Peters Disgusting New Habit – Family Guy

Peters Disgusting New Habit – Family Guy

Peter you gotta come outside we found a used condom on the sidewalk That’s a bigger deal than regular garbage ribbed. A woman was pleased with it. You gotta see this Peter I used condom just right out here and there’s panties nearby Joe. You’re a cop. What do you think happened here? I’ll tell you what happened. Somebody did it. Yeah Peter come out here and high five US over the sex someone else had. someone had sex. I gotta touch another guy’s hand to celebrate huuuuh eh eh argh Oh now he gets to the army Hmm I’ve seen this before it’s from Ethan Allen if I’m not mistaken am I gonna be okay you’ll be fine Here’s a video to help you understand Hi, I’m Oliver Platt and I’m currently fused to this chair But how does it happen when a fat guys sweaty skin presses against couch fabric for an extended period of time the fabric fibers Fused together with the skin the longer you stay sedentary the stronger the bond my advice relax. It’s not the end of the world All right kids we’re gonna use these scissors to separate your father from the couch I can’t tell the skin from couch Well air on the skin side. I love this couch. It’s from Ethan Allen, you know What’s going on Peter enough is enough that couch is coming off with sick of your shenanigans Yeah, how dare you? I Worked my ass off to bring home the bacon for this family and all you can say is we don’t want bacon we want actual Money, well, I don’t have money. I spent it all on bacon Peter put yourself in our shoes I can’t my feet swelled up too much from all the bacon now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to sleep on the couch on the couch Chris give me a hand with this. Are you ready? All right, one two three easy easy EASY wo wo wo wo stop stop stop stop Just look down look at me look what I’m doing. Are you see the way I’m twisting it? Okay, okay Put it down put it down just drop it. All right happen. All right tireless. Just hang on to figure this out All right, okay. All right, okay I got I know okay, okay. All right Here’s we’re gonna do it take the cushions off Unscrew the legs take the mattress out and his whole thing’s gonna be a lot simpler. It’s easier than we’re making it This isn’t working. You know, what just give me a push I Have some bad news Ethan survived but Allen didn’t make it. What about Peter Oh him. He’s in what we call a comma now, where’s his chart? Ah, here it is Griffin coma Peter will he ever recover?

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  1. A legit thing. I remember how a binge gamer that played games for 3 days straight died in a internet cafe. He sat there for so long that his butt was fused to the chair and his feet was fused to his socks and shoes.

  2. It's Candy Time Boys and Girls

    This actually happened to me, but with a gaming chair…. and some nacho cheese…

    Eat healthy and do regular exercise, YOU'RE ALL HAVE BEEN FUCKING WARNED.

  3. Momo is stupid you now so yeah take lives away her kill little kid turns into a little kid killer so yeah husband Roy like taking life away from little kids her rules and people's happiness for ones be happy Momo you're not happy you're lonely Momo is not happy Momo heard it is the mean person for doing this I'm pulling dad said so stupid the Hulu one that harm others in Alder Way you would want to do this to other people so yeah why would you yeah I don't I do not know Momo do this superhero but her or him do this to people dangerous but it's so sad because hurricane travel or him I can travel you know yeah I'm a wanted travel but I can't travel so I want to travel but are they can unfortunately but I want to visit and some other countries are beautiful you know what and I really like to go to England and inside a I will need engaged to a prince names Alex oh yeah princesses and princes travel the whole wide world so yeah I either want to be Tom Royal day one day I either wanted to become royalty one day I don't know what am I doing so let me tell you Megan let me tell you Megan it's royalty princess hit that was Princess married to Harry I don't know one little princess I can't remember royalty is too much work and third shamlas in you God they know and to where to wear Tiaras on your royal wedding Queen Elizabeth if I was related to Queen Elizabeth and borrow one of her account to use it at my Royal Wedding oh my God I in love with her royal couch crown and yeah her had a big bottle of crown selection so yeah oh

  4. This is how Peter should have said it.
    Peter: "Alright here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna take the cushions off, unscrew the legs, take the mattress out, and then do none of those things because I'm obviously still stuck to the couch."

  5. Peaches And Cream.

    Yes, I have worked as a nurse and have known of several cases of this! Once a man was brought into the emergency room who had literally grown into his couch. He and the couch were brought in together!

  6. This actually happened to some women in America she died because of it. Apparently she hadnt got out of her chair for over 4 years and the Sofa had a ring of feceas, vomit and urine around it and her daughter had just fed her pizza while she sat and watched TV the whole time, In retrospect she deserved to die in that painful embarrassing mess she caused herself.

  7. How did he get in the bedroom with the sofa if he can't get out of it? I just don't find Family Guy funny, I'm sorry.

  8. Patrick Slattery

    This has to be one of the most disgusting things in TV History. It makes me sick just watching it.

  9. Больши сюда ни пиши Ат тибя гавной ваняет

    I live in chechen republick, i learn englisn and i DON'T UNDERSTAND that says Peter. Omg……

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