Students Peer Pressure Friend Into Abusing Adderall | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Students Peer Pressure Friend Into Abusing Adderall | What Would You Do? | WWYD

[alright] guys. [I] want to make a toast the only way to survive exam week. Yeah front head Wait, who’s a [d] wait you serious? You never take an adderall Kidding me it’s the best high ever Adderall it’s a powerful drug used to help kids with attention deficit disorder But other kids are misusing it to stay alert or to get high it can be dangerous and addictive one choice ended his life adderall was crushed and snorted and Then he had more drinking and then he collapsed on The sidewalk in fact according to one study one in five college students have misused Prescription stimulants [like] Adderall at least once it’s even better with a beer or three. I don’t [know] you guys Come on here try if you were at a bar and you saw this There is just a little pill trust us. We’re your friends. Well. We make you do something that isn’t totally safe. What would you do? We’re at Old man Rapper tees in New Brunswick, New Jersey You let her take an egg roll No here try it But we’re drinking That’s the point and you’re giving me out all right away These women have our guys on their radar So like when you get really tired and worn out [from] drinking like at home [pick] you back up You know kick in yeah? Yeah, I don’t know guys. I don’t know I think [you] should try it before you judge it I don’t just try it in [pain]. Just try it after observing It’s really like no big deal now. They engage don’t If your mind says no Follow your mind excuse me And then you don’t know her But while you’re getting involved cuz I’m talking to her you’re drinking wine too if you’re taking pills and drinking wine the guys try a new approach Arguing that the women are too [old] to understand our generation. This is what we do. It’s tainted because you’re younger You is gonna be different from you than anybody else. It’s not going to be it’s Gonna be the sound the same song College kids die over time From my time to yours hey mine, too Hi ladies. I’m John quinones. If what would you do? you Jump right in well. I’m a grandmother and a great-grandmother, so I would want someone to tell my granddaughter the same thing I have a 22 year old daughter and just [the] fact that it was [two] gentlemen trying to do it. Do [it] do it pressure washer Brain stop into taking drugs and drinking alcohol sometimes it’s okay to mind someone else’s business We’re rolling again and our bullies do their best to convince their friend to take that pill. So why not you Why are you such a wuss just do it? It’s no big deal. She’s such a wuss those words. Do not sit Well with this woman no don’t say [that] You have two girls here sticking up for you We had this plan last night, and she’s not agreeing to do it now, but I can drink your pressure, and I [don’t] want it I have other college students. I know I’ve heard this already You’ve heard what? About the adderall she even tells us her other daughter has tried it and I go you’re an idiot and then she said well That’s just how we do it and I’m like whatever Once the guys step away this family gives arianne their real Diagnosis if you’re questioning it and you’re not comfortable with it. Don’t do it. You should go with your intuition Okay, do not do it period Especially don’t feel comfortable. It’s not like a thing that you have She’d never do anything You’re not comfortable [if] you’re questioning that tells you don’t that’s your inner voice telling you something doesn’t feel right [put] it away It’s right away Not it’s not good. It’s not meant for that You told her you’re young you have a whole life ahead of you it’s very hard to raise kids these days because The influence factor are there beers so much less and less their parents very complicated. It’s not easy When my daughter told me that she tried it once I told her it’s pretty stupid and it’s not something that I condone It’s it’s the pressure that they have at the campus to stay awake to do well in school This is where we are All day long our guys keep pushing that little white pill anybody, whoa Daddy Yeah What do you guys what are you doing? Yeah? What [are] you ready? This man says he’s walk that walk [we] pause your age I done I did But he doesn’t want her to follow in his footsteps [the] experience that I have now I would say down really like bad [things] would come about nothing good [and] this couple We’ve heard too many horror stories Maps out [where] abusing adderall can leave well it starts with Whispers [Drive] real bad I Just put it we rolled one last time again. [you’re] thinking way too much about this. I mean come on do [it] Do it do it [well] the boys chant do it these women sitting at the bar wonder what they should do All right, look just – I’m just leaving right here Think about it you wanna Know really considered is doing it when the guys get up to leave they get down to work. Take it come on What’s impression you yeah, okay? Yeah, really if you don’t want to do that um no scratch Have you ever done at all hurt? Yeah? You don’t need to do it though Oh, no, they want to they want to go out. I wouldn’t [miss] it without really ones enough, but one sit down Especially if you’ve never done it was it was your first time? I wouldn’t dry it without all or was them since they don’t really You don’t want to be friends with people who like you only? Like you dress dress it because and it’s like they’re like your true friends. They won’t make me do anything you feel Should be good I just like yeah Just like posit somewhere when she does [just] that her new protector even takes it upon herself to hiding What is like in here something on your third away? here Hi there. I’m John. [can] my gosh. Are you kidding me you’re alright? yeah, were you thinking uh better friends were jerks and Not good people [you] told her I tried it yeah, I mean It makes it helps you focus with you know school If you need to take it, but if you don’t need to take it, it’s not prescribed to you You shouldn’t be doing it and certainly not with alcohol Exactly, and I think with a lot of peer pressure. It’s just It’s not good. [I] feel like I go to college these drugs are all over the place But I’ve seen a lot of bad [things] happen if you’re not prescribed it. You don’t how it reacts with your body These people don’t seem like your real friends well your instinct

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  1. I thought John was gonna say "All day long our guys keep pushing that little white girl" instead of pill 🤣 4:44

  2. The thing with all these videos is why would they talk to loud about doing drugs in the middle of the bar

  3. Don't take adderall good work John 👏👌😎😎😎😎😎👏👌😎😎👏😎👏😎👌👌😎👏😎👌👌👌👌

  4. Adderall is already super powerful. Do NOT use addrerall to get high. Your appetite will be HEAVILY messed up and your sleep schedule will also be messed up.

  5. People who are like "this show is so fake" …. yeah that's the point. They overdo it so they will get reactions. Otherwise how the fudge can u make this show?

  6. i've taken adderall. i wanted to get hyped. nothing happend, i got really normal and relaxed instead.. but i have some mental issues so i think it just stabilized me. not wanna be addicted to adderall thou.. even if i have adhd

  7. Lol, adderall is not a, "little white pill," nor do people just hand it out !!! I hate when they say, "we rolled one last time," because we all know that is BS!

  8. I would punch the guys and take the girl to my table and be like… "yo, c'mon over with me and my friends. Don't worry. We're all nerds."

  9. Number one, it is a FEDERAL OFFENSE—in other words, it is AGAINST THE LAW–ILLEGAL ON A FEDERAL LEVEL, to give or get ANY prescribed substance to or from anyone who doesn't have a 'legal' prescription! Duh! And secondly, real friends won't try & turn you on to drugs of ANY kind, prescription, over the counter or illegal drugs! Nobody should ever accept prescription medication or medications that are meant to be prescribed. Unless the medication has been prescribed to 'you', don't take it! And lastly, no one should ever take any medication unless you've seen your doctor, & have had a blood analysis done, as drugs can can have a very adverse affect if you have a medical issue like high blood pressure (yes, teenagers can have high blood pressure), diabetes, or something else that could be seriously negatively affected! Come on people, this isn't Rocket Science. This is nuts. I hate to be cliche, but JUST SAY NO! Please!

  10. Adderall is not a joke. Abused it for school stuff and I regret it, the withdrawals were miserable and I saw friends become addicts. I’d rather work hard for a B than get doped up for an A that won’t mean anything in the real world

  11. I used to be given rydlen and it messed up my brain because I was misdiagnosed with ADD, be careful. Dont fuck with that, its strong.

  12. 5:17 "Well it starts with prescription drugs and then it leads to the real bad stuff" Tell that to my dead friend who did the real bad stuff for years and died of prescription drugs.

  13. As someone who has grown up on meds this shit is no joke! ADHD meds are heavy with addictive elements. My first meds were Rintelen ….It has meth in it.

  14. Think about it….just because you get "lucky" taking it doesn't mean it will for me! I could have a seizure or be allergic.

  15. I've still yet to understand why people abuse adderall or get an high. I've been taking it for years and never had a high and yet at times I still feel ADHD symptoms, and yes it is prescribed.

  16. I work with kids with ADD and when people take meds that are used FOR PEOPLE WITH ADD when they don’t have ADD it offends me so much because they’re using a needed medicine for their pleasure

  17. I saw this girl in the other video with the jealous boyfriend. Couldn't get enough of her in that video. Saw her in this thumbnail and suddenly clicked into this video. Life's going pretty well. 😊
    By the way, I'm a girl.

  18. I know this is not real and Jesus plz excuse my language, BUT BITCH I'm not finna go to no bar drink and then try to take some gotdanm pills. If somebody tried to give me any type of drug, I would have said "bitch if u don't get that nasty shit out of my face, matter fact, don't text me don't call me don't dm me. I'm blocking you on every social media INCLUDING INSTAGRAM. And I'm moving, so don't come to my danm house." Man they would have had me fucked up, I would have been out of that bitch. Gone my ass home and study. PS: who study's at a bar?

  19. if i were there
    id be like
    gimme that shit

    it belongs toooo meeeeeee

    now i see the girl and 2 guys running off there ass

  20. First of all, if they are drinking and doing Adderall, they are only looking to get high. I get sickened from this because I have been suffering from degenerative disc disease, stenosis, severe arthritis throughout the shoulders and back, severe herniation of the upper discs, severe deterioration of a couple of lower discs, nurapathy, numbness in my left hand, constantly, left thigh, burning and constant numbess in feet and other nerve damage that goes with it. Unfortunately, it gets worse daily, and even with proper diet and exercise, very little of course, like light projects around the house, that would normally take twenty minutes, take me about forty five minutes. Walking my two little beloved babies, Apple head and Yorki, fifty to seventy five feet down the street and back, is like a two mile walk. I keep plugging away. My point to this long story is, I have been taking hydrocodone for five years, only as prescribed, and sometimes, actually most of the time, less than what I should daily because of the laws constantly changing because of the druggies and scammers who don't care or think about us who depend on it to walk, a function a normal person never thinks about. When I hear of these young kids taking these pills to snort and get high it sickens me because, again, like I said, those of us who want to function no where near what we were used to, but I am grateful that meds help me at least four days a week, instead of none. I say that because it doesn't always work, and trust me, struggling to walk, twist and bend, and trying to tie your damn shoes takes what little energy you have and flushes it. Wise up people, it's the way that you guys snort and drink and pop them like candy, that hurt us who do it the way we are supposed to and give pain meds a bad name.

  21. For kids that actually NEED it, they have to get an EKG before it is prescribed and once a year while on it to make sure their heart can take a stimulant like that. Tons of kids have undiagnosed heart conditions that could kill them if they abuse it… or even take it at all.
    My 20yr old son abused it when he was in high school. It was prescribed to him and I would fix a weekly pill planner with one a day and he wasn’t even taking it once a day BUT he was saving them up and then taking them too close together. Of course looking back, I should have watched him take one each morning before school but I thought I was monitoring it!

  22. y is john asking people questions about these videos and their reactions..if you know anything about life you don't need advice from anyone…john must feel stupid when he does these ridiculous shows..hes…boooooooooooooooored but gets paid very well

  23. “It starts with prescription drugs then moves to the real bad stuff” That statement is just evidence of the ignorance in this country. I hope she’s aware that prescription drugs kills more people than the “Real bad stuff “

  24. This breaks my heart….Im in advanced heart failure, I got unlucky and had rheumatic fever as an infant, but these kids abusing drugs like adderal, theyre risking being me by their own stupid choices and my life SUCKS. At 51 (and I was in my early 40's when the failure set in) I cant do ANYTHING….my exercise tolerance is less than 500 metres. I have 2 mechanical heart valves and the right side of my heart is 3 times the size it should be. DONT risk being me. This is not a life but its what I have and it wont be a long life, without a transplant I wont make 65.

  25. Pain meds are good if you really need them but you should never just take them instead of finding other ways to get rid of pain I remember when I had my wisdom teeth out I had two meds I could take light ones or strong ones I only took the light ones because I wasn’t in that much pain and even if I was I won’t take strong meds unless I had no choice because it’s a safe in a way and two I think it’s better pain and the throwing up because of all the nasty side affects

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