Simon Sinek on Why Organizations Need a Circle of Safety

Simon Sinek on Why Organizations Need a Circle of Safety

what is a circle of safety and why she organizations consider building one so the outside world is fraught with danger you know things that want to kill you you know in caveman times it would have been you know saber-toothed tiger or the weather or lack of resources you know things that are trying to end your life you know well in the modern business world the things that are trying to kill you quote-unquote are you know the the unpredictable nature of the stock market or a new technology that shows up out of nowhere and renders your business model useless or your competition who may want to actually put you out of business or maybe they just want to steal your customers or deny you customers you know these are all pressures that if not its left unchecked will will kill you will put you out of business right these are a constant and this is the danger of the outside world the the the dangers inside an organization are a variable and a circle of safety is something that leaders provide they draw a circle of safety around their people and they say if I keep you safe internally and you do not fear any dangers internally then you were more likely to work together trust each other and cooperate to face the dangers externally and only when there's a strong circle of safety is there innovation innovation requires risk and experimentation and failure and if people fear that they might lose their jobs simply because they tried and failed or lost some money then they won't try and so there is no innovation this is the joke that so many organizations pound people and say if you come up with something big we'll give you a big bonus but if you fail we'll fire you or even if that risk exists they are destroying innovation in their company the responsibility of leadership is two things to decide how porous that circle of safety is and in other words who should we let in we can only let in people that we'd want to trust and that we that would trust us in other words people who believe what we believe we share our value set right you if you let in someone just because they're qualified but they don't share your values they're like cancer they'll destroy it that's number one the other thing is how big to make the circle some leaders make the circle of safety only around them selves and their board and their senior executives they're the safe ones but everybody else can fend for themselves in fact worse they'll sacrifice everybody else to keep themselves safe these are very weak organizations the strongest organizations the leaders extend that circle of safety right to the most junior people in the organization and they insist on the bureaucracy that each layer of bureaucracy protect the layer beneath it and this is effective bureaucracy this is what leadership is supposed to do and what you find is like I said when the circle of safety is strong and people come to work and feel safe they naturally naturally cooperate and trust each other to face the dangers externally and seize the opportunities externally when they have to invest any more than the minimum if any energy to protect themselves internally they're taking away the energy that they could be applying externally that's why great organizations are the ones where leadership commits to their people first

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