Physical Abuse and Its Long Term Effects | Kati Morton

Physical Abuse and Its Long Term Effects | Kati Morton

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  1. Hey kati I'm very interested to know about how being in contact with nature affects human psychology..could you plz plz plzzz do a video on that 🌸🌸

  2. You’re right. I’m 73. Was physically abused by my Mom from when I was a baby. Father emotionally abusive. Grandfather sexually abused me from 9-12. Raped at 17. Pregnant, had to give up my son to adoption.
    Everything thinks I’m strong. I AM NOT. It’s all repressed. I’ve had therapy for many years. EMDR for grandfather abuse was helpful. Multiple PTSD. People don’t see it, they think it’s ok to treating me badly! I try not to react.If I do, it may be way out of of proportion to the issue, being I’m pulled back into old feelings.

  3. Talking about stuff can be really embarrassing… im 31 years old and just now decided to get help for childhood stuff… I had a breakdown and couldn't function, went to a crisis center and was diagnosed with PTSD, BPD and depression. Took me so long to even aknowledge that I needed help. But Im glad I did… its helping a lot. Is there any suggestions on opening up to the therapist/counsellor, or even finding the desire to research what I have, I find even that difficult. I find your videos easy to watch which helps.

  4. #KatiFAQ I have been diagnosed with PTSD, having gone through quite a bit of trauma as a teenager. I struggle with some really bad flashbacks and my therapist has helped me put a lot of this particular flashback into a container. Not all of it goes in though. My question is, how do you put a BIG sliver of a memory into a container and have it stay there? The sounds and the feelings don't stay and it interferes with my every day. I feel like I'm letting my therapist down when EMDR and containing is kind of in their expertise. They suggested putting the container around it, and I tried that but it just seems to get bigger or fight back harder. Please, see my question.

  5. I am so glad that I found your channel. I was verbally abused by a boyfriend when I was 18, I was bullied in school so bad I tried to take my own life I am also a Rape and Sexual Assualt Surrvivor. I am in Therapy and I love my Therapist she is so easy to talk you and she listens she does not judge you. I suffer from Depression Anxiety and physical Disabilities. Thank you for what you do.

  6. Hey kati
    So for quite a while I’ve been feeling suicidal and just terrible and worthless. I told my mom and she took me to a psychiatrist. He talked to me for two hours and after the session he said I don’t meet enough symptoms for a diagnosis. I don’t have any difficulty getting to sleep or appetite changes, also everything is going well in my life so logically i would have nothing to be upset about. The psychiatrist thinks it’s part of puberty and I wonder can just puberty cause you to feel this miserable and lost? If so, why do my friends seem to always be ok? And can you have suicial thoughts and hurt yourself and not have a mental illness?
    Thank you i love your videos

  7. Please do something on the devastating effects of paying for psychological care you never get (eg. BH 'therapists' standing up clients).

  8. Mental Health And Me

    Hi Kati! Love your videos! Please could you possibly do a video about adjusting to life after being an inpatient under a section?

  9. Hey Kati, do you know of any medication that's been thought to help Dissociation? – or would you say that's only possible to tap into with therapy?

  10. Hi Kati, thanks for the video if you see this. <3
    I always feel on the borderline between needing therapy (or some kind of help( and not quite being 'depressed' or 'suffering' enough to need it/get anything from it – and I hate it, idk what to do – I've been through 3/4 psychologists already in the past 5 years, plus one major breakdown in 2015 including a trip to a psych ward, but the psychologists have either left for maternity leave and/or come to a conclusion that I'm 'not ready' yet/it's not the right time or that whatever we've been doing isn't working. I'm pretty sure I haven't recovered yet from the trauma of my childhood and/or anything since then, and I suffer with 24/7 Dissociation which just makes life worse, especially like recently when I've had severe issues with keeping track of + losing time/days/weeks without realising where it's gone. I'd say I'm "casually suicidal" as I put it, where I wouldn't rush to the hospital for psychiatric help but equally I'd be fine walking very slowly when crossing the road [if that makes sense, sorry for the crudeness]. So I'm basically stuck in a rut of "somewhere in the middle", and I just don't know if you know what I could do.

    Sorry if you had to read all that, thanks.

  11. Hi Kati is it normal for me still be super worried about seeing my brother (he’s a drug addict) my friends tell me I’m holding a grudge against him but when ever he is talked about I panic I almost cry from the pain. I am in therapy but I’m to scared to bring it up idk help

  12. I would also love to see you post a video of the long term affects of emotional/verbal abuse because that's what I dealt with years ago and feel like I still deal with within myself.

  13. Hi Kati!
    I noticed your website is under construction and I was hoping to get your recommendations for DBT, CBT, intuitive eating workbooks, and possibly your ED worksheets you mentioned were on the site. Thank you for all that you do!

  14. Dear Kati-I do not see any posts in your videos which address my concerns(thank you for your help with the majority of sufferers and your kindness and Positive spirit)…and I believe it is because, as I've been told by the last 5 top ocd specialists(and 50 years of meds/CBT/ACT/ERP/Mindfulness Diligent practice 5-6 hours per day with no relief), that I should consider the possibility of DBS Brain Surgery/not the helmet but the actual brain surgery/implants with the pacemaker type battery is what has been recommended. Do you know of any patients that have had Positive results with this with "Chronic Refractory Ocd"…and if so to what degree they get relief, if any. I am a Super positive/Happy go-lucky enthusiastic guy, and I think my condition is way beyond what this channel is about/catered to/and I understand that…but I need to reach out, because I deserve some peace and happiness, and not a life where I wish I were in Heaven(although I would never do that because I Know I can find a way with my Positive spirit). My twin brother, who has a Chronic/ but milder case of ocd, after 10 years of his help 2-3 hours of day along with my therapist/therapists, and 5-6 hours of Practice to keep me from having to spend my life over the commode in Nausia/breathlessness/Panic/suicidal thoughts to keep from having to life a life of sheer Torture and Agony with No sleep and unable to enjoy any joy or peace in anything-and again I'm not going to do anything to harm myself-because I know I can get some sort of management-with obsessions which aren't in Any textbooks and jump from one to another. My girlfriend/caregiver recently passed away of cancer out of the blue…so things are More Challenging…but I know I can find some sort of peace and management…even though the Specialists in Austin, Tx have given up on me after years of treatment, I'm Never going to give up on Believing in Myself. My question was just if DBS Surgery might be worth taking a chance on, and if you had any Expertise/Knowledge of Patients in my condition that got any relief.
    Thank you for All you do. I'm so Happy you are Providing so much relief to So many folks!! You're Attitude and Help for so many is Awesome!! tc

  15. Hey Kati: Have you ever had to restrain anyone in a psychiatric hospital setting? How often does it actually happen in psych wards? It sounds pretty scary for everyone involved

  16. I only found out what my Dad did to me about a year ago shortly before my grandmother died. She revealed some secrets she was keeping. Mainly that my dad beat me while I was less then a year old when I'd cry, like all babies do. I had no memory of that or anything about my dad and my mum, probably doesn't know that I know now. I've been very mad and particularly depressed since I found out I was beaten as a baby. But since I don't remember it. I'm supposed to not have PTSD? I'm not sure.

  17. My dad was physically and mentally abusive and every man I have ever had a relationship with has also been abusive, how can I get out of that?

  18. Hi Kati,
    Thank you for your videos. Would you possibly be able to do one about the use/role of swearing in therapy? From the therapists side not the client. My psychologist has been doing it more frequently which must have some function I imagine.
    Thank you!

  19. I feel terrible for those stuck in abusive relationships for years. My mom's boyfriend beat me up *once*, when I was 17, and that was bad enough. I was fortunate to be able to move out immediately, but he's never admitted what he did, and my mom has never believed me. I took me years to realise that I had depression and PTSD. I did several EMDR sessions with a therapist a few years ago, and I do fine most of the time now. For those stuck with an abuser, I hope you can find some way to get out.

  20. Hi Kati, I have a question.
    You always say how important it is to talk about the abuse in detail with your therapist, but what if you can't really remember everything?

  21. It's super hard for me to wrap my head around treating C-PTSD when the person doesn't remember their trauma. This is a thing for my significant other, they know a few things must have happened to them based on their symptoms and very vague memories but they don't remember like 99% of the abuse that happened.

  22. Yo… I got a therapist this summer and literally just yesterday we got really deep into the physical abuse I experienced for a good 6ish years of my life. I start EMDR next session.

  23. I’ve been trying so hard to revisit my childhood and learn to forgive my late father who physically abused me until I moved out at 16. He passed from lung cancer and really showed me his true love in the 3 years I watched him deteriorate.. I’m just struggling with forgiveness without forgetting the reality of what happened as a kid.

  24. Thank you for sharing about EMDR. It has helped me a lot. I had a very rough childhood but dissociated the memories. I had a nervous breakdown (and the kind that lands someone in a hospital for a long time) and I was just a complete mess. EMDR is so simple. It is so effective that the Red Cross and FBI both use it.

  25. I've been through all abuse since childhood. Trauma after trauma…… I gave up and I ended up in the hospital. But, now I'm getting the help I've needed long ago. I got diagnosed with MDD and PTSD. It's a battle every single day. Don't give up.

  26. Hi Kati. Could you speak about psychiatric drugs and your experience with your clients. Do you really see a benefit to your clients, or do you find that the issues just get redirected, or masked for a time, or that they worsen? I know that these medications come with pretty significant side effects and it can be difficult to discern if they are improving someone’s quality of life. I would really appreciate an opinion from someone who has seen the effects and had personal conversations over a long period of time with many of people. I feel like psychiatrists are more likely to pedal a product than hear out my concerns and answer my questions honestly. Thank you so much for all that you do on this platform. Finding your channel has been very helpful. 💙

  27. Do you have a discord community? I've been reading a bunch of the comments and saw that a lot of people here are very loving and welcoming. I would love to join a community like that where I can openly talk about things and not feel judged or ignored. I came here from Shane's videos and saw how much of a great person you are in your videos. I hope to see you grow and help even more people.

  28. I was physicslly and mentally abused by my mom till the age of 12. Luckily I had an amazing dad a stephmom who supported me and took care of me after I ran away from home. I had a tiny bit of therapy when I moved to my dad, but not that much. I also don't actually remember the physical abuse, even though I do know that it happened. A few years ago I got a lot of allergies wich I didn't have when I was younger, I honestly didn't know they could br from my abuse. I haven't had any real contact with my mom for almost 8 years now and I have been struggeling with the question if I should reach out again….

  29. Kati I would like to ask you some question how could sach you, btw my question is how could someone cope from Masturbation addiction, pornography and sex phone/chat.
    could you please inform me? .

  30. Kati I would like to ask you some question How could I reach you, btw my question is how could someone coping with Masturbation addiction, pornography and sex phone/chat. 
    I knew someone who is suffering from doing masturbation since 2013 and she couldn't stop more than 82 days only
    she couldn't stop it but she tried a lot but with no result 
    Thanks in advanced

  31. My girlfriend was abused until the age of 5 and now all the memories are coming back and I was the only one she told, she didn't even tell her parents and she finally did and now she is going to therapy and doesn't like it at all, and I want to make her feel better but I just don't know how.

  32. physical abuse in my childhood has left me with constant anxiety, lots of memory blockage, constant dissociation, and lots of other things, Sigh

  33. What sucks is I didn't have it that bad and it was only for two years. The only bad thing was had a close to death thing when someone beat me up and I got a knife pulled on me. Other than that I just got beat everyday and it was brief but still. If I didn't talk to much I this would not have happened.

  34. Is being "physically threatening" considered physical abuse? Examples: punching a wall during a conversation and saying "Be glad it wasn't you" or setting up a situation where you rely on them for a ride and they get drunk so its drunk-driving…

  35. the legal system really should be held accountable for making sure that children who have voiced that they have been abused, that their voice is heard and validated

  36. i was physically abused my whole life and my abuser told me it wasn't abuse although they through me into a glass mirror, pulled my hair, choked me, pushed me, etc. i'm in therapy rn and my therapist thinks i have ptsd and am definitely showing symptoms and my therapist is amazing. i do dbt and it definitely helps to an extent but i think i might need emdr therapy. can any therapist do this?

  37. Please make a video about how a traumatized person who's cut out an abusive (mental, physical) family can cope with the grief and see-saw emotional experience of taking this needed but difficult path. PLEASE!

  38. My parents used to hit me with newspapers as a kid but they stopped when I was around 4/5. Once day I just remembered this.

  39. Hi is pinching a child count as child abuse? My daughters teacher pinch her and she has pinch mark on her upper hips.. She's only 6 years old I ask my daughter what she has done? She said her teacher get angry cause she's not listening while teacher is lecturing.. Pls enlighten me.

  40. I am a victim of domestic abuse…. five years in a physical abuse relationship, although it's been 1.5 years of separation now from my ex? I have been suffering from mental and emotional depressions…. to make things worst, I have three kids at the ages of 2, 4, 8-year-olds….. I try my best to smile most times, however, it's a scar that never goes away…. this is affecting my life and as a mother of three kids. Thank you for posting this video.

  41. Good evening, I need some help as I'm not sure on how to deal with when you've told a parent it's limited contact however, they've failed to understand what it means. I'm getting constant messages after messages(8) voicemails(3),missed calls (7) in the space of two weeks since I informed them. Some of the messages I'm getting are emotionally charged . What shall I do? #stuck thanks

  42. Thank you for this. It really helps me understand a loved one who survived this, and admire how far he has come in healing. There is still a long road ahead, but it is good to know the causes of these feelings.

  43. I will never forget the day that my oldest sister, the one I looked up to and trusted pinning me down because of her anger issues as a teenager, sitting on top of me and slapping me right and left constantly until my mom came back home. I still get abused physically and emotionally, I’ve tried escaping once and I was given more abuse after the case was closed and now I’m even more scared to try and escape again.. please help me. I’m scared and terrified.

  44. I've been on the receiving end of boatloads of physical abuse from my dad for most of my childhood and into early adulthood. It makes me sick to my stomach to realize I've been silent all these years and could've reported him to the authorities. I didn't want to upset the dysfunctional family balance, and I suffered for it. He destroyed my life and the lives of many around me, and he got away with it. I feel like I'm paying dearly for his violent behavior, and it angers me to see him continue living with no worries or regrets. He remains completely unrepentant for his behavior to this very day. There is no justice on this side of the grave!

  45. made me so sad. I been dealing with subsatnce abuse to drown my emotions… and I repress so much, and I really needed this someone to say whats going on with me. most my family just gives me the toughen up, man up, be a man about it… and thayts how the world treats me. I was physically abused growing up, burned, beat, at 4 y.o I had my head cracked and had to have brain surgery by my abuser.. my dad doesn't understand all this stuff I feel.
    and I cant treally talk about it.. its easier for me to type

  46. I was in a relationship for almost 8 years, from age 16 to 23 (my first bf) with physical and mental abuse. The problem is that when I finally manage to leave him a really close family member became friend with this guy and tried to get us back together… he even tried to surprise me with a meeting with him, I even had a new boyfriend (I'm still together with him and he is very kind, loving and supportive).
    But this is making me feel very bad and even my bf tells me that this is making me heal much more slow, sometimes even taking a step back in my healing progress. I have shut this family member out, but after a long time he ended up making me forgiving and now we have contact again. But I still know that he is friend with my ex and abused me.
    It's been a while since this family member tried to help my abusing ex to get in contact with me.. I even heard that my ex is having a new relationship and going to have a baby so maybe they will leave me alone now… but still, just the thought that this close family member despite knowing what this ex did to me is choosing to have him as a close friend, is making me feeling bad.
    So what should a person do in this case? This is torturing me and makes my thoughts go back and forth about what to do or not to do.

  47. I'm writing a story about two girls who meet each other and have a sort of found family sisterly relationship. One of the girls was emotionally abused and struggles from anorexia and the other girl was physically abused and has PTSD. The first girl (emotionally abused and anorexic) has been much more easier to write because I myself went through things she has, but the second girl I've been having more trouble with. This was very helpful, thank you

    P.S., it sounds really edgy typing it out, but it isnt all angsty and depressing 24/7, dont worry

  48. yo. I have a question but I'm not sure you'll answer this but is it normal for a parent to call you a virus? Or slaps you for blocking something that they threw at you?? Maybe my ass is just overthinking and im just stupid lmao x'D

  49. i really felt this coz iv benn in cear my inter life and i got abused by my spetial gardians and now im in cear and i used to hate beeing hurt but now im hurting my self and i have so many diegnoses

  50. Since my childhood mom always mock me, insult me and hit me, I'm 30 years old now and she still doing the same to me and my self-esteem is low.

  51. Do you think I'm allowed to watch stuff like this if I only experienced violence? My therapist described it as the borderline of physical abuse, I wasn't physically abused but I wasn't exactly not either. Is it still justified to relate to this?

  52. I want to call the cops on my mom but I don’t have a dad so I won’t call the cops on my mom because I don’t want to go to foster

  53. Hi Kati, I suffer from PTSD. And I also feel depressed. I believe in God. And he has helped me a lot through difficult times. I have been abused by my parents as a child . Mostly by my dad. He used to hit me, to scream at me. And also abused my mother. At this point I want nothing to do with my parents. And its hard for me to forgive them. Should I disown them? They only make me sad, even as an adult. And they dont respect me at all and keep abusing me tool this day. Its affecting my happiness. I am Married and have 2 kids. What would you advice me to do?

  54. I am a kid (age 10) and when I was 4-8 when I was verbal and physical abused (slapped, pushed, beat, beat with a belt, and pulled by the hair and or my ear.) My dad did this and my mom sometimes saved me but sometimes agreed with my father. Sometimes he verbally or physically abused me so much that I would go insane and choke myself, choke from VERY heavy breathing, get sick, think homo or suicidal and harm myself by beating myself. It went to the point where this year I had killed my pet bird and could never escape the thought even when going to confession, and then he still abused me for killing the bird through his actions! I never told anyone and never will because I'm scared of what he'll do to me and I also think that it's not that important… Point is I don't have the courage to do it and please anyone there reading this please don't call the police on my dad!

  55. I am an mkultra monarch trauma based mind control survivor… and I come from a really intense family bloodline, I have Complex trauama PTSD and just like have issues with life like I dont know what makes me HAPPY

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