Programming NEW HABITS (scientific) | Dr Joe Dispenza

Programming NEW HABITS (scientific) | Dr Joe Dispenza

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  1. Your Favorite Lifecoach

    Your mind works like highways. The roads starts at an emotion, on the road there is the behaviour at the end there is the reward. No habit without reward. Rewards come in a lot of shapes.

    Every road that's placed is there because you have built it and drove on it for a long time.. Consistency. Now you might not know any other way.

    But you have built this road (habit) so you know how the process goes.

    Start, repeat the behaviour, consistency and reward yourself for the positive habits. Punish yourself for negative habits.

  2. 1st: Realise your bad habit
    2nd: Plan the action to take
    3rd: Be super determined to it everyday
    4th: Repeat the action until it becomes your new habit

  3. An eye opener explanation.
    I just recovered a PTSD.
    I send love and light to everyone, including my predator.
    There’s a good life which we all ought to live and share!

  4. You are brilliant. And if you try to tell someone to let go of the past…they think your trying to program them. I just hope everyone learns how to let go.. Forgive and move forward with a happier life.

  5. I am a 15 year old guy and my biggest goal in life to help as many people as I can. I want to give inspiration, motivation for people with self-doubt and help them through the difficult times. Nowadays I have really difficult days, but I learnt a lot from these kind of videos and I will never give up on my dreams even if I am not able to make these dreams come true! I made my videos that I would like to motivate, help you with and if you have a few minutes to watch it would be very appreciate for me. Hope I can give you a little self confidence or make your day a little better.

  6. Practical Inspiration

    It's vital not to let a negative reaction become a personality trait, this can be highly damaging to your decision making in the future. If you can control emotions and condition your perspective then you can learn to make constructive decisions going forward.

  7. Bonka Hermit aka INTJudge

    There is a problem with total acceptance of this theory.The mind will also look for evidence that the new affirmations you attempting to reprogram yourself with aren’t just delusions of grandeur. If unable to find validation in the outside world the mind will process the new information as valueless. Although there is valuable information in this presentation there still has to be critical thinking applied to when it is or isn’t practical. Thanks again

  8. Just woke up sad because of something happened 7 years ago and fearing that if i want to live i LL lose something i cherish .the fear makes me feeling paralyzed and then this video pops up and i played it without reading the title cause that s what i usually do looking for distraction to not feel anything and now i m feeling like i got the answers i was looking for .

  9. I think he means "if you DON'T believe your thoughts have something to do with your destiny…" as he is talking about people who are not necessarily confident or happy – and those types of people DO NOT BELIEVE that their attitude alone can change anything, or even has anything to DO with their current circumstances.

  10. What an inspirational Channel! I watch every single video you guys upload! I've suffered from mental health as far back as I can remember. I came across your channel a while back and by God it has helped me! I have a question for you, I need some kind of contact method for you guys I.E Email? I'm from the UK and with your permission use to your videos in a Group Motivation, Confidence & Mental Health Sessions to improve the mental well-being of the community. ?? Keep up the dedication and hard work on producing this content! 👊💪🇬🇧

  11. I have followed Mr. Dispenza for a long time but this piece of his speech is a go-to. So complete and well explained. Thank you for posting this ! Love to you all!

  12. If you struggle to focus your attention on the present moment then just treat every single moment as if it would be yourself as a kid who needs attention.

  13. video nya sangat menginspirasi
    mampir juga ke chanel kami, kami juga upload video terjemahan motivasi dari tokoh2 dunia.
    dan juga terjemahan video2 inspirasi lainya yang mungkin akan membuka pikiran kita semua
    terima kasih.

  14. South Eagle / Urban Bboys

    i undrestand that im champion , iam the best iam blessed , i win easy cause iam always the champion .

  15. I've suspected this is how brain works but wow this guy just dropped it all down for me! Thank you for uploading found a new guru

  16. What the bleep really is a great film. And it gave me so much hope. I have a mind it works it can be healed and I don't need to ask for help from a god. I just need to try have an self understanding. And see myself how I'm wrong or right.

  17. Fear isn't the same for everyone. Some people will fake the fear to feel normal. But what there really doing is starting to prepare to go and face it.

  18. Some people don't panic attack they pre pare they face it. But not for emotions but for time. For more time

  19. My life has changed since i started taking responsibility , got out of victimhood and started painting my own destiny and all of it happened within a short period almost like a mystical experience. Dr Joe is someone to whom i owe my life to. Please read his book ' Breaking the habit of being yourself' if you get a chance.

  20. It sounds easy but its hard. I have trust issues. I think every girl I meet will betray me I'm trying to change to be positive but my memories won't let me. Its getting better tho I've spent time alone for a while and I think I'm ready now to start trusting people. Parents need to stop telling their kids that only they can be trusted and everyone outside of the family is out to get you this mentality actually brings bad people to you and you will get stabbed in the back because you manifested it into your existence. Its hard to get out of this mindset but with time I will make it through. I will make new friends and keep them I will be happy again. I know it I feel it!

  21. christine pottendorfer

    I understand, that you have to make a living somehow, but commercials every 2 minutes are ruining the quality of the video. I won‘t watch your videos anymore because of this, and I‘m sure, I‘m not the only one. Fyi they play ads frim our extrem right winged party, fpö, during your video.

  22. that kind of reprogramming and rewiring of brain demands a consistent bombardment with challenges that kicks you out of your comfort zone …..once you are comfortable being unconfortable…then that really brings up an evolution in one's identity that one is really craving for….

  23. yshk viswanatham

    Don't try to give me when you pay it is then it must be in truth I believe in truth you are number of times fail it is not good when you give it then it is implimentation 100% need otherwise i cannot tolerate myself . Three years over you know the fact what can we help the human you can justify yourself.yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  24. Does he not know anything else .
    Repeat rewind repeat rewind .
    Rather Liston to Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden . Credibility .
    The 3 Amego s
    Was good . I not think Gregg & Bruce would have Dr Joe on their shows that often . Again credibility transparency Joe is not .

  25. Dr. Joe Dispenza, thank you for explaining this perfectly. 🙏🏼💕 see, I turned my phone on at 4am and there you were, Thankfully!

  26. Angelika Ullrich

    Can you please share with us what the name of the artist and track is in this video ? Thank you 🙏🏼

  27. Thank you for your videos. They help so many people. Including me.
    Your words in this video, especially.
    It's hard to let go of the past and It's hard not to worry about the future. And because of this, it's hard to live in the present the way we're supposed to. Your words put things in perspective. I will have to practice these New Better Habits. Again, Thank You.

  28. I was regretting the past and fearing the future. Suddenly, my Lord was speaking: "My name is I AM" He paused. I waited. He continued. "When you live in the past, With its mistakes and regrets, it is hard. I am not there. My name is not – I WAS. When you live in the future, With its problems and fears, it is hard. I am not there. My name is not – I WILL BE. When you live in this moment, it is not hard. I am here. My name is I AM"

  29. Why do I have to skip 6 fucking ads each time I watch these videos on my Android? Fuck YouTube, greedy fucks…

  30. This is like telling a person with diabetes you have eaten sugar and you continue to eat sugar but does not offer an alternative actual way to get out of the current situation to create the change. It would be as simple as saying 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 these are the things you must do everyday to change but he doesn't offer any solutions, that sucks!! Those of us who have a problem are not that stupid to know that we need this guy to reminds us of it, instead of giving these large mumble jumbo bullshit speech, he should offer some solutions but he never does. It is like going to the doctor with a broken foot and the doctor tells you… you broke your foot!! no shit Sherlock!!!! instead of saying, for your broken foot, we need to take and x-ray, see if the fracture is, if it needs surgery or if it only needs a cast, then put the cast and wait for the foot to hill, this fool just tells us what we already know.

  31. The infant is purely aware, unselfconscious.
    The infant's world is affirmed, there is no right/wrong.
    The infant we are is both confined and protected by mind that forms an association with a psychosomatic body image built up of trauma memories.
    Watching the mind in meditation reveals fleeting trauma memory loops that are usually unconscious so they can be reprocessed and reasoned as now harmless to we the infant towards happily being unconscious again.

  32. Thanks to religion, education system, money, corporations, TV etc……people have this living thing entirely wrong. Trying to show them that money is not real and religion is a lie etc…. they get upset.

  33. My first impulse is to say this is crap, but I don't, because what he is saying is true–I'm guessing here–it's true, maybe 15% of the time. I'm about 60% of the way through. Let's see if he rides his one mental construct all the way to the end.

    I almost made it, but I got bored. I was de-socialized as a child. The women in my family would interrupt my speech, and talk over me. They would respond to the interrupting person. I coped by leaving. I didnt have the skills, but I observed closely. I was like someone who was–not a mechanic–but someone who read the shop manual, knew what to do, but not how to do it. I was angry with my family. I repeated the wrongs often. Now, years later, My writing over and over, (contrary to what this person asserts, that I have established a rut), I have accomplished a sketch, much like the Rembrandt sketch, many lines, over and over, seemingly scribbled, but coming out as a beautiful self-portrait. I see what was going on. I see the duplicity of others, those people unlike me, who is a pure-heart, but those who will use craft to win. I understand it. I don't hate those people, but I see. I can see that I do not have resonance with those people. I see that I need to remove myself, find others with whom I am in resonance with, whom I can harmonize with. The more I am in harmony, the more I see that harmony is good for me. Being more in touch with myself, I can see this video for what it is, the mental construct of someone stuck in their brain, so fascinated with his own ideas, that he has to make his ideas absolutes, cold, brittle, ready to snap.

    Back again. Recently, my sister didn't like my political view, and she said, "Agree to disagree," and didn't want to hear my point of view. She no doubt has discussions with her in group, whose positions match hers. I am open to all views. She actually said, "Some people should not be allowed to be part of the political process." I had my experience from the past to draw from. I discussed the way I was stifled as a human being as a child, and how that act shaped me socially, stunting my social skills. (Take an athlete's skills. If they quit working out, they lose the ability to be competitive. They aren't stuck in a mental construct, they are stuck in a physical construct. You have to keep at it to be top of the game, same with social skills). My sister accused me of complaining. I had mentioned Brers Rabbit and Fox. My analogy was Brer Rabbit's pleading with Brer Fox, "PLEASE don't throw me in the Brita patch." That's what Brer Fox did, throw him in the briar patch, and Brer Rabbit escaped with a laugh, "I've grown up in the briar patch my WHOLE LIFE. It's my home!" I was de-socialized, and while I can socialize well, I prefer solitude, and I HATE politics, and as Ben Kingsley used the turn of phrase in, "Sexy Beast," 'insinuendo,' both insinuation and imnuendo, huddled together, everything a secret, making the family their luxury liner, themselves the gla.orous passengers, and folks like me sewerage passengers. I don't do sewerage. I leave before submitting to that.

  34. "If youre not being defined by a vision of the future, then youre left with the old memories of the past and you will be predictable in your life"

  35. i have a real dream to become a football player but i am not good at sports for god sake i am not selected in my school team either .,.,.,.,.,.,. i had learn many from this vedio, can i be a football player and how

  36. This is what I have been waiting soooo long to hear. Its like the much I wanted this they made this video specially for me. Thanks so much now I can start inventing my new self.
    One point I did not get can someone help me out with this "Being defined by a vision of future"? Does that means simply I have to think on future or there should be a picture of your future self?
    I mean that now I do not know yet what I want to become next 10 years or more so does this fits what he said ?
    Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from.

  37. This is what I have been waiting soooo long to hear. Its like the much I wanted this they made this video specially for me. Thanks so much now I can start inventing my new self.

    One point I did not get can someone help me out with this "Being defined by a vision of future"? Does that means simply I have to think on future or there should be a picture of your future self?

    I mean that now I do not know yet what I want to become next 10 years or more so does this fits what he said ?

    Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from.



  38. Melanie TolbertFYC

    joe Disp is an inspiration – this guys is good too: SCIENCE THAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING – DR BRUCE LIPTON (PART 1):

  39. Hasyiah Al Bujairimi

    Hey VA . I wonder if i translate your videos into my languange. Am i gonna get copyright strike from your team ? Or your team have some way so i can share this videos to my people in my country. There are not much people understand English here.

  40. It is change within , mind and feeling , believing we are a new person , detached from the past ..meditating affirming perfect body organs and chemistry functioning as a new person…I would like for people to describe steps of their way to achieve healing…

  41. Too many visual information in this video distracting mind from listening. Someone with neuroscientist background should have known that before producing it.

  42. Idk how many times I've watched these videos, but they always put joys of tears to my eyes. Shows how there is still hope for the best!

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