PMS – How to Deal With Period Cravings

PMS – How to Deal With Period Cravings

Bye Bye (Beep) So from chocolaty treats to salty snacks, most women like myself experience intense cravings and ferocious appetites one or two weeks before their periods. If this sounds like you and it’s messing up with your fit goals girl, you need to keep watching because in this week’s video I will show you how to deal with pms cravinds and keeps slaying your fitness goals. Now it’s time to tell mother nature bye bye (beep). And watch until the end so you can get my free downloadable online book on the top foods for fat loss so let’s get into it! So when our bodies are prepping for that beautiful time of the month where mother nature likes to plant some stuff into us. What’s going on in our bodies is is that we just experience a loss in blood sugar. So what happens is that we crave more sugar then when we actually have the sugar our body quickly drop the sugar and then we crave more and more sugar. Mother… Anyways, so here are my top five tips to deal with mother nature and her BS . So tip and number one is you want to eat six mini meals throughout the day. Ok so what that actually does is it helps regulate your blood sugar and it keeps cravings from becoming binges. So eat every two to three hours to keep your body going giving it fuel so you don’t become crazy person and you stick to your goals. Tip number two, eat complex carbs. So foods that are rich in fiber are complex carbs. And what that does is it takes longer for our bodies to break it down so we crave less. So you want to have more whole grains, you want to have fruits and veggies. These are things that are going to slow down the breakdown process. You’re going to eat less you’re going to feel full. And especially first thing in the morning so it’s going to regulate everything from start end. Tip number three, have more protein in each and every single meal of the day alright? So this is so crucial and what it does is it helps with blood sugar imbalances, it slows down digestion so it keeps you full throughout the whole day. And some good options that i would recommend are fish, turkey, chicken, even peanut butter you know? The natural peanut butter not that craft shit. The natural peanut butter that’s like literally just peanuts and maybe a little bit of oil that’s it alright. Tip number 4, maintain magnesium levels So research shows that most women experience low levels of magnesium during pms. Some great sources of magnesium are peanut butter, cashew, almonds, sunflower seeds, brown rice, and most beans. If you didn’t know also chocolate is rich in magnesium as well . So hence the fact if you’re like me, we go cray for chocolate alright. Although it does have a lot of magnesium it also has a lot of fat which we don’t want. So if you must and I mean if you must have chocolate. Opt for some good quality rich dark chocolate rather than having the milk chocolate because milk chocolate has more calories and also more fat. So dark chocolate is the way to go. Tip number five get up and move that booty girl. Exercise increases your endorphins, which are the feel-good hormones and decreases your appetite alright. So I’m not just talking about the scheduled gym workouts. I’m talking about just getting up off your butt, walking your dog, vacuuming the floor, freaking just having more sex, whatever it takes to get girl, just do it, like Nike alright. So bonus tip just so we make sure we get things clear is get a period tracking app alright. So I personally use clue. I’ll show you on my phone, right over here. Which tracks my period, tells me exactly when I’m going to get my period and tells me what I’m PMSing so if you know when you’re PMSing it’ll give you the exact dates, okay pms starts on this day, then you know when to put these in the play and you will and then you’re gonna slay your fitness goals stay fit. Get even more ripped and become that fitness model you always dreamed of becoming, alright. So now you know how to beat mother nature at her crazy cravings but do you know the top foods for that loss? No worries I got a free downloadable online book for you in the description down below so head over there click the link and get yours today. Alright fit chicks, I hope this video really helped you. Hit the like button below if it did. Make sure to subscribe to my channel to never miss another weekly video. Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think and share this video with all girlies because I’m sure they will appreciate. Alright so I love you all, and I will see you next week.

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  1. Thanks for watching! Leave a comment and give me your personal tips on how you deal with pms cravings! Don't forget to hit the like button if this video helped you and share it with your girls. Love you guys and I will see you next week!

  2. Great tips! I am the worst at the several small meals a day thing… even though I know it's so much better. I always forget to eat and I know this is horrible for blood sugar. Will try to incorporate these ideas. Thanks.

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