Rescue Paws – Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation in Thailand with The Global Work & Travel Co.

Rescue Paws – Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation in Thailand with The Global Work & Travel Co.

Rescue Paws began because we had a vision that we wanted to make things better At the moment everyone is fighting for food and there’s pack mentality to explore There’s over a hundred dogs that live at Tham Khao Tao Temple This temple is very very small They want love, they want food and they need a little bit of care and it’s unconditional love and why not Why not just reciprocate the kind of love for the dogs The aim of Rescue Paws has changed a little bit, initially was dog feeding only and with the sponsorship that we’ve got we’ve managed to put up ten kennels and we’re in the process of setting up a clinic On the database, we have 391 and but we feed upwards of 500 We only really put the dogs on the database once they’ve been vaccinated and sterilized because it’s much easier to monitor seeing the plights of the animals in the town that I live in, it was kind of a natural progression really well Everybody at XploreAsia are really
really fond of animals the owners Pierre and Carol from The Global Work & Travel Co. are also huge animal lovers and if you have enough animal lovers together the outcome is going to be something like Rescue Paws We have a vet, a Thai vet called Dr. A moray and she used to She used to work for the Soi Dog Foundation she’s extremely experienced and is very very good at her job Now we wouldn’t be able to do this without the support and funding from our sponsors and from the local community She has taken Rescue Paws to a whole new level We have a volunteering program through The Global Work & Travel Co., they have been absolutely fabulous since we started this program They send us volunteers over they come for anything between four weeks and three months the kind of stuff the volunteers will be doing will ranges from anything from basic admin tasks like Facebook & Twitter All the way up to providing medication, veterinary assistance, helping catch dogs There’s such a wide scope that people can get involved in and we strongly encourage anyone with or without experience you are more than welcome to join us I really like being a bit outside of Hua Hin It’s much quieter here, the temple area is really nice and I go running on the beach every day A really nice area to be in I think Some days are really tough like we’ve had puppies
dying and that we weren’t able to help but I really like working with the vet
that is here now because she’s very positive she tries to see the positive
thing in like everything and she’s very easygoing and she’s really good and she’s really talented but she’s also very human and she cares about everyone I think what I’ve learned from this a lot actually is actually pulls determination Because this is tough you know it’s not easy you have you have
good days but since I’ve been here unfortunately, we’ve lost quite a
few puppies and that’s really really tough It’s pretty amazing actually, it is pretty amazing, it’s nothing, you can’t, you have to come and see it you can’t really put it into words but it is pretty amazing I mean the fact I am
working at a temple surrounded by monks is something I could never have imagined
that I’d ever be doing in my life So that’s pretty cool, the beach is just
down there just over there and we’ve got the massive Buddha we can see up in the
mountains which is amazing the difference that we make and the
difference that we can see from one week to another week and then in a month – in
three months is enough of a drive force to continue with this program also if
you just see that appreciation as you may have seen earlier on with all the
dogs that just come running up that’s all they really want they want love,
they want food and they need a little bit of care in a few years time you’ll
see the sterilization process at effects as the dogs get older but becomes less
of them the temple becomes more peaceful everyone is happier you

4 thoughts on “Rescue Paws – Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation in Thailand with The Global Work & Travel Co.”

  1. I love animals and you do a wonderful job by sterilizing or neutering the dogs. I hope you don't get discouraged too much as every tiny or big thing you do to help each dog is a blessing for them. Even the fact that each dog got a bit of love before they passed away is a hugely important thing for that one puppy or dog. The main thing is that many times you succeed in making a wonderful thing happen.

    Bless you as many are called but not all answer…..and all of you did.

  2. Animals are my life…I love animals.People dont have the right to do to them that kind oh harm usually people do…If we was in their places…we would thought diferent…More than great work…Outstanding!I dont have words to descrive what you do.I live in Portugal and i feel very impotent to help animals in oriental countrys.I help at the weekends and after work in animals shelters and so on…Thanks…

  3. Hi! I work in a Spanish shelter, now I'm in Thailand and I would like to know if I can visit your place to help and meet you! Thanks!

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