QUIT Being UGLY! 10 EASY Habits To BOOST Attractiveness With Alpha M

QUIT Being UGLY! 10 EASY Habits To BOOST Attractiveness With Alpha M

10 Daily Habits To Be More Attractive
[0:00:00] Antonio: Ten daily habits to become more attractive. Are you ready, gents? Let’s get into it. [Music] Daily habit number one to become more
attractive. Make those around you feel important. And this is key, gents, this have to be real
relationships that you’re building here. You genuinely want to get to know the people
at the coffee shop at that bar you frequent all the time. Places you go to again and again, get to know
their names because the key is when you walk in, you want them to recognize you because
this is social proof and everyone in the place is going to be like, who is this guy? And they’re like he seems to know everybody’s
name. Social proof is when those around you they
are vouching you that this is a good to go guy. And people are going to find someone who has
already got that social proof to be more attractive. Daily habit number two that’s going to make
you more attractive. Exercise, gentlemen, daily exercise. Now, the obvious benefit your body gets in
shape over time. Yes, you’re going to be more attractive,
but the immediate benefit, you start to feel more confident. Why? Because you’re taking your life in the right
direction. Then, there comes the actual benefit of the
extra energy that you start to get and if you’re exercising out in nature, you’re
going to improve your mindset. Daily habit number three to be more attractive. Make your teeth a priority. So, let me ask, what’s your brushing technique
like? Make sure that you’re following the correct
form. If you have no idea what form is and you don’t
want to be bothered with it, go get a better electric toothbrush. It’s funny, some guys will spend $50,000
on a car, but they don’t want to spend a little bit of extra money to get a toothbrush
which is going to give them a better smile, open up tons of doors with opportunity. And, guys, that’s what your smile and your
teeth are all about. It is something you want to take care of,
guys. An ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure. So, when it comes to teeth whitening products,
there are many different options out there. At the end of the day, make your teeth a priority. Daily habit number four to be more attractive
is to eat better. And that sounds incredibly over simplified. So, let me give you guys my seven guidelines. First up, just get started. Find a diet that you connect with. I don’t know if you’re going to be a vegetarian,
you’re going to be a vegan, you’re going to be a carnivore. But, find something that works for you works
for your lifestyle and start the change. Next up, simply measure what goes in your
mouth. I’m not going to tell you you need to weigh
it, I’m not going to tell you you need to take pictures, but I am saying to document
this as you’re going for so that you can actually see if it’s working. Guideline number three. Don’t eat anything that comes into your
car window. Guideline four. Start to cook your own food. Guideline number five. Shop on the outside of the aisles. You’re looking to buy food which actually
will go bad if you never cook it. Guideline number six. Read the ingredients. If you don’t know what it is, if you can’t
pronounce it, don’t put it in your mouth. Guideline number seven. Drink a lot of water. Now, I know that that advice is very simple. My point is that you don’t have to make
this over complicated, you just need to get started. Daily habit number five to be more attractive. Get your beauty rest. So, if you don’t get enough sleep, what
happens? You get the bags under the eyes, your energy
levels go down. I mean you’re going to be yawning in front
of people. That’s unattractive. Another advantage of getting more sleep, you’re
going to feel more relaxed. Studies have shown that women find relaxed
men much more attractive than stressed out guys. Don’t be that stressed out guys, get your
rest. Now, this next daily habit to be more attractive
is a bit of an art and science to it. You’re going to have to practice here. We’re talking about smiling and eye contact. It depends on your culture it depends on whether
you’re a man or a woman. But what you want to focus in on here is practice
and getting to know what works for you. Because, yeah, there is a fine line between
something that people find attractive and other people may view you as kind of a psycho. All right. So, what guidance can I give you to eye contact,
smiles, and attraction? Let me start off by first saying when it comes
to eye contact between men and women, men are taking the lead the majority of the time
to start and to initiate eye contact. Point number two. Women are checking up people just the same
as men, but they’re much better with their periphery vision. Men on the other hand, we focus in and that’s
where we get caught staring. Point number three. Women especially attractive women receive
disproportionately a lot more eye contact than what they give out. All right. So now, that we’ve got these base rules
established about eye contact, smiling, and attraction, you can start to basically put
it all together and make sense of what you’re saying. So, that woman over there that you’re clearly
in her line of sight, you’ve been trying to make eye contact with her all night and
she’s just not making any eye contact. Most likely, she is not interested. Now, let’s talk about a different situation. You’ve got a woman over here who has to
turn her head to actually see you, but you guys have made eye contact three times for
about a second to a second-and-a-half each time. Clearly, she wants you to approach her especially
since she has given you a smile every time she’s seen you. All right, gents, I want to stress this particular
habit you’ve got to practice, it depends on your situation, it depends on you, it depends
on your culture, but when you master it, you are going to have an amazing tool in your
arsenal. [0:04:57] Now, this next daily habit requires
quite a bit of courage and, guys, that is you got to reach over and close the door on
your past. So many of you all are focused in on old relationships
on an ex that burned you and you’re carrying around that hatred that frustration that fear
of loving again. That is not attractive. And people sense it they pick it up especially
when you’re talking about your ex-girlfriend at that first date. I mean who wants to hear this? I’m not saying to forget what happened to
forget where you come from. No. I am saying though to be open to the future
and the opportunity it can bring. Daily habit number eight that’s going to
make you more attractive. March, gentlemen, to your own beat. Beat on that drum, find what works for you,
have the courage to be yourself. What this sends is a signal to other people
that this guy is there’s something about it; he is unique, he is different. Understand, some people aren’t going to
be attracted to that. But those that are looking for people like
this, strong individuals they are going to be immensely attractive to someone that can
go off and march to his own tune. The next daily habit that’s going to make
you more attractive, build up the shoulders, gentlemen. You know I’ve talked about sports jacket
you wear this, guys, it is going to cure cancer. No, not really, but I’ve talked about the
benefits, guys, of simply building up the shoulders. I just read a study the other day, 12% attractive
when men simply wore t-shirts that had a big letter T. Why? Because the letter T gave this optical illusion
of the shoulder and the chest being built up. So, let’s think about it, wear a shirt that
has double breast pocket, it’s going to build up your chest, maybe epaulettes on the
shoulders. Simply start to wear more casual button-downs
versus t-shirts. Little things like these, guys, it’s going
to make you more attractive. Now, this next daily habit, gentlemen, it’s
not only going to make you more attractive, it’s going to make you irresistible to anyone
especially successful people. What is it? It is simply giving more than you take. So few people do this, they actually go out
there and they go the extra mile. They are a team player. And I’m not talking about being a doormat,
I’m talking about being the person that shows up and goes that extra mile, the person
that gives more that takes less. You’re going to find that people are going
to want to give back to you, they’re going to want to be around you. They are going to find you irresistible. All right, gents, this next daily habit which
is going to make you more attractive is to take care of the skin on your face. Whoa. Whoa. Aaron: Did somebody say skincare? This is for you. Antonio: Well, thank you. Aaron: Do you mind if I take over? Antonio: Yes, I think you can. So, guys, if you don’t know who this is,
you’ve been living under a rock. One of my good friends and someone who I am
proud to say has one of the most amazing skincare companies in the world, if not the most amazing. Aaron: One of? It’s the most amazing. Antonio: It is. It is. You know, guys, Tiege Hanley. If you haven’t heard of this thing. Yeah. Aaron: If you haven’t heard of Tiege Hanley,
you haven’t been on YouTube very long. But, do you mind if I pitch in a little? Antonio: Go for it. Aaron: Okay. So, when Antonio told me he was doing this
video, he wanted to include skincare and I said, you know, there’s no better skincare
solution out there for guys than – than Tiege Hanley. And, you know, all joking aside, I mean I
joke around a lot when I promote Tiege Hanley, but the reason why Kelley, Rob, and the chemist
and I started this company was because we were frustrated with what was out there in
terms of men’s skincare. You go to the store and there are so many
products, you don’t know what is kind of BS you don’t know what’s legitimate you
don’t know what you need. And so, we got together and created Tiege
Hanley which is an uncomplicated skincare system. The other bonus and the other reason why Tiege
Hanley is so incredible is the price. Instead of charging hundreds of dollars or
$50 for eye cream, we have cut out the middleman which means we can offer superior product
at an incredible price. And you’ve been there. Antonio: Yeah. Aaron: You’ve been to headquarters. Antonio: I have watched this go from idea
to now how – you guys help thousands and thousands of men every single month. So, guys, it’s an amazing product. And, by the way, this is, you know, a paid
sponsorship, so you’re going to be slipping me that money here soon. But, guys, I am proud to… Aaron: You think he’s going to let me in
his video just for free? Absolutely not. Antonio: No. When it comes down to it, this guy has created
a company that I’m very proud of and I want you guys to support him because it is an amazing
product and an amazing… Aaron: Let me tell them a little bit more
about what they get real quick. Antonio: Specifics? Okay. Aaron: Okay. So, in each kit – sorry if this goes a little
long. Antonio: No. No. Aaron: I’m paying. [Laughs]
Antonio: Go for it. Price is going up. Aaron: All right. So, in each Tiege Hanley system, there are
three different levels. You’ve got level one, level two, level three. If you’re new to skincare, start with level
one. In each kit, what you’re going to get is
a card. On the back of this card, this is where the
magic sort of happens. We’ve taken all the guess work out of skincare
and looking incredible. We show you what time of day, how much to
use, in what orders, so that it’s sort of no-brainer. And then, in each kit you’re going to get
everything that you need to look great. Twice a day, every guy needs to be washing
his face to remove a lot of the dirt, the grime, and the oil that builds up. This is going to help keep your skin clear
and clean and also help you eliminate breakouts which is very, very important. [0:09:54] You’re also going to get – this
is serious. I’m talking about enhancing handsome – an
exfoliating scrub twice a week. It’s great to remove the dead skin cells. What happens is as you remove the dead skin
cells you actually will bring new fresh younger looking skin to the surface. Also, increase collagen production and turnover
which is critical to you not looking old and looking handsome. You’re also going to get an AM moisturizer
with an SPF of 20. It is critical that not only you moisturize
your face, you need to use an SPF of at least 20 to block the sun’s harmful rays. It’s the sun that does a lot of damage to
your skin that causes you to age, get dark circles around your eyes, so you need to be
using an AM moisturizer. Antonio: And that’s not attractive. Aaron: No. Super unattractive. But, you’re also going to get a PM moisturizer. This is going to aid in your skin regenerating
at night. You need to make sure that you’re giving
your skin the nutrients while your rest in order for it to look handsome when you wake
up. Now, if you want to take your skincare game
to the next level, you get a little older like – like Antonio and I.
Antonio: Yes. Yes. Aaron: You might want to go step it up to
level two where you’re going to get an incredible eye cream or level three where you get the
anti-aging serum. Anyway, you shake it, Tiege Hanley has you
covered, incredible deal, and there’s a discount code because you’re in this. Antonio: Yes. Yes. Aaron: Because I’m in this because I’m
paying you. Antonio: Yes. Aaron: Because we support Real Men Real Style
and you looking handsome. Go ahead. Antonio: Guys, I’ve got the discount code
for you down in the description. Use it or lose it. Amazing company, I’m proud to support them. Aaron: Hit that link, boys. Hit that link and look handsome like Antonio
today. Antonio: Can anyone promote a company like
this, guys? Aaron: Nobody. [Laughs] It’s my curse. And my gift to you is Tiege Hanley. [Laughs]
Antonio: Thanks. Bye. Yeah. That will disappear. All right, gents, now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments. Did I miss anything? Would you have added anything to the video? Except maybe a little bit more Tiege Hanley. Watch this, you want to see attraction level? Take a little bit of Tiege Hanley just a little
bit, put it right here on my cheek. Watch this, it’s happening. I can feel it. Oh, he can’t resist, look at this. He just wanted to get close to me. Aaron: [Laughs]
Antonio: Now, guys, I can tell you that Tiege Hanley it may be is not that truly magical,
I can’t actually say – this is actually not a – what? This is not guaranteed in real life here? Aaron: I don’t know what you’re talking
about. [Laughs]
Antonio: Guys, again, I’m going to link to Tiege Hanley down in the description. Go check it out. An amazing company, I’m proud – proud
of what you’re doing man. Aaron: Thank you. Antonio: This guy helps thousands of men look
more attractive by simply taking skincare and making it uncomplicated. Guys, great product, proud to support them. Again, I’m linking to them down in the description. Look at this. Aaron: I want some of that action. Antonio: Everyone wants some Tiege Hanley. Aaron: Guys, thanks for watching. Antonio: See you in the next video. Aaron: Bye-bye. Antonio: Bye.
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