You want more food? You want more food!? but I gave you food already, why do you want more food? Are you bulking up? A, are you.. what what? So in the back end of my living room, I’ve got this What’s the model number.. What’s the model number Peanut? Do ya know the model number? Nope! That’s right, Z5500 Or Zee 5500, depending on where you’re from My names Jeff I’ve never done this before, but what I’m going to do is.. I’m going to take this apart Also I use the satellite speakers as surround speakers yeah, they do a good enough job okay, it’s time to take this up not as heavy as the other sub so here it is In the room that’s furthest from the neighbour and what I’m going to do is, take it apart like I’ve already said time to grab a tripod not held on by anything but nails this however is held on by double sided sticky tape and I think it’s pretty difficult to take off I’ve seen people take the grill out I want to take the entire thing off the front of it, I don’t just want to take the grill off let’s see how well we do with that shall we? right so we’re in … we’re not in right so we’re here now! I’m here now and we have this and what I’m going to do is I’m .. Yeah, I’ve already explained what I’m going to do, I don’t know why I’m trying to explain that again Allen, I’m sorry mate but I’ve got your keys let’s that’s too big that’s the same size again, maybe I should just get rid of one of these enough arsing about that was loose let’s see how loose this one is ooh and the next one let’s see how loose this one is yep very loose now erm screwdriver? Luckily, I have a screwdriver here and this is one of those cheap ones check out the end of that that is a cheap ass screwdriver I’ve seen one video of a guy trying to take the grill off, and it’s not gone very well he’s sort of just stuck the screwdriver into wedged it in and sort of like you know, just sort of gone like this and left a mark on the top I’m going to turn this around let’s see how this works obviously not very well wow I don’t want to break this plastic nonsense totally not going to work now I can see why people have been taking out the grills instead Question of the day: Why did they make this so hard to remove?! this is going absolutely swell as you can tell. I didn’t mean to rhyme that just came out by accident totally fail, hmm.. now what? Let’s turn this back around obviously trying to be a smart ass and turn it around didn’t work really right so, I’ve got this screwdriver in there wedged in there like this and WOW the damage has begun na na, you know what? this is not happening! this is no good so despite wanting to be a smart ass by turning this around and preventing any damage to it I’ve still caused damage. Which I totally knew would happen. because I do that sort of stuff and now where’s the handle for this? where is the handle.. surprise M***** F***** right then, take 2 or is it 3 I don’t know, erm time to try to take the grill off what?! this seems to be coming out quite easily Another miracle ! much like the miracle from the other night miracles for everybody ! aah why is it so filthy? That’s nasty! you really need to see a close up of this, hang on a second filthy like Frank look look at the filth on that.. why oh yeah and that’s the damage I did at the top ANYWAY! which is gay because I tried to avoid that and erm .. black permanent marker solution! and also this side black permanent marker, anyway I’ve managed to take the grill off without much fuss which is what I guess I should have done in the first place but you don’t know unless you try and you have to fail now and then, in order to succeed you must fail now that we can see the sub let’s do something.. let me clean it first! There we go, how’s that? How’s that for a cleaner sub? that looks much better ‘better’ when I speak I actually don’t pronounce my ‘t’ in the word ‘understand’ I would pronounce my ‘t’ where I’m from we sometimes don’t pronounce our ‘t’s in some words is what I’m trying to say such an example would be the word ‘letter’ letter, we would say .. and I don’t know why I’m going on about how I pronounce words in a video that’s meant to be about subs SUB this is the rear end of the speaker system as if you hadn’t have guessed so in order to power this, I need to plug this in which, I have now done also I need to plug this in like so! [Japanese accent] the satellite speakers obviously connect here and the audio inputs much like the back of your PC go into this and they’re colour coded to whatever your PC would be, so orange is always sub and centre channel yeah so that’s what I’ll be connecting the input to turn it on and it should.. I haven’t plugged it in! now back to the front! okay so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to load up the ‘bass I love you’ video plug this end into there it’s that wire again by the way plug this side into the orange [Orange] oh hell no! so guess what I’m going to do? I’m going to put the screws back in joy of joys that should do yeah that’s a lot better so do you see these screws? Of course you see these screws. I’m going to use this or rather that you knew this was coming didn’t you of course you knew still don’t have an electric screwdriver so one way to increase suspense in a video, is to use a manual screwdriver! [because it takes a long time] One way to increase muscle mass in your forearm is to use a manual screwdriver and err,, one way to .. one way to boredom, is to use a manual screw .. so that’s done, how do we take this out? screwdriver [Crazy Russian Hacker] Look at that, that’s so beautiful let’s have a look at the bottom of this that’s what that looks like [Crazy Russian Hacker] WOW I’m going to leave this there for now and play this music and see how well it responds to the frequencies because to me it seemed as though it wasn’t moving as much as it should have been so it seems as though there’s some sort of subsonic filter on the amplifier so I’m going to disconnect the connectors and wire it up to another amplifier can you guess which amp I’m going to wire it to? can you? Can you guess? Kanye West okay so before I actually disconnect this sub I’m going to run some frequencies through the sub and we’ll see whether or not there actually is a subsonic filter at work 5hz is now playing just got to turn up the volume on this it’s not even moving barely moving at 10hz now it’s starting to move, that’s 15hz 20hz 25hz and 30hz that is 35hz so there’s definitely a subsonic filter at work now I’m wonder how this speaker system would perform with a different amplifier and for those of you who don’t know what a subsonic filter actually is yes it’s still all connected a subsonic filter is a high pass filter for really low frequencies and that is why this is no good at pumping out 5hz this in comparison to most is really good at pumping out low frequencies yeah you guessed it, you know what amplifier I’m going to use and right before I hit record, my cat came up to me and some how I smelt his breath his breath is NO GOOD no good what so ever and if you have bad breath it’s.. I always forget how heavy this actually is but I used to work with somebody that had really bad breath and there was no way to actually go up to him and tell him actually there was a girl as well if you’re the sort of person that really lacks in the hydration department maybe, consider drinking more water, because that will prevent your smelly breath 🙂 but yeah, it’s really difficult going up to somebody and telling them that their breath smells I don’t want to break anything but they don’t seem to be coming off maybe they’re special connectors maybe I’m just being a little special right now so what I’m going to have to do is, I’m going to cut these from around here somewhere who remembers this speaker wire if you don’t remember it then you probably didn’t watch this video right then so here we go, sub face down I really have no idea what sort of clips they’ve used on this but they’re doing a good job of staying on one thing’s for sure I’m glad I’m not a daily vlogger daily vlogging? no thankyou I would rather eat cat food right so, the second part of this THIS! right then so, the way I’m going to wire this is I’ll put the one with the stripe as the negative this is my soldering iron, or soddering iron, depending on where you’re from the lengths I go to just for videos, honestly. so first what I’m going to do is I’m just going to tin these wires Blutack and that’s going to keep this in place now I’ve just got to Blutack these Now I’ve just got to solder these or sodder these, depending on where you’re from like I said sorted Now to join them together you are now man and wife and the same for these you are now, I said you are now man you are now Bollocks! and you are now husband and husband oh they seem to like that so we’ve got man and wife and we’ve got a gay couple what has this video turned into??! this is the back of the Buttkicker amp and I’m going to connect the positive and negative the sub is now connected to the amp because there’s an air hole at the bottom here I’m going to put the speaker, on to this thing now I’ll play that same track and we’ll see how well this responds so as you can see, it’s moving and that’s how it should have been moving from the amp that the box is attached to maximum volume on the phone so finally so finally we’re so finally, finally, finally finally f-f-f-f F*** O** So finally we’re going to run some frequencies through this and I’m going to start at 30hz now I’ll take it down to 25hz who wants to see some magic? who likes magic? you like magic? oh you don’t? alright ok nevermind that is 24hz, it’s the same frequency as my camera’s frame rate so err, right now it looks as though it’s stood still, which it’s not and I can prove this by dropping something into it ah you see that now I’ll play 20hz 17 13 10 finally 5 that’s 3 .. and then that’s 1 2hz 3hz 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and I can smell something funny so, that’s not good and so can my cat, my cat’s smelling something now he’s like what the hell so there we go, that’s the Logitech sub now I’ve got to put this together again which I’ll probably not bore you with so until next time good bye

91 thoughts on “SUBWOOFER EXTRACTION ABUSE !! Logitech Z5500”

  1. i have an old logitech z530 5.1 setup but my subs volume knob is broken , have to press it into the frame for bass to work and have to hold it pressed in or wont play any bass at all 😀 how to fix that do you know ?

  2. That buttkicker amp is garbage man, mine exploded and almost burnt my entertainment center down lol. It sounded like a damn gunshot

  3. Bro do you sometimes experience subwoofer catching up some male vocals while watching movies ??? Is it normal ??? I've already set my xover for as low as 45Hz lowest setting.

  4. if you turn it up the all the way on the z5500 then keep turning the dile about another 3 full turns it goes to boost mode can go to boost 11

  5. I want to install my subwoofer in the livingroom like you did in a video but i don't know which amp to use, I want the amp to power my sub and normal speakers(5.1 surround), is that possible? I have a Climax Phatt 2000 (2000Watt, I think that's about 1000 Watt RMS i'm not shure how that works..)

  6. I think you know this, but.. that box is ported, which is probably the reason why it has a built in subsonic filter lol.

  7. You might know but the z5500 has a boost feature where you can turn it up louder than full volume by continuing to spin the volume dial. I found out accidently. And. you did remember to turn the sub volume up yes? anyway! Very funny video😂

  8. On a future video with those connectors, pinch them with something so that they open up and dont grip onto the ends. I thinks it's called a needle nose you use?

  9. what that smell means? im playing some music on old sony grx 8 and when playing on loud it start to distortion and the bass seems like gonna break and smell like burned.

  10. Hey bro somehow in every video you make you make my day so much better and also thanks to your cat your channel is awesome keep it up!!!

  11. I have one of these but i got bored of the stock Logitech Sub so i cut the hole bigger and put a JBL GT5-12 In there, it's funny how crazy it sounds even with the Stock Amp, i only use that amp because it's just a little 2.1 Desk Setup not my Full System.

  12. The reason why it wasn't moving much is because you didn't turn on the sub volume on the head unit. i have one and it has no problem being room shacking loud

  13. did you know this has a hidden extra volume.
    i loved mine. my headunit for it broke a long time ago hahah. so i have a cheap ass ebay 2.1 cable adaptor…..

  14. How do you connect it to another amp? my pod died so i got a Sony STR-DH810, statlites are fine bu I have no idea how to fix up the sub woofer.

  15. hgiH . i seen a u-tube vid., not sure of the Ch.Name.. but they learned of a code, to Unlocks all the Power this can do..

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