Real Life Twitch Drone (from R6 SIEGE)

Real Life Twitch Drone (from R6 SIEGE)

Hey guys after the video make sure you head over to our vlog channel because we do a weekly livestream, and this week we have a special guest 2 special guests actually! Great Gadget Guru and Jariusofall Hope to see you there Hey guys, do you remember Riley? That’s heavy me neither Anyway, he left to pursue an education in engineering but it’s his fall reading week break which means he’s back to work one week, so I got a little preset for while he’s here It’s a remote controlled robot, since he really likes Rainbow Six Siege his challenge is to turn this toy into Twitch’s drone in the next 3 days 3 days Riley There you go, have fun You need this Ok we’re just going to disassemble it and we’ll go on from there Nope taking it apart up here Alright so let’s unbox this thing Instruction manual This is our guy No we’ve got to put it together There we go that’s better Alright so we’ve go this whole thing together We’ve got to shoot some people with it before we start disassembling it Fire fire! Die safety goggles! Alright so we ave our core drone Which I’m sure someone in the comment is going to say something about me using a pre-made drone Yes I could have bought all the servos, and the motor drivers, and made an arduino and programmed it and all that fun stuff. And bought a controller That would have taken forever So what we’re going to do basically is we’re going to transfer all the guts of this guy into this box Alright so as part of a previous twitch drone project I took apart a FPV headset and I made a little box for it So this headset is originally meant for FPV drone racing which is first person view drone racing Where you put this on and you race your drone through a course you know, how ever far away so you don’t have to have a line of sight on the drone itself What I’m going to do is re-adapt it into my needs which is first person view of a RC controlled drone, which is on the ground And so right now I’m just testing the camera Ok so it’s got no signal And then we’re going to connect the connector That is feed from our camera Look at that So effectively this will be our way or tracking our drone And that is connecting to this guy over here Stick it on the front here So that we’ve got a little FPV view of our drone It should make a spark We actually have a more detailed electronics diagram which you can check out using the link in the description below to visit our project on I think it’s ready to be tested in it’s new case because I’ve soldered everything together and it’s definitely not going to work on the first try Ok it lights up Why is it doing that? I can only stop that side You broke the power button? What are you going to do? Taze me? I guess one of the last things for now is to wire the FPV camera into the main power switch here So that when you turn the whole thing on, when you turn everything on, it all turns on together Ok so we’ve got the FPV functioning And we’ve got the display here and there’s the camera on the front and so now we can drive it around and look at out FPV camera without worries of where he is going Ok so our goal is to have this capable of shocking people in the ankle yay far away and I’m going to go off of that bases Under it that you can see with the FPV camera and that’s going to be our taser Now I guess basically we’ll just test it out Finalize the controller and the FPV view and then we’ll take it out and zap some people’s ankles Ok so we ran into a bunch of issues. Some output on the motherboard died The antenna doesn’t do anything Why? Hey guys while Riley finishes up the Twitch drone I wanted to answer one of the most common questions we get asked here on our channel And that question is How do I learn to do the stuff you do and can you teach me? While we’d love to make tutorials we don’t because there’s actually already amazing resources available online My personal favorite is, who actually sponsored this video We learn by doing and that’s exactly what allows you to do It’s a problem solving site that helps you think like an engineer by guiding yo through problems that bring you from knowing absolutely nothing to having a deep understanding of the topic You can go to and sign up for free And the first 200 people to go to that link will get 20% off their annual premium subscription Now let’s see how RIley’s getting along with the Twitch drone First test of the Twitch drone We ended up putting it on a phone controller, so now it’s just kind of Go ahead Sweet Nice Get that thing away from me It looks like a crab, you just grab it by the **** It’s not that easy, you keep moving your hand Just put it into me already There we go Alright team here we go Hope you guys enjoyed the video, if you want more Hacksmith content, make sure you check out our vlog channel Where we do a weekly livestream and on this week we actually have 2 special guests Great gadget guru and Jariusofall Hope to see you there

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  1. Head over to for more Hacksmith content AND our weekly livestream podcasts! This week's special guests include Jairus of All and G3AR!

  2. I'm pretty sure the wheels could be smaller and more like the actual Twitch which is kind of disappointing. Also I'm pretty sure the camera on Twitch is streaming on Twitch.

  3. Why not make Wardens Glance Glasses. I think the coloring and glow of the glasses would be really cool. You could also do a whole bunch of small projects and put it together in one video!

  4. What i would of done if you were to make this for like police instead of actually touching i would make it prongs the extend from the drone like a taser with steal wires and not metal bars

  5. A couple days ago I committed on a vid of theirs and said to make a twitch drone and I thought he made I from my comet but nope

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