One POWERFUL Solution to Stop All Your Addictions – Marisa Peer

One POWERFUL Solution to Stop All Your Addictions – Marisa Peer

– I’ve shown thousands
and thousands of addicts how to beat addiction in a
very, very unconventional, but incredibly effective way. My name’s Marisa Peer, and
I would love to show you that you can beat any addiction right now in the comfort of your own home. (inspiring music) I’ve worked with thousands
and thousands of addicts with every kind of addiction, from the ones you’d expect
like drinking and drugs and smoking and gambling, to people who are addicted
to shopping and sex, people who are addicted to screen time. We have so many new addictions now. And addiction is classified as something that takes you away from a bad feeling and towards a good feeling. So any addiction you can think of, I’ve worked with people
who are addicted to that. And I found something very interesting in every addict I worked with,
bar none, and here it is. Every addict I worked with
had a belief, I’m not enough. I’m not good enough. I’m not interesting enough. I’m not smart enough. I’m not worthy enough. I’m just not enough. And guess what? If you think you’re not enough,
guess what you need more? If I’m not enough, I need more stuff. I hoard ’cause I’m not enough. I binge eat because I’m not enough. I’m addicted to sugar or alcohol or drugs or gambling or screen time. I’m addicted to something
that takes me away from the emptiness I have here because I think I’m not enough. And when I treat addicts, I treat the not enoughness
before I treat the addiction. And my programme is now
going into many, many rehabs who say, “You know, when we take people “through the not enoughness, “it has a powerful effect
on our relapse rates.” If you’re addicted to anything at all, doesn’t matter what it is, I want you to take a minute
now and think about that. I worked with someone who’s addicted to the adrenaline high of extreme sports, but he actually nearly died wakeboarding, and his wife, “This has got to stop now. “You have two children.” He said, “I can’t stop. “I’m addicted to adrenaline.” But he too had this feeling
that he just wasn’t enough. So take a minute now. Maybe even go into the comments and share what your addiction is. Of course you can do it anonymously. What is your addiction? And how would that link back to you believing you are not enough? And then to overcome addiction, I want you to start by putting
enoughness into your life. Let’s imagine you’re addicted to food. You’re a binger. And here’s your reasoning. I need more. I’ve had one cake, but I need another one. If a cake could make you
better, why would you need more? If one candy bar can’t make
you feel good, how could 10? But here’s your belief: I’m empty. I need more food. Maybe you’re a shopaholic. I work with many of these. I buy stuff, so much stuff to fill
the emptiness inside. Or I hoard. I hoard so much stuff
because I’m not enough. But when I come home with
armfuls, carrier bags of stuff, when I have all this stuff in my house, I convince myself for a moment
if I’ve got all this stuff, I must be enough. So alcoholics I find who
believe that they’re alone and their marriage hasn’t worked or their career has
failed because they drink, I find it’s actually
entirely the opposite. Drinking allows them to fail. I coulda, woulda, shoulda had
a great wife, a great husband, a great career, but, you know,
the drinking got in the way, and actually it’s very often the opposite. I feel like a failure. I’m scared I’m not enough to
have a great wife or husband. I’m scared I’m not
enough to have a career. But as long as I drink,
blame everything on that. I could’ve done that,
but I was an alcoholic. I could’ve done that, but
I was addicted to drugs. So I want you to take a minute and decide to say every
day, “I am enough.” It may sound silly. It may sound Pollyanna. I promise you, it is the common denominator
behind addiction. And just accept that if
you think it’s stupid, silly, and bogus, just play with it. Just say, “Okay, I
don’t believe this line. “Okay, what have I got to lose?” An addiction. “Okay, so I’ll have a go.” I want you to make all your passwords on your computer say, “I’m enough.” Obviously some squiggles
and dots and asterisks ’cause we don’t wanna
make a hacker’s life easy. I want you to write it on
your mirror in eyeliner, in lipstick, in marker pen. I want you to set your phone alert so twice a day they say, “I’m enough.” I want you to make it your screensaver. I want you to write it, read
it, speak it, say it every day. When you say it, it’s rather like putting
lotion on dry skin. If you put lotion on dry skin, it sinks in and it nourishes you. When an addict begins
to say, “I’m enough,” it also sinks in and it nourishes you. And when you begin to know you’re enough, to believe you’re enough, to
accept that you’re enough, the need for a filler for that emptiness, whatever the filler is, drink,
drugs, gambling, shopping, will minimise, subside,
and then it will go away. So I invite you to go into
the comment section right now and name your addiction. And then talk about how that maybe, just maybe could link back to you not believing you’re enough. Where did that come from? Probably in your very early childhood. That’s where it normally comes from. And then you can start to change. I want you to wake up every day and to repeat these statements. I am enough. I matter. I’m significant. I’m here for a reason. I have something to contribute. I have something to offer the world. You probably think right
now that isn’t true, but it is true. So, yes, there are rehabs and clinics and meetings you can go to. And one of the reasons
that meetings like AA and NA and CA work is
that you go to a meeting and someone puts their hand up and says, “You know, I sold my children’s
toys to buy drink or drugs.” They go, “So did I. “I
thought I was the only one. “I feel a bit better now, “and so I don’t have to judge myself.” So it may sound too
simple, too unrealistic to believe that you can overcome and beat addictions by investing in, telling yourself every
day that you’re enough, but it absolutely works. For addictions that have
less of a side effect, like an addiction to sugar, an addiction to extreme sport, an addiction to buying
things and hoarding things, an addiction to screen time, these will be cured very
easily by I’m enough. Of course, if your addiction
is to hard drugs and alcohol, you may need the support of a programme. You’re going to have to face
up to some side effects. I’ve worked with many, many alcoholics and serious drug addicts
who changed like that and hardcore alcoholics. I worked with somebody not long ago, a man who just could not stop drinking. And when I talked to him, he told me that he never saw his father. His father left when he was a baby. And when he was 17, the father told him, he said, “You’re a man now. “I’m gonna take you to the pub.” And he took him to the pub
with all of his friends and got him drunk. And he formed an interesting
belief at just 17. Oh, alcohol connects you. If you drink, you get connection. My dad is now connected
to me through alcohol. I worked with someone else who told me that her father frequently hit her mother. She was just a little girl, and the mother would say to
her, she’d lay on the floor, “Get me my cigarettes.” Her mother would smoke, get
herself together, and get up. One day she said, “Have
a cigarette with me. “By then I was 15, and
I smoked with my mum. “My mum is now dead,
and I realised I smoke “to keep that memory of her alive. “We connected through me
getting the cigarettes. “That was a time we bonded. “That was a time that she needed me.” Some people are addicted to drama. Some people are addicted to crisis ’cause it makes them feel useful. So please don’t believe that just because your
addiction is something serious and something chemical
that you can’t beat it, change it, fix it by
investing in I am enoughness. And let me end by telling you this. When you think you’re not enough, you will always need
more, more of something. And when you know you are
enough, you don’t need more. You can go, “Well, all that stuff’s great, “but I don’t need it.” After all, look around your
home if you’re a hoarder. Look at all the stuff you have. If that made you feel
enough, why do you need more? If you’re a drinker, look at the fact that if alcohol could make you feel better, why do you need more? If drugs can make you feel
better, why do you need more? When you know you’re enough, you don’t need more of anything. You’re not needy. You’re not addicted to
praise because you’re enough. And when you’re not enough, there isn’t enough food,
alcohol, cookies, sugar, or stuff you could but in the world that’s gonna fill that emptiness. You can fill it right
now today and every day by telling yourself you’re enough. So, again, go into the comments and just write, “I am enough.” A schoolteacher just wrote to me and said, “I made all the children in my class “who are bullies say that,
and they started to cry. “I don’t even know why I’m crying. “Why am I crying?” ‘Cause it did something to move them. It changed them. It touched them. And it will move and change and touch you and the tribe that are
in the comment section. So go in there now and
just write, “I’m enough.” There are so many ways you can put “I’m enough” into your life. You can ice cookies with it. You can print it on your toast. You can write it in sand. You can plant seeds in your garden. You can do anything. You can stamp it onto a T-shirt. You can tattoo it onto your arm. You can write it onto yourself. You can write it on cushions. You can write it on a chalkboard. I have it all over my house. It’s on my fridge in fridge magnets. It’s on my mirrors. It’s on this bracelet and this
bracelet and this bracelet. One of my clients said, “I had that stamped on my kids’ pillows “so the first and last thing
they see is I’m enough, “and then I thought, well, “I might as well stamp it on my pillow.” Write it on your pillow. What a great idea. The last thing you read, the first thing you
read is, “I am enough.” So write it all over your house. Share it. And share the very many
ways you’re gonna do it. What are you gonna do first? You gonna ice cakes with it? Maybe not. Are you gonna write it
in marker on your wall? Are you gonna stencil it somewhere? Are you gonna put it on fridge magnets? Are you gonna write it in the dust of cars as you walk down the street? You gonna write it in the windows in the mist or in the rain? Share a new way of putting
I’m enough into your life and everyone else’s life too. And also remember that
this isn’t just for you. If you have children,
godchildren, brothers, sisters, other people in your life, there isn’t a person who
can’t benefit from I’m enough. So when you do it for yourself, you’re doing it for other people too. So start today. Write it in the dust of a dirty van. Trace it out in the sand. Trace it out anywhere you like. Make it part of who you are. First it’s what you do. Then what’s wonderful is
it becomes who you are. And when it becomes who you
are, that will be who you are, and you won’t be an addict.

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  1. TrueIdentity #Time2Shine

    I am enough.
    I matter.
    I am significant.
    I'm here for a reason.
    I have something to contribute.
    I have something to offer the world!!!

  2. I am addicted to ๐Ÿ’Žbecause my false belief that I am not enough for the ones I love. There was a time when drugs were the only hope for me ti connect to my ex partner

  3. I am enough. I AM ENOUGH. My mother told me that I was a mistake. She disowned me years ago and said I was selfish and she didn't love me. I was a straight -A student, played several musical instruments and sung very well. I was a champion swimmer and gymnast. I became a published author at a very young age. I wore a size eight US and she told me I was fat. I was first at everything. I graduated suma cum laude, got married, and have two amazing children. She's not around. I've been addicted to trying to be perfect because I thought that would make me enough. I became deathly anorexic because I could control being thin. I was clinically dead several times. I weighed less than seventy pounds. I still struggle with withholding food. I AM ENOUGH and I can't be perfect. BUT STILL, I AM AND SHALL ALWAYS BE ENOUGH.

  4. I am More than Enough! My addiction is to sugar and binge eating especially when I'm feeling anxious and stressed. I'm a type 1 diabetic and they say we crave sugar naturally but it reaks havoc on my health! The high and low blood sugars causes anxiety its like being on a endless roller coaster! Not good! I know that repeating to myself endlessly that I am enough has helped me I had I Am Enough tattooed on my arm as a reminder all the time!

  5. Patricia Batista-Traversino

    You are so right! Until I discovered that I needed to feel good about myself, my addiction was taking something to make me feel numb, if I didnโ€™t buy that then I would go shopping and spend money..I discovered I needed to tell myself how worthy, special, beautiful I am, and I donโ€™t need anyone to tell me, I needed to feel this about myself. Marissa, you are wonderful, I hope to meet you one day. God bless

  6. Hello and Namastey young lady with heart
    Acc. to me Replacement by substite first …
    Try to creat self Love by heart
    Thnx gentle lady

  7. Tooo good to be true?
    Formula. Antidote to addictions. Cut the NEED.
    CONFIDENCE TO DISENGAGE THE ADDICTIONS TO SUGARS SWEETS . NEEDS (for approval / greed. (Demanding my own way).

  8. Need for disengaging from SWEETS to LIVE LIFE TO ONE'S FULL!!!๐Ÿ‘โœŒ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ’ก๐Ÿ”‘โœŒ๐Ÿ‘ Cut the PUPPET STRINGS. WANT FREEDOM & PEACE of Mind all day long! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ?

  9. I am more than just a human object. Human Being with considerate personality worth a million- PLU$ just for being me!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘

  10. Addicted to gaming and cigarette…now i seem to understand…
    I am ENOUGH
    I can contribute to the world

  11. I have an addiction with clothes shopping. Trying to feel up my emptiness. I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. First started with eating disorders for over 20 years! Iโ€™m physically healthy now , but still feel empty. Love to shop! Iโ€™m still struggling with Iโ€™m not enough!

  12. I'm fighting with the alcohol addiction, I haven't even realize I have a problem for so many years, it was until a year ago that I have started and I realized that I had a problem, when I have realized it was like opening a box of my memories, when I was a kid I got the most terrible bullying someone can have, and that was my life for more than 10 years, every single day of my life it was a torture, every single day I was getting hurt without doing anything, just for being myself, it is something that sometimes i cannot understand, the why? What have i done wrong? As long as I was drinking and partying for many years of my life i kind of forgot or put it apart all of those memories and I refused to even think about it, are so many things I didn't even remember, but since I discovered my problem with alcohol all came out !! I'm fighting and won't let me bring down, but this is such a huge and complicated problem ! God luck to everyone

  13. Most people feel like "not enough" sometimes, but not everyone becomes an addict… And just repeating I'm enough a thousand times will not make you believe it, just like repeating a thousand times "unicorns exist" will not make you believe it

  14. Superate Mujer International

    I am enough.
    I matter.
    I am significant.
    I am here for a reason.
    I have something to contribute.
    I have something to offer the world!
    I am enough.

  15. I am enough.
    I matter.
    I'm significant.
    I have something to offer the world.

    I'm addicted to food and screen time. I use food to delay reaching my goal weight, so I don't have to put myself out there and meet people. I use screens to socialise when I feel lonely.

  16. There's more to it than just this. This can't possibly help someone with a mood disorder. Instability and loneliness. And cigarettes have been the only constant.

  17. I have an eating disorder-over and under. I am addicted to shopping and to screen time. But now I choose to believe I am enough because God made me special.

  18. I am addicted to wine because I get scared of facing people and being judged by others and because I want to appear strong and tough to everyone! I use wine to cope with negative feelings and stress and being overwhelmed by situations I cannot control

  19. The reason I am addicted to wine is because I am very shy although I want to be outgoing all the time and I get scared of people.

  20. I am enough
    I matter
    I am significant
    I am here for a reason
    I have something to contribute
    I have something to offer the world


    Thank you Marisa

    Would RTT be useful for overcoming addiction?

  21. My addiction is codependency / love addiction. It came from childhood around twelve years old. I did not feel I was enough to express my needs in my household.

  22. I am a shopaholic! I am working on recovery but have recently had a relapse. I feel that I NEED more nice clothing and outfits to make me feel like I look good because I have always been too hard on myself to REALLY love the way I look. I also tend to run to online shopping to comfort myself due to my husband being an alcoholic.

  23. I am enough ,i have a great memory,I get along with people very well.I am on my way to becoming healthy and wealthy so I can take care of my family and others as well.

  24. My addiction is smoking. I started smoking after I graduated high school at the age of 17. I was molested by my two older brothers from the time I was an infant till I was 10. I blocked out most of my childhood and can only remember a few things about growing up. I turned to food around 8 years old I'm guessing to hide the pain of what was going on. I pray daily that I can quit smoking and lose weight. If I don't quit smoking and lose weight soon, my kidneys will be damaged even further. I just found out that I am borderline stage 4 kidney disease.

  25. "I am enough " is my 6.30 a.m. and 22.30 p.m. daily reminder.
    I think you have an idea how life-changing it is.
    I am more than enough. I am amazing as I am. I am meant to do great things.

  26. The (six!) google advertisements sprinkled throughout the video are certainly irritating ENOUGH! But joking aside, this is powerful!We are human BEings, not human DOings.

  27. Angela Van den Berg

    I would like to sincerely thank you.
    I have been addicted to various things over my 53 years of life and have battled to conquer each one. Currently it's sugar in the form of lollies which replaced nicotine and alcohol. This has made me the fattest I have ever been.
    I have been struggling with this one for a couple of years now and haven't been able to figure out WHY.
    When you said, the addiction usually comes from a childhood belief that you are not enough a giant light bulb flash went off!!
    My narcissistic father constantly criticized me and told me that I was mean, selfish, ugly, hard , lazy etc etc until I cried, then he would stop. This was from the age of 0 to 7 years old. I refused to go to his house anymore when I turned 7.
    I finally heard what you said. I am finally able to allow healing and release that which is not mine and never was mine. I am very grateful to finally get it.
    I am enough. I always was enough. I always will be enough.
    X X X X X

  28. I'm addicted to "self abuse"…
    But, I don't think this will work, as the reaction I get is more chemical based (dopamine, etc) than mental. If anything, to begin with I probably just need to have the mental strength to restrain myself and distract myself. It depresses me and makes me feel dirty.

  29. mรฉdiatique .video

    Apparently I'm addicted to poverty and low level, chronic conflict. I was told that I "don't have what it takes," or that I'm too "deep school" or "out there". I AM ENOUGH. I am MORE than Enough. ๐Ÿ’œ

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