The 7 Bad Habits Every Poor Person Has

The 7 Bad Habits Every Poor Person Has

7 bad habits every poor person has
The difference between rich people and poor people is their habits. We are all a sum of our choices and unfortunately
most people who are poor are that way because they chose to get trapped by habits of poor
people. As Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly
do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” If you want to avoid poverty then you must
examine your daily choices and check if they’re leading you to wealth or the opposite. That being said, you must free yourself of
the habits of poor people and embrace rich people habits to have a better life and a
better future. In this video we will be sharing with you
7 bad habits every poor person has, that you must not have if you want to be rich. If you are new here, consider subscribing
so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. HABIT NO. 1
Poor people spend more when they earn more There is no harm if you choose to raise your
standard of living when you earn more money. But, if you are always looking for ways to
spend your money, you may end up not having any savings. The truth is if you increase your expenses
because of the increase in your income every time, you may end up having nothing to show
for your hard work. Unfortunately, this is what most poor people
do. Consistently raising your expenditure is a
good way to accumulate debt and to remain stuck in the echelons of poverty. If you have a raise or earn more, the extra
dollars should go into your investment account, not to the bank account of the big corporation
whose aim is to sell you stuffs you may not need in the first place. HABIT NO. 2
Poor people keep poor company If you want to stop being broke then you need
to start hanging around people who are successful. People that don’t have any money tend to
not give the best advice. Why? Because the choices that they have made are
why they are broke. The same is true for successful people. The reason why they are successful is because
they have made decisions that helped them spend less, save more, invest wisely. If you want money, hang out with people who
are rich or people who want to be rich, not people who make excuses or who don’t care
about being rich. HABIT NO. 3
Poor people expect a financial miracle Many people think and keep dreaming of one
day someone will just drop bags of money on their door step. Or they will wake up one day and their account
will be credited with millions. Hence they get involved in pools betting,
gambling, casino, and other get-rich-quick activities, hoping for sudden wealth that
never comes. They end up making others (the pools and casino
owners) richer, and they themselves poorer. Gambling is not a sound plan to lift you out
of poverty. Gambling relies on random luck. The odds of winning Powerball are 1 in 175
million. That’s basically zero. Seventy-seven percent of poor people admitted
to playing the lottery regularly, versus 6% of the rich. While the poor WAIT to get lucky, the rich
WORK to get lucky. HABIT NO. 4
Poor people give reasons for their failure The poor give all sorts of reasons and excuses
for their failure and inability to become rich. The poor are good at not accepting responsibility
for their financial status or station in life. They will rather blame other people and circumstances
for their plight, failure and lack of achievement. However, no matter what alibis they come up
with, they still remain poor because alibis cannot translate into money. Successful people don’t have reasons why
they are not wealthy yet because they are working on something to get there. Stop making excuses. Get out and pursue your dreams. HABIT NO. 5
Poor people don’t value time Time is money and the rich understand this. Sixty-five percent of the rich created at
least three streams of income during their lives. Conversely, the poor all relied on one stream
of income. They didn’t invest their time wisely in building
their careers or building a side business. I’ve yet to meet a successful person who was
willing to waste his or her precious time and mental energy gossiping about other people
or watching TV for fun or entertainment if they have nothing to learn from it. When you’re wasting your time watching TV,
on social media, or reading for entertainment, it leaves little time to do productive things
like reading to learn, building relationships with other success-minded individuals, via
networking or volunteering, or building a side business. HABIT NO. 6
Poor people love waiting Everyone wants to succeed but very few people
are willing to step into the cold waters. Do you see the problem here? In the history of the world, no marathon race
has ever been won (or even finished) by someone who never left the starting line. As you’re stuck saying that you have no
enough capital to start, someone else is busy making good use of whatever little they have. As you’re busy lamenting that there are
no business ideas, someone else is busy sharpening his innovation claws. When you’re busy complaining about a problem
in your society, someone else is busy thinking how to start a business that solves that problem. Stop waiting! Go out there and get it. HABIT NO. 7
Poor people don’t usually recognize potential Money
Most poor people lack the ability to see opportunities. They usually fail to recognize money that
is not yet converted into cash or paper money. Many poor people have dis-used assets, talents,
abilities, specialized knowledge, information and hobbies that could be converted into cash
or developed into full fledged businesses. But they are unable to convert or package
these advantages into products and services that many people want and are willing to pay
for. They forget that they can create enormous
wealth by simply adapting their talents and abilities towards the improvement of life
for many others, through the provision of services or products. Stop seeing money as that paper. Money is the invisible idea and you need insights
to be able to see it. Money isn’t scarce in the world but because
so many people buy liabilities, make excuses, blame others and waste time, they become poor. You enjoy this video, don’t you? We’ll like to give you another interesting
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  2. 7 Habits of Poor People
    1# They spend more when they earn more
    2# They keep poor company (Don't hang around people who want to be successful)
    3# They expect financial miracles
    4# They give reasons for their failure
    5# They don't value time (They waste their time doing stuff that doesn't help them to do productive things)
    6# They wait (They never start something because they're talking about how they don't have capital to do stuff when someone else is starting a business with whatever they have)
    7# They don't recognize potential money

  3. 7 mistakes poor people do :
    1 .. Believe what rich people say ..
    2 .. Work hard ..
    3 .. Play by the rules
    4 .. Having a good heart ..
    5 .. Getting married ..
    6 .. Having children ..
    7 .. Watching this YouTube video ..

  4. this is a joke . people are poor cuz they have to pay way to much for a place to live too much to travel to work. the company you keep has nothing to do with your earning potential

  5. Money is the root of all evil. There is nothing wrong with developing your talents and abilities but if you do it for money alone you are worshiping mamon instead of God. If you love God and follow him you are rich no matter how much money you have.

  6. When you hang around negative and unproductive people, you become like them. If you hang around positive, resourceful, proactive people, you become like them. A man is but the product of his thoughts. Thanks for educating us

  7. Zavia Hope Thomas - Wounded Soul Refuge

    I am seeing a great deal of ignorance in your assumptions of poor people! Clearly you have never sat down with poor people who desire and have worked toward getting out of poverty! You have clearly based all of this off of your opinions and assumptions. Yes there are those who have no work ethic to leave where they are but many want to but do not have the means to do so. The middle class and wealthy are too threatened by the poor people with drive and ability to pass them up.

  8. I'm poor because the rich know I would stop their passive income loop hole and close of the ability to pass off income through capital gains to avoid paying their share. All I see now is humanity is increasingly becoming individualistic and narcissistic unfortunately, but hey rich people will hold your hand tell you everything is going to be OK while taking everything you got. Remember knowledge, language, and the truth are the most important characteristics we have that will always be free and that is what they fear, People armed with the truth.

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