Program Action for Rehab – Alcohol and Drug Rehab Southern California (2019)

Program Action for Rehab –  Alcohol and Drug Rehab Southern California (2019)

The program that I run here is
labeled Program Action. I run a group about it helping
clients the second they walk in the door, help
prepare them for a successful
discharge. I’m really big on AA, helping
them get to meetings, they find a sponsor. And it’s basically free forever
after care, once they get set up for
that. So the second they come in the
door we meet them where
they’re at. See what they have going on. Basically once they get started
here we just want to start building
programs showing them how it
works. And for me for a lot of years I just couldn’t stay sober. It took me a long time to
figure it out and once I finally worked the 12 Steps
of Alcoholics Anonymous I was able to stay sober and
have stayed sober ever since. The group I run here we start out by helping them
download apps onto their phones, to help them with the meetings in
the area, and finding a sponsor. So once they start going to the meetings it helps them to be
able to open up and share about their story
and what’s going on and the steps are cognitive
behavioral therapy.
That’s the secret. And it’s free forever after
care. Like I said it’s an ongoing
thing. So once these guys start going
to meetings and sharing and building that support network here it Coastline we start building a
brotherhood amongst these
guys. And like I said before just
seeing that light come on these guys is why we do
this thing. A lot of these guys are young
and have never been to
meetings never had a sponsor. And the truth the matter is
people are out there dying
from this stuff. So we as case managers like to plant the seed enable
to help them stay sober and prepare them
for once they leave here.

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