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HILLARY: On January 3rd, Lifetime debuted
the documentary ‘Surviving R.Kelly,’ illuminating some sobering news about the artist, who has long been accused of sexually abusing young women. MIKKA: Why didn’t anyone notice? We all notice it’s just that no one cared
because we were black girls. SURVIVOR: I’m sorry… HILLARY: One revelation was that R.Kelly wrote
Michael Jackson’s 1995 hit “You Are Not Alone,” about a teen he was abusing. LIZETTE: At this time I’m a senior in high
school and I had found out that I was pregnant. And a few days later, I had a miscarriage. When he wrote it, he was thinking of me. HILLARY: “You Are Not Alone,” topped the
Billboard Hot 100 in September 1995. HILLARY: And according to R.Kelly, he wrote
it for the King of Pop himself, saying quote: HILLARY: By 1994, R.Kelly, then 27, had already
wed and separated from singer Aaliyah, who was 15. They met through the production of her debut
album ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number’ and he’d written her breakout single of the same name about a young girl talking an older man into sleeping with her. HILLARY: In another, terrible revelation from
the documentary, a background singer named Javonte Cunningham said she walked in on Kelly
and Aaliyah having sex. HILLARY: Aaliyah’s family issued a statement
saying the story isn’t true. HILLARY: While R.Kelly has made music that’s
sexually over the top, he’s also made gospel-influenced hits that may have muddied the waters for
some about whether they should walk away from him. Songs like “I Believe I Can Fly” from
1996’s kid-friendly ‘Space Jam.’ HILLARY: And Celine Dion’s “Angel” in
1998. HILLARY: Even the remix to “Ignition”
dropped in the shadow of allegations that he’d sexually abused a 14-year-old girl
and filmed the encounter in 2000. The DVD was literally sold on city streets
like a bootleg movie. In 2003, “Ignition” peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. HILLARY: Numerous women have accused R.Kelly
of abuse. In 2000, Jim DeRogatis first wrote about Kelly’s
child pornography tape, leading to a criminal trial in 2008. Despite 14 witnesses and the victim’s aunt,
singer Sparkle, identifying the girl in the video, Kelly was acquitted. HILLARY: And then he said this. TOURE: Do you like teenage girls? R. KELLY: When you say teenage, how old are
we talking? HILLARY: In 2017, DeRogatis also broke a story
about a young woman who was reportedly being held against her will in a “sex cult”
led by Kelly. HILLARY: The following year, R. Kelly released
a nineteen minute long song called “I Admit,” where he addressed those allegations directly. HILLARY: Along with longtime accusations of
sexual assault and pedophilia. HILLARY: Singer K. Michelle, who was also
in a relationship with R. Kelly for a time, had this to say. K. MICHELLE: At the same time I was the girl saying something happened to me, and the world told me it didn’t happen. When I look on the blogs and
I see these girls telling they stories… it breaks my heart, because I was once that girl like, somebody knows the truth. Nobody gonna take up for me? HILLARY: R. Kelly reportedly announced plans
to sue Lifetime if the documentary aired. He has denied all allegations. HILLARY: But based on these recent revelations,
there’s probably more damning evidence on the way. HILLARY: I’m Hillary with Genius News bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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