Police investigating dog abuse caught on camera

Police investigating dog abuse caught on camera

22 thoughts on “Police investigating dog abuse caught on camera”


    It’s ok for the Houston police to murder a dog and its two owners in there house and no charges have been filed for the dogs murder but they charge citizens kind of screwed up there though I believe if you harm a animal you should be charged so let’s make sure that those cops get charged for murder of the turtles dog as will as this damn idiot

  2. Couldn't bring myself to watch but I Google the story and the fucker's been caught and the dog has been removed. Hasn't been arrested yet pending an investigation. Which means nothing will probably come of it.

  3. Being a owner of a dog is quite a challenge and its not for everyone! I think first time owners should have to go to a class about how to be a good doggy parent…a young dog is like a two year old toddler and they keep you on your toes! This abuse was terrible! We have computers in our lives so why don't we ban people who do this to pets

  4. Unpredictable_One_ UFC

    HEY!!! STOP

    I need some advise where i live the owner of 2 big dogs do not get along at all. they just fight and really hurts each other.The owners know this but keep putting them together iv told them so many times.

    The dogs just got into another fight both r bleeding and the owners wont take them to get checked out. NEED HELP.

  5. Pups are innocent , and want nothing more than to be loved . It enrages me to no end … Let me get my hands on that human garbage monster . I'll rip his throat out and piss down his neck .

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