Racist Cops Abuse Authority [VIDEO]

Racist Cops Abuse Authority [VIDEO]

there’s this video going viral its a
stop-and-frisk in Philly it some stomach churning stuff
take a listen the wanna work but guy that law you know the guys have been
gone a step back on what you’re talking about like
nothing I just Rangers honestly I miss neighborhood meeting will although thistle we can do for kids then
I’m gonna hurt you you don’t provide the party talking
point gonna pop get back here well put your phone in a pocket why
Obama phone Park I do not want to win law firms are also offer other do
nothing under investigation right investigation walking but did not know
what I saw I was walkin I wouldn’t only by labeling money by quicker we go but of keep your hands
on my part but I’ll walk don’t know I’m fun telling the fuckin 30 assy you talking
cricket you got ID on you you Jersey month you have any dirty there but not before yeah a lot at all her year say hi to me time you know who you that mom weeks gotta I’ll you gonna work cut
out for them out I’m yet aware that I don’t know dad what
street yeah today that right there is like Gary they
were to sell the drugs blankley even exactly looking Franklin on of a
delivery but all you do not you know who he is along
the southern kingdom wealth and any other guy that Kenny
wants long okay I don’t know but alarm won’t hurt
you if you tell you I wanted got one right on your phone the works well yet rated take well think I’m online been up and running what’s this with
work I’ll be on your phone like that on hold my came out the welcome boo I’m 46 years
old you think I gonna let you know the word of record exactly the Lubrizol not now is not
illegal graduated will serbians we that like the rest even having to muffle how do you know to have gone on how do
you know what we know Ono to know alright so would like me to
climb how do we know when you wall how do we
know that because you don’t mean I don’t know how you know we get a
radio call guy with a black and red head is fucking rob somebody on the corner you searching well got anything about
it. you ask me why I stopped you I said how
do you know though we didn’t get a radio call you look at it from where you are
looking at it from where we are you don’t know what we know are what we got information on right
right by on your no using the route I don’t accuse you of
anything can you hear I thought we could have got a call that
somebody wearing the clothes that you’re wearing just robbed somebody that’s why we stopped you that is that
is that wrong about us no alright or are you suppose a grammy
up like this grab you up all grabby anyway I got to brought to shut up if i buy things are fucking lawyer and I
don’t know jack shit want awesome well idea that I gotta bookmark don’t what is
newsweek same time danger aspirin with them what’s his name I that either that extra middle name good as a movie what your begins market
Savannah but Mr Woodhams but smart and time I’m asking you what
the extent that your middle name course what is it don’t come back with
the one day that fuckin shit talk any fucking paid on a street that
way and talking to me that way don’t talk to buy used you don’t hang 10
but I don’t come the fuck in philadelphia Spain Jersey have family
out here and I’ll come over here one here anyway it would begin about yeah I we’ve been a
country now within the country but working no preload if we lower not often what
that lol this you don’t want as much blood no one Muslim them is on 11 your all you had to do was also
trying to elicit was at a value my privacy 12 what you
value per cent you don’t you know where you live at you or any bike model I don’t want strangers
in a way I look at it but what are you going to release things
really me and it’s fucking neighborhood morning non-disney were so bad I love
you guys yeah it’s worth you like a missile then personalize the
police nice neighborhoods they like that lease yet Abad near the dome you certain
protect them protect everybody wants to serve the
exact reason to get people out here I like fun exact their samples yards you’re not
you’re not protecting me but I stopped me a long time to go to work those police officer should be
immediately fired all one would need a new is see this tape and that’s it you’re
fired you’re done no second chances no nothing
you have wildly in the bowl evenly abuse your power there are so many parts there that are
noteworthy I mean look at when but he said the kids said you serve and
protect ban right and the police Royal Oak where the
police a lot of people like I saw if you don’t like it said your problem right
and he said no no no you serve and protect them that hits the nail on the head and neck
up to to the crux a very important issue
there’s a great the really learned in sociology class in
fact I wanted the first a sociology 101 it’s called conflict theory and the idea
is the wealthy use the police to keep the
underclass is down and to keep them in line and the reality is running keep a real
man with those police officers act like that it was Mitt Romney’s kids when they imagine they’re walking to school anymore even
if they say hi to somebody who supposedly suspicious wind I’ll police officer do that to Mitt
Romney’s kids not in a million years where police
officer go down to wall street where by the way they crash economy they
committed fraud on a massive scale by end the Duelist drugs visit
high-priced hookers all the time when they going to stop in Frisco water
guy like that not in a million years but it’s not even really conjecture
because lucky says it at one point he says all I have the
quote we don’t want you here you week in the
country he was really hungry how I’m working he
owes no freeloading but that show you how we think about
black people ire of Realtors but he just told you
he’s walking but he’s walking to work right now know
he’s a freeloader but the definition of real or somebody
not working as accepting benefits and the like a parasite on the
system you are gay Nobita preloader it show you the mindset
and by the way it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy
where always police officers they look more strictly and rigidly at minority communities and they say well
they all commit crimes but in reality they are scrutinizing them or in
catching them committing more crimes i doing the day before there was a study
that came out black people like people use drugs at the same rate black people get arrested four times
more often just on my own anecdotal experience growing up in a town where there was up
one-sided town which was really well off in the other side a town which was it as
well all the police officers what always cruise
around the area that’s not well often there’s just as many crimes going on on the other side a town you can do cake
stand in the front lawn on the the Roger side a town of police
officers overdrive by well if you make a peep on the other
side of town you’re arrested right away especially if you’re african-american I
mean look at look at some the other thing
they said all year over there is where they sell all the drugs it’s not a legal for me to grab you
actually yes it is you decade apparently in the police officers
know nothing about the Constitution it’s called the fourth amendment
unreasonable search and seizure I’ll we gotta call you are robbing someone
actually you did and you admitted you get into you said we’re stopping you
because you talk to somebody suspicious which by the way is not a crime right
well we gotta call you didn’t get a call so we can enjoy your fucking wrong on I love how he says at one point oh you’re from over there where they
serve we’d begin to tell you where he lives or were
his friend list why you jump United a legal drugs but
see that’s the thing because the starter just racist and egos all were the police were the police
that speaks to a larger mindset well we are right by definition right we are above the law but you’re
not above the law that’s not what this country is founded

100 thoughts on “Racist Cops Abuse Authority [VIDEO]”

  1. "Serving weed?" Holy fucking hell i literally yelled at the screen when he said that. I wish i had been there. Holy shit i am mad.

  2. I wonder if those fucking bastartd would be as tough without gun and badge, and would risk getting they jaw broken a couple times. But keep that same energy at the unemployment line u old bitch

  3. Just shoot these Philly cops. They have been criminals my whole life. Back when I got my drivers license many moons ago, they used to pull us over and ask for bribes. They didn't get it because we never had any money. But they asked, the slimy pigs. Shoot these fuckers.

  4. I hope that cop gets fired and goes to a slaughter house so he will be become ham for sandwhiches because thats all he is a fat ugly PIG!

    (I didn't mean to offend any pigs)

  5. " Why are you here then? "
    " I have Family."
    "Well , don't come here. We don't want you here."

    Tf , you cant tell someone to not be in a damn country or whatever. He was litterly just fucking walking. And he has family.Also thats fucked up to say ' we don't want you ' Also am i the only one that finds this part hella racist :

    " Have you ever been locked up before."
    " Yes."
    " For what?"
    " THATS IT?"

    Why the fuck would you say ' thats it.' , are you assuming he did something wronger or fucking drugs or something. You racist pig! You cant just think he did bunch of things just cause his skin color. And when he says ' Everyone thinks there a lawyer , they dont know jackshit! '

    Um, calm your shit cop. Your the one who doesnt know 'jackshit' , and when u say 'were the police' THAT DONT MEAN SHIT. you cant just assualt someone from them walking. Dumbass! Racist pigs , i swear they need to be fired. Never again , you litterly assualted someone from them walking and there skin color. And one more thing , He said Hi , how is that bad. ' You dont say hi to strangers' HES A FULL GROWN MAN , he can talk to who he wants, he aint 3 years old! You cant control his mouth and what he says. And its illegal to grab someone boi.

    ~ A person that accepts all. Bianca sorry if I cant spell well

  6. Why do minorities give cops reasons to be racist? What kind of experiences did these cops have before this incident that turned them this way?

  7. I would have kick these pieces of shit ass,the gestopa police force strike again and this fat fuck of a cop is one nasty,vile, disgusting non human being

  8. Aside from abusing power, these guys were just rude, unprofessional and racist. Cursing, insulting… they wouldn't do that to little rich kids… Scumbags.. Throw these tyrants in jail.

  9. My thoughts 15 seconds into the video: WHAT THE FUCK????????!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Someone stole money from my mom and they don’t do shit but when they see someone black just walking to work there saying they did every crime there is fuck cops #stopracistcops

  11. These cops actually make me fucking sick, they just love to abuse there power. Calling black people "free loaders" disgusting.

  12. Whenever this happens the guy should explain to the asshole cop that he knows his rights immediately followed by “Why do you hate America and the constitution?”

  13. Police are uneducated bullies on a power trip, high schoolers or GED a few weeks at the police academy with guns, & they think they above the law, they don't even know the laws they swore to uphold. Police Dept need to raise their standards in hiring, why don't they require a college education to rule out these low IQ abusive bastards. Lawyers, Judges, hell the stenographer in court need college , why cops don't.

  14. What’s his problem leave him alone, stupid cop racist ass loser has no life but to pick on black people man come on we better than this

  15. Fucking pigs ! Abusing their “authority” all the time. Had they had someone that wouldn’t take their shit. It would of went so far and the people would of caught false charges !!

  16. Yuup my friend was beaten within an inch of his life for being drunk in public. He had to get facial reconstructive surgergy and won a massive settlement against the sheriffs. Any coverage in any local news? Not a bit, nothing. My friend has a different face, new teeth, he is mentally challenged now. He is even under a gag order. Its real!

  17. Ahh another white people rasist .. Why they born in this world .. Get out from this world .. They dont belong here .. Shame on you ..

  18. During slavery the patrollers would happen upon free Africans and slaves. They patrollers did things like let their dogs eat black people alive, castrate and cut off legs feet arms. The modern day patrollers are an extension of the kkk. Those cops wanted to take that young mans life that it was palpable. What does all that hate feel like? Anyone ever seen images of whites with their children and babies burning Africans alive and then collected their body parts. I wish they can go back and prosecute the demons that are still alive. I wonder how many racist white people remember being an accessory to murder. Im a Veteran who served proudly. They were hanging Africans returning from the war while still in uniform. The things they would do to pregnant African females is something out of a horror movie. They would hang the pregnant African female and wip her until she aborted while hanging by her wrists.

  19. POS.. Guilty until you're proven innocent. This is TRUMP'S America. This is why when these POS end up in a pine box. I don't shed a tear. This man on his way way to work.. Imagine telling him not to come to Philadelphia. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  20. This cop is a psycho. Power trip piece of crap. He should be fired immediately and charged for rights violations

  21. Not only do I hope those cops were fired, but they should have been arrested! They clearly are racist as shit and were spewing racist rhetoric and harassing those guys!

  22. And this is one of the reasons black Americans do not like cops. Racial profiling, Hate crimes committed by cops against black people.

  23. I'm tired if hearing cops fired this should be a charge because if there was no cameras of evidence they would be charged no questions asked

  24. This is NOT an investigation! This is harrassment plain and simple!! Both of these cops are completely abusing their authority and dismissing the constitution rights of these gentlemen!! They sould both be fired!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Screw cops they abuse there power. They act all bad and powerful but take away that badge there nothing without that badge. So screw cops and there broken corrupt system.

  26. Probably no one will read this. But I am a black man and I am fucking his daughter rn. hitting him where it hurts lmaoooo

  27. These assholes have made it harder for all of the good cops who try to do their jobs everyday because they hate themselves and put their foot on other peoples neck to make themselves feel better! This is why I compare racism or prejudice of any sort coming from any race to drugs because no matter how much you hate you never can get enough of it because it consumes you and it doesn’t change people’s perception of you! This dick says Camden is bad because no one like the police as he is abusing the rights of someone from Camden! That’s a great public relations campaign for selling his services!And for the people who just keep their heads low and don’t want to say anything because you are not victimized by it yet “ And then they came for me”!🤕


  29. What's racist about it? just out of control cops lol, again, you dont claim racism when its just people on a power trip, the second you claim "oh heeeez jus beeeez racissss" then your immediately written off as a joke, call it what it is and until we call it what it is then cops will continue to get away with it, by crying racism constantly you are not taken seriously, period. Until people figure that out we cannot get these nutjob cops under control…Get with it people!

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