Reformed drug addict social media star denied entry to Australia

Reformed drug addict social media star denied entry to Australia

She’s a reformed drug addict
who is now a social media sensation. But her new life of sobriety counted
for nothing as Nicola Adams was detained
by the authorities upon arriving in Australia
and immediately deported. She was turned away at customs
because of her criminal past. An advocate for the issue says something needs to be done,
and quick. Hania Douglas reports. Nicola Adams is back in the country
after a short visit to Australia. On Monday, Nicola Adams,
also known as Nix, was excited to be headed
to Australia. Only to be thwarted upon arrival
under Australia’s immigration laws. She became famous on Facebook and spoke with Te Karere a while ago
about her battles with addiction. Adams landed back in NZ
in the early hours of the morning. An advocate for Maori living
in Australia says it’s inhumane. Payne also believes Adams shouldn’t
have to be punished by Australia for crimes she’s already
served time for. Nix says if Australia thinks
they’ve seen the last of her, they better think again. Regardless, it’s another experience
she can share with her loyal followers. Hania Douglas, Te Karere.

6 thoughts on “Reformed drug addict social media star denied entry to Australia”

  1. A tour?? What for??

    If you want to close the chapter in your life, do it in the solace of your home and move on.

    You broke the law and you were deported as a consequence. You don't get a hall pass back.

    Deal with it.

    Sorry but stay in New Zealand. Don't try coming back. What's the point?? You're only wasting your time and money. And I'm sure those things could be better served elsewhere.

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