Hey guys, welcome back. Thanks for joining me for another video I am super excited about this week’s topic because I really want to start getting into more self-love practices and the reason why this is so important is self-love is a very Broad term that we tend to use sometimes so really what the basis of is is how we take care of ourselves Physically, spiritually emotionally and mentally, right. How do we talk to ourselves? How do we love ourselves in every single moment? And so I’ve made a few videos on this topic. I talked a lot about how to build your self confidence Self parenting. I mean we’ve gotten into like a lot of different stop learning about narcissism learning about emotional abuse. Yeah. Yeah yeah, it’s self development, but really understanding all of These things under that umbrella of self-love is huge because it allows you to pinpoint Okay What are the key areas in my life that I need to focus on right now life is always changing and there always gonna be areas of your life that you’re trying to focus on to get better in and This is a great place to start So before we get into all of these self-love practices that I’m just dying to go over with you guys Make sure you hit the subscribe button down below if you have not subscribed to this channel every Tuesday I post a new video. If you haven’t already please go follow me on Instagram. I will link it somewhere over here and Yeah, I so I hope you enjoy this video and let’s get started So the first thing we’re gonna get into is gratefulness. And the reason why this is so important is because – in order to really take care of yourself in order to be in a good mental and emotional state You have to be grateful. Would you be grateful for you? Have you can’t always live in the well, I don’t have this I’m not there yet you know just this place of Negative garbage and energy just because you don’t have what you want in life You know, this is the whole quote where it’s not the journey It’s the destination bla bla bla kind of stuff, but it’s really true I believe that it’s important to always be wanting more for yourself Right like want more for yourself want a bigger house want a better car wanna? you know get a degree you want to have the job that you’ve always wanted but in the midst of Getting to where you would like to be right now You also have to enjoy where you are because you’re not gonna you have no control over life and you can’t control Getting to that place as quickly as you want to get there So in the midst of this ride that you’re on you might as well. Have a good time And so from me having a good time is being grateful as practicing gratitude as much as you possibly can thinking about all the things all the people all the opportunities everything that you have in your life right now that someone else would die to have And I think that and just being happy with where you are Will I mean that look at that beam of light it just like came in? It was like ah the heavens a hundred percent agreeing with me gratitude radiates that positive glowing energy within anyone So it’s such a powerful thing to Practice every single day and it’s something that is a part of self-love because it is you loving yourself It’s you not putting so much pressure on yourself to be perfect to have it all and that you are grateful for where you are and what you have right now cuz really this moment is all we have so the next thing is don’t attach to every thought that you have and I talk about this so much throughout this channel is Attaching to every when we begin to attach to our thoughts every thought that we have I mean hello anxiety. Hello stress Hello fear. Hello panic attacks. Hello depression. We’re attaching to every single thing that’s running through our mind I mean that would make anyone crazy. So learning how to Want monetarist our thoughts right and being able to say ugh, look there’s fear. Okay, here’s stress okay worries starting to come at me being aware of what we tell ourselves in every single moment that will allow us to pick the Thoughts that we want to really believe in and engage it and the thoughts that don’t need our attention Fear unless you know It’s a burning building for the most part the fear that I’m always talking about does not require you to attach to it to engage with it to sit in it to Contemplate it to replay it over and over and over again. So learning not to Attach to every single thought that comes through your mind and recognizing that you are not your thoughts is really part of self love It’s the it such an important aspect towards self parenting and it’s something that when you start really doing this you will number one recognize how powerful it is to Attach to thoughts and when you are attaching to thoughts what that actually creates for you like I said Anxiety and panic attacks and nervousness and nervous belly and all of these things that we can control if we master this one simple principle So the next thing is stop the self-criticism. So this is the perfectionist Hi, I’m Stephanie. Nice to meet you. I’m a perfectionist at times This is the inner critic of I got to do this the right way. I got to do this. Perfect I have to give this I have to be everything. You know, I’m not good enough. I’m not thin enough. I’m not pretty enough I’m not smart enough I’m not gonna pass this test like all of that negative garbage that we tell ourselves day in and day out Are we going to continue to say those things to ourselves even if we begin to have self-awareness? probably because you have an ego and you do have wounds and you have things within yourself that most likely these are things that It is a life journey to practice, you know Self-development is a life journey and learning these things while you can heal Wounds and they become faint sometimes the scars of a wound are just always gonna be with you and it’s about learning life skills in order to deal with that scar that you know might bleed every now and then because that’s the ups and downs of life and so the self-criticism Will we recognize or will we never say anything that’s criticizing ourselves ever again? Probably not but this is really about Recognizing when it happens in choosing either to engage with it. Yeah. You’re right when I did that wow, man I was terrible. Yeah, I suck. Yep. I failed that last test and I’m probably gonna fail this one too again It’s about engaging do we engage? with these thoughts do we you know when that thought comes in of oh We’re not good enough or we’re not pretty enough or we’re not then this enough and we begin criticizing and nitpicking and being that perfectionist do we Jump on that horse and ride it or do we learn how to get off the horse? And give ourselves those affirmations parent ourselves be good to ourselves Because that’s what we would be to someone else and that’s what we need to be for ourselves as well The next thing is taking care of our bodies. And again, this is basic stuff, but let’s be really honest with ourselves I’m sure there are some of you out there that are like I eat very well I exercise regularly and all that stuff and that’s great amazing this is not the area of self-love that you probably need to tend to but There are a lot of others that don’t focus on our diets that don’t are not aware of the foods that we’re putting in our bodies and Physical exercise and nutrition is absolutely I mean, it’s just important. It’s basic, right? We know this we know that sugar is bad for us. We know that overindulging and something isn’t good enough isn’t good for ourselves So learning how to take care of our our bodies better and really make it a point just make it a point to do it every single day to eat a little bit more of the things that you know, You should be eating to maybe stay away from something that you know You should be staying away from if we if there are addictions involved sugar is definitely something that you can be addicted to Hi, my name is Stephanie and at times I didn’t – sugar I love it. I love sweets but recognizing like okay I Can’t over indulge because I’ve been doing it a lot lately and I need to get back on the treadmill and I need to go Work out again, you know the physical physical exercise isn’t for me It’s not just about being into CrossFit and getting crazy and being a gym rat. It’s just about moving your body So moving your body can be something as simple as hey I go on a two-mile walk every single day nature fresh air all these things are really really good for us mentally and emotionally as well and I don’t think people Really realize the importance of these things and how much they actually do affect your mind your body your mood everything the next thing that kind of goes along with the self-criticism really just goes under the heading of Self-talk. Watch what you say to yourself so be aware of the stories that you tell yourself in every single moment as much as you possibly can remember like I always say your thoughts are either gonna help you they’re gonna Make you feel good They’re gonna motivate you to inspire you then you you they’re gonna just make you feel good or they’re gonna scare you that’s it They’re gonna make you nervous thinkin make you fearful. They’re gonna make you anxious they make you feel like you’re not good enough, so Recognizing. Okay who’s talking right now? Is that the good angels with a bad angel? Like I always like to say and recognizing here comes a bad angel. He’s given me all of the self-criticism and being aware of like okay, I’m not gonna engage in that conversation and you know giving yourself those positive affirmations, which is another Hugely important thing towards self-love you should be doing affirmations Especially if you’ve been coming out of abusive relationship a terrible marriage or whatever, even if you’re just down in the dumps Even if you’re just going through something really like okay I’m depressed and I’m not saying that Affirmations are gonna be the thing that’s gonna cure you and make you feel absolutely amazing for the rest of your life No self development healing all of these things. It’s Multifaceted there are a lot of things that you have to do. It’s not just one thing It’s not listening to a motivational speaker. Every single day is gonna be the thing. It’s not doing affirmations up I did them four times a day. Why am I not healing yet? It’s not just about those one things but affirmations are really really essential towards getting those good thoughts into that subconscious because right now they’re not there and for me, I still do them and I’ve been doing this for many many years now and at times I’m like You know what? I need to get back to the basics, and I need to start doing some affirmations I need to do some meditations and get and get you know, Louise Hay back on my playlist and start listening to her again So absolutely important watch what you tell yourself the next thing towards really learning how to love yourself is Getting out of your comfort zone and the reason why I say this is because in order to really love and nurture yourself and You know move along this journey called life right where we want to Get better and challenge ourselves and grow and develop and get the things that we want and strive for more just all of this Development work right getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t have to mean okay, I’m gonna go jump out of an airplane It could just mean you know, what when I go out to dinner tonight I’m gonna talk to someone I’m gonna make it a point to just look at someone in the eyes and just smile That’s something that I always tell my clients Look when you go out how many people I’m sure you guys know this how many people don’t Look at each other in the eyes you know if you’re walking and someone’s walking past you do you make eye contact with that person or do you go and just put Your head down So make it a point to do something that pushes yourself a little bit out of your comfort zone and maybe it is Doing a big adventure right? Maybe it is going on a trip. Maybe it is jumping out of an airplane. Maybe it is, you know Asking that girl at work if she wants to have a drink that you’re into and you feel like she’s into you whatever it is Whatever, you know right now in your life would push yourself a little further It’s so important to do these things you guys because this is stuff that really builds your self-confidence And we’ve all done it We’ve all done something that has gotten ourselves out of our comfort zone and when we did it we were like wow I actually did That like that’s amazing And that’s the elevation of who you are meant to be by challenging yourself and pushing yourself out of those small comfort zones So the next thing is stop comparing yourself to other people and the reason why I put this on this list under self-love is because comparison is the absolute killer towards really loving yourself right accepting yourself and the reason being you can be comparing yourself to other people you could be comparing yourself to where you think you should be at this point in your Life and that’s not you loving yourself That’s basically telling yourself that you’re not good enough and That it’s not okay where you are right now that you need to be here or you need to be like Jodi because she’s married And she has kids and you know, I wanted kids and I want to get married too But I’m not there and comparing ourselves in that facet comparing ourselves on social media comparing ourselves to you know I wanted to be here in my life I was there and now I’m not because now I’m divorced like all of that comparison doesn’t allow you to truly be happy and in the moment and love yourself because Where you are right now is not. Okay. It’s not good enough. That’s basically what you’re telling yourself. So you’re being that demanding Abusive parent to yourself by not loving yourself for everything that you are right now understanding that there is no one else in the world like you when you Really like think about that for a second There’s no one in the world like you So if that is the case there is no need to ever compare yourself to anyone else and it doesn’t make any sense to ever compare where you are in life to where someone else is in life because Everyone is on a different life journey and while we can compare ourselves to maybe our friend Susie who’s married and maybe we’re going through A divorce so we’re not married yet or whatever the situation is Even you know the smoke and mirrors on social media where we’re you know looking at our X on social media We’re like, oh look, they’re just so happy and I’m not and I’m still single all of that comparison it Doesn’t number one. It doesn’t do you any good So recognize when you’re indulging in a negative behavior, that’s actually going to hurt you later on It’s almost like knowing that the stove is hot and you just go up to the stove and touch in Anyways, we know something is not gonna help you. Why would you do it also? Recognizing that everyone is on their own life journey So while Susie might be in a happy marriage and maybe you’re struggling right now in your relationship Susie’s also going through something in her own life as well that you’re not going through because That’s not a part of your life journey and not that that should make you happy by focusing on someone else’s misery but it just makes everyone human at the end of the day because We all are we all have stuff and everyone is going through something in a moment That maybe someone else is not I think I can honestly talk Forever and ever and ever about this topic, but one of the things that I really wanted to emphasize in this video and I just touched on a few things, you know, I could easily say you know do Meditations take a bubble bath and go get some new clothes and like all of that kind of stuff All that stuff is really really important. Don’t get me wrong but the point this is to understand that self-love is a practice a Daily practice that you will do for the rest of your life and at times like I said in the beginning of this video there Going to be times in your life where there’s going to be an area that you really need to focus on maybe right now You don’t get a lot of quality time and so really carving out 15 minutes every single day, you know Maybe you’re a single mother with four kids and you’re working, you know, 12-hour days and or whatever it looks like for you Maybe that’s the thing that if you can find that window for yourself because you never have that alone time May be the thing for you is working on the self-talk maybe for someone else. Maybe it is the physical body. Maybe it’s recognizing Wow, I don’t physically take care of myself at all I don’t feed myself good foods And I really need to get on a health plan and begin dieting or feeling better about myself or whatever Quit smoking or anything like that So there are so many facets to self-love but really what it means is learning how to take care of yourself So think about what are the areas? I actually would love to get your feedback What are the areas in your life that you know that you need to focus on under this umbrella of self-love? So please comment down below Like I said, I hope that you have enjoyed this video If you have don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel, and I will see you next week

100 thoughts on “SELF-LOVE Habits that CHANGED my LIFE!”

  1. Thank you! the points you made are so valid, important and helpful. Essentially it all boils down to being present and not engaging with overwhelming thoughts; meditation is the one thing that takes care of everything for you; when you focus on breathing, you basically kill all the mind's chatter; and when your mind is clear then you find the drive to do everything that is good for you.
    Wishing you all bliss and joy💜

  2. I believe your spot on with all your helpful advice no doubt..I keep watching your videos manly because you are so stunningly beautiful..I'm sorry but I'm being honest

  3. I relate to this particularly right now in this time. It's the season for Sobering up for a while. It's a litmus test as to whether one has decision power. Things are only difficult when one is wishy washy, but when you decide on something, you can do anything

  4. 1. Gratitude
    Don't complain/be negative. Enjoy where you are & what you have. Radiate + energy
    2. Detach
    From your emotions/thoughts. You are not your thoughts. Only makes you anxious.
    3. Dont self criticize
    Acknowledge your mistakes and move on. You're not perfect.
    4. Body
    Take care of it. Eat healthy/be healthy.
    5. Self talk
    Either builds you or breaks you. Positive affirmations.
    6. Get out of your comfort zone
    Smile at strangers. Builds self confidence.
    7. Stop comparing yourself
    Somebody is always better.
    8. Time
    This is a process. Be patient with yourself.

  5. Definitely not a coincidence that I clicked on this video. While in meditation this morning the exact thing you spoke about in this video was revealed to me. Every thought, situation and encounter does not require my entertaining it/attention. I realized holding onto emotions that do not serve my higher good deplete my quality of life and I just can't have that!! 💚💚💚💚💚

  6. I need to practice being grateful for the present, and making the most of what I have in this moment. Also, building my self confidence, so that I am not constantly reacting and taking things on.

  7. I will add, that looking at someone in the eyes can be a bit different depending on perspective. I dont recommend this for anyone with darker skin for example..
    I personally tried this and got the cops called on me for threat of "shoplifting" at a Walmart, while having a business conversation with my boss…

  8. My weakest area in self love is not loving myself enough. I’m an unfortunate people pleaser so I’ve always been more focused on other people’s happiness before my own. Thanks to you, I’m working on that! Thank you!

  9. Surrounding yourself with like-minded like-hearted people. They will be and become your mirror. Have yourself jolly good company ✔ #companyyoukeep

  10. I had a year where I put so much focus into my career that I lost touch with my physical health. Now that I am getting back into the balance I am so upset that I let such a crucial part of self care go. It feels like I am starting over with my fitness journey. However I have to do it to get back to feeling like me. Great video! I love your perspective that self care is more than a bubble bath and a trip to the mall.

  11. Stephani Lyn Coaching: Self love habits that changed my life
    1) Gratefulness for what you have & where you're at right now. Be happy where you're at right now. Enjoy the journey.
    2) Don't attach to every thought that you have. This causes anxiety & depression. Monitor your thoughts. Discern w/c thoughts you should not engage in & replay– negative thoughts, fear w/c cause anxiety etc
    3) Stop perfectionism. Stop your inner critic. Don't engage these thoughts. Ex. Not good enough etc.
    Get out of that horse & switch your thoughts
    4) Take care of your bodies (food & nutrition & exercise)
    5) Watch your self talk & the stories you create. Recognize if these thoughts are negative or positive. Switch your thoughts. Say your affirmations to get your good thoughts.
    6) Get out of your comfort zone. You need this to challenge yourself. This build your self confidence.
    7) Stop comparing yourself w/ other people. This is the opposite of loving yourself & accepting yourself for everything you are right now.

    Everyone is on their own journey. We each have challenges.
    Self love is a daily practice for the rest of your life. Be aware of your needs & how you need to take care of yourself & what you need to do. Focus on for self- care & what you need at the moment.

  12. 1.
    Practice gratitude. Be grateful for everything you have.
    Don't be attached to every thoughts you have. Monitor our thoughts.
    Stop self-criticism. Don't be a perfectionist.
    Take care of your body.
    Observe and your self-talk. Recognize positive and negative self-talks. Use positive affirmations.
    Get out of your comfort zone.
    Stop comparing yourself to others.

  13. I love your videos. I’ve been binge watching and really listening to your words to input into my life ❤️ New subbie as well ☺️

  14. You made me feel so much better by just listening to you. I am so grateful that I listened. How do you exercise gratefulness? List the things you have and thank for them? How do you reach feeling or state of gratefulness

  15. We live separately but didn’t split over 2 1/2 years ago. No real changes seen. Time to say goodbye bc I finally set boundaries and he doesn’t like them. it’s not so easy bc he does have great behavior just like he has poor behavior. 😭

  16. I love your videos. They are super helpful! I am working on giving me quality time. I do have down time, but I need quality time. I am also working on not comparing myself with others.

  17. 6th. Get out of your comfort zone: I have no job at the moment and want to just show up to any kind of job interviews and companies to get used to being rejected. So they won't bother me any longer and I no any longer take it personally and stop tearing me apart for not being good enough.

  18. Kyriakos Kyprianou

    On your first point while i do agree with the overarching message that you want to get across, i think labeling it as "gratitude" might not be the right approach. The reason is that the root cause for a lot of people's lack of "self love" is criticism at a young age, usually from the family and parents. Hearing the phrase "practicing gratitude" might subconsciously trigger their inner self critics and make them feel that they are ungrateful for what they have. This undermines the whole attempt at self love. This again is just a perspective and it obviously won't be shared by everyone. However when dealing with individuals with delicate mental states i.e. major depressive disorders, a careful choice of words does make a difference.

  19. I appreciate your videos so much, it’s just crazy how the mind works. Your way of speaking helped me understand & I’m grateful for that ! ❤️

  20. Perfection is a myth that keeps you striving and just a little disappointed in yourself and others, good enough is good enough!

  21. 1.Need to Practice gratitude,
    2.I need to stop bringimg myself down so much.
    3.Stop comparing myself to other people to where i am in life.
    4. Regain confidence
    5. Love myself again, stop telling myself im not good lookn for anyone and i eont ever find anyone even though i been in multiple past relationships and im older now.

  22. I have an EXTREMELY hard time not comparing myself. I know it’s bad for me and I do it anyways. Sometimes I catch myself but most time I don’t and I think I’m extremely self aware. How can I stop? I think it’s gotta do with a shift of mindset

  23. Introducing positive self-talk for sure! I beat myself up constantly! Something I need to work on. I'll get there! Thank you for this!!!

  24. Thank you for talking about what people need today, need to be happy in their own skin and true self. Two of my friends are married and having babies. I kind of feeling pressured but I'm also thankful for all everything I have right now.

  25. Love this ❤️

    As someone with a disability, I always think about the fact that someone out there has it worse. Not to be happy with someone’s misery of course but grateful for what I do have and can do.

  26. I recently found your videos and I have low self esteem but I want to change that with affirmations! Thank you for your videos 😭💕

  27. I need to focus on my mental and diet … ive been doing everything else but pour positive into my confidence and trusting who i am ..ive done bought stuff for myself and pampered myself and i am a mother of 3 soo i still feeling like there’s something else I’m not doing and that is stopping the self sabotage by self criticism and comparison and just love my damn self instead of looking for it in man… my mental is what stopping me … thank you 😊

  28. Wish it was you that entered my life with this dignity and class with a Beautiful way about you , not the narcissist that made very unwise decisions .

  29. I am currently working on taking more time and consideration with my appearance, wearing nice clothes that fit, fixing my hair, etc.

  30. Hi, Can you recommend a type of therapist that I could look for to overcome chronic pain, family issues, and chronic stress, an addict and brain damaged son, among others? I’m 64, single, and a retired high school teacher; however, I was extremely ill from breast implants for 15 years, and lost a lot: relationships, family, friends, self-esteem, and money!
    I’m trying SO hard to eat a clean diet, have clean air and water, and I’ve been getting better and trying to work on myself and start over, but apparently no one is aware of this.
    I don’t hold grudges, I am extremely spiritual, and I believe people should use the Golden Rule.
    I’ve been letting go, and have stopped asking why things happen. I meditate and listen to these types of things, and I’ve changed a lot and realize where I came from.
    However, my daughter and her husband and my sisters either ignore me or go off on me. It’s heartbreaking, and I feel like moving away.
    I need a therapist to talk to, I think, but don’t know which type to look for. Thank you!!!

  31. Thank you actually for not saying take a bubble bath, new clothes, etc cause those things are good but what we need is emotionally deeper than a quick indulgence.

  32. Thank you Stephanie. It makes me realize I have a lot of things to work on myself. This really help me to improved myself more and more. God bless you and keep inspiring.

  33. You should give a heart to all your commenters. They will feel good being acknowledged by you and it will encourage more comments. It only takes a few minutes.

  34. I still got stuck with my fiance right now. One 16 month old and one on the way due the next 3 weeks. I'm try to avoid and refused to see him or talk to him but it's like a knife stabbing on my chest

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