that desperately need it. How about a channel that does truthful journalism?

    Oh, I can think of so many things! My heart hurts watching videos like this! They're so….Americanized!

  9. Using figures to say what someone's chances are is pitifully stupid. The math is something my eight year old knows is not true.
    Unless the billionaires of the world ALL played the lottery to become that way, the "chance" thing is just over-the-top idiocy

  10. Yes, Warren Buffet only pays income tax on 0.018% of his asset worth. That's because you don't pay income tax on assets, you pay it on income. Do better research.

  11. for last 19 years i been averaging 4 hour sleep per day…….with few days a year when i take full 1-2 days lazy snoozing whole day. following alone time. it does work, but it have few disadvantages in social life (what i dont have nor want)…..and yes i got all 4 trades but 3rd one im still working on to be 100%

  12. I’m impressed how incredibly wrong you are. You should study before making videos like this! Lack of compassion and readiness to blackstab for success is a narcissist and sometimes a sociopath ..Psychopath will not cry or care if a pet or family member dies. In fact they would deliberately kill their family or anyone for any gain. You described traits of Narcissist and labeled it as Psychopath. You got everything wrong and you’re promoting disinformation & this is annoying!

  13. I have the sleeping gift, i love sleep but even +8 hours i feel like i didn't get anything, but when its -4 hours i feel like i slept for a decade.. i always wake up at 5

  14. Bill Gates STOLE two of his buddies that he worked with ideas! That is STEALING OTHERS HARD WORK, not his idea, theomlythinghewaspatientabout was waiting for the time to steal their discoveries right out from under their noses! CERTAINLY NO GENIUS!
    His money and Microsoft are not his creation! That tract o whatever company that was a failure as well as the he himself a failure and EUGENICS TYRANT who is BILL GATES AND HIS WICKEDLY WIFE MELINDA OR BELINDA or whatever HER STUPID NASTY NAME IS?

  15. Hey now. You aren’t automatically a psycho just cause you have money. There are crazy people from all walks of life. It’s a choice.

  16. Makes videos to disprove conspiracy theories.
    Makes a video proving elites have a distinct gene that sets them apart.
    David Ike would be proud man.

  17. I have the hDEC gene. Once I slept 3 hours before my semester exam to pull all nighters .
    But still I like to sleep 6 hours even though I don't need it. Also I have 3/4 traits of Psychopath. So maybe I should try to be a billionaire.

  18. One day someone might invent self-sustaining nuclear fusion and they will have an absolute monopoly. The only problem is that they will be targeted by oil company hired snipers.

  19. This ass clown : I just described Donald trump. Hmmmmm…

    Because politicians are the most honest people on the planet? Oh,oh.. because politicians care about other people??

    You my friend are a total dumb shit and liberal scumbag and should be disappeared from the planet if caring about the planet is really what people believe.

  20. You talk of people who have made massive Fortune's which is fair……. Where is Nikola Tesla? Would of been the richest man in history , if he got paid from Westinghouse like he agreed too. Long live Nikola!

  21. I figured long ago that most politicians are psychopaths. Businessmen don’t surprise me. I work closely with a friend I’ve known for years in his ever expanding publishing company. He is nothing short of ruthless with everyone. He will fire someone at the drop of a hat. I have sometimes saved people’s jobs by talking him out of it but not indefinitely. He turns on me but I just walk away. I won’t suffer if I leave and he knows it. And though he’s tried to replace me a few times he found he couldn’t. Then he’s my friend again. You just have to decide whether you want friends or money. The image of Scrooge was accurate.

  22. 7:12 having all that money will give you that level of energy
    p.s you told us in a former video that getting less sleep can be deadly

  23. The early riser stuff is bullshit. Higher IQ people wake up higher in the day. Many of whom you mention are actually just employees who rose up in the ranks, they didn't invent or create anything.

  24. Thanks. Now I know how to become a multi-billionaire now and will do it, so I can built beautiful classically designed catholic cathedrals and donate 66% to Church and charity (I and beautiful wife or monastery keep 33%).

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  25. 8:29 the Margaret Thatcher who trained her self to sleep 4 hours everynight, and Winston Churchill who worked from bed early in the morning, both died due to a cerebrovascular accident, it happened for Winston churchill after he has seen his mental faculties degrade one after the other and develop a depression. Ronald Reagan who's sleeping habits were known to be of very little sufficiency went on to develop Alzheimers later in his life. I can keep going with examples, but that is just to say that if billionaires made their fortune thanks to their problem solving skills then The right thing to do if one desires to increase his chances of becoming a billionaire (the right thing at least 98% of the times) is to get good sleep, as the dangerous effects of sleep deprevation on one's cognetive abilities (and one's health for that matter) have been demonstrated times before, and it is hoped that people will listen listen (unlike what happened with tabacco in the 50's) before it's too late.
    PS: a video from the same channel about the effects sleep deprevation on the body:

  26. In conclusion, most billionaires are…satanists ( or make profound amoral decisions ). A huge price to pay for some earthly power. I take the path of Christ any day, but there are things to learn from billionaires that we can apply and become more efficient and more successful in our lives.

  27. I perfectly understand why the radio industry manufactured the homogeneous "none accent" accent. Thoughty2, I spend 1/8 the video trying to weed-out what you're saying.😕

  28. So if my passion is parkour and i don’t have any money my skills should get me there innit? Fuck it! making a certain income first is key to even think bout boosting my “passion” you bitch!

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