Teen Dating Abuse Survivors

Teen Dating Abuse Survivors

30 thoughts on “Teen Dating Abuse Survivors”

  1. Thanks for liking the video! The music was written for the video, I don't know if It has a name but I can try and see if I could get you a copy.

  2. i'm only 14 but i'm starting high school so i'm probably gonna get in2 a relaintionship soon i just wanna know i'm dating someone good

  3. It seems to happen to the most nice, genuine people, the people who are vunrable are usually the ones most desirable in life, it's a shame it happens to anyone, not to mention the good people within the world.

  4. Glad to see that you are educating yourself on some serious topics. My advice is to not rush into dating too soon. Get to know yourself, reach your goals and become more secure in who you are (not saying that you're not). Guy will always be around. Hope all works out for you. God Bless!!!!!!!!

  5. thank you for that video. i'm currently reading a book by dr. jill murray "but he never hit me" this book is about non physical abuse, i was in an emotionally abusive relationship with my sons father. the first things some of these girls mention (jealousy, constantly needing to know where you are, what you're doing, controlling who you speak to) are abuse in itself before the physical even started. please remember that, and as dr.murray says LOVE IS A BEHAVIOR. not words, not a sorry.

  6. @Phelpswife91 I'm sorry to hear that you experienced abuse in a past relationship. It takes a lot of courage to leave and to talk about your experiences with others. Thank you so much for sharing & I'm happy to hear that the video made you feel like you are not alone.

  7. @spartakittyrules101 That's good. I am a guy as well, and seeing men abuse their girlfriend is just fucked up. I have never once done that to any girl at all.

  8. It's not the boyfriends fault for the abuse situation, it's the girls fault. Anybody can act however they want including guys, the problem is girls always choose to date them and choose to walk into their lives. For example, I see psychotic thugs and freaks in the train station but I ignore them. If I were to talk to them or say something, there's a good chance that I could be abused. Similar to boyfriend/girlfriend situations.

  9. Hmm…. funny how they're all women. It's pretty disgusting how, in today's society, if a woman hits a man, he's a pussy, but when a man hits a woman, he's a monster.

  10. Why is this video only about women? Men get abused: Slapped, controlled, etc, all the time by women. This needs to be an equal debate.

  11. And thats real nice to talk about a girl's misery, what if she is little? What if she's not like the others and your type? You should seriously get a heart! Cause most of us would care about anyone, and right now, I care about all those girls out there who read that comment, thinking bullshit. And I bet its not true that you have money and a nice car, whatever. STOP IT YOU FREAKING JERK!

  12. I looked over some of the comments on here. I really think it's a great movie clip. My younger brother wishes to get unbelievable with the ladies. He came to understand a fuck load from a internet page called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The recommendations concerned with seducing women in clubs in those emails coming from that website gave got him his very first fucks in 4 yrs. I've been displeased though considering that I heard them all. Bad.

  13. Ok. I am so envious of my cousin right this moment. He has actually been single for life. Even so he got a catalogue model to inform him she has fallen in love with him in less than a thirty day period. How is that possible? He mentioned he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone amazing fell for me… I've not before seen him so happy. Kinda makes me feel bad.

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