Rob Porter’s ex-wife details abuse accusations

Rob Porter’s ex-wife details abuse accusations

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  1. Women's March? This should end the Trump presidency in itself. Absolutely disgraceful! Why don't the women who voted for Trump stand up with their sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers and so many other women who have been the subject of institutionalized hate.

  2. I am well too familiar with the Rob Porter abuser syndrome. My father did to my mother and to us children five times worse than Porter has done to his wives. Abusers like Porter and my father are in denial.

  3. Trump does not care, about anyone, but himself
    the Republicans do not care about anything they do not care about Pedophilias, child molesters, rapists or their victims. they do not care about females rights, all the Republicans care about is what is between a females legs, they only care about taking a female right to her own body away. the Republicans do not care about right to life kids are dying every day and the Republicans do not give a crap about then, the Republicans do not care about gay marriage or gay equal rights. I believe that most Republicans are either scared that they maybe be gay or they do not have a handle on their own sexuality and that scares them.
    the Republicans family values party that's a big load of crap ( porn stars, Pedophilias, child molesters, rapists )
    great family values.

    Republicans are about 2 things money and fear.
    money taking as much as they can, and not helping the people.
    fear to make people scared of the bullshit so they the Republicans keep screwing the people.

    if your opinion is that you do not like what my opinion is that's cool have your opinion that's your right.
    if you do not like me that's your right to ( I really do not care if you like me or not )
    if you think me is an ass hole that's your right to ( i know I am an ass hole and I really do not care if you think me is an ass hole)
    if you want to comment go right ahead fill your boots you have that right

    (The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices. It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely. It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government.) found this just above at
    ( )

    but just remember I have the
    ( The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices. It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely. It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government.) as well.
    found this just above at ( )

    So that no one will get this wrong what I wrote above is an opinion is not fact

  4. Another snowflake white American woman ruining a career for attention and money…. My husband and father just said "it takes 2"… I have called him names.. He has called my names.. We trigger each other.. It happens in marriage.. That is no reason to cry abuse and destroy a career… American women need to stop crying for the equality they don't even want… He called you a bitch so you run to the media?.. How much money has she made off of this so far?… Fuck off CNN and fuck off you snowflake slithering snake white bitch… I called you bitch, better call CNN

  5. The photo of the black eye is days old, bruises and black eyes go yellow up to a week after the punch. Wonder how it looked the next day. It is so common to hear of these abusers crying asking for forgiveness then doing it all again. And the time between beatings shrinks every time, 2 months, then one month, then 2 weeks, one week…etc. If someone hits you once if you stay they will do it again and more often no matter how much they cry when they apologise.

  6. Rob Porter is a monster and coward who prey on women. But Porter always require the other monsters (John Kelly, Hope Hicks, Trump, and the clergy) to support and excuse his crimes. Including those who wish to blame the survivors or the media.

  7. In advance, I apologize for all the macho entitled idiotic trolls who come here to insult this woman for sharing her humiliating story.

  8. This sounds quite similar to the eledged child abuser in alabama who in the end wasn't elected, in the sense that no matter what the adminsitration and republicans stood behind him aslong they get their seat in the senat and here it is aslong they make us believe everything is in order .. which it isn't. The willingness to overstep common sense and ethics is mindboggling of this WH.

  9. Jennifer is someone I went out with too….. She actually likes to be choked during sex… I had to leave her because of this…   But she is pretty kinky and hot though… It just wasn't for me. I'm proud to see her using her popularity and fame.. I'm thinking she would be able to make a book from some of the popularity that Washington post is getting for her.  Its pretty cool. Make that money!     The thing about security clearances too is that if anyone ever finds out someone is a beater they are denied a security clearance.  He wouldn't have been able to get one if he was.   The other funny thing is that she also got that burse from that picture fighting at a hockey game.  (she is pretty good at sex but still it was a bit weird why she likes to be cloaked during sex too)  Doesn't it sound staged… Of course not… Its all real… believe her.. its how we can use these stupid conservatives and their trust against them.   We will stab them in the backs repeatedly.   Guys are defective. We must rise up and crush them until they are destroyed. Support the socialist regime that Obama has set forth for us to follow.   We will resist the republic and bring Americans down. Girls have cry parties… and judgement parties and always need people to talk to.  Guys are raised as defective pieces of scum and accidents.  Girls wish they could abort them.  I'm proud to see women uniting to destroy guys.  this is so supportive for all women out there.  we must kill off men and only have nonbianary persons and women and transgendered people.   Men and conservatives need to be gassed.

  10. those pictures are actually photos of when she was in a fight at a hocky game… this guy didn't even do anything except run off and leave so she wasn't trying to smear him.   verbal and emotional abuse are funny cause she would have probably killed him too.   hes a weakling and a wimp and he wont fight it.   It will be fun to smear him and get him kicked out of the republican party.   We need to unite as CNN members and come up with enough stuff to get tump destroyed.

  11. Dear White girls , dont act like you just found out ! White men are abusive , period !! They are your sons and brothers they have abused all over the globe . God blaess America Now get your credit card and go shop , kneel and deliver.

  12. This stupid cnn woman acts like she’s really concerned. The only reason she is getting emotional is because he works under trump. If it was anybody else she wouldn’t give a donkey’s ass. CNN producers aren’t shit, telling their analysts to do what ever they have to do to keep their job. All cnn analysts are being pimped! Now go on the street and sell that ass!

  13. By all info, a textbook narcissist. You'll introspect. They'll punish you for figuring them out. Idealize, devalue, discard. One target after another. Pure Cluster B behavior.

  14. The Republicans hounded Hillary about her emails under the pretense of national security. Now we have Rob Poerter and son in law Jared without a security clearance still handling top secret documents. Not a word….hypocrites.

  15. EvangDeborah Middlebrook

    Just a thought regarding these statements from the abusive wives of this horrible man,
    Rob Porter, since
    John Kelly, Orin Hatch
    had this information, and NOT one thing was
    done, remember this is ONLY a question would John Kelly, Orin Hatch have behaved in the manner Rob Porter did towards any female once, again this is just food for thought. It also, shows how the FBI did NOT one thing and he
    Rob Porter, was permitted to work for the White House along
    side our President without a Clearance, that shows everyone who has heard or read about this should be saying what kind of place is this when ONLY
    certain people have a Clearance and others do not have or are permitted to hold that
    type of position without Clearance and so close to the President of the
    United States of America, the President's
    son-in-law Kushner, should have a Clearance working with the President, the good old boys will always cover up for each other
    is it because they do not want the REAL truth to come out them???

  16. this woman is describing Narcissitic personality disorder. I wonder how many good people he stepped on to enhance his "impressive" career?

  17. All spouse abuse is wrong and if he is proven guilty he should be strongly punished. It is disgusting behavior that should never be accepted.

  18. I stayed. She can be a poster girl for a new awakening for all women. Mormon too? Oh brother, a women controlling cult, masquerading as a religion. They all masquerade as such. Free will girls, exercise it.

  19. I totally understand, I didn't even recognize the abuse until many years after I left…..all the books I read was about staying, I stayed for almost 10 years!

  20. This was very difficult to watch. I can wholly resonate with her story. I was in abusive relationship for around 7 years. I stayed for many reasons similar to her reasons. I too was not wholly aware of my ex’s abusive behaviors. My abuse was mental, emotional, physical and financial. I do have tremendous empathy for her being that, unlike her situation, at least I had people who believed me when I would let them know about the abuse going on in my relationship.

  21. Funny how all those wonderful strong women are unable to take any responsibility for the part they take in provoking of participating in the relationships they are in. I say its another woman looking for a Pay-Day after her use and value is gone.

  22. So its fine we have a President saying grab them by the pussy nobody does anything but anyone does stuff around him they are shut down right away

  23. CNN, WHERE IS HIS SIDE OF STORY? I DO NOT CONDONE ABUSE OF ANY KIND FROM EITHER GENDER, THIS "weeping" might better be saved for WJ CLINTON's many rape victims that were bullied by shearer, Blumenthal, & MOST EGREGIOUSLY BY FEMINIST HRC! Where were the tears for those victims, VICTIMS OF 2 term disbarred Clinton?! This woman is STRONG ENOUGH TO GET ON EVERY NETWORK, SO, HOW WEAk IS SHE REALLY?


    its called " domestic abuse" for a reason.keep your private problems to yourself or your lawyer and the police..just another micro society Dame wanting that social status.. more of the women as victims Democratic strategy for 2018! backlash coming! handle your own issues in private!

  25. She's a media whore and was wrong for going on national TV to diss her ex. How would you feel if that was done to you? There is a time and place to handle situations and national TV wasn't the place.



  28. I reserve commenting against Porter until the full story is out. All we know right now is what He did but we don't know anything about what made him do it, more precisely, his wives were in any way contributing factor to his behavior.

  29. He called her a F—ing Bitch
    He prevented her from leaving the house
    He punched the glass of the front door
    He pulled her naked from the shower
    You call this abuse???? The typical american bitch wants money now???

  30. FBI slow rolled clearance for porter to cause problem for General Kelly because Democrats want to get rid of General to start getting leaks and cause problem got Trump.

  31. This is horrific and tragic… Im holding back tears… I left a man who was transitioning from emotional abuse to physical and sexual… and I not only DIDNT believe the crap he would say about me, I knew I was worthy of man who didnt shout and berate me. My self worth is too high to take so much less than what I deserve. I stayed as long as I had only because 1, I almost never saw him each month, and 2 he had addiction issues I was trying to help him with. I went 6000 miles for my partner, so imagine how difficult it is to leave someone being so far from home, but I knew it wss the right thing to do. He didnt deserve a wonderful womn like ME, and I didnt deserve a monster like him. Someone who literally equated being a prime earner equated to sex on demand, whether I wanted to or not, whether I hated his guts in the moment, or not. During that FIRST sign of physical aggression, I let him fly out for work, called him, I told him Im buying a flight a flight out of the country and he isnt ever allowed to contact me. It was far from easy but I wasn't at all SAD… I was RELIEVED! I had the first happy moments I had all year going out on a date with someone who treated me like I was special! It was a blessing that I got out when I did that type of courage does not come easily. We must teach teens and young women to have a high sense of self worth independent of their significant other…. and make them aware that they CANNOT accept to be treated as anything less than an equal. And that sexual consent isnt precipitated on aspects of financial dominance… You are always allowed to deny consent, whether your spouse or you partner. Both parties have such right in every occasion and each sexual act.. Never feel pressured.

  32. Strange how this is calculated to specifically try and bring down Trump.
    But, when there are well over a dozen women who have been abused by
    Bill Clinton, all that seems ok with the liberal press.

  33. Check out her CNN interview.She still doesn't think that he is a monster.Wtf?.I admire her for speaking out but calling it what it is is also very important. Abuse by a monster! Nothing less.This is what will help other victims in coming to terms with their predicament.

  34. Rob Porter Looks like the typical closeted 40 year old on Grindr and Scruff beating up his woman at home and his tranny boy, 'Stormy Daniels' wannabe in bed. Yes, it does happen often with many dudes.

  35. I stayed because… I'm a physical abused survivor! I had low self-esteem and I was told that (By his family) "His wife was to blame!" Friends said, "He seems to be so nice."

  36. We can't expect employers to wade into someone's domestic situation. Most people assume that abusers will have been arrested for it, and they should be. This spares the woman and future women. I have much love for them. Confide in friends and family. Choose a man who respects your bodily integrity. It was reported that Porter called one of his wives "a fucking bitch" on their honeymoon. Unless you're low class and call names all the time, that's a big red flag.

    What about people with criminal records? For robbery, assault, anything. Should they all be pushed out of their jobs, too? After all, nobody wants to work with them, right?

  37. All too complicated atm…so many pieces that need to b put together. One thing is clear and that's domestic violence which is a nono…the author clearly stated it-violence is a Nono no matter ur gender, social status, color of your skin and beliefs…

    *If ur facing any kind of violence-get help and leave…💜✌🏻️🌸🌹

  38. I'm sick of the dumb shit. If a man hits you he don't give a fuck about you. CASE CLOSED. You're a dipshit at best if you stay!
    I love seeing white men get exposed for the horrible people they are, but it's getting silly!

  39. This dude and administration are perfect examples of the white ameriKKKan males and are perfect role models for a nation built on hate,rape murder and genocide of innocent non white people. The only dummies are those who thought amerikkka was anything more than the above!

  40. Fathers, Mothers, sisters, brothers, media, Teach women and men to leave when they are abused and teach them their whole lifes ! Dont stay for money or fame ect..

  41. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is the most common crime there is and it happens to every race, creed , religion and culture. The American People, especially, the Women in this Country are
    so much luckier, than any place on this Planet, b/cuz`, we have Law-Enforcements Officers to call on for `HELP ` and Rescue the Victim in this ` Extremely tense, Volatile Situation `

    That being said, often -times, The Male Partner is always seems to be the `Perpetrator`
    However, when facts are closely examined, many will find, that both parties has taken
    a part into escalating the situation, into an out of Control Level. So therefore, every Case
    must be dealt in a fair, concise manner, without prejudice toward one or another.

    This is a problem that cannot be resolved simply by just the Law-Enforcement People, or
    Lawyers, Judges b/cuz` it`s very easy to just arrest people and throw them in Jail, that really does not cure the core of their problem.

    I think that a `Good- Marriage Counseling`Program, Strict Probation on the First -Time Alleged Offender, and the willingness for both Partners to make their marriage work , is rather, more of`PRACTICAL & EFFECTIVE solution to these kind of Problems.

    I would say that before we throw our 2cents into this story or any story, we must always
    know the real facts of the story, supported by honest, credible witnesses, Police Reports,
    and all other supporting documents that will lead us into the right conclusion, and eliminate
    all hear-says, and bias opinions.

    Many of the lives of People who had been accused wrongly. for one reason, or another,
    had been totally destroyed by `False ACCUSATIONS, Let`s all try our darn best as Viewers
    not to be `Victimized Ourselves ,by these Evil, Manipulative People to help them Re-affirmed their `LIES` to convict the Innocent , until Proven Guilty !

    *Let the COURT Determine the GUILT or Innocence of any one Person`, Until then, any one
    who is `Allegedly Accused ` is Innocent, UNTIL Proven Guilty !

  42. I had a husband years ago that raped me and beat me often.  Yet I stayed.   ME TOO.  I stayed because he made sure I had 
    nothing to leave with.  Took all my money.

  43. Who cares. Nobody even know who that guy. It's just another weak failed attempt by the liberal msm to attack Trump on mere accusations against someone else…. There will be another "scandal" in a couple days by liberal msm accusing the President of walking his dog without a leash. Animal abuse! Funny how the whole metoo movement started because of film/media industry protecting child molesters/rapists for decades.

  44. Cry me a river…. LEAVE… nobody cares; it her fault for being so narcissist for thinking she in isolated and can't take action.

  45. I’m sorry that Women today STILL don’t have the courage to set boundaries and walk away for their own sakes, and for the sake of children's exposure to such toxic relationships. We have great stories, documentaries and talk shows that help women understand that they aren’t alone, that men string them along with alternating tenderness and violence. And men are victims of domestic violence of this nature as well! Why are so many people still allowing themselves to be abused? How about a mass ad campaign that bombards the airwaves with clear info on how abusers operate, why escape Now, and how to do it. Men and women who want to be ''true'' to abusive spouses and partners need to know that setting a boundary and walking away IS a way to love and help the abuser face the problem. Men and women need to know that being ''alone'' can be a good place to heal and recover, away from the abuser.

  46. This is a conversation that has been needing to be had in public for a long time. Abuse is not always physical either. Women are forced to have children, forced into sex, forced into slave like conditions and have all their money taken via financial abuse. Its insidious and it permeates our culture. When a woman speaks of abuse, it would be wise to listen. If more people knew of abuse and spoke out about it more publicly, less abusers would abuse.

  47. I lost my ex husband to the FED. The more he was promoted, the more he drank, and did drugs, lost his temper and stayed at work and on the Federal golf courses and TDY- just one big party without me. Night after night home cooked meals ended up thrown away as he came home later and more abusive.

    He threw our marriage vows by the wayside as he cheated on me. Out of guilt he took his anger at his own failure to communicate out on me.
    He'd apologize-
    I'd forgive him-
    It just got worse!
    The more he drank and
    The nightmare would repeat.
    You can't change an alcoholic addict abuser,
    No matter how much you love them.
    Just leave, forgive them, and let them go with a prayer.🙏☦️

  48. How much did the DNC pay these spoiled brats?
    If the welfare DNC senate and house would do their job. Things could be accomplished. Abuse has a BROAD DEFINITION. 20,000,000,000,000 debt.

  49. Wife #2 tells a convincing story. Porter was chief aide to Senator Orrin Hatch for years and the wives did not do the rounds of CNN and Today show then. Why do they want to publicize it now?

  50. I say Ladies take over and let’s get some humanity back in our lives. Very sick country at this point. We have the top in there opinions

  51. George Washington

    Darrow Hand says I need blood taken to see my vitamin levels. He does weird stuff with his step daughter. He has kiddie porn he says is art. Search the scriptures.

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