Prosecution receives final report on actress Jang Ja-yeon’s sexual abuse case

Prosecution receives final report on actress Jang Ja-yeon’s sexual abuse case

The Investigative Team of Past Affairs at
the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office has submitted its final report on the late actress Jang
Ja-yeon’s sexual abuse case. The results of the 13-month long investigation
are expected to be unveiled later this week. The case was reopened after a petition on
the presidential website calling for a reinvestigation gathered more than 600,000 signatures… prompting
President Moon to request prosecutors for thorough fact-finding into the case. Jang committed suicide in 2009,… leaving
behind a seven-page letter listing 31 high-profile figures in the entertainment industry, press,
corporate and politics… whom she wrote had committed sexual crimes against her. The police previously investigated seventeen
people from the list, but they were all dismissed due to lack of evidence.

6 thoughts on “Prosecution receives final report on actress Jang Ja-yeon’s sexual abuse case”

  1. What 'lack of evidence' !!! If a person who committed suicide wrote her last letter and names , she wont lie . This is like her last voice hoping that it wud get people attention and justice to be serve. The victim shout out for the last time and you just ignore her again….
    So sad .. She should have fight before taking her life .. !! Then atleast she can die taking her revenge…

  2. Is Korean really funny. Who have power and money they can do anything in Korea… Even we know the truth. It's still un believable…

  3. Really this make me think of the movie in OCN class of lie, the student died but no evidence because of the high profile personalities that she has sponsor , no one dared to speak because it's useless because they have power , hope those FUCKing Monster listed 30 high personalities in entertainment , politics… Will hunt of their lives with guilt.. they will die with that curse, it's like also a plan crime to make her signature of her with government tin number…
    Really hoping this will not go in VAIN!!!!! I will pray they will beg for forgiveness of what they've done abusively , like her family cannot take action because of those Monster, what would they feel if it will happen to their daughter life is a cycle…
    Just wait for a great KARMA!!!!
    #justiceforJangJaYeon 😭

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