Sex Abuse Cover Up at Planned Parenthood – Former Workers

Sex Abuse Cover Up at Planned Parenthood – Former Workers

Lila Rose: When it comes to reports of sexual
assault and sexual harassment, Planned Parenthood has used the slogan that we should “Trust
Women.” Cecile Richards: Well, I think the first lesson
is to trust women. And listen to women. Lila Rose: So let’s follow that advice and
listen to the testimonies of these four women, who are former Planned Parenthood workers
and managers, who all say the same thing: that Planned Parenthood routinely covers up
child sexual abuse. Catherine Adair: So many things would happen
in that counseling room that really bothered me. There’d be girls coming in with their abusers. Against all protocol, the abuser would be
let into the counseling room. That was where they were supposed to sort
of be separated from who they were with, and men were never allowed back there, but on—with
these young girls, they’d be allowed back there. And even if they knew—even if I went to
the manager and I said “Look, there’s something going on here.” She would say, “She’s better off with the
abortion. We can’t do anything about what’s going on
at home, but at least we can give her the abortion.” Or we’d have women who don’t speak English
who’d come in. I remember one woman in particular, she was
from Somalia, she came in with her husband, her brother-in-law, and one of their friends
who spoke English, broken English, and she sat there the entire time looking at the floor
and the brother and the brother-in-law were talking and—very sort of strongly and the
gentleman that spoke English was like, “Just give her the abortion. Just give her the abortion. That’s what she wants. It’s what she wants.” And I went to my supervisor, I said, “I can’t
be sure that this is what this woman wants because she can’t speak for herself and she
looks very nervous and she’s looking at the floor and she seems intimidated to me. I think she’s being forced into this.” And so my manager came in and said to the
man that spoke English, “Could you have her say that this is what she wants?” So the man said to her in her language whatever
he said and she nodded her head and she said, “It’s fine.” And off she went to have the abortion. And I remember that specifically because I
remember thinking, “But this is supposed to be her choice. How do we know this is her choice? How do we know? We don’t know, and yet we’re allowing this
to happen to her.” Monica Cline: I was teaching on human trafficking
and statutory rape, and was telling Planned Parenthood staff of Corpus Christi and the
Gulf Coast, basically, you’ve got to report when you see a girl coming in with an older
man who you can tell is not her father. You know something’s wrong, you’ve got
to report that; it’s considered human trafficking. It is also considered statutory rape; you’ve
got to report this. And they started laughing. And I said, ‘I don’t think there was anything
I said that was funny. What’s going on here?’ And the response was, ‘Honey, if she’s
not having sex with this man this week she’ll have another one next week.’ And so their view of our children is distorted. It’s dehumanized. I don’t know why their hearts are hardened,
but they are. And so when a girl or a young man goes there
for an abortion, or condoms or testing, they don’t see them with compassion anymore,
if they ever did. They see them as just, almost like an animal
who can’t control themselves, “They’re always gonna have sex, so we’re just
going to give them enough lube and condoms and hope they come in to get tested before
they get some kind of cancer.” They’re not gonna stop statutory rape. One of the things that they even mentioned
was, they adopted George Bush’s “don’t ask, don’t tell [policy]” in the military
for homosexuality, so they said, “Well if it’s good enough for Bush, it’s good enough
for us. If we don’t ask how old her partner is,
we don’t have to tell.” And so Planned Parenthood actually allows
victims of human trafficking to continue to be victims of human trafficking. And they’re okay with that. I went back to my office and I told my supervisor,
listen, I’m trying to teach them about key concepts on title X; they’re admitting that
they’re not gonna report cases of statutory rape. The response from my supervisor was, “You’re
job is to teach them the key concepts, and that’s it.” She was really upset with me that I challenged
that. Lila Rose: How did Planned Parenthood—your
Planned Parenthood, the other ones you knew about—treat cases of child sexual abuse? Sue Thayer: We were all required to be mandatory
reporters. But if we saw a case of questionable abuse
or even for sure—I mean, this—this kid is being abused—we really were discouraged
from calling it in, just because, they didn’t want to have the trouble. The angry parent, the angry boyfriend, whatever
it was. So more than once, I was told, “No.” You know, “That is not reportable. You don’t need to call it in.” Lila Rose: So Planned Parenthood management
was telling you—and you would even ask about cases of suspected child sexual abuse—and
they would tell you, “Don’t call it in.” Sue Thayer: “Don’t call it in.” Correct. Lila Rose: Of young girls going in, suspected
abuse. Sue Thayer: Correct. Mm-hm. Correct. Lila Rose: So after the investigations that
were happening that Live Action was doing, and exposing what was happening at Planned
Parenthood with child sexual abuse cover-up—my photo ends up in—in the facility—did Planned
Parenthood address that with the staff at all? Do a re—change their policy to start reporting? Sue Thayer: No. No. Quite the contrary. I mean, I actually did call in a suspected
case one time, and I got trouble for that. “Should have called management first, you know,
found out if that was reportable or not.” And I just called it in because I knew it
needed to be reported. And I was a mandatory reporter because of
being a foster parent as well, so I felt like I really needed to. But that was—that was frowned upon. Lila Rose: So you had a warning poster up
of me, but there was no reporting— Sue Thayer: Mm-mm. Lila Rose: —and it was in fact discouraged
to report child sexual abuse. Sue Thayer: Mm-hm. Correct. Lila Rose: Incredible. Sue Thayer: Mm-hm. Lila Rose: And heartbreaking for those victims. Sue Thayer: Right. Yeah. Lila Rose: Marianne, you said that while working
at Planned Parenthood for almost two-and-a-half years, there were some instances that you
saw where you felt that there was a blatant disregard for the rights of women. Can you share some of those instances? Marianne Anderson: There’s one case that—it
still haunts me to this day. It was a young girl. She was Asian, didn’t speak any English, and
came in with a man that was just clinging to her. Had his arm around her the whole time. Wanted to answer all the questions for her. Fill out the paperwork for her. He knew every—all of her particulars, even
knew the dates of her last menstrual cycle. He knew every particular about this girl. When it came time to do the ultrasound, they
were not allowed to take anybody back there with them, and he was pretty upset about that. “Well, I have to do the talking for her. She doesn’t know very much English.” They had a language line, it was available. We had a phone that they could call and get
interpreters, and they had this girl using the language line to talk about it. She told the lady that did the ultrasound
that there was a lot of women that lived in the house where she was, and they kind of
lived out in the country, and she just felt like she was alone out there, and she said,
“We didn’t even sometimes have clothes that we needed to wear. Sometimes we didn’t have food.” I just have nightmares to this day thinking
that this poor girl was probably living in a home where she was kept under wraps. Lila Rose: This girl was a younger woman you’re
sharing and— Marriane Anderson: Yes. Lila Rose: Once you had her talking on a language
interpretation line, she shared she was living in a home with a lot of other young—
Marianne Anderson: —Lot of other women, yes— Lila Rose: —And that they didn’t—sometimes
have clothes or food— Marianne Anderson: —And they could hardly
even really communicate with each other. It was just different backgrounds that lived
in this house. Lila Rose: —And the man that had walked
in with this young woman who’s trying to speak for her, answer the questions for her, what
did he say his relationship to her was? Marianne Anderson: I don’t know if he ever
did—I think he said, “This is my girlfriend. This is my girlfriend.” He also accused her—told her that she had
to get an abortion because he says, “I’m not sure if this baby’s mine anyway.” Lila Rose: Wow
Marianne Anderson: And she told us that he was the only man that lived there. Lila Rose: Was there alarm bells raised? What did Planned Parenthood do? Marianne Anderson: No. Not really. And I went as far as to write down her information
and came so close to just trying to report it myself, but I was told—I told my coworker
I was thinking about doing this she says, “I would not recommend that.” She says, “Unless you want a lot problems
I would recommend you don’t do that Lila Rose: So when your coworker said, “Don’t
make the report, you know, because you’ll ge problems” was she talking about management?
What was she talking about? Marianne Anderson: I’m sure management. Yes. Yes, “They just—we don’t need to get involved. We don’t need to get involved.” Lila Rose: Did management
encourage reporting saying, “If you see a suspicious situation where a woman looks like she’s in
trouble” like this sounds like this was, I mean— Marianne Anderson: Not really,
no they did not, unless they were under the age of fourteen and it was required to be reported. But other than that, no. They really didn’t encourage that. Lila Rose: And you’re seeing this happening no
reports, you know, this awful situation with this young woman coming in, how did that make
you feel? Marianne Anderson: Degraded, like women don’t
really matter. Men— some men can be very
controlling but I think Planned Parenthood even added to that.

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  4. Angelica Guerrero

    I'm glad most of the comments support Lila. She is the true image of a woman. A woman who fights for what is right, not for her own selfish interests. God bless her. I can't believe people are blinded by the idea that abortion is a woman's right. They are completely disregarding the fact that it is a HUMAN BEING they are murdering.

  5. This is exactly why, as a teenaged rape and incest victim, I choose life. Nobody believed me but DNA evidence from my living son told the truth. My offender is sitting in prison for 120+ counts and 40 years. Had I gotten an abortion, my story, may have become one of my little sister's story. We must end the cycle's of abuse perpetrated against our weakest and most vulnerable members of society. Bring Justice back! End the cycle that abortion only covers up, to make more and more money off of their victims! End Abortion, end the child sex abuse cover-up/ plague!

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  14. I have a past experience with Planned Parenthood. I was 16, and the school nurse took me there, my parents never knew. I was carried out of the clinic after, because it was late afternoon, they have girls recover some time in a room with reclining chairs and I was one of the last girls there recovering and they were closing and wanted to have my boyfriend take my out, even though I really wasn’t ok. I don’t want to go into more right now, but say this, I can’t believe you can’t give a Tylenol to a student at public school, but the school counselor and school nurse encouraged me and took me to Planned Parenthood.

  15. I honestly think that if I KNEW this stuff was going on, I'd tell "management" where to go, call the cops, CPS, and whoever else would listen to me and get those girls some real help! You can almost always find another job, but those girls living in those conditions and no one doing anything about it is not ok!

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    Watch his interviews, he explains in detail what we're going through, on so many levels, specifics

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    This evil is allowed because it has been masquerding as a 'protector of women'…
    But now we know that it is not..

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    Wow, these femenists really love to lie to feel empowered, not knowing that they actually hurt themselves!

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    Tell me, does it worry you that your position is mso hypocrtitical?

  24. 10:00 okay but what makes me sick is that this women didn't report just because her coworker said "it might give u a lot of problems" like YOURE HERE 'EXPOSING' PLANNED PARENTHOOD BUT UR THE ONE WHO KEPT UR MOUTH SHUT ABOUT A POSSIBLE HUMAN TRAFFICKING RING these women are over here preaching saying planned parenthood is horrible meanwhile THEY are the ones who kept their heinous activity a SECRET. THEY ARE THE ENABELERS. I mean what good are their stories now that they lost their chance to get these poor women help?!?!!!??!

  25. God bless y’all for your courage honesty and coming out to tell the truth!
    Our society needs to hear more of you! NOW!

  26. "…like women don't really matter…some men can be really controlling". Yet it was also all those women who were complicit in this coverup. They were just as guilty as those men.

  27. I know this is the truth because my adopted cousin was raped by her father and had abortions done at 11 and 12 years old so I know they cover up abuse.

  28. It is Planned Parenthood’s moral obligation to call the police in underage cases and abuse cases. These people see human trafficking etc. and they do nothing. Everything about Planned Parenthood is about their survival and money. That one woman and her co worker are cowards only worried about themselves and now she is haunted. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and no action. There are so few brave people standing up for what’s right and then we wonder why society is sinking.

  29. Dylan Loves Kelly Taylor

    Don't ask, don't tell wasn't implemented by George Bush, it was implemented by Bill Clinton….gotta love how they will place the blame for laws they don't like onto even a Republican that didn't even put it in place all so they don't have to say that their democratic president implemented something they don't like…😭

  30. Years ago I was praying in front of a PP in St. Louis. A woman pulled into the parking lot and helped a handicapped teenage girl out of the car. This poor girl was quite crippled and used a walker. Immediately a woman I was praying with yelled out to the woman bringing the girl in, please don’t bring her in there. We will take care of her and the baby. The woman didn’t say anything. Then the woman with me yelled out, you KNOW what was done to her needs to be reported to the police!! How can you do this to her? Finally the other woman yelled back, you have no idea! I can’t, I can’t. I’ll never forget it. It took that girl about 10 minutes to walk across the parking lot. Everyone fell silent, all you could hear was her walker smacking the ground. We were all in tears.

  31. Abortion can be a way for abusers to keep on assaulting their victims without anyone noticing. In this small Central American country called El Salvador (where abortion is illegal), there was a girl who ended up pregnant and lots of people began to say 'this is why El Salvador needs to legalize it', but in reality, if this girl had gone to Planned Parenthood, for example, NOBODY would have known ANYTHING, and that creep would probably STILL be abusing her. 😐

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    Wow ,jonson looks like a blimp. Look at this right wing zealots. This is religious intimadation

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  37. This is just so heartbreaking. And I think part of the reason they don't want to bother reporting suspected abuse is because they don't want to lose the business that they get from those abusers…they give them more babies to kill. So they don't want to lose the "trust" of these abusers, so they would keep bringing their victims to their door, and keep bringing them business. But should it be known that they report such cases, these men will not think of bringing their pregnant victims to them. Abortion gives no freedom to women. The life of the baby that they're aborting could actually help stop the abuse of these women.

  38. And since the dawn of time, this has always been the way evil works: Evil comes wrapped in a package of "good." Thank you for unwrapping another layer of Planned Parenthood's atrocities. God is piercing the darkness with His light.

  39. I am glad that they are telling this stuff, but they should be charged for not reporting it when they were working at planned parenthood, to heck with the job you can get another job, but some of these young women were being trafficked for sex, and I would think that if you have a heart for others, you would have reported it before the women or girls even left planned parenthood..

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