The Horrible “Fantastic Adventures” Mother Abuse Scandal, James Charles Ad Debate, SCOTUS & More

The Horrible “Fantastic Adventures” Mother Abuse Scandal, James Charles Ad Debate, SCOTUS & More

‘Sup you beautiful bastards, welcome back to your daily Philip DeFranco show, My name is Philip Defranco, and let’s just jump into it! And the first thing we’re gonna talk about today is the incredibly troubling story around Michelle Hackney. She’s a mother who runs a youtube channel called “Fantastic Adventures,” and she has been arrested for child abuse. The channel in question has nearly 800,000 subscribers, they’ve gotten over 250 million views, and it featured Hackney’s 7 adopted children acting in various sketches. And according to court records obtained by local news sources in Arizona, Hackney would physically abuse her children when they messed up lines, or didn’t take her direction when making videos for the channel. And going into hyper-specifics, she is being accused of locking her children in a closet, starving them, forcing them to take ice baths, pepper spraying their whole bodies, including their faces and genitalia, and beating them with belts, brushes and hangers. On at least, one occasion, and I apologize, this is very graphic– –one of her sons bled when the tip of his penis was pinched. And so she’s been arrested on seven counts of child abuse, Five counts of unlawful imprisonment, and two counts of child molestation. Now Hackney denies these accusations, saying that she would punish her kids, But only by spanking, grounding and having them stand in a corner. Also, she’s not the only one to have been arrested, her biological sons Logan and Ryan, who appear on the Fantastic Adventures Channel, have also been arrested on charges of not reporting child abuse. And as far as how she was caught, what led to these arrests, according to reports, it was actually Hackney’s 19 year old biological daughter who contacted authorities last week after one of the adopted siblings told her what was going on. That prompted the police to conduct a wellness check, and when they showed up, they found seven children who appeared pale and malnourished, and one was in a closet wearing only a pull-up diaper. According to the reports the children told officers They were hungry and thirsty with one child drinking three 16-ounce water bottles in less than 20 minutes also reportedly one was even afraid to eat because they feared the mother would smell the food on their breath the police also obtained a Search warrant and found bottles of pepper spray in Hackney’s room Which was actually located next to the closet that the children were often locked in which was dubbed the green room and while being interviewed By police some of the children’s hold officers they’ve been subject to numerous forms of abuse with one saying I either get beat with a hanger or Belts or a brush or get pepper sprayed from head to toe. Also according to authorities hackney removed the children from school They haven’t been to school in years so that the kids could focus on making YouTube videos work but also we probably don’t have all of the information because reportedly some of the kids couldn’t even go through with the interviews and they Were shaking and afraid and as far as Hackney’s adult biological sons You had Logan who spoke to officers confirming that he knew of some of the abuse that was going on adding that he and his brother Ryan had considered telling the police but never acted on it also saying they would try to sneak food to their siblings when they could and as far as a young adopted kids now The Department of Child Safety has taken the seven children out of Hackney’s custody Now as far as the YouTube channel, YouTube has deemed monetized the videos on the channel But the channel does still remain up, and as far as why the channel is still up It’s essentially the same reasoning why the sevenawesomekids channel that we talked about previously That remained up and so there was a conviction with YouTube giving that same quote when we’re made aware of serious allegations of this nature We take action which may include suspending monetization or upon conclusion of an investigation terminating channel and as far as my reaction to this horror show of a story today, I I don’t even know how to properly react, everything in me wants to rage and curse her and talk about throwing the trash into the fire But this brings up the once again, one of the several issues around channels that involve children that feature children on any kind of remotely legitimate production, show… There are so many rules in place, so many safeguards in place for kids because really if you look at the kids on these channels in these videos They’re their actors, at the very least. You could say that they’re working right? They’re working to make a product And so that is child labor, you know when we look at these channels often times We probably think like worst case scenario what the parent films the kid? They don’t want to be filmed, that’s already weird, and I don’t like it But here we see a situation where based on the allegations, you have this woman that was exploiting these children abusing these children to give a product. Really trying to ruin them with abuse, ruin their future by pulling them out of school and it really makes me wonder I mean what can be put in place to protect these kids so really what the story I have like this this anger and this kind of Feeling of helplessness. No No, but of course with this story There’s a story some of my person will take away and I pass a question off to you What do you think about the story? How do you feel with this story? And then let’s talk about advertising and part of the reason not the only reason but part of the reason this story has popped up And people have been requesting It is James Charles. James Charles, of course, massive in the YouTube beauty makeup space. On one of his latest videos, he got some backlash for the number of ads he used. One particularly that caught his attention. “Six ads in a 24 minute video PLEASE. STOP. Girl I know you gotta make that money but maybe 2-3 for 24 minutes I don’t know I’m tired of ads being the new transition. You have so many sister subs that I feel you out of most don’t need that many ads.” So James Charles tweeted back, responded that “6 ads on a 30 minute YouTube video equals roughly four minutes of ads which you can usually skip, and which YouTube takes a huge percentage of, but a 30 minute TV show has eight minutes of non-skippable ads and no one questions it. Please stop complaining when youtubers recognize their worth.” Then even people comparing James to other big Youtubers people saying things like Jenna Marbles puts one ad on her videos either sit back But YouTube videos are not comparable to TV. It wasn’t just complaints in backlash It was actually an interesting discussion happening online. People comparing the digital space to the mainstream space I mean we even did a deep dive on it. Just what one two weeks ago Saw James post more tweets later on saying if you think I’m annoying on camera about YouTube business and marketing You should see me in some of the phone calls and meetings I have. I’m totally okay with looking greedy or obnoxious if it means that traditional media may finally start to understand the value of content creators and what we bring to the table. I am fighting the battle now, and I’m so grateful to have a loyal fan base that understand what I’m trying to achieve and will support me and I hope to pave a way for future creators to be respected in the Entertainment industry.” Now I will say if I am critical to some degree in defeat that feels a little self-important You know connected how this story started It feels a little bit like yes, I am a hero for running 6 minerals, but from a business standpoint I do understand some of the struggles I do understand some of the ambitions and I do understand the lack of respect Even the largest creators at times get from the mainstream I don’t just mean that with the mainstream media, but with certain digital brands There’s this whole education that’s been happening over the past decade But ultimately what I would say to James any other creator the audience out there is the market design, right? Let’s look at James’s new video. He’s a pre-roll post-roll and five minerals So seven ads and all of these individuals get to decide either one They’re completely fine with us or they’ll just watch through the ads – maybe they’re bothered by a– they stop watching They unsubscribe three perhaps it pushes them to get a youtube premium subscription Which of course removes ads from videos or four maybe pushes a viewer to get an ad blocker or change the whitelist settings on their? Adblock the market decides and as of right now the market in general appears to be fine with this But he’s got over three million views it’s number two trending on YouTube and obviously audiences are different, but I will say in general looking at the number of creators that are putting a great number of mid rolls in their content It seems like in general people are okay with it. A good example of someone massively successful that uses a ton of mid rolls is Mr. Beast Although I will say he is a very unique example because there there’s a lot of money being spent or given away in a lot of his videos I mean, for example, he recently did this $200,000 airsoft battle royale with a ton of other youtubers 26 minutes with mid rolls pre-roll post-roll He has nine heads and the video as a whole is sponsored by apex legend But once again, there’s a difference in a video that takes a lot a lot a lot of production. There’s $200,000 being given away and Kind of just someone speaking to camera or doing something even Slightly greater than that that really only hits on viewer acceptance and I think it brings up this interesting conversation Of should it matter how much something costs to me? Right, if you’re able to make a mainstream TV show for a lot less than let’s say any of the other big players But that new show that doesn’t cost that much money. It gets a ton of big ads It brings in a ton of money and I then show for some reason make less because it took less money or took less time I personally don’t think so and also as far as the use of a good number of mid rolls on the platform I think we have to see it more and more and it’s not Necessarily because of greed or just because people want to make more money but because of stability, you know, whenever we talk about it I talked about YouTube being you know an unsustainable place It’s a shaky space depending on your content and if you want to be able to do this long term You have to be able to predict your revenue end for example of how unsustainable and you don’t you never know what’s gonna happen today’s video gets hit because we covered that very troubling but Important story to cover it will be the fourth video in a row that was deem monetized on this channel It’s unfortunately why we have to put so much effort into side business ventures that helped fund us and selling our own Sponsorships in show which takes our time right? We have to Frank. Well lead our patreon other people have patrons as well So part of this is also you’ve had more and more creators adding minerals because some of their videos are just getting D monetized in General so the videos that don’t get hit need to make more money But ultimately, like I said the market decides right if you look at the mainstream There are products that get past ads there are people that also steal content also A lot of people where their attention jumped to digital because you didn’t have a ton of ads where you got a different experience But ultimately and I’ll say it a million times the market decides that said you’re part of the market What are your thoughts on this from that I want to share some stuff? I love today is a day in Austin brought to you by Nord VPN dot-com slash Phil if you’re not familiar with VPNs much like A firewall protects your data on your computer VPN is protected online. You don’t like being tracked You don’t like me watch you want to feel secure Nord VPNs there? It’s about where you’re giving up info and to who and I mean part of the issue is your info is being sold and resold And resold until it possibly lands in the wrong hands. We should all really be using a VPN at home at the office But especially when we’re away from that I think of Nord as your digital condom or seat belt right something that prevents Results that you would rather not be also Nord VPN has thousands of super fast servers in 61 countries And absolutely no data logger You can try it risk-free with a 30 day money back guarantee And if you go to north VPN comm slash really he was code fil you’ll get 75% off a three-year plan and get an extra month for free head on over to Nord VPN comm slash Vil and start protecting yourself Online today the first bit of Awesome today. Oh let the nostalgia flow We got an announcement video for Bill and Ted three face the music then a quick shout out and congratulations to Shane Dawson Rylan Adams who are reportedly now engaged and we have been chewing with babish giving us the cake from Portal We got the official trailer for stranger things season 3 got the honest trailer for Aquaman we got the teaser trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in every legend and apex legends explained by respawn if you want to See the full versions of everything I just shared the secret link of the day really anything at all links is always on the description down below now Let’s talk about what’s happening with Florida’s historic amendment for which if you don’t remember restores voting rights to former felon It’s something we’ve talked about a number of times on the show before but a quick TL DR for those of you who don’t know Amendment 4 was a referendum on the floor to ballot during the last midterm elections and it was overwhelmingly passed by voters with nearly 65% of the vote and this is a massive deal because prior to the amendment Florida automatically prohibited all former felons from voting But amendment 4 automatically restored voting rights to felons would completed the terms of their sentence this including jail time Probation parole paying fines or restitution also it’s important to note not all felons Right the amendment did apply to people with murder or felony sex convictions And so as far as the overall impact the amendment is expected to restore the Voting Rights of nearly one point four million people in Florida as if I remember the last Time we talked about amendment for it adjustment added to Florida’s Constitution and many have registered to vote since January But the amendment was already receiving challenges from the state’s new Republican governor Ron de Santos with the DeSantis saying Florida lawmakers need to outline guidance for evaluating voter eligibility Specifically so sex offenders don’t quote fall through the cracks But because the states lawmakers weren’t set to convene until March we were left in kind of Wait and see situation which brings us to yesterday When a Florida House committee advanced a bill that would actually limit the number of former felons who can now vote and it does this In two key ways one It defines what would prevent someone from having their voting rights restored? specifically it disqualifies anyone convicted of felonies with any kind of sexual Component from having their rights restored which includes things like having an adult entertainment story. That was too close to a school in certain prostitution crimes and two it requires former felons to pay all court costs and fees before their sentence can be quote complete even if those costs were not given By a judge as part of the person’s sentence and almost immediately we saw a huge backlash with critics saying of the bill targets lower income citizens and goes against the will of Florida’s voters really Evans seen a voting rights attorney at the ACLU Saying what the barrier is proposed in this bill do is nearly guarantee that people will miss election after election Because they cannot afford to pay financial obligations continuing It’s an affront to the Florida voters with Evans Dean also sang with financial obligations and the bill Disproportionately affect two main groups one low income felons and two former felons who committed property crimes and were sentenced to pay large restitution and put on payment plans to do so and when looking at the numbers according to the annual reports from the Florida Clarkson Comptroller’s more than 1 billion in felony fines were issued between 2013 and 2018 But an average of only 19 percent of that money was paid back per year Havenstein also added that the bill actually requires the victim or organization the ex-felon Oh is fees to to consent to the felons voting rights being restored this even if a court waives their payment of Fees in the first place which adds yet another unusual barrier he also saw a desmond meet a former felon who helped lead the initiative to get amendment four on the ballot saying he and his Organization florida rights restoration coalition opposed this measure and others including the FR RC have called the bill unconstitutional overreach with some even comparing this bill to a poll tax among those calling you that you had Alexandria Ocasio cortez on the other side. We saw people disputing This saw state representative james grant was one of the main architects of this bill say to suggest that this is a poll-tax Inherently diminishes the atrocity of what a poll tax actually was adding. All we’re doing is following statute All we’re doing is following the testimony of what was presented before the florida supreme court explicitly Acknowledging that fines and court costs are part of a sentence grant also defended the more strict definition of felony sex sang There is absolutely zero significance to the term. Felony sex had the language said sex offender That would have meant something and so as far as what happened next I mean you have the current version of the bill that has been approved by a House committee So that’s the first step then the next step is moving the bill to a vote on the House floor also following the bill’s approval on the house committee Politico reported that the president of Florida State Senate said he expects his chamber to drop a companion measure it was also reported that Governor De Santis said Tuesday that he had not yet seen the wording of a measure but supported having the Florida Legislature outline how the amendment should be implemented saying do you want the executive branch to just Unilaterally by Fiat make these decisions or do you want it to be in a public debate? But with all that said to simplify it it’s very likely that this is gonna get through right both Florida’s House and Senate have Republican Majorities DeSantis is a Republican. I mean that’s Republican trifecta You know, this is a very big deal considering what a battleground state Florida is going into the 2020 election He’ll just in these last midterm elections the races for US Senate and governor for Florida were so close it forced automatic recounts So that’s where we are right now really unless there is unprecedented Backlash III see this moving forward, but I still want to ask the question to you What are your thoughts around this you see this bill as going against the will of the people of Florida or do you see this? as kind of guardrails or necessary hurdles and then finally Let’s talk about the Supreme Court in the past few days The Supreme Court has given out rulings on various cases one dealt with state and tribal treaty is another with manufacturer Liability one about what constitutes a debt collector and yet another was sent down to a lower court lot the courts five-to-four decision In Nielsen v pre-op has been extremely controversial in a massive win for the Trump administration So what was the court’s ruling? Well that ice can arrest non-citizens entertain them for months or years based on past convictions with no chance of release on bond But also of know this decision doesn’t really change how deportations work in the United States But policy was only different on the west coast after a pass ruling from the Ninth Circuit So this Supreme Court decision just brings the west coast back in line with the rest of the nation and the case comes from two Similar situations one involves a Cambodian man. It was a legal permanent resident in 2006 He was arrested and convicted for possessing marijuana But it wasn’t actually until 2013 when he was arrested for battery that authorities tried to deport him But the way they were trying to deport him was based on the marijuana charge Which was his only? deportable offense and eventually the Cambodian man ther won his deportation case and the other case in question involves a Palestinian man who has served A 30-day drug charge in 2011 two years later. He was detained by ice they tried to deport him and he was held for six months before a judge ordered his release and the man there also won his case and in both of these situations the men held without bond meaning they just sat in jail until their deportation case was done So people have said that this decision clearly ignores the Constitution which has many guarantees for quote all persons in the u.s Not just citizens. Now. Here’s the thing about the case The Supreme Court was never actually deciding on whether or not this was constitutional the ACLU who were representing the plaintiffs in this case argued that holding the man to be deported without a bond hearing years after they finished their punishments was Against a specific law not against the constitutional law. They were talking about was the 1996 illegal immigration reform and immigration Responsibility Act Otherwise known as IRA IRA and IRA IRA says that the government can hold immigrants convicted of certain crimes without bond when they are released From jail. So what are those certain crimes? well That’s kind of unclear law is extremely vague and often immigrants who are convicted of crimes are unsure if they qualify Also, there’s a question of well What does when they are released from jail me that has also been seen as vague and in this case the ACLU said that it should mean right when they are released from jail under presidents Clinton and Bush. That was the policy However, both the Obama and Trump administrations both argued that convicted immigrants could be detained without bond years later under IRA IRA So what that means is that right now a legal permanent resident could have been convicted of a drug charge Let’s say 15 years ago and be detained for Deportation hearings and they could be detained for however long those hearings take which could be months or a year Now all of that said despite this case being about the specific wording of a law The liberal justices were worried about the constitutionality of it Anyway, justice Breyers saying the law was ambiguous and that they couldn’t answer what Congress intended with the law having quote We cannot decide that question without bearing in mind basic American legal values The government’s duty not to deprive any person of Liberty without due process of law The nation’s original commitments protect the unalienable right to Liberty and less abstract ly and more directly the long-standing right of virtually all Persons to receive a bail here whoever it is also important to note that the conservative justices don’t necessarily think that the law is constitutional They just aren’t willing to answer questions that weren’t brought up before the court with Justice Alito writing We emphasize that respondents arguments here have all been statutory even their Constitutional concerns or offered as just another pillar in an argument for their preferred reading of the language of IRA IRA an idle pillar here Because the statute is clear while respondents might have raised a head on constitutional challenge to IRA IRA They did not and despite the court’s ruling here Cecilia Wang had lawyer on the case for the ACLU still thinks that within the framework of the law The case has its merits not including constitutional problems weeding out We’ve lost a valiant battle in Neilson VIII preempted a two terms in a row now SCOTUS has ruled in favor of the most extreme Interpretation of the mandatory immigration detention statute which results in detention without any individualized hearing on flight risk or danger adding We will never give up fighting against the senseless mass incarceration without a hearing however on that note it could take years before the Supreme Court rehears the case on whether provisions in IRA IRA are constitutional or not and so really until IRA IRA is reread nor until a constitutional challenge is decided on many Democrats in the United States can be arrested years after finishing a jail sentence and held without bond while They wait for their deportation proceedings to finish really that’s where we are with this one for now So with that said I do want to pass the question off to you What are your thoughts around this and that’s where we’re going to end today’s show and remember if you like this video Do not hit that like button. This is not reverse psychology. Also, if you’re new here definitely don’t hit subscribe. Sure We post five philip defranco shows and two morning shows with more coming in the near future But it’s definitely no need to hit subscribe and ring that bell to turn on notifications Also on that note if you missed yesterday’s philip defranco show or the extra morning news deep-dive do not feel like you need to click Right there to watch those right now. But with that said, of course as always, my name’s philip defranco You’ve just been phill’d in a love yo faces and i’ll see you tomorrow twice

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  47. Just an update on this story:

    Machelle Hobson (the mother) has died at a hospital in Scottsdale. Hobson was hospitalized with a brain injury while in jail. A family acquaintance said Hobson had a brain aneurysm and had been placed in a care facility, after being released from jail with conditions in early June.

    Scottsdale police said they will continue to pursue Hobson's assets, which includes more than $100,000 in cash. All money will go to her 7 adopted children, 5 of whom are in foster care.

    Like this when you see it.

  48. A perfect example of karma as I just got a notification that the mother has died. For all thebdigusting torture, abuse and neglect she inflicted on those kids and now look how karma got her back, smh. I never wish death upon anyone except for murders, rapist and child abusers and it just goes to show that she got hers

  49. Phil, sorry to tell you this but parents EXPLOITING THEIR CHILDREN (especially if they aren't biological or are adopted/fostered) has been happening LONG BEFORE YOUTUBE!
    Look at the Jackson 5, that father was such an abusive asshole that all the kids disowned him.

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