Streaks: The To Do List App That Helps You Form Good Habits | Apps (App Walkthrough)

Streaks: The To Do List App That Helps You Form Good Habits | Apps (App Walkthrough)

>>CORBAN: This week we take a look at Streaks,
six tasks, stay focused, get them done. [ Intro | Kozoro & Evence – Dreaming ]>>CORBAN: This is Streaks, a unique to-do list app that helps you form good habits. It’s available for iPhone and Apple Watch. It’s not for todos like taking out the trash
or washing the dishes. It’s made for, as said in their tagline, “forming
good habits”. For example; brushing your teeth consistently,
exercising more or eating more vegetables. You can create up to six tasks in the app. If you’re wondering why they are limiting
you to six tasks, this is the explanation given by the developers; “It’s so easy to
become overwhelmed when you have many things to do. Streaks helps you focus by limiting you to
six tasks. If you’re completing a task frequently, it
may be time to challenge yourself with a new habit or a harder task.” Your goal is to build a streak of consecutive
days. Hence the name “Streaks”. If you plan to use this app for fitness related
tasks, Steaks automatically works with the Apple Health app to help you log your exercise
data. Or you might want to check out the Streaks
Workout app. The app only has two views, your tasks, and
the settings. Let’s start with your tasks. To create one, tap “Add a Task”. Give it a title or chose from the presets. Once you’ve entered a title, tap “Next” and
give your task an icon. Choose which days of the week you would like
your task to occur on, and then choose how many times per day you need to complete the
task. You can set up to twelve occurrences per day. This is good for tasks like “Drink Water”. Finally, tap “Save Task”. To set a time for your task, tap the settings
icon in the lower left-hand corner and choose notifications from the list of settings. Scroll down and tap the task you want to apply
a time too. Then choose “Custom Time” and use the time
selector. You can also choose from “No Time” or “Automatic”. Now back to your created task. To mark it as completed, tap and hold. If you accidentally complete it, shake your
device to undo. Tap the task once to see its completion over
the month and tap it again to see the average completion percentage. To see the statistics for all of your tasks
at the same time, tap the calendar icon in the lower right-hand corner. Streaks offers themes for the app. If the bright orange doesn’t appeal to you,
you can switch to one of 12 colors. Each of these colors when tapped more than
once adds themselves to a light or dark theme. Also included in the settings are toggles
for enabling the icon’s badge to count down the remaining number of tasks, a prompt asking
if you want to complete the task for the current or previous day if you forgot to check it
off, “Health Task Suggestions” and “Health Task Notifications”. As of January 2017, Streaks offers interactive
notifications that have two options, “Snooze” and “Complete”. But in an upcoming update to the app, the
notification will include an interface as you can see in this clip released by the developers. Also in this upcoming update will be support
for iCloud Sync, a widget and 3D Touch. Streaks has a lot more settings and features
that I’ll leave you to figure out as you use the app. It’s is $3.99 for iPhone and Apple Watch and
is available on the App Store. Like I said earlier, if you plan on using
Streaks mainly for fitness you should try Streaks Workout for iPhone, Apple Watch, and
Apple TV. Links to both of these apps are in the description
below. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe. To see more App Videos, tap the Card above
or the link below and you’ll hear my voice next week on Friday. Thanks. [ Outro Music | Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro
Fun, Slips & Slurs, and Subtact – Break The Silence ] Captions by Melted Chocolate Media.

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  1. takkievandestreets

    can you give me a tip on how i can set up a to do for quit smoking i cant find a good working setting, thanks alot

  2. Is it possible to set a habit to which you started for example 13 days ago. So for example if i downloaded the app today, it would say 14 days completed tommorow.

  3. Hey mind helping me out. How do I add a task Say Walk 1000 steps? Because I did it was just a regular task, the steps were not getting recorded.

  4. The way you made this video was great, I use Ipad to edit my videos with LumaFussion and I wonder how can I make a video presentation of an app like this one where you see the background as the video presentation itself

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