Prescription Drugs and Alcohol

Prescription Drugs and Alcohol

>>Everyone knows
that mixing alcohol and drugs together
are dangerous. Most of the people that
you’ve read about in the news who have died of overdoses have
died of a combination of alcohol and a variety of
different drugs. What’s been harder to figure
out is just how dangerous is it to mix alcohol and drugs? There’s been an interesting
study that tried to look at that question. And what they did is they
compared people who died from an alcohol overdose
alone to those people who died from a combination
of alcohol and drugs and here’s what they found. People who died of alcohol
overdoses alone had an average blood alcohol level of .33. And just to put that in
context, the legal limit for driving in Colorado is .08. So, a .33 is quite high. What was very disturbing was
that they found that people who died of a combination
of alcohol and other drugs had an alcohol
level that was only .155. So, it was half the amount
of alcohol that was needed to die with alcohol alone. To put those blood alcohol
levels in perspective, an average say 140 pound
person would probably have to drink 4-5 drinks to get to
a blood alcohol level of .15 and someone of 180 pounds would
probably have to about 7 drinks to get to the same level. So, these findings
are very disturbing and things are probably worse
now than this study suggests, because the drugs they used in that particular study were
relatively benign compared to a lot of the drugs that
people combine with alcohol now. For example, this study did not
include Oxycontin or Vicodin, drugs that are even more
likely to interfere breathing, especially in combination
with alcohol.

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    Dr. Misch gave a presentation to the Alumni Association's Board of Directors last year – and it was great. He's an outstanding speaker who brings a wealth of experience as well as a very engaging style.

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