Serenity Rehab | Recovery Palooza

Serenity Rehab | Recovery Palooza

Mike Wilkerson: My name is Mike Wilkerson,
I am the Director of Personnel for Serenity Point Rehab.
Serenity Point was a sponsor, one of the sponsors for Recovery Palooza. And what happened there
is a, people that are in recovery would stop by and grad the information from us. Some
of the people that we brought from Serenity were able to go to some of the different booths
and were able to be creative. A lot of the folks we have are very creative and very high
energy and being able to involve the clients that we had there and being able to feel out
in the community and feel normal again. And its just a critical step in their recovery. Syerra: My experience with both Serenity Point
and the Recovery Palooza were amazing. Just being around people that understand and have
like a passion for sobriety is something that compels me to stick with it, you know. And
like, from both of those places I’ve learned like so much about the potential that recovering
addicts have. And, I talked to a lot of people that were from other rehabs and like, hearing
their stories and them sharing what they had been through and then what I had been through
and how they differed and how they were similar. And, I was interested in what they had been
through because, we’re all there learning about each other. Just so many different programs
for so many different types of people. Forrest: The Recovery Palooza was really interesting,
it was really inspiring having a lot of different programs and rehabilitations centers come
together so people can come see whats happening and get information. And, I checked out, they
had a big stage there, That they had people talking with many years of sobriety. It was
very enjoy full, I liked it a lot and I got a lot of great information from a lot of different
places met a lot of different people and it was, it was just a good time. I had a lot
of laughs, had good fun – good natural fun.

5 thoughts on “Serenity Rehab | Recovery Palooza”

  1. I really like this recovery palooza! It is nice to see all these rehab facilities coming together like this. I like that Serenity Point had their patients really participating in the palooza. I always think it is really amazing to see the potential and creativity that people possess once they get a chance to let it out. Having the different patients from different rehab centers mingling with each other and talking to each other, and sharing their stories with each other is really great. I believe it's therapeutic to share your story and listen to other people's stories. I hope they were inspired by the strength they saw in each other.

  2. Great video 🙂 Was very nice to see all the people there together. I checked some other videos and honestly, this place almost looks like a holiday resort! I'm not being sarcastic, it looks great. I wouldn't mind spending some time there myself but I shouldn't be saying that as it IS a professional drug-rehab center. Obviously nobody goes there for fun, and the staff are serious with what they are doing but it sure looks swanky. This Rehab has a holistic approach which makes it even more easy for the addicts. They all given individually written programs and they talk it trough before they start on it so if the addicts has anything he does not agree with they will work together to get a better idea. They have plenty of programs to choose from , also available gym and music therapy. They really worked hard to make that place look more like a holiday camp instead of a prison where addicts are unhappy all the time and feel trapped. I love the food menu , its important to get the right amount of nutrition's when you are on rehab. I saw a video the last week where they all celebrated Thanks giving and Easter together like a big family , I really liked it as they sure miss their families. Its nice to that staff members wanna make them feel that they are a family.

  3. What a great thing for Serenity Point to be involved in. Getting their patients involved in their own recovery and listening to stories of people who have been sober for a good long time shows them that living without drugs or alcohol is doable and you can have a good time without the use of drugs or alcohol. Watching how creative the patients were was really nice. It seems like when you get off drugs or alcohol having a creative outlet really helps. I love that this place has music and art therapy. So you know it's not just at a place like this recovery palooza where the patients are being creative. It's amazing how much good this place does. I've seen so many lives changed for the better by going to this treatment facility. The place looks amazing. It has such a comfortable feel to it. It gives me such a peace of mind knowing that if someone I love needs treatment that a place like this exists where I know they will be cared for and treated well. The holistic approach to drug and alcohol abuse worked well for me and I know it will work just as well for others. The staff there really make it their mission to improve the lives of their patients.

  4. Very informative video . The stuff members looks like someone who really cares about these people and about their life , she shows a lot of knowledge and compassionate. Mood swings can also be an alarming sign as individuals who are addicted to drugs are prone to sudden mood swings depending upon whether or not they are currently under the influence. Depression also could relate to drugs as during the “lows” of drug addiction, many individuals will fall into a deep depression as they ponder their situation, or await their next dose of the drugs. These people realry will aks for help so its our job as the loved ones to help them and get on the right path. Its really sad for me to see people suffer because of drugs , it takes away everything , their family, friends , their own self and their life eventually . Its terrible to live a life like that. I am grateful for the Rehab center we have as without them these people would get lost in life. I got two friends of mine who went through the program and today they are living a happy life then ever , they are wonderful people and they are helping others now as thier job. Thanks for your dedication Serenity Rehab and also for your holistic approach I think that really makes a difference when treating addicts , makes the program far more successful then other programs in other rehab centers. Nice that you also create a lots of programs for them because as you said in the video lot of these people are homesick or lonely as their miss theri loved ones and of course its scary in a strange environment nice that u make it look welcoming and fun for them.

  5. Nice video. It's nice to see that people do care about others who are having addiction problems , I know exactly how this can destroy a family so makes me feel good to know there are places like that, where people can just walk in and get help . I never heard about Holistic approach but sounds good to me till it helps them. I like the sound of Art and Music therapy ( never had one though so not sure how its done) but I am very curious about it since I like music a lot. I for sure like that they get different programs where I can from everybody gets the same and I am not sure if it helps them as much as the tailor made ones , I mean we are different so does our source of addiction. There is also an after care program which ensures that after you are done with the Rehab you still get help as people often start using drugs etc when returning to the same environment, family and friends. I have seen what alcohol addiction can do to a family and it is terrible, we need to help those people before it's too late , in my case was to late when help arrived so I hope other don't make the same mistake .The building looks nice in my opinion , like the colors a lot and the parks , lakes are very nice extras , perfect for relaxing .

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