Recovering From Injury, Thiago Santos Doesn’t Need ‘Tune-Up’ For Jon Jones Rematch – MMA Fighting

Recovering From Injury, Thiago Santos Doesn’t Need ‘Tune-Up’ For Jon Jones Rematch – MMA Fighting

50 thoughts on “Recovering From Injury, Thiago Santos Doesn’t Need ‘Tune-Up’ For Jon Jones Rematch – MMA Fighting”

  1. Is he really going to get a rematch. Jon Jones usually doesn’t do rematches but that might was close kinda like the Alexander Gustafson fight

  2. Arguably beat Jones on one leg. I have to say arguably because the Jones stans will attack. Personally I’d say 1,2 and 5 for Santos. Would love to see a rematch but I think Santos should take a tune up because of his injury. And for the people that haven’t worked it out yet, turn on captions for subtitles

  3. As impressive as thiago was in that fight, let's be real here for a second.. jones gifted thiago a kickboxing match. Intentionally not going for any takedowns. I'm sure it would have been a much different fight had he gone for the takedown. And this is coming from someone who cant stand jones.

  4. Only if santos didn’t go into this fight hurt he would of gave jones a way better fight! Even still being hurt he gave jones trouble!!

  5. Heal up, champ! Thank you for your sacrifice for the sport.

    As far as I’m concerned, you’re the Tyrone Prothro of MMA.

  6. Santos probably don't need a tune up fight but Jones definitely will need extra security and a new striking coach .

  7. Feel bad for not appreciating his efforts in his fight against Jones when it was happening. Seeing bits and pieces of his recovery has been pretty wild. Division is shallow, hope Santos is on the short list of contenders.

  8. Anyone else really want to see Santos return and challenge loud mouth Isreal Adesanya? Santo needs a warm up fight before he challenges for the LHW title again so why not warm up against the middleweight chump!

  9. My knee cap does the same thing and my knee makes a loud popping noise and hurts everytime I bend it. I wonder if I should have it looked at.

  10. The fight wasnt even close. Bones was not I trouble once or even came close to looking like he was in trouble. People hate bones so much they comeplety ignore that he decided to stand with a kick boxer the entire fight. His legs got a bit bruised bit that was it. Jones come out that fight with out a scratc on his face. A rematch bones said it himself he would fight a different fight. I'd like to see it just to prove all the haters wrong again.

  11. Angelo Philippopoulos

    Santos extremely good fighter…Love him Love to see him take Adesanyas head off!!! He fought injured in jones fight still almost pulled it off.

  12. The future light heavy weight champ lets go man.. we’re all tired of gay bones Jones as champ his time is done.. we need a new face that we can respect and be honored if u were thelight heavy weight champ

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