The Alcohol Cravings Will Be Over Soon!

The Alcohol Cravings Will Be Over Soon!

I’m Kevin O’Hara for and
today I want to do a quick video on the alcohol cravings will be over soon. When you first give up alcohol, it can sometimes
feel like the cravings just add the weight of the world onto your shoulders.
But it’s a physical or a mental discomfort that’s not going to last. So whatever way you look at life, whether
you look at it like you’ve got a long time on the planet or a short space of time, those
little spasms of cravings are only going to last a short length of time.
You might remember the overall quit thing, I remember giving up the cigarettes and I
remember the whole thing was vaguely very difficult.
But I hardly remember any moments, and it’s the same with quitting alcohol.
Those specific moments, you won’t remember, you’ll forget all about them. So just fight through, they don’t last long,
and each craving that you give a kicking to will just add to your power for dealing with
the next ones that come along. As normal, I’d love to hear your comments,
your questions, your stories, anything… Just comment down below.
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My name’s Kevin O’Hara for Alcohol Mastery. Onwards and Upwards!

10 thoughts on “The Alcohol Cravings Will Be Over Soon!”

  1. My plan isn't really to stop drinking alltogether but to drastically cut down. For the last 6 months I've been drinking a hell of a lot and it's started to become a problem, most of all on my economy, because I spend all my money on alcohol. I don't have the physical addiction so I'm not having any withdrawal symptoms but the cravings are really weighing me down. I have to fight myself not to go to the store to buy alcohol. Luckily I live in a country where you can't get alcohol 24/7. These videos are helpful, so thank you.

  2. After being born as my father's 'drinking buddy', I'd always had beer in the basement fridge since the age of 14.  The beer was for me.  Last year, after everything had fallen apart, I quit for 6 months before the holiday festivities enticed me into the drink  again.  I've stopped for 1 month, or a week here and there, but has been much more difficult now that I've relapsed.  I say "I can just quit again", and head to the liqour store.  What are your favorite foods and sodas that curb your appetite for drinking?  I hate the cravings and physical anxiety that follows it.  I've been drinking a 6 pack a day, and make sure to drink plenty of water 3-4 pints before heading to bed so I can function without the hangover.  I work a physical job, so it's been hard to hit the gym after like I used to.  I now know I need to take care of myself and be less self destructive.  The main question is: What are the best foods and drinks to curb the cravings?

  3. BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse

    i've been on a roller  coaster ride of  sober  10 days  then heavy craving     gave into it last  week  but  thank be   only  1 night   soo back on the wagon    i am thankful  it  did   not turn  into a   3 day  bender  stay  dry guys

  4. Just turned 40 and started my third week without drinking. As the saying goes , the idea of the fight is worse than the fight itself, And i'm shitting myself ! I'm going to do it this time though because it needs to be done. Obliterated, eradicated , remove from my life once and for all.

  5. can withdrawl symptoms be deadly?  I drink 3.2 beer every evening.  average about 14 cans a night.  that's one reason Im scared about quitting cold turkey. ??

  6. I just began my 3rd full week of total sobriety yesterday. Kevin and his videos have been a huge help for me getting over the hump. I would love to know how the folks who've commented on this particular video are doing. Stay strong and keep the alcohol out of your mouths, onward and upward! Peace, love, and sobriety.

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